Beefy 390 V8: 1965 Mercury Monterey Marauder

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The Marauder name was used by Mercury in the mid-1960s to denote a full-size performance car with a touch of luxury. A 390 cubic inch V8 was standard equipment, so they meant business. In 1965, the Marauder came as both 2 and 4-door hardtops, but not as sedans or station wagons. The seller’s car sports a newer rebuild of its engine with some upgrades. The paint is a bit suspect, and the interior will need some attention (headliner, dashpad). Located in Mehoopany, Pennsylvania, this “hot rod” Merc is available here on craigslist for $7,900 firm. Barn Finder Mitchell G. continues to have a good eye for cool tips like this!

Marauder automobiles were not the first use of the name by Mercury. It previously stood for the hottest engines the company offered in its products. In 1965, the Marauder trim option could be had with any of the Mercury full-size cars, the Monterey, Montclair, and Park Lane. Within the former, nearly 17,000 copies with built with two doors and another 10,000 with four.

Though this Mercury has 106,000 miles on the clock and a few battle scars, the 390 V8 was redone 20,000 miles ago. When this occurred, shorty headers and a Flowmaster exhaust were added, along with an electric fuel pump and cooling fan. So, the car is said to run and sound righteous! All the fluids have been recently changed and the brakes and tires are new.

While there is said to be some rust in the sheet metal, the frame is solid. Unfortunately, the photos are mostly dark and it’s hard to tell how much work will be needed. The upholstery is good and looks to have been refurbished, but more attention is needed. The seller is moving on to another project and needs to free up garage space, so the Merc has to go. In a world of GTOs and Super Sports, a Mercury like this will be a fresh sight.

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  1. RICK W

    Move Ahead With MERCURY was, I believe the advertising slogan in 65, when MERCURY became more influenced by LINCOLN styling. Never a speed demon, I much prefer the more luxurious Park Lane. It would take ME a HOO PENNY to buy this Marauder. But like many others, I have enjoyed several MERCURY and LINCOLN vehicles. My current 2007 Town Car Signature Limited is the last gasp of traditional American Luxury sedans. FMCS biggest mistake (with possible exception of EDSEL) was dropping Crown Victoria, MERCURY, and TOWN CARS.

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    • Jon Rukavina

      Rick, you would’ve drooled over the ’65 Park Lane I saw in Hemmings a few years ago. 4-door ht, absolutely loaded with a/c, windows, locks, seat, cruise (if memory serves me) trunk release. I think it had crank vents. 16,000 miles finished in blue vinyl roof over white. Think it had a cloth interior, but this was a long time ago so some of the details slip away.

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      • RICK W

        You’re right Jon! My first experience with Mercury was friends of parents 60 Montclair 2 door, white over blue 💙. Purchased after their 55 DeSoto Fireflite, while we still had our 55 black Firedome. But the rear windshield was so huge they actually had a venetian blind (never have seen another) to minimize sun 🌞. Recall the wife saying a carry out boy said, MOM, you have a beautiful car! As always LOL and Those WERE the days!

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    • Randall Tefft Sundeen

      Absolutely agree, the pinnacle of American luxury was the Panther platform, that AND GM’s FWD 3.8 ( 3800) V6 models ( not the Northstar ones) were as good as Detroit ever got! These cars were everyday attainable luxury cars that lasted!

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  2. Eddie Pennsylvania

    Maybe the opinion of a neophyte, but this looks like a beautiful car at a very reasonable price. Drive the wheels off it while you decide how much to sink into aesthetic refurbishment.

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  3. BA

    I agree sweet ride & wouldn’t change a thing

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  4. KC

    I know I’m showing my age but wasn’t this the model car the Hawaii Five O show used in the sixties?

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    • Mark

      I think your right and some of those cars were four doors!

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  5. Wademo

    Book him, Dano!!!

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  6. HCMember

    A fair price for a 65 Mercury Marauder with a freshly rebuilt 390. Its becoming more difficult to rebuild original classic engines these days. Machine shops are dying out, inferior engine parts don’t help, and the wait time can be 12-18 months, if you’re lucky. I have a 65 Mercury Montclair Marauder that Ive been bringing back for last 7 yrs. It had 22,000 miles when I got it and now has 34,000 on the clock. I rebuilt the top part of its 390 with new heads and intake and 4 bbl Edelbrock carb. She breaths much better. These cars move like a muscle car and behave like a Lincoln. This one will be gone quickly I’m sure.

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  7. RICK W

    On the Original 5.0, McCarren first drove a 67 Marquis Brougham and later a 74. On the reboot, the son of Steve eventually found his father’s 74 Marquis. Both great shows. Check the net for info and photos.

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    • RICK W

      Mc Garrett. Stupid internet!

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    • Bill ToelMember

      Not meaning to contradict you Rick W., however my research has led me to believe a ’67 Mercury Marquis was used in the pilot. A ’68 Mercury Park Lane was used in seasons 1-7 and a ’74 Mercury Marquis Brougham in seasons 7-12. The “Help” drove ’66, ’69, ’73 and ’74 Ford Galaxies. I’ve been looking for at least ten years for the right car. This is the closest I’ve come. Pennsylvania…..Hmmmm……………

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      • RICK W

        You are probably correct. So many auto companies offered cars for promotion. Now every TV show features SUVS and crossovers, even for upscale vehicles. But that’s all that’s available. Hope you find your dream!

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      • MisterLouMember

        Full anorak salute to you sir!

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      • Daryl K Thompson

        You are 100% correct my man!

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  8. Yblocker

    First Marauder I’ve seen with a bench seat and column shift, seems a bit strange. Nice car, price is more than reasonable

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  9. Truth

    Good price. Good car. Good mechanical. Spend some $$$ on the body work, new paint and enjoy the heck out of it for a very reasonable price overall.

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  10. HCMember

    Yblocker, my 65 Mercury Marauder Montclair also came with a split bench seat and column shifter. Would love to have the buckets and console shifter

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    • Yblocker

      So without the bucket seat interior, what makes it a Marauder?

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      • HCMember

        I’m not sure, maybe 66 and 67 Marauders had them standard, but not my 65 and others I’ve seen. The 390 was standard and they came with factory AC, power steering and power brakes. And the Marauders flag badge.

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  11. chrlsful

    was production limited? Didnt see many.
    I like the looks

    “…4-door hardtops, but not as sedans…”
    I always used the two interchangably. Coup for
    2 door…

    Thanks for the write up Russ~

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  12. scottymac

    Pennsylvania car = rust, check the frame isn’t broken, or about to break. Rails behind the rockers and kick up over the back axle are the worst spots.

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  13. Darren

    No, I think it was the Park Lane then the Grand Marquis towards the end of the show.

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  14. Darren

    My mistake different car at the beginning but I do remember the big boat at the end

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  15. John M. Stecz

    My father bought a 65 Mercury Maurader when I was young. It was a 4 door pillarless hardtop and it had the Maurader flags on the chrome where the bottom of the roof where the roof met the top of the back fender.ran great and comfortable. Thanks for the blast from the past

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