British Barn Finds

Wife Says Go, Kitty Says No: 1951 MGTD

OK.  Sit down and take a look at this scary scenario.  A guy buys a classic car without first running it by the significant other, then he gets the cold shoulder for a while.  Usually it… more»

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1,400 Miles From New: 1976 MGB

In times long past, British car manufacturers had a presence in the United States.  While they never challenged Detroit for dominance of the market, they did a good job of filling niches in the market that… more»

Catastrophe At Barn Finds HQ!

UPDATE – We have listed the car on eBay. Click here to read more about it! We have some bad news. We have been helping a local family sell their late father’s car collection and the… more»

The Life of Riley: 1951 Riley RMD

This classy looking four-seat convertible 1951 Riley RMD awaits a new owner in Saline, Michigan, with a listing here on eBay. I’d never heard of Riley and my first thought recalled a pre-war Mercedes like this… more»

End of the Line: 1980 MGB Limited Edition

After 293,592 MGB roadsters sold in the U.S. since 1962, MG decided to go out with a batch of 500 special, Limited Edition cars for the 1980 model year. Like any good limited edition, however, MG… more»

Stored for 30 Years: 1966 Austin Mini

With the proliferation of late production Minis showing up on our shores as a result of the 25 year importation rule, genuine Austin Minis are becoming more collectible by the day. This long-stored 1966 model located… more»

Possible Bargain: 1969 MGB GT

There are just two pictures and no real information provided on the MGB listed on craigslist here in Sacramento, California. With an asking price of $1500, could this be a bargain? There’s no rust visible and hopefully,… more»

Well, It’s A Real Woody! Rebodied 1936 Ford

One man’s vision, this rebodied 1936 British Ford was completed after a five-year project by a disabled veteran. Unfortunately, the creator passed away in 2010 and the “woody” is now being sold, along with it’s 28′… more»

Mountain Garage Find: 1958 Morgan Plus 4

What I would have given to have been the one to come across this Morgan Plus 4 in the previous owner’s remote mountain garage. While it wasn’t found in a barn, it’s definitely an amazing and… more»

Hemi Powered: 1962 Daimler DQ450 Limo

Here we have almost 18 feet of British luxury, almost 2 feet longer than the Majestic Major upon which it’s based. In 1962 it was less than half the price of any Rolls Royce limo. They are said… more»

Some Assembly Required: 1956 Singer Roadster

Before you dismiss this 1956 Singer 4AD SM 1500 roadster as one of a handful of ’50s low-production sports cars that suffered from 10 pounds of wishful thinking in a five-pound reality-shaped bag, consider that the… more»

A Jewel: 1960 Armstrong Siddeley Star Sapphire

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Mike F. for this terrific and unusual find! This 1960 Armstrong Siddeley Star Sapphire is one of the final year models from this storied marque. Never heard of Armstrong Siddeley? You’re… more»

Just a Badge, Man: 1978 Triumph Spitfire

Triumph Spitfires certainly have spent plenty of time on the track, whether it’s a professional road course or weekend cone-chasing with the local autocross club. The seller of this rough ’78 Spitfire thinks he has a… more»