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Affordable Project? 1973 Triumph TR6

It’s rare to find a genuine deal these days among vintage project cars, as it seems like even the most earnest sellers start with a high list price and work their way down to a reasonable asks after several weeks of trying (I am guilty of this, admittedly). The seller of this 1973 Triumph TR6 isn’t taking that approach, however, being up front that this car is a project and it’s priced as such at $2,999. The listing does note, however, that if there’s no interest, he’ll get the car running and do some additional sorting and subsequently bump the price. Find it here on craigslist near Phoenix.

The seller notes he picked up this Triumph as part of a larger collection of cars he acquired, and that it’s been sitting since about 1988. Like most British roadsters, it seems to have spent more time sitting than actually driving, which is a shame since these are hugely fun to rip around in. The TR6 came equipped with a snorty inline-six but like most cars that were imported throughout the 70s and 80s, the American market ended up with a de-tuned version with a horsepower deficit compared to the European specification model. Regardless, this TR6 looks reasonably solid despite sitting for years, and the blue paint job still bears its iconic Union Jack decals on the rear quarters.

As you can see, the interior has suffered after years of stagnation. The seller notes that the top wasted away years ago, and as a result, the interior it trashed and the floorpans are gone. The same goes for the seats, carpets, and door panels. However, once you repair the floors with easily-sourced floor panels and replacement carpet and have your local upholstery shop work their magic on some seats and door panels, you can absolutely drive this car with its paint job left as-is. I bet it will even shine up quite nicely with a buff. There’s no cutting corners on the interior, however, which will need everything.

Look at how vibrant the paint is under the hood, which retains a surprising amount of shine. It also seemingly confirms the exterior paint is original to the car. The U.S. market TR6 made a little over 100 horsepower whereas its European market counterpart got a significant bump, with around 150 horsepower on tap that made for some surprisingly sprightly 0-60 times. The TR6 won’t likely see any rapid fluctuations in value over the coming years, so a project like this one is a safe gambit given parts prices are reasonable and supply is plentiful. Would you buy it now or wait until the seller has put some work into it? Thanks to Barn Finds reader T.J. for the find.


  1. Avatar photo bobhess Member

    At that price there is no reason not to buy this car. As said, parts are available and if the undercarriage is solid should make a good car. That lost 50 hp is pretty easy to get back which should up the fun factor somewhat.

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  2. Avatar photo Mike

    Love the nice even patina. Restore the interior + mechanicals and drive.

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  3. Avatar photo boxy

    A restored white one like this just sold on BaT for $71,000! Yep, you read it correctly….$71,000!

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  4. Avatar photo Mark Rollinson

    I own two TR6s – a restored ‘69 and a ‘73 that I bought in 1975. There is a very solid replacement part network so these wonderful cars can be maintained and driven for years. The interior looks a bit daunting but taken in increments wouldn’t be overwhelming. The price is very reasonable.

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  5. Avatar photo Christopher Wenz

    I owned a ’73 back in the 80s.
    The best/worst car I ever owned. Damn thing should have killed me. The price on this one is absurd, especially being an Arizona car if it spent its life there. I still miss it.

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  6. Avatar photo tompdx

    Very original car. Also very rough, but definitely worth saving.

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  7. Avatar photo David Rogers

    Keep the patina….please!…see: Jay Leno dusenberg.X…kept and preserved the blue paint and rust and its looks beautiful!

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