British Barn Finds

Parked For 40 Years: 1967 MGB Roadster

This car was purchased by the seller’s parents just before their marriage in 1969. They drove for a decade, then placed in storage where it has remained… more»

READER AD: 1967 Sunbeam Alpine Series V

Introduced in 1965, the Sunbeam Alpine Series V remained in production until 1968. The Series V included a number of minor trim and cosmetic changes over its… more»

Rare Kellison Bonnet: 1962 Austin-Healey Sprite

Austin-Healey Sprites are not the most uncommon car to find nestled in a barn, but the accompanying nose treatment known as a Kellison bonnet gives this example… more»

Surprise Barn Find: 1960 Jaguar Mark II

While many of us dream of discovering an actual barn find, some folks just stumble upon it accidentally. That’s the case of this 1960 Jaguar MKII sedan,… more»

Second Time Around: 1951 Singer 4AD Roadster

We previously wrote up this adorable little Roadster here in October of 2018, when it sold here on eBay for $3,387. Now it’s moved around from Thomson… more»

No Reserve Roadster: 1959 Triumph TR3

It appears that this 1959 Triumph TR3 was sidelined by a small fire under the hood. Now it’s running again and while you will still need to… more»

Instant Recognition: 1958 Austin-Healey “Bugeye” Sprite

The “Bugeye” Sprite was introduced to the motoring world in 1958 and remained in production in this form until the Series II Sprite was launched in 1961…. more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1980 MGB Limited Edition With 2,550 Miles!

What Makes It Special? After 293,592 MGB roadsters sold in the U.S. since 1962, MG decided to go out with a batch of 500 special, Limited Edition… more»

Cheap Roadster? 1970 Triumph TR6

An immaculately restored or original Triumph TR6 is a stunning looking car, and they are easily my favorite vehicle in the TR range. Sadly, this TR6 is… more»

Man Accidentally Finds Family’s Long-Lost Mini

Most car people have a story of “the one that got away.” That special car or truck you had when you were young or one you were… more»

48k-Mile LHD: 1959 Hillman Minx Convertible

Talk about a TRUE barn-find! This left-hand-drive 1959 Hillman Minx convertible,  is for sale here on Craigslist in Delaware, and it definitely checks all the boxes!

One Extra Wheel: 1969 Bond Equipe GT

UPDATE – After almost three years, this Bond is back on eBay with the same photos and a $4,000 asking price. FROM 4/4/16 – This is an… more»

Mite with Bite! 750 lb 1958 Berkeley SE492

Race Physics 101 states that, if you want to go twice as fast, you can either halve the weight or quadruple the horsepower. Every pound eliminated makes… more»

Restore Or Part Out? 1963 Jaguar MKII

There’s simply nothing as exciting as digging up a long-abandoned car, and the story for this Jaguar is a perfect example of a car that’s been long… more»

Storage Unit Find: 1973 Jensen Interceptor

A few years back, I had the opportunity to buy a Jensen Interceptor project for cheap. Unfortunately, by the time I got there with money, the owner… more»

Visit to RI Junkyard With Fellow Barn Finders!

Recently, we profiled a Cadillac Eldorado coupe which had been photographed several times over the years as part of large junkyard collection in Rhode Island. You can… more»

1968 Jaguar E-Type Garage Find

If an E-Type is on your bucket list then this project might be of interest to you. The seller claims that they inquired it with the intent… more»

UPDATE: Jasmine Yellow 1968 Triumph TR250

UPDATE – We featured this Jasmine TR250 back in January of 2018, well we just heard from its new owner Richard B with an update! From Richard… more»

Sitting Since ’88: 1966 Sunbeam Alpine

Rolling off the production line in 1966, this Alpine was a Series V version, which remained in production from 1965 until 1968. With only 19,122 vehicles built… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1972 MG Midget

The MG Midget is about as pure a sports car as you can get. It’s small, lightweight and fun to toss around. They are also fairly affordable… more»

First Four-Wheeler: 1940 Morgan 4-4

We’re accustomed to seeing the iconic Morgan +4 come up for sale, as its general shape has remained the same for decades, much like the ubiquitous VW… more»

Custom Built 1948 Bentley Roadster

While it might look a bit like one of the big money Bentley Speed cars, this particular car started life as a much humbler car. The Bentley… more»

Rare Harrods Edition: 1986 Jaguar XJ6

We have seen plenty of XJ6s, but this is unlike any we’ve ever found before. Jaguar joined up with the famous Harrods department store in London to… more»

Flat Rad: 1953 Morgan Plus 4

While it might look like a car built in the 1930s, this Morgan was the product of ’50s. Heck, Morgan is still building the Plus 4 and… more»