British Barn Finds

Rare Targa Top: 1988 Jaguar XJ-SC Cabriolet

This is an exceptionally rare 1988 Jaguar XJ-SC, a bizarre experiment in creating an XJS-series Jag with the option to drive with the wind blowing through your… more»

Parked and Forgotten: 1968 Jaguar E-Type

This seller on eBay routinely posts barn find Jaguar E-Types for sale, and has discovered yet another forlorn example, this time in Florida. According to the listing,… more»

Just Like Bond’s: 1977 Lotus Esprit

Update – We just heard from Gary that this Lotus sold within 24 hours of us featuring it! It’s already headed off to its now home. Hopefully,… more»

Garage Find: 1959 Austin Healey Sprite

This tired 1959 Austin Healey “Bugeye” Sprite is said to be a recent garage find from somewhere in New York State. These are among the most recognized… more»

Small Block Powered: 1973 Triumph Stag

When it was released, the Triumph Stag promised us the World. Unfortunately, for a great many owners, the only part of the World that they got to… more»

Stored For 42 Years: 1967/8 Triumph TR4A

This pleasingly original 196″8″ Triumph TR4A is available here on craigslist and is located in Powhatan, Virginia. The seller is asking $15,500 but as with most craigslist… more»

Drive It Anywhere: 1961 Nash Metropolitan

The last year of production for the Met was 1961 and just under 1,000 of them were sold that year with the remaining cars being sold in… more»

A Real Find! 1967 Lotus 7

I’m not sure if this tarp and tubing structure qualifies as a barn, but I think this genuine 1967 Lotus 7 for sale here on Facebook Marketplace… more»

40 Years Family Owned: 1961 Austin Healey 3000

The listing for this 1961 Austin Healey 3000 is a tale of caution for those of us with projects languishing in the garage. The seller is the… more»

Easy project: 1961 Triumph Herald

While it didn’t possess the sort of performance that was guaranteed to get your heart racing, the 948cc engined Triumph Herald was a nice little car, and… more»

The Last Oil Tanker: 1970 BSA A65 Lightning

1970 would be BSA’s last year of this model with a separate oil tank. That may sound strange, but in 1971 they went with an oil-filled frame…. more»

Daily Driven: 1956 Land Rover Series 1

The seller doesn’t know much about the history of this 1956 Land Rover, but has confirmed it was at one point sold to a junkyard before emerging… more»

Taxi! 1977 London Black Taxi

I say old chaps! Have we got a car for you? If you are looking for something a bit different, and if you can cope with a… more»

Cool Commer Project: 1967 Sunbeam Funwagon

If there’s a more interesting name for a vehicle I can’t think of it right now, can you? This is a 1967 Sunbeam Funwagon and as you… more»

V8 Swap? 1965 Triumph TR4A

It’s important for me to look at cars like this 1965 Triumph TR4A, submitted to us by Barn Finds┬áreader Michael V. Why? Because it is way, way… more»

Free Limo! 1964 Austin 1800

If you’re not scared of taking on a complete oddball project, there’s a free Austin limousine listed on craigslist in Long Beach, California. The seller notes there’s… more»

Parts Car Only? 1964 MGB

Lurking in these dark and blurry photos is a 1964 MGB. It will need a complete restoration, or it could potentially be used for parts. It is… more»

Hangar Stored: 1986 Aston Martin Lagonda

The Aston Martin Lagonda remains a polarizing car even today, years after its introduction. Its reputation remains somewhat infamous, as reliability was always suspect and restoration costs… more»

25,000 Original Miles: 1968 Jaguar E-Type Fixed Head Coupe

The E-Type Jaguar is a striking looking car, and this one appears to be a good, original example. It has been owned by the same family since… more»

Increasingly Rare: 1960 Triumph TR3

Although never officially called it, this 1960 Triumph TR3 is loosely referred to a TR3A, as it was an update of the original TR3, and was introduced… more»

Full Mechanical Rebuild Done: 1967 Austin Healey 3000 BJ8

We’ve recently seen a few project-grade Austin Healey 3000s here at Barn Finds, but this appears to be one of the better ones. It needs some restoration… more»

1 of 197: Rare 1954 Swallow Doretti

I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I try hard to be non-judgemental in my posts. But I’m having a tough time forgiving… more»

Stored 50 Years: 1951 Singer 4AD Roadster

Usually, the Singers that come up for sale are the VW-based kit cars that no one is particularly crazy about. This, however, is a genuine 1951 Singer… more»

BF EXCLUSIVE: 1971 Jaguar E-Type Parked Since ’83!

Take a look at this garage find E-Type! Barn Finds reader Jeff has decided to offer his 1971 Jaguar E-Type through us after being pleased with us┬álisting… more»