British Barn Finds

Friday Dallas Auction Results

For those that checked out the Leake Auction vehicles posted for the Friday auction, here are the results on the 1970s vehicles that we featured. All prices listed do not include fees.

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BF EXCLUSIVE: 1979 Triumph Spitfire

If you’ve been on the hunt for a classic that just needs a good cleaning to be a fun driver, this Spitfire might be the car for you! These car’s are dead simple to work on,… more»

Ur-TR: 1955 Triumph TR2

For all we see at most car events where British sports cars gather, Triumph’s roadster lineage may as well have started with the TR3, but it stands to reason that before there was a 3, there… more»

Guess The Price! 2017 Dallas Leake Auction

Many of you know that one of my part time jobs is as an independent contractor for Leake Auctions. I drive vehicles for prep, placement, and on the block for bidding. Everything from classics to exotics,… more»

Two for One: Jaguar XJS Coupe & Convertible

Finding a pair of projects is usually cause for alarm, as sellers tend not to let good cars go cheaply. But in this instance, I think there’s some fair value to be gained by taking on… more»

Classics In The Hedge: Yard Finds In Surrey

We reported a few weeks ago about an enthusiast in Michigan that was forced to clear out his collection of project and parts cars. This is not a phenomenon unique to the overzealous zoning boards found… more»

Pre-HE + Euro-Spec Model: 1976 Jaguar XJS

This 1976 Jaguar XJS combines a few different letters of meaning for Jag enthusiasts, but the broadest way to classify it is as a European-market model packing a bit more power than its US counterparts. It’s… more»

BF EXCLUSIVE: 1967 Triumph T120

Triumph built some great motorcycles, but you don’t see many of their bikes here on American roads. This particular example was purchased by the seller back in 1978 while they were stationed in Scotland. It saw… more»

Carriage Trade: Engineless 1961 Bentley S2

No engine or transmission, you say? Hmmmmmm….Here’s a project to bring out our creativity! If money were no object, what would you do with an engineless 1961 Bentley S2? Money need not be an object to… more»

Not Our Project This Time: 1983 TVR Tasmin

You may remember the Barn Finds project 1983 TVR Tasmin that was featured in our pages back in March 2016. It was a cool car that was eventually passed on to a reader. While not in as… more»

Distressed Beauty: 1965 Jaguar XK-E Convertible

Aside from its unique styling, a variety of film productions have made the Jaguar E-type the star of nearly any show. Though being offered in non-operation project form and with limited pictures, this 1965 Jaguar XK-E… more»

From Italy To Virginia: 1984 Land Rover Defender

If you’re like me, you’ve dreamed of bouncing along tree lined mountain trails in a classic Defender – but the recent prices of even the rustiest examples are scarier than their lack of safety accessories. Now,… more»

Original Survivor: 1960 Austin Healey Sprite

It must make some people groan when they hear any car called cute, but, well, this bug-eyed face really is cartoon cute. The headlights on the prototype rotated up. Since the Bugeye was built to be cheap,… more»