British Classic Cars

Barn Stored 5 Decades: 1957 MGA

Old British sports cars don’t die, they get faster. Due to the loss of weight from rust, or something like that. Although this ’57 MGA is a little rough around the edges, miraculously this little roadster is more solid… more»

EXCLUSIVE: Ready To Drive 1976 Triumph TR6

UPDATE – George received some questions about his TR6, such as the VIN number and whether it has overdrive. He accidentally put his Spitfire’s VIN in when he submitted it, so he sent us the correct VIN. And this… more»

14k Genuine Miles: 1979 MG MGB

While it may look a bit dusty and unloved, this 1979 MGB has remained washed and waved until fairly recently. If what the seller says in the listing is correct, then a good wash will be all that it… more»

1-of-122: 1994 Jaguar XJ12

While the XJ40-Series of the Jaguar XJ was in production from 1986 until 1994, the XJ81 version, which encompassed both the XJ12 and the Daimler Double-Six only saw production for a 12-month period from early 1993 until early 1994…. more»

Classic Motoring: 1927 Alvis 12/50 SD Beetleback

UPDATE – We just heard from Mark Dixon of Octane Magazine that he knows this collection and has some concerns about the eBay listing. He is going to contact the Managing Director of Bicester Heritage, which is where the… more»

Bargain Brit: 1959 Triumph TR3 Roadster

Update – This TR3 has been relisted, but the seller has now lowered their starting bid to $1,900 with no reserve. You can find it here on eBay with 2 days to go! From 1/25/2019 – Just looking at… more»

EXCLUSIVE: Motorcycles and Parts from the Georgia Collection

As some of you likely know, I am helping to clear out a large collection of salvage and project vehicles from a private owner. You can read more about the collection here in Part I; here in Part II; and the latest… more»

Fully Documented: 1979 MG MGB

If you would love nothing more than to lay your hands on a classic British sports car with a fully documented history, then this 1979 MGB could be the car that you’ve been looking for. It currently shows 89,000… more»

Big Luxury: 1987 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur Limousine

It has often been said that if you have to ask how much a Rolls-Royce is, then you probably can’t afford it. Well, guess what? I know how much this one is, and I still can’t afford it. However,… more»

Bodacious Brit: 1984 Lotus Espirit Turbo

Though the Lotus Espirit is an appealing mid-engine sports car, it never gained traction amongst collectors and enthusiasts in the same way as other vehicles from the era – such as the unattractive and slow DMC DeLorean that it… more»

What The?! Odd Parade Car Project

I’m not really even sure where, to begin with, this odd creation! It’s truly indescribable and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. According to the seller, this Buick powered “parade car” was running just a few years… more»

Project or Parts? 1970 Lotus Elan

I have to admit, this Lotus Elan looked pretty promising from afar – and I’m still not quite sure why the seller thinks it’s potentially a parts car. Sure, there are some fairly important pieces missing like most of… more»

READER AD: 1969 Jaguar E-Type Coupe

Now, this is a barn find! Well, technically, it’s a carport find but either way, it’s an awesome find. Reader Rick H found it after it sat in the previous owner’s carport for the past 24 years. It’s going… more»

Black Plate 1966 Ford Cortina GT

As the 1960s dawned, Ford of Britain was working away feverishly developing a new family-sized car that was not only capable of seating two adults and two to three children but would be inexpensive to produce and to sell…. more»

Perfect Race Car Project: 1953 MG TD

A few years back I had the opportunity to test drive a low-mileage MG TD in the mountains of Wyoming. The drive was short, but the memory will forever remain. Since that day, I have dreamed of owning my… more»

Rare Shooting Brake: 1973 Reliant Scimitar SE5a

Here’s something you don’t see every day:  a British 1973 Reliant Scimitar SE5a in Frederick, Maryland, one of perhaps six in the USA. Fans of the original automotive magazine Top Gear may recall the show’s scathing review of the… more»