German Classic Cars

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Drive It Anywhere: 1966 Mercedes 230

When I first spied the listing for this 1966 Mercedes-Benz 230 I thought, “That’s interesting, the car has been photographed inside the lobby of an office building”. Well, upon further review that’s not the case, it’s on the outside… more»

Triple Matching Numbers: 1967 BMW R60/2

The seller of this nicely patina’d 1967 BMW R60/2 is in a common predicament for an enthusiast of the two- or four-wheeled variety: the discovery of a new project we’d rather own than our current vehicular artifact. In this… more»

Split Window Museum Find: 1952 Volkswagen Beetle

One of my favorite types of “finds” is a car that was released from museum captivity. There’s something about finding a special car that has been kept off the roads but also somewhat preserved for all that time. It’s… more»

1986 Porsche 930 Turbo Garage Find

It’s always amazing how some cars that most of us define as exotic or spectacular in some capacity still end up becoming dusty pieces of garage art for certain caretakers. In the case of this desirable turbocharged Porsche 930,… more»

Euro-Spec: 1972 BMW 3.0 CS Project

The venerable E9 was born in 1968 when BMW introduced the 2800 CS. With its long engine bay and hood, the car was the perfect cradle for the new M30 six-cylinder engine that launched BMW head and shoulders above… more»

Murano Green Project: 1990 Porsche 911

The 964-chassis Porsche 911 is one of my absolute favorite eras of the classic air-cooled sports car, and examples like this rare Murano Green Carrera 4 are seriously tempting. However, in recent years, the values for these early 90s… more»

Carport Find: 1972 Porsche 911 Targa

It’s amazing how many old-school Porsches still litter the back alleys and private driveways of California. When you consider how often a non-running air-cooled 911 pops up out west, it’s no surprise at all that dealers like Beverly Hills… more»

Work-In-Progress: 1971 Mercedes-Benz 250C

The 250C variant of the W114 used a six-cylinder engine instead of four-cylinder power as in the W115. This series of automobiles was in production from 1968 to 1976 and would be seen across Europe and also imported to… more»

Best Replica Ever: 1962 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing

For many of us European car nuts, a classic like the Mercedes-Benz 300SL is the stuff of dreams. It’s one of the most iconic cars ever built and certainly one of the most striking. You may not call it… more»

Stalled Turbo Project: 1976 Porsche 930

This Porsche 930 has been in the seller’s possession for some time but has only racked up nominal mileage since he took possession of it in the early 90s. The 930 is perhaps the most iconic turbocharged Porsche ever… more»

BF Auction: 1960 Mercedes-Benz 190b W121 “Ponton”

There are two ways an owner can choose to tackle restoring a beloved classic. The first is to proceed cautiously to ensure the restoration costs don’t exceed the car’s potential value. The other is to throw caution to the… more»

Martini Edition: 1977 Porsche 924 Barn Find

Special editions among the domestic brands are a dime a dozen, but it was unusual back in the day for the likes of Porsche to roll out a limited trim package. The 1977 Porsche 924 Martini Championship Edition was… more»

Rare Oddity: 1956 Gebruder Verga Coupe

To paraphrase Sir Winston Churchill speaking of the Soviet Union in 1939, here we have a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside of an enigma. This car – for sale on The Samba – is a Volkswagen-based coupé built… more»

Sold By Buick! 1974 Opel Manta 1900

Opel Automobile GmbH (a German division of General Motors at one time) built the Manta across two generations from 1970 to 1988. It was a rear-wheel-drive sports coupe that was sold as the Manta 1900 in the U.S. by… more»

Parked Since 1990: 1980 Porsche 924 Turbo

One of my favorite underappreciated classics at the moment is the Porsche Type 931, otherwise known as the 924 Turbo. It has all the hallmarks of a future collector car that we all should have purchased when they were… more»

Updated Looks: 1974 Porsche 911 Cabriolet

It’s honestly incredible how little the Porsche 911 actually changed from 1964 to 1998. Sure, things changed both mechanically and cosmetically, but the core structure of the 911 saw very few changes throughout this time period. So little changed… more»