German Barn Finds

Am I Blue: 1975 Porsche 914 Targa 2.0

The Porsche 914 never got much respect. They were more of a midengine VW sold by VW dealers. In Europe, the 914 didn’t even get the Porsche emblem on the hood. The previous entry lever Porsche,… more»

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Rare Golf Yellow: 1976 BMW 2002

Regardless of whether it’s a round taillight or square taillight, the color “Golf Yellow” will always be a crowd favorite among some members of BMW’s dedicated 2002 fanbase. This example is rough around the edges but… more»

Clean Cabrio: 1990 Volkswagen Cabriolet

The VW Cabrio has long been one of the iconic later Volkswagen products. Many of them remain in good condition due to diligent owners, but the seller of this 1990 Cabriolet claims it only has 13,100 original… more»

Woodgrain Kit: 1979 VW Rabbit Diesel

As cars from the 70s and 80s grow harder to find, you may be surprised to realize that some once-laughable options are now reasons for spending more on a given vehicle. Take fake wood trim slapped… more»

Original Paint: 1972 VW Super Beetle

I would have loved to yanked open the garage door and seen this beautiful Beetle sitting inside. Said to wear original paint and show low mileage of just 60,000, this Super Beetle is located in or… more»

Gray Market Junkyard Find: BMW 325i Convertible

As some of our long-timers recall, I used to spend most weekends in a junkyard. With a newborn at home, that hobby is on a brief hiatus, but a colleague who runs a parts-pulling business called… more»

Carolina Yard Art: VW Baja Bug Project

Bad spelling always gives me a laugh on craigslist, as is the case of this Baha! Bug. Grammar aside, this genuine Baja Bug is near Franklin, North Carolina, and the seller’s friend just wants it out… more»

Two Owner 16 Valve: 1987 VW GTI

Despite once being incredibly common, the second generation models of Volkswagen’s U.S. lineup have all but disappeared from American roads. This is especially true of the so-called “hot” models like the 16-valve GTIs and Jetta GLIs…. more»

Mystery 911 Porsche Part 2

If you missed Part 1 of the story of this Mystery Porsche, be sure to take a look at it here before continuing! From twenty feet away I see the “Barn Find of the Year” (OK… more»

On the Lot for 30 Years: 1973 Audi 100 Coupe

There’s not much time left on this old-school Audi 100 coupe, which the seller said he rescued from being parked for 30 years in a Colorado car lot. I’d love to know the story behind that, but… more»

V12 Sturzkampfflugzeug! 1988 Alpina B12

It’s hard to beat German for certain words, especially when it comes to barking orders or naming machines. Neither BMW nor Alpina christened this 1988 Alpina B12 Der Sturzkampfflugzeug (The Dive Bomber) but it seems an… more»

Mystery 911 Porsche Part 1

I am always amazed by how our readers can spot the tiniest of clues in a photo or fallacies and omissions in a description provided by a seller. This Porsche was just unearthed after hibernating since… more»

Dismantle or Save: 1972 BMW 3.0CS

This desirable BMW 3.0CS coupe has been sitting since the 1980s, and unfortunately, shows some of the classic signs of rust damage all too common with the E9-chassis cars. This example suffers from the added detriment… more»