BF Auction: 1957 Victoria 250

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  • Seller: Sven K rause
  • Location: Middleton, Wisconsin
  • Mileage: 20950 Shown
  • Chassis #: 01343
  • Title Status: Missing

During the mid-1950s, it seemed like American auto manufacturers were competing to see who could build the biggest car, while over in Europe, it was a race to build the smallest! Microcars were a hot market during the ’50s, with countless manufacturers trying to enter the market. Victoria, a German motorcycle manufacturer, decided to join the booming market with their “Spatz” 250. Unfortunately, they only built a little over 700 of these unique vehicles. This example is a project that has been parked for many years. The seller’s father purchased the car with plans of restoring it one day, but sadly, that day never came, so it’s time to let someone else finish it. It’s being offered here as a Barn Finds Auction, so be sure to cast your high bid on this rare find!

The “Spatz,” as it’s often called, featured a surprisingly high top speed, considering a 14 horsepower 248cc single-cylinder engine powered it. The original design called for a 191cc unit, allowing a top speed of just 40 mph. The increase in power moved the top speed closer to 60 mph. While that’s not all that impressive by today’s standards, that was fast enough to be more than just an around-town car.

Given how rare these are, restoring one can be a challenge, as parts aren’t easy to source. Thankfully, this one looks complete and includes some of the needed parts to restore it. During their ten years of ownership, the engine has been oiled and turned over by hand several times, but no attempts have been made to get it running. The mid-mounted Victoria-built two-stroke engine is about as simple as an engine can get, so getting it running again shouldn’t be all that difficult. The 5-speed preselector transmission was a significant reason the Spatz could reach 60 mph, so hopefully, it is in good condition.

The fiberglass body is said to be in good condition, with no damage. The paint is looking tired and has some flaws. You might be able to polish it back up well enough to use as is. The interior seems to be complete. These were quite spartan, so restoring the interior shouldn’t be much of an issue as long as all the original parts are present.

This unique little machine deserves to be put back on the road. While not terribly practical as a daily driver, it would be fun to zip around town in and to take to events. You certainly wouldn’t see another one on the road, and imagine the attention it would draw at car shows! If you’ve been searching for a fascinating classic to revive and enjoy, this might be the find for you.

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High Bid: $1,750 (Reserve Not Met)
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Ended: Apr 22, 2024 11:00am MDT
High Bidder: marbella car restauration
  • marbella car restauration
    bid $1,750.00  2024-04-18 09:15:23
  • Pierre bid $1,425.00  2024-04-17 16:02:20
  • marbella car restauration bid $1,050.00  2024-04-17 00:58:19
  • Pierre
    bid $800.00  2024-04-16 10:39:03
  • marbella car restauration bid $500.00  2024-04-16 10:15:15
  • Pierre bid $250.00  2024-04-16 09:26:54

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  1. Gary SonnenscheiMember

    Is it a manual transmission or preselect transmission? Do you have the missing headlight assembly. Does it roll easily? Really neat car.

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    • DiseasewithnocureMember

      Hi there — seller here. It rolls very easily right now.

      Here’s some neat info on this unique little gem:

      The revamped car was also fitted with a new electric pre-selector transmission. Five speeds were selected by three pushbuttons on the dash, for reverse, neutral, and first, with second, third, and fourth selected by a small lever on the dash in conjunction with the clutch.

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      • John Barth

        I live about 20 miles from Madison. How can I see the car?

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      • DiseasewithnocureMember

        John Barth — Can you share your email or phone number and we can get in touch?


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      • DiseasewithnocureMember

        John Barth — Can you share your email or phone number and we can get in touch?


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  2. Fox owner

    If I had any grand kids I would buy this as a go cart, with a governor. Then I looked at the levers poking out of the dash and gas tank mounted next to the engine and I thought. No way, this is a death trap.

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    • Aussie Dave Aussie DaveMember

      I had the same thought, for the grandkids (governed).
      The fuel tank position isn’t a worry, how many “hire” go karts have say a Honda engine with the fuel tank sitting on top?
      I bought my granddaughter (8yo) an electric BMW X5, this would have been better.

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    • CBRER

      This thing is begging for a Hayabusa engine transplant! Relocate fuel. One could fab up a top and this thing would be cool.

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  3. Al

    Is it missing an eye or is it winking?
    The position of the gas tank made me think of the Pinto………Pass!

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  4. FergusO

    The last feature picture (rear quarter view) looks like the manufacturer could have taken the windshield (upright) and upper body section complete and mounted it on a rowboat hull and it would have blended right in.
    I kinda want this thing, and then put in a 4 stroke 250-350 m/c powerplant, (or outboard!) but keep it to 25-40mph, any more is ridiculous.
    But I love “unloved” designs.

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  5. numskalMember
    It’s kinda cute any specs on width or length?

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  6. Gordo

    It seems to be missing a top, might be difficult to source a replacement!

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    • DiseasewithnocureMember

      Gordo — you are correct, it’s missing the top canvas, but has the (more difficult to source) framework that gets put into the holes in the door “frames”.

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  7. jwaltb

    Current high bidder is marbella car restauration.
    They must serve road food-

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  8. Solosolo UK Solosolo UKMember

    Now, this is a “dinky toy” car that I would rather have than my 1957 Messerschmitt KR 200 as they are like backsides, everybody has one, but this little gem is just about “one of a kind” and as you say, a great talking point at C and C.

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  9. luckless pedestrian

    I’ve been looking for an interesting summer ride to make the frequent few mile trip between the lake house and the local country store… …and the ice cream stand… This is just about perfect. Better for me its far away…

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  10. Bob Estabrook

    That’s a rarey! Very complete as well. Would look good next to my Vespa 400 survivor.

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  11. Rick

    If a Panhard Dyna had hooked up with a BMW Isetta and a Crosley Hotshot this Victoria could be the offspring.

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  12. Lonnny Floyd

    One pic shows suspension parts.
    Are these new components or has the suspension been disassembled?
    Pics of the wishbones would be nice. As well as the drive line from the bottom. Chain drive?

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  13. DiseasewithnocureMember

    Sent some additional photos to BarnFinds that I thought were fun and interesting snippets of some paperwork that wasn’t included in the original photo upload for everyone’s enjoyment.

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  14. RobMMember

    I’m going to be in Milwaukee this coming weekend. Can I come look at the car? How do we get in touch?

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    • DiseasewithnocureMember

      Hi Rob,

      Can you share your email or phone? I can reach out and we can set something up for Saturday.

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  15. Bob Estabrook

    Interested in your Victoria. Does it come with the top bows? I’m checking shipping to determine an offer.

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    • DiseasewithnocureMember

      Sorry Bob – the Victoria was sold privately.

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      • Bob Estabrook

        Thanks for the reply

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