Two-Seat Project: 1970 AMC AMX

This all-original California car is a 1970 AMC AMX and you can see that someone has been doing a bit of work on that original paint at some point. The seller says that it has “mostly original paint”…. more»

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Trans-Am Champ: 1974 AMC Javelin AMX

I’ve seen a lot of the “coke bottle” Javelins and AMXs in ads lately, but rarely are they this nice, original, and solid. Of course, you pay the price for that as well. The car is… more»

Coulda Had a V8: 1982 AMC Spirit

Although the recipe was basically the same, the Spirit always strikes me as a wholly different car compared to the Gremlin it replaced. Perhaps it was because the Gremlin was so polarizing as a design and the… more»

One Year Only! 1962 Rambler Classic Custom

This rare 1962 Rambler Classic Custom two-door sedan was only offered in 1962 and they’re rare. If a person were looking for a decent one to restore this may be it. It’s on Craigslist with an asking… more»

Something Different: 1973 AMC Javelin

If you’re looking for something a little different, then this AMC Javelin may be perfect for you. It’s not as common as a Mustang or Camaro, but was still built in large enough quantities that you… more»

Price Reduction? 1981 AMC Spirit

It could just be a clever ploy by the seller to make us think he’s willing to wheel and deal,  but I don’t know anyone who would list a car with a higher price on the windshield… more»

To Disco Or Die For: 1975 AMC Matador

There are few 1970’s automotive shapes more distinctive than the AMC Matador fastback. Thanks to reader Rocco B., we have this great find to show you from Evansville, Indiana. It may not be quite stock, but as… more»

Funky 4WD: 1961 Nash Metropolitan 4×4

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m normally a purist by heart. I normally prefer vehicles that are either original or restored to original specs. In the case of this 1961 Nash Metropolitan 4×4, I would have… more»

345 + A/C: 1979 International Scout

Finding a vintage car hidden away in the California desert sounds like a dream vacation to some of us. Being able to get that vehicle to fire up for the first time in years and drive… more»

All That And A Hoard Of Parts! 1971 AMC Javelin/AMX

We don’t have a lot of great pictures of this car to show you, but to be honest, that’s not the star here. The owner of this Javelin has spent a lot of time and effort… more»

Green Goodness: 1968 AMC Ambassador SST

This beautiful 1969 AMC Ambassador SST is listed on eBay with a current bid price of $1,000 – but the reserve isn’t met and there’s no Buy It Now price listed so your guess is as… more»

Hiding for 20 Years: 1967 Rambler Rogue

Sometimes, all it takes is that cryptic photo of a car hiding in a garage or a barn to get an enthusiast’s blood pumping. What’s hidden back there, beyond the boxes and that sheet? Is it… more»

6 + 2 = V8: 1976 AMC Hornet X Sportabout

A sporty wagon sounds like a bit of a misnomer (some would say, oxymoron), but this 1976 AMC Hornet X Sportabout is just that, given its “factory” V8. More on that in a bit. This gem… more»