Clean Bird: 1984 AMC Eagle Survivor

I have a thing for AMC Eagles. Although very similar to Hornets and Concords, Eagles are really the only AMC product that gets me truly excited. They are well-built cars with a bulletproof engine, complete with… more»

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Ziebart Need Not Apply: 1981 AMC Concord

In 1978, the AMC Hornet was replaced by the AMC Concord, and by the early 1980s, AMC had quite the versatile lineup of vehicles. Between the Concord and Eagle models alone, pretty much any car you… more»

Fishbowls For Everyone! Three AMC Pacers.

Like finding someone who loves to chow down on anchovy ice cream, finding someone who is gaga over AMC Pacers is a Herculean task. Fortunately for this seller here on craigslist in Mendota, Illinois, he has already found… more»

1953 Nash Ambassador Country Club LeMans

For a guy who loves vintage Japanese cars so much, these old Nash models really float my boat, no pun intended. This is a 1953 Nash Ambassador Country Club LeMans Airflyte, a rare car and highly desirable… more»

1 of 306: 1971 AMC S/C 360 Hornet

AMC Hornets, although once ubiquitous on American roads have become exceedingly rare as time marches on. Like most independent car manufacturers, they never had the sheer sales volume as the Big Three in the first place…. more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1975 AMC Hornet Sportabout

Seller Description: This barn find has been stored in the barn since 1990. Runs decent. Very little rust anywhere on the vehicle. If there is any it is surface based. 304 v-8 engine. May need new… more»

BMW Dealer Trade: His & Her’s Pacers

Here’s something you don’t see everyday: a pair of AMC Pacers sitting in the staging area of a BMW dealership. If you notice the signs in the background, this red 1976 AMC Pacer here on eBay ended… more»

Bronze It! 1972 AMC Ambassador Survivor

If you want a perfect example of what AMC was producing for middle America in the early 1970s, this is it! Resplendent in Baja Bronze Metallic paint that I think may be original (there’s no sign… more»

Ramblin’ Wagon: 1965 Rambler Ambassador 880

I’m a huge fan of the stacked-headlight fifth-generation Ramblers and this 1965 Rambler Ambassador 880 Wagon looks like a winner. It even has a manual transmission! I know, a manual in a wagon may not be… more»

Designer Car? 1972 AMC Hornet Sportabout

There have been many trends through time, such as “Members Only” jackets, “Aigner” purses, and even trendy designer snow boots. For whatever the reason, some things just happen to wind up as “designer” items, even automobiles…. more»

Acid Wash Denim: 1973 AMC Gremlin X Levi Edition

I’m a Levi kind of guy, they are my go to for trousers. You just can’t beat the feel of a well worn pair of jeans! I’m going to guess the good people at AMC thought… more»

Rust-Free 2WD: 1986 Jeep Comanche XLS

Not another time machine reference?! Yes, sorry, but this 1986 Jeep Comanche XLS is a ____ _______. This is the example that you’d want if you’ve been looking for this exact spec Jeep. It’s on Craigslist… more»

Voiture Bon Marché: $500 1986 Renault Alliance

This Voiture bon marché, or cheap car, is a 1986 Renault Alliance and it’s in Elk Rapids, Michigan. It can be found on craigslist with an asking price of just $500 or best offer! Cela semble être un… more»