Original Wide Ride: 1977 AMC Pacer Wagon

Looking crisp in Brillant Blue against the white snow, this 1977 AMC Pacer wagon looks like it’s in great shape. It would take a lot of craziness, vehicle-wise, to pull up to your favorite restaurant or gas station and draw more attention than you’d get while driving this car. The seller has it listed here on eBay in Staunton, Illinois and they’re asking $9,950 or you can make an offer.

I shouldn’t like this car as much as I do, but it would be really fun to own. AMC offered the wagon version of the Pacer in 1977, two years after the sedan – only available with two doors – came out in 1975. They only came in a two-door sedan and two-door wagon body style, and the passenger door is four inches wider than the driver’s door for ease of entry into the back seat.

This example doesn’t appear to have the optional rear wiper and I don’t see D/L badges so I’m guessing that it’s a base model Pacer Wagon. The following year, the D/L would be the base model Pacer as the cars were moving upscale from economy cars to more luxurious cars. The seller doesn’t give much information about this car as far as the body condition goes, but I cringe every time I see a vintage car in the snow. They do say that it’s an original car, so I’m assuming that it hasn’t had bodywork or paintwork.

One thing the seller does say in their description is that the interior (or, “int”) is nice and has been freshened up. We don’t know what that included, was that new seat fabric? New carpets? Not a clue. I don’t even see a high-back split-bench seat in a 1977 AMC brochure as having been available but here it is. The back seat looks good as does the rear cargo area. Kudos to the seller for showing a photo with the back seat folded down.

The engine is AMC’s 258-cu.in. OHV inline-six with just over 100 horsepower and 192 lb-ft of torque. They say that it runs and drives, which is never a glowing report of functionality, but if it works as well as it looks, it could be a nice one. Hagerty is at $8,100 for a #3 good condition car and $13,300 for a #2 excellent car. Are there any AMC Pacer fans out there?


  1. Howard A Member

    “Party on, Wayne,,I mean Scotty”,,I wonder if the Pacer would have been so popular without the movie? I know, the Pacer, unlike the movie, wasn’t too popular. Again, pretty much a regional brand, most folks from Wisconsin, me included, are a bit odd, and almost embraced the Pacer as the epitome of our culture. Not many outside of Wisconsin shared that view, maybe Minnesota( dig) The Pacer was a good car, many folks I knew that had them would have bought another, if they could have found one, that is. With a recent ER bill of over $1200 bucks( that they did nothing for), I suppose $10 grand is chump change to some. They got that much snow in central Ill. already? This place has a bunch of cars,and a few years ago, a giant wind or tornado, took out half their inventory. I think they are a reputable dealer, from what I’ve heard. Great find, and someone will get a really nice car AND all the fanfare that goes with one. “Party on, Howard,,I mean, Garth”.

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  2. Rumpledoorskin

    My first car was a coupe in the same color. It was just after Wayne’s World came out, so everyone noticed it. Got lots of comments from people and leaned a lot of repair techniques with that car.

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  3. nlpnt

    I didn’t know you could get a bench seat on a Pacer either. I’m sure one was originally planned for it, back when it was developed around the canceled GM Rotary, but the huge transmission tunnel resulting from the shoehorning in of AMC’s long straight-6 has an effect that can be seen in the interior shot.

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  4. Emel

    Blast from my past. We had the use of 2 of these Pacer wagons for a couple years as they were Company cars. They were kinda heaps, but brand new heaps and FREE. FREE is always good. Brand New is usually good.

    They were 2 different level models, and the Powder Blue one was kinda of peppy compared to the Yellow one. Also had a much nicer interior. So I’m guessing the Powder Blue one was a DL or whatever the top trip level was.

    AMC cars were a trip. One stranger than the last.

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  5. geezerglide85

    My father had a ’77 wagon (bought new in the fall of ’78 as a leftover) had a bench seat . It was not a D/L but had 258 six, auto, air, and woodgrain paneling on the outside. Mine was a ’78 D/L no air, 4spd stick, and a 232. Front seats were called individual seats (like a wide bucket). I wanted a bench but was told they were discontinued for ’78. Also all ’78’s were D/L’s. I sure wish I had mine back again. Same blue as this one with a set of Keystone Classics on it. Got about 30mpg even when loaded up with camping gear.

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  6. Domenic DAlessandro

    Right up there with the Pontiac Aztec for the ugliest car ever made.

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  7. Joe Haska

    I almost hate to admit it, but when these were new I liked them. I was tempted to buy one, however I was afraid of all the flack, I would receive from my Hot Rod Buddies.

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  8. Chuck Foster Chuck Foster

    I had one for a bit, fully loaded with V8, AC, power windows, bucket seats and console. It’s for sale locally even, a fellow car hoarder bought it LOL

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  9. Gary Gary Member

    Has anyone looked at the sellers other vehicles for sale? There’s enough of a selection available just with this seller to deliver a “Today’s Finds” article in its’ own right.

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    • Howie

      Gary, yes looks like 429 vehicles for sale, but only on Ebay since early this month, and only has a (6) for feedback.

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    • Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

      I’ve been to this seller a couple times (most recently two or three years ago), and I suspect some of you have been too. It’s quite the experience. Hundreds of cars crammed into a series of basic pole barn-like structures. Most of the cars are what we Barn Finders would term “basic” or “normal” cars– what average folks would have driven. No Hemi Cudas or Boss 429’s here. And most of the cars are in “average” condition– no high dollar restorations, but generally not super-junky either.

      If you enjoy seeing cars which were once common but have mostly disappeared from the automotive landscape, it’s worth a stop. Right beside I-55, 40 miles from St. Louis.

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  10. Comet

    Had one. Loved it.

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  11. BrianT BrianT Member

    I had one, a ’75 and not a wagon. I liked it. Me ne had a three on the tree. It rode well, handled decently and was comfortable. I liked that it was as wide as a full size car. I ended up repining the door hinges as those doors were heavy and started to sag. New pins and bushings took care of that issue. I bought another to use the front suspension under a ’46 Chevy pickup.

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  12. Pete.k

    I had a 1976 wagon. Red with tan interior. I was always amazed how spacious it was inside. Six cylinder automatic, had ice Cold Air conditioning. Very nice cruising car !

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  13. Steve

    i miss amc!

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  14. chrlsful

    I wondered how they done on the long runs, thanks Pete.

    Nother one of the “wagons only” mantra I use here so often. I believe it’sa
    totally different animal than the sedan. Sedan? here’s it’s use:
    a chop top (I think the wing has been added recently, plez remove) done when it was 1 yr old by 2nd owner. A smooth euro-sports in it’s customized beauty (but not 4 me).

  15. trdave

    Chrisful re long rides: Took my ’77 wagon to Kenosha Homecoming this year from Idaho with stops to visit in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and on to Vermont – – nearly 6k miles most on Interstates. >20mpg with a/c on. Very comfortable. Only problem is stopping for gas, food and lodging. Gas takes 20 minutes minimum. So many folks coming over to look and chat.

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  16. Carlton1959@gmail.com

    I admit it.
    I would love to have this in my garage.
    No room and no disposable cash stops me.
    Always had a soft spot for AMC.

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