Track Pak Restoration: 1969 Dodge Charger R/T

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One of the hottest cars in the late 1960s was the Dodge Charger, built on the same B-body platform as the Coronet, it had sportier styling that supported the “Dodge Rebellion” marketing of the era. The R/T with the standard 440 cubic inch V8 was particularly popular at nearly a fourth of production in 1969 alone. This beautiful ’69 R/T is the result of a $125,000 restoration which is not hard to doubt in today’s market. Located in Popular Bluff, Missouri, this nut-and-bolt re-do is available here on eBay where the current bid is $62,100. But we suspect the reserve is considerably north of there.

After a successful redesign in 1968, Charger sales went through the roof. In 1969, the R/T would account for the consumption of more than 19,000 out of 85,000 units. When you started checking off boxes on the order sheet for the R/T, you could get the A33 Track Pak ensemble, which provided goodies like a heavy-duty 4-speed manual transmission with a Hurst shifter, a final drive ratio of 3.54, the Sure-Grip differential, a high-performance radiator, and a few more items. We don’t know how many Chargers were built with this option (or the beefier A34 Super Track Pak), but the seller’s car was one of them and verified by the cowl tag.

We don’t know the history of this particular Charger, but it’s said to be numbers matching including body panels. After the seller bought it, he/she spent a small (or large) fortune on a complete restoration. That was about 2,000 miles ago. The seller says the process was well documented, and we assume he/she can share that with you along with a video that won’t upload to eBay.  The paint looks like Charger Red and is nicely offset by a white vinyl roof and matching interior. If anything was missing during the restoration, we don’t know what it could be.

The sale of the car appears to be reluctant, but the funds are needed to finish a family member’s house. We don’t know what the reserve is, but the current bid is only about halfway to what the seller said he/she paid.  What would you consider to be top dollar for this beautiful and powerful R/T (Road/Track)? Fortunately, the seller provides photos during the refurb and after, though some before images would be cool, too!

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Fahrvergnugen FahrvergnugenMember

    Ebay? Srsly? For better dollar return, this beauty should be listed with a big name auction house. IMHO.

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    • Steve R

      Why? If you do, you incur the cost of vehicle transport, lodging/travel/food/time off work if you decide to attend, Mecum charges entry fees $650-$1,000, sellers premium (6% without reserve, 10% no reserve). That could easily reach $10,000 to $15,000 or more on a car like this. eBay is is more than a selling platform, it’s a way to get your car noticed by a pool of potential buyers once its noticed by enthusiast forums such as this and others. A seller has nothing to lose by starting out with a low cost/no cost platform such as CL, eBay even Facebook that are guaranteed to draw a lot of eyes.

      Steve R

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      • Bamapoppy

        Without reserve. No reserve. Spellcheck get ya or me needing Aricept?

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  2. JohnfromSC

    There is a downside of listing first on CL, FB or Ebay. If it doesn’t sell and you then list it with a bigger firm, be it an auction house or even BaT, people will search out the selling history and you are less likely to get top dollar.

    It’s a real quandary and I don’t know the “right” answer except for really rare and highly desireable cars, which are better sold at auction based on the probability of multiple bidders competing for the buy.

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    • MarkMember

      Bring a trailer or a good vintage consignment shop. They may need the bucks in a hurry. Too bad, this a real bad ass ride!

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  3. Herbert

    Funny how more pedestrian cars get so many posts. I guess people would rather discuss something they actually have memories of rather than something the town rich kid got for his 16th birthday. 4 posts, look at what a rusty Volare wagon got.

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  4. Joe Machado

    I have the same color combo, Red, White top and White Interior, White stripe.
    But, I have the Ice Cold Factory Air, with the good stuff, R12 freon.
    Auto trans.
    Years ago, Triple A did a good car, bad car with color changes on two, I think, were 1965 Chevies.
    This color combination wasthe most popular af any.
    Women wanted to buy that color over a better running, driving car of another color.
    Black just downplays the red.
    Going to Streetside Classics in Mesa, Az to drop off a 60 Matador my son did to flip. Runs and drives so fine. Might see it here?

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  5. Gary

    No other color combo was better with the white vinyl top. I had an Identical 69 and now a 70 in bright red/white. Guessing the reserve is north of $150,000.

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  6. John

    Cars like this never meet reserve on Ebay

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  7. stillrunners stillrunnersMember

    Just gripes me about all the nut and bolt Mopars out there running a GM style brake set up….

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  8. Ffred

    It can’t be considered a restoration when it has non-original aftermarket brakes and Holley fuel system. No telling what else is wrong on the car. If I’m paying big bucks for a car it had better be right.

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  9. SDJames

    Don’t get me wrong. I love Mopars and am restoring a 71 Charger 500, but that’s the problem with them. You stick 50k into them and they’re worth 30k, or in this case 125k and worth 62…

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    • Joe

      If you buy a $50,000 new car, it’s worth $30,000.
      Buy a $90,000 electric car, it’s worth $40,000.

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