1979 Dodge W150 Adventurer SE Power Wagon

Looking almost like new in Citron Green and White paint and wearing new wheels and tires, this 1979 Dodge W150 Adventurer SE pickup is a California truck with no rust holes, just the usual surface rust underneath. Dodge offered… more»

Factory 4-Speed: 1968 Dodge Dart

Back in the late sixties, the seller of this 1968 Dart says he didn’t realize it was anything that would be considered unusual to visit his Dodge dealer and special order this sedan with a manual transmission, as his… more»

Fresh 383/4-Speed: 1968 Dodge Charger

The 1960s was a golden era in American automotive history. Manufacturers competed fiercely in the high-performance market, producing cars that remain iconic. The Dodge Charger was one such vehicle, and this 1968 example is a gem. It recently underwent… more»

Rare 426 Wedge Wagon! 1964 Dodge 440

In 1964, the 440 was the mid-range “full-size” Dodge positioned between the 330 and Polara (sort of like the Bel Air between the Biscayne and Impala at Chevrolet). The seller’s sharp-looking example is a station wagon that comes off… more»

Numbers Matching Drop-Top: 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T

The R/T (Road/Track) edition of several 1960s and 1970s Dodge products indicated you were in the company of a muscle car. The Charger R/T and Coronet R/T came with a 440 cubic inch V8 as standard equipment, while the… more»

BF Auction: 1972 Dodge Charger

For many enthusiasts, originality is crucial when searching for a project candidate. This characteristic allows the scope for a faithful restoration, although some drivetrains are receptive to subtle tweaks if a buyer seeks improved performance. This 1972 Dodge Charger… more»

440-Equipped: 1966 Dodge Charger

This 1966 Dodge Charger proves that fantastic classics are still hidden in barns and sheds, waiting to be liberated and returned to their rightful place on our roads. It hibernated since 2000, but the seller revived it last fall,… more»

Drop-Top Pickup: 1989 Dodge Dakota

The Dodge Dakota was a mid-size pickup truck built and sold by Chrysler from 1987 to 2011. It was larger than its contemporaries the Ford Ranger and the Chevy S-10. Between 1989 and 1991, a convertible version of the… more»

Nicest One Left? 1982 Dodge Challenger

Not the Dodge Challenger of yore, if you count yore as being four years prior. This 1982 Dodge Challenger is a captive import from the Dodge Boys and is based on the Mitsubishi Galant Lambda, not exactly a name… more»

Rust-Free 1963 Dodge Dart GT Convertible

Listing anything as the “first” usually causes trouble in the comments section, but a Dodge Dart brochure lists the Dart GT series as “America’s First Sports Compact”, and if you can’t believe a company’s marketing literature, I mean… Ok,… more»

318 V8 Project: 1968 Dodge Charger

What a difference a year makes. Dodge launched the sporty Charger in 1966 and sold fewer than 16,000 in its sophomore year, 1967. Then along comes a redesign of Chrysler’s B-bodied intermediates and more than 92,000 Chargers flew out… more»

340 V8 Numbers Matching: 1973 Dodge Challenger

I’ve always wondered why Dodge was the last major U.S. auto manufacturer to enter the “pony car” market. Especially since Dodge was positioned as the “performance” division at Chrysler. Perhaps they were plenty busy with the popular Dodge Charger… more»

41K Miles: 1984 Dodge Shelby Charger

It’s increasingly rare that there’s still anything approaching “good deal” status in the hobby car industry, especially as vehicles from the 1980s continue to rise in value. However, the Shelby Mopar products from the 1980s are still hanging out… more»

White Hat Special: 1969 Dodge Charger

Here’s a 1969 Dodge Charger White Hat Special, originally powered by a 383 V-8, that has sat around since 1991 as two owners failed to follow through on their plans to get it back on the road. The White… more»

Super Car Survivor: 1996 Dodge Viper RT/10

The Dodge Viper RT/10 will always be cool, but the desirability factor spikes a bit when you find one with color-matched wheels and a blue steering wheel from the factory. The original Viper with its tri-blade gray wheels and… more»

Recently Restored: 1968 Dodge Charger

The line between a restored and a refurbished classic is sometimes fine, as demonstrated by this 1968 Dodge Charger. It presents nicely and features a healthy and relatively potent drivetrain combination. However, a few visible changes may cause some… more»

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