Italian Design: 1977 Isuzu 117 GT

With grand looks, and a strong styling back bone, these Isuzu 117’s are interesting, and unique, Japanese built cars. Having been “styled” by the famous Giorgetto Giugiaro, who designed such cars as the Delorean DMC-12, and… more»

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A Friendly Face: 1960 VESPA 400

This Vespa not only comes with a smiley face, it sticks it’s tongue out when necessary. Vespa is Italian but this little car is actually French, developed by Piaggio, the parent company, and built in France…. more»

Little Big Man: 1965 Harley-Davidson M-50

Are you still looking for a winter project? This one won’t take up too much space and it should be bickety-bam and you’re done. Well, it’ll be more work than that, but not too much more…. more»

Rare yet Battered: 1975 De Tomaso Deauville

Thanks go out to Arno D for finding something really different, a De Tomaso Deauville. De Tomaso is mostly remembered for the Pantera and Mangusta, but the Deauville is one of several lesser known cars built by De… more»

Another One Emerges: 1974 Pantera Project

Just a few weeks ago, we featured a Pantera on eBay that was clearly a long-time project put up for sale because the owner was retiring to Florida. Well, ironically enough, Barn Finds reader Patrick S. has spotted… more»

Funky Fuel Fiat Farmin’: 1972 Oliver 1365

If you were “born in a barn”, as your mom used to say when you left the door open, or if you just grew up on a farm, you know Oliver tractors. This 1972 Oliver 1365… more»

Bull’s-Eye: 1975 Lamborghini Urraco

The history of Lamborghini is a story that many of us are familiar with. After Ferruccio Lamborghini created his first car in 1963, Lamborghini was a prestigious brand, which was far more exclusive than many of… more»

Cheap Italian: 1974 Fiat 124 Sport Coupe

I have a very long list of cars that I’d love to own, but most are well out of my budget. There is one car on the list that I can actually afford and I keep… more»

Mad Italian: 1958 Alfa Romeo Guilietta Spider

Found nearly 20 years ago with no Alfa drivetrain left, this solid body Guilietta Spider was converted into a Hot Rod. Packing a punch from a Small Block Chevrolet, this Alfa is described as “somewhat unrefined,… more»

Jiffy Lube Serviced? 1979 Ferrari 400

The Ferrari 400 was not exactly one of the most loved exotics when it was introduced. The tide has turned, slightly, as the prices of other models have skyrocketed and enthusiasts look for any affordable point… more»

Moving to Florida: ’74 DeTomaso Pantera Project

Ah, yes – a sentiment I know well: the yearning to live in a warm weather climate, where snow rarely falls and you can drive your beloved project cars all day long. Except for the owner… more»

One of 150: Basketcase Lamborghini Diablo SE30

Finding a Lamborghini in any form as a project is a rare occurence. But more often than not, if one is discovered, it’s a model from the 1970s, languishing after years of hard use. Occassionally, however,… more»

All I Want For Christmas: 1955 Arnolt MG Coupe

While there are a lot of amazing cars out there, for some reason this is the one I would want to find out in the driveway on Christmas morning! Talk about a beautiful and rare machine!… more»


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