Fantasy Bids Round 2: Dallas Leake Auction

Let’s take a look at some vehicles that will be crossing the block for Saturday, Nov. 18th. Leake Auctions is an auction house known for having something for everyone and for every budget. What do you… more»

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Warehouse Find: 1972 DeTomaso Pantera Project

The combination of Italian styling and American V8 power always seems to be a winning combination, and the original DeTomaso Pantera is a terrific example of this formula in action. This particular car is said to… more»

Nicest One Left: 1990 Maserati 430

The coupe-bodied Biturbo is almost a running joke around here, but the rare sedan-bodied 430 strikes me as a handsome alternative to the era’s Mercedes and BMW saloons. This particular car appears to be part of… more»

Hey Baby! Wanna Ride? 1950s Giordani Passeggino

Okay, I’ll be right up front, here: I don’t know anything significant about baby buggies, baby carriages, strollers, prams or perambulators. True, I did ride around in a pretty fancy little German buggy in my day,… more»

Snagged, Then Stored: 1982 Maserati Quattroporte

Sadly, this Maserati Quattroporte is no longer safely garaged in a storage facility. For reasons not disclosed here, the big sedan has been removed from its dry parking spot and is now siting outside under a… more»

Number Six: 1967 Maserati Mexico

Wow – a gorgeous 1967 Maserati Mexico just popped up for sale and is said to be a preserved barn-find example that was number six off the production line. Wearing largely unmarked bodywork with just a… more»

Track Support Potential: 1970 Fiat 850

One of my primary goals with the HiAce project I own is to convert it to a camper van for both exploring our nation’s National Parks system and also for attending a few weekend-long racing events… more»

Hates to Scrap It: 1984 Maserati Biturbo

Ah, the whipping boy of 1980s Italian luxury: the Maserati Biturbo. Despite their reputation for horrendous reliability, I have to ask why so many are seemingly still “around.” They must have sold a ton of these… more»

Undeserved Reputation: 1978 Lancia Beta Coupe

The seller of this 1978 coupe asserts that “Lancia Betas are the true sleepers for collectors—as all Lancisti know.” That may be a charitable view; many fans of the imperiled Italian marque also look down on… more»

Stampede to Montana—Cheap Project Car Auction!

Reader Tim K. tipped us off to this auction, currently ongoing in Miles City, Montana, and it is a veritable treasure trove of viable project cars! Few of these cars and trucks run (although several “ran… more»

Where Is It Now? The Aristotle Onassis Miura

A few years ago, one of the most photographed barn find exotics was extricated from its parking garage tomb and sent to auction. Known as the Aristotle Onassis Lamborghini Miura, it failed to meet its reserve… more»

Never Been Fixed: 1984 Pininfarina Azzurra

Quick: when is a Fiat not a Fiat? When it’s a Pininfarina Azzurra, of course! (Bertone X1/9 gets you credit, too, smartypants). After Fiat gave up the ghost on the U.S. market, it turned its aging… more»

No Reserve: 1975 Lancia Fulvia 3 Coupe

This Series 3 Lancia Fulvia is a recent import direct from Italy, and is listed with no reserve. Thse pretty coupes combine gorgeous Italian styling with some level of motorsports pedigree, given its success on the… more»