Italian Barn Finds

Gold Edition: 1988 Alfa Romeo Milano

If I were more adventurous, I’d dip a toe into the well of Italian car ownership with an Alfa Romeo Milano, as seen here in rust-free condition with under 70,000 miles. The Milanos were a compelling alternative to the… more»

Italian Blonde: 1961 Lancia Flavia 815 Sedan

The word “Flavia” dates back to ancient Roman times, and translates to “blonde” or “golden”. In this case, the “Italian Blonde” is, in fact, a first-production-year 1961 Lancia Flavia 815 sedan, up for sale here on eBay in Flanders,… more»

Rare Italian Beauty: 1952 Bandini 750 Sport Siluro

When an individual embarks upon the process of forming a car company and makes the decision to assign its products a three-digit chassis number, then the chances are pretty good that they have no intention of attempting to usurp… more»

Ferrari V8! 1987 Lancia Thema 8.32 Sport Sedan

Few Americans would suspect this practical-looking ’80s sedan left the factory with a sweet Ferrari V8! In a year when the Chevrolet Corvette made 240 HP, the unassuming Lancia Thema packed 202. This particular Lancia Thema 8-32 in Bayview,… more»

2-of-9: 1967 OSI 20M TS

There are times here at Barn Finds where a car comes along, and it requires some serious detective work to nail down the vehicle’s details. Our feature cars are just such vehicles because they hail from a truly obscure… more»

Rusty But Complete: 1972 Alfa Romeo GTV

While many of us can agree that rust should be avoided when buying a project car, sometimes the overall completeness of a project can sway us the other direction. Case in point being my junkyard find Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16… more»

Rare Exotic: 1-of-300 1973 Maserati Indy 4900

For most people, if you mention the idea of a red Italian sports car, their first thoughts will jump straight to something produced by Ferrari. However, that is forgetting the other great Italian marque, Maserati. This particular Maserati is… more»

Ready To Restore: 1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia TI

There always seems to be that air of inevitability surrounding 50-year-old Alfa Romeo project cars, and that is that it seems inevitable that there will be major rust issues to address before the car can be pointed anywhere near… more»

1970 Fiat 850 Spider For Just $220!

To see a sweet little Italian convertible like this 1970 Fiat 850 Spider left to rot in the elements is a pretty sad sight. However, one person’s loss could be another’s gain. It is probably beyond salvation, but with… more»

READER AD: 1967 Maserati Quattroporte

Update – Not too long after listing his Maserati, Ethan decided to hold on to it until the spring. Well, it’s springtime and he’s relisted it here on eBay. He has also lowered his reserve as he puts it,… more»

Barn Finds Success Story: 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint

I’ve been asked many a time why we started this site and my wife frequently asks me why I spend so many sleepless nights working on it. Well, stories like this one are why we do it! Several years… more»

Brave Soul Needed: 1966 Ghia 1500 GT

Buying a disassembled project of a well known and common classic is a bit scary, buying a rare exotic that’s in pieces is a downright terrifying proposition. This Ghia 1500 GT is one of maybe 600 built, so you… more»

Presidential Connection: 1965 Maserati Vignale Prototype

I apologize for not being more adept at understanding how the rich and powerful can get any factory in the world to build a car to their liking, but here’s my best shot at deciphering exactly what happened to… more»

A Solid Alfa? 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT

It isn’t clear how long this Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT had been sitting in the shed as pictured above, but I suspect that it was quite a while. It has now been dragged out, and the owner is… more»

Oddball Collection: 1973 Brubaker Box, Centaur Scooter & More!

If you say the words “Brubaker Box,” you will have my attention. Short of saving another actual human’s life, I will stop whatever I’m doing and follow you to were one lurks, sitting in the brush or the back… more»

Supercar Package Deal: Pair of Lamborghini Espadas

Lamborghini Espadas are a rare sight on craigslist under most circumstances, but finding two of them as part of a package deal is unheard of. This listing features two Espadas, one with its original twelve cylinder motor still installed… more»