Italian Barn Finds

Coachbuilt Econobox: 1957 Fiat 600 Vignale

This unusual Fiat 600 Rendez-Vous is still the same humble people-mover underneath that sculpted Vignale bodywork, right down to the engine and other mechanical bits. However, the… more»

Cobra Fighter: 1970 DeTomaso Mangusta

“What’s that? Looks like an old Lamborghini”. Well, maybe a little bit… but no, this is something even more special. Like, 1-of-400 special. This is a 1970… more»

Affordable Stallion? 1982 Ferrari Mondial 8

For those with a desire to own an Italian thoroughbred, the Mondial remains one of the most affordable of the Ferraris. It is not everyone’s favorite vehicle… more»

Beautiful Italian: 1967 Lancia Fulvia Coupe

Admit it, this 1967 Lancia Fulvia is just plain beautiful. How do the Italians do it? They take a basic, nondescript design—akin to something as ham-handed as… more»

Dining Room Find: 1937 Fiat Topolino Gasser!

As car guys (and gals), some of us have likely fantasized about putting our pride and joy in the middle of our living space, never having to… more»

Famous Ferrari F40 Being Auctioned By U.S. Marshals

This 1991 Ferrari F40 hasn’t lived the typical supercar life. While most of its siblings enjoy posh lifestyles, cruising through the streets of Miami or Beverly Hills,… more»

1970 De Tomaso Mangusta Garage Find!

With only 27,225 documented miles on the clock, this Mangusta should look like it has just rolled off the production line. Unfortunately, this is far from the case,… more»

Sweet Little Italian: 1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super

I started reading the eBay listing for this Alfa Romeo before I looked at where the vehicle was located, but it didn’t take long to establish that… more»

No Reserve Giant Killer: 1971 Lancia Fulvia

That a car as small as the Lancia Fulvia could achieve international rallying success, including an outright win in the Monte Carlo Rally by nearly 11 minutes,… more»

UPDATE: Huge Stash Of Barn Finds Found In France!

UPDATE – This collection has been sold. The Lamborghini Miura was the star of the show with a $640k high bid! FROM 1/13/19 – More often than… more»

1962 Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ Basement Find!

An absolutely incredible story just appeared on Facebook, courtesy of an Alfa Romeo page which shared photos of a hugely desirable 1962 Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ being extracted… more»

READER AD: 1967 Maserati Quattroporte

Reader Ethan M has decided to part ways with his Maserati barn find. It might be a four-door, but this Quattroporte looks fantastic with its Frua body…. more»

Front-Engined V12: 1978 Ferrari 400

For many years, the front-engined, four-seater Ferrari 400 was a red-headed stepchild in the company’s lineup, often one of the cheaper cars you could buy (aside from… more»

Perfect First Project? 1958 Fiat 600 Transformable

Imagine walking into your local post office and being able to buy parts for your Ford, GM, or Chrysler product. Well, that was precisely the scenario pursued… more»

Trailer Park Sighting: Million Dollar Bugatti!

We’ve seen a Superbird in a trailer park, but this is our first Bugatti! Just because someone chooses to live in a mobile home that doesn’t mean they… more»

In The Barn Since ’78: 1962 Maserati 3500GT

It’s a shame that Maserati has begun building rapidly depreciating CUVs and sedans that are anonymous aside from the familiar script on the trunk lid. No longer… more»

Stored Since 1975: 1959 Fiat 600

The owner of this Fiat 600 is very open about the fact that he bought this car with the specific intention of selling it. Some of the… more»

Italian Supercar: 1974 Elcar Zagato

This is a car that I have been trying to find for a few years now, or one like it. This 1974 Elcar Zagato (yeah, that Zagato)… more»

Priced For Parts Alfa Romeo Spider

This is a situation where the listing person is incredibly willing to get rid of a car but has no idea about any details regarding it. According… more»

Shrinkwrapped! 1973 Alfa Romeo GTV

Shrink-wrapped for your protection? I’m not sure about that, but this 1973 Alfa Romeo GTV is listed for sale here on eBay with bidding currently at just over… more»

Ever Seen One? 1966 Ferves Ranger

If you were at the Turin, Italy Motor Show in 1966, you may have seen one of these before. If not, this is probably your first time…. more»

First Year Find: 1974 Fiat X1/9

While America was winding down their muscle car era with gas crisis, emissions, and crash safety concerns, Italy had whipped up a unique little mid-engine sports car… more»

Blue Plate Special: 1978 Lancia Beta

  This sad 1978 Lancia Beta may seem like a slice of barn find exotica, but it’s actually a fairly basic front-driver with tired cosmetics and a… more»

Christmas Story Connection: 1970 Alfa Romeo GTV

This is either extremely timely or one of the more desperate attempts to cash in on the holiday season: the seller claims this 1970 Alfa Romeo GTV… more»