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Rare Beach Runabout: 1968 Fiat 500 Jolly

The Fiat 500 was one of the Italian manufacturer’s most successful products in the decades following World War II. Various incarnations were built and perhaps the most interesting was the Jolly. It was a low-production runabout with no doors and a canvas top (sort of like a Mini Moke on steroids). The seller’s edition is listed in the Fiat Historical Registry as one of only perhaps 400 made. This nifty little find is in Pompano Beach, Florida, and is available here on craigslist for the not-so-minature price of $69,000. Hats off to Rocco B. for another great tip!

Fiat outsourced the bodywork of the Jolly to the Carrozzeria Ghia. The design of the little car was ideal for running around on the beach or being loaded onto your yacht as transportation while you got to the next island (in other, a lot of them were owned by the rich and famous). With a front clip from a standard Fiat 500, all sorts of cool changes were made, such as the use of wicker seats in the passenger compartment.

The Jolly was a product of the late 1950s into the mid-1960s and the last one was built in 1966. The seller says this one is from 1968, so we assume that was the year that it was first titled. Getting parts for these vehicles is probably like for any Fiat 500 as the mechanical bits were pretty much the same, like the 500cc 2-cylinder engine and 4-speed manual transmission.

Checking the odometer shows a reading of 310 (miles?), so this little car was either used incredibly little or it’s just not right. The seller says the vehicle is in its original condition, so that means no restoration work has been done. Everything looks nice and tidy from head to toe and there are no encumbrances to prevent delivery right away to the buyer. So, is this Fiat like the coolest thing you’ve ever seen?


  1. Avatar photo Yblocker

    Well, if someone writes a check for $69,000, there’s another someone who is definitely gonna be “Jolly”. For sure, an extremely rare piece, and beautiful condition, if not been restored, I would say the mileage is accurate. A lotta $$$ to rest your rear on wicker lol

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  2. Avatar photo justpaul

    A clear shot of the VIN tag to the left of the engine would answer a lot of questions. At this point I believe that there are more Fiat 500s converted to Jollies than true original Jollies.

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  3. Avatar photo Chris Cornetto

    Herve’ Vallaize’s car when Ricardo had the Volare’ on the other side of Fantasy island.

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  4. Avatar photo TomD

    Wayne Carini, of Chasing Classic Cars, restored a Renault Jolly and sold it for $95,000 at auction. The Renault is similar to the Fiat but apparently much more rare.

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    • Avatar photo CalouH

      It was what kind of Renault please?
      The 4cv?
      Best regards from France

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      • Avatar photo Mark Mitchell

        Renault 4CV Jollys were called “Resort Specials”. Only 50 were built in consecutive chassis numbers. I own a nice original example as well as a genuine Fiat 600 Jolly and Fiat 850 Shellette by Michelotti.

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  5. Avatar photo Matthew grant

    another overpriced south florida car.

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    • Avatar photo Fox owner

      But so cool.

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  6. Avatar photo Jolly Member

    Cute but a replica. These are not rare at all – there is a “cottage-industry” converting standard 500’s in Europe and selling them here at inflated prices-

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  7. Avatar photo Tom

    I had one of these as a kid in High School. Didn’t know what it was for sure and used it for off-roading in a development around the corner from my home. Took a big bounce off of a berm and my friend hit his chin on the top of the windshield. Still talk about that and he wears his trophy scar like a rite of passage. Sold it for pennies soon after that. If only…

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  8. Avatar photo chrlsful

    running the coast S of Naples Italy or Fla, LA county or such.
    Sure, also ifa resident probably able to afford the 70K$. Just
    no use for me tho~
    Beauty is part of function – the 6th gen F series 250 4WD
    short bed step side is most attractive to me. But…
    cant afford that either aahahahaa

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