NASCAR Casino Gaming Machine Topper

Ok, this one may get me drummed out of the oddball car hall of fame, since it isn’t a car.  This piece falls into the “garage art” or “man cave accessory” category more than being a… more»

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Parts Pair: Two 1984 Hurst Oldsmobiles

These cars aren’t for the faint of heart, but if you’ve been looking for parts for your 1984 Hurst Oldsmobile restoration project, here are two cars for you. This eBay auction is for two 1984 Hurst… more»

Just The Wing, Ma’am, Just The Wing!

Although this isn’t the picture of the actual Dodge Daytona wing that’s being offered for sale here on eBay, this will give you an idea of what they are offering. Yes, that’s right, just the wing! Oh,… more»

Here’s A Paxton Supercharger For Your Shelby!

We normally stick to complete cars around here, but this Paxton supercharger caught my eye. Any vintage Paxton is special, but this one has a cool story behind it. Supposedly, the seller bought it off a… more»

’73 Montego + ’78 Cougar + Barn Full Of Parts

While the 1973 Montego with the optional Ram Air hood from a Montego GT may be the star of this craigslist ad but there’s another nice car and a huge amount of parts thrown in as well. The… more»

Dirt Cheap: 1953 Ford F100 For $500

I’m gonna guess this would end up being a parts truck rather than a project, but I’ve proven wrong and been proven wrong before. The attraction here is the super-dirt-cheap price of $500. It’s offered for… more»

What A Deal!

We’ve seen all kinds of specialty salvage yards over the years, but this find is a first! It’s a salvage yard/collection of ATVs, dirt bikes, 3 wheelers and all kinds of parts! This collection has taken 30 years… more»