American Barn Finds

Truly Imperial: 1962 Imperial Crown

Call me crazy, but I absolutely love Imperials from the fifties and sixties. Maybe because when I was growing up, Imperials, Cadillacs and Lincolns were dream cars for most of us. No one I knew owned… more»

Muscle Maverick: 1972 Maverick Grabber

When thinking of muscle cars, the Maverick is not usually the first car that comes to mind. This Maverick is optioned with the “Grabber” package, which added some neat features to the Maverick. In beautiful shape,… more»

Family Hauler: 1972 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser

Featuring the iconic looks of a Cutlass, but with all the seating and storage you could want, this 1972 Vista Cruiser is just plain cool. Powered by a rebuilt 455 V8 and rebuilt automatic transmission, this… more»

Solid and Cheap: 1953 Dodge Pickup

These early Dodge pickups with the dual engine hoods area beautiful and interesting. This Dodge is solid, but is in need of mechanical help. The head has been pulled off of the block and the engine… more»

Wheels Not Included: 1968 Dodge Charger

Fire up the welder and the air compressor, this 1968 Dodge Charger needs a lot of work. But, this is the most coveted body style for the Charger and this one will be a jewel when… more»

Motorcycles Included: 1933 Diamond T Pickup

This old truck listed on eBay is neither a barn find or a survivor, but it’s just too cool to pass up. The double cab is rare. The truck is not original, but has a more modern, recently… more»

King Cobra Project: 1978 Ford Mustang

The funny thing about all the chatter around later Mustangs being shadows of their former selves is that it mainly focuses on the horsepower argument. There’s often little lamented as it relates to handling, which is… more»

V8 Power for $3,800: 1977 Ford Maverick

If you happen to be in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area and you happen to have a hankerin’ for a small, V8-powered, 39-year old, light blue, four-door car, this 1977 Ford Maverick is for you! This sedate… more»

Is It A Bargain? $2,000 1966 Ford Mustang

Wearing some very tired red paint and a white top, this 1966 Mustang has certainly seen better days. It was parked in 2008, and of course it ran at that point. It’s for sale here on… more»

A Bit Bruised: 1971 Chevelle Survivor

Yes, it’s a little beat up and bruised, but this Chevelle is a one family car and still runs and drives! The seller claims the small block V8 runs like a sewing machine and that it… more»

Stored Since 1967: 1960 Chevrolet Brookwood Wagon

Having lived a life in long term storage this 1960 Chevy Brookwood wagon is a very nice survivor. Original throughout and store for 49 years with care, this Chevrolet is ready to hit the roads after a… more»

Parked For 25 Years: 1974 Corvette

It isn’t the fastest or best optioned Corvette ever, but this ’74 just has a crazy look to it, the good old 350 V8 and it’s running and driving! For the right price, I’d absolutely love… more»

One Owner F-1: 1949 Ford F-1 Pickup

Recently acquired from the original owner this Ford F-1 Pickup has been parked for 35 years. Featuring solid bones, with mild rust, this one could likely be returned to street duty with a little time and… more»

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