Family Truckster: 1977 Chrysler Town and Country

This 5,200 pound beast represents the era of “they don’t build them like that anymore,” or does it? This 1977 Chrysler Town & Country hits the scales 100 lbs. lighter than a modern Chevrolet Tahoe, seats two… more»

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Can You See It? 1966 Mirage One-Off

I love automotive dreams! Without folks that are willing to put the hard work into turning their ephemeral visions into metal and fumes, the automotive enthusiast world would be a much less fun place to participate… more»

Rare Convertible? 1964 Chrysler 300

It’s blue, it’s a Chrysler, and it’s a convertible. These are all things that get me excited! Although this Chrysler is a little older than the MoPar products I typically involve myself with, this is a… more»

8,700 Original Miles: 1980 Chrysler Newport

I’ll admit it: I’m a sucker for Mopar four-doors; I currently own a 1965 Dodge Custom 880 six-window sedan with a 383 two-barrel that I rescued out in Juniata County, Pennsylvania for $500, and a 1981… more»

Boosted, Literally: $550 Chrysler Maserati

The Chrysler TC by Maserati was, by many accounts, a bit of a sales disaster. Strong competition and a high price tag, with minimal features to justify said price, all combined to sink the project before… more»

Drive It Anywhere: 1953 Chrysler Windsor

Drive it anywhere isn’t a term used all that often when describing a classic car, but it does pop up from time to time. Shiny and clean, this ’53 Windsor looks like a great surviving classic… more»

The Imperial Convertible: 1965 Chrysler Imperial

Although I’ve never owned one myself, I have not one but two friends who currently own mid-60s Chrysler Imperials. In fact, one of them is my roommate! Both cars are projects, much like this ’65 Imperial… more»

Seventy Seven And Original: 1940 Chrysler Royal 4 Door

Cars were evolving rapidly as improvements were invented and developed. Often, cars were not only restyled every year or two, they were often completely redesigned. Although the Royal was Chrysler’s entry level car, it was completely redesigned about… more»

Single Stick: 1982 Plymouth Champ

The trouble with vintage commuter cars is most have rusted to death or been swallowed up by one too many potholes. Fortunately, someone out there took great care of an all-but-extinct 1982 Plymouth Champ, yet another… more»

90 Year Old Chrysler For $4,000

90 years of age can reflect in many ways. Although suffering a few rough spots this 1927 Chrysler sedan is a sharp and affordable antique that is mostly complete. Clearly stored for a long time, it… more»

Odd Hurst Out: 1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst

There are very few cars I love more than big, beautiful Mopars, and I especially love special edition Mopars such as this 1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst. I have always considered myself somewhat well-read on 1970s Chrysler… more»

Reverse Migration: 1959 Plymouth Fury Project

Usually, people migrate from northern states to southern states when they retire. This 1959 Plymouth Fury, however, was purchased in Florida in the 1980’s, and made a reverse migration up to Vermont, where it was stored… more»

Parked Since 1982: 1935 Desoto Airflow SG

I’ve never understood why Chrysler’s Airflow was so hated by people back in the 1930s; I’ve always dug its aerodynamic styling and unibody construction, which was light years ahead for its time. This particular Airflow is… more»