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Rare Cross-Ram Project: 1964 Chrysler 300K

The Chrysler Letters Series cars of the 1950s and 1960s are considered by many to have started the muscle car movement (compared to the later Pontiac GTO). These were full-size cars loaded with plenty of performance and luxury. The 300K was the 1964 edition, and the next-to-last year, Chrysler would market these automobiles. This one has the rare 413 cubic inch “Cross-Ram” engine that is being rebuilt. Overall, the car is a project but is said to be complete and can be found in El Cajon, California. This Mopar is available here on Craigslist for $15,000. Another fine tip brought our way by T.J.!

In 1955, Chrysler introduced the C-300. That stood for the New Yorker’s C-platform and the 300 horsepower the first engine produced. The following year, it became the 300B (as if the 1955s were the 300A) and the lettering would change sequentially every year through 1965. By 1964, the cars were using a 413 “Wedge” V8 as a standard, producing 360 horsepower. But you could upgrade to the “Cross-Ram” option, which gave you twin 4-barrel carburetors rated at 390 hp. Leather upholstery became an option to help keep prices as low as possible. The model had its best sales year in 1964 at 3,022 coupes and 625 convertibles.

We’re told this ’64 300K is rust-free thanks to a previous life in Arizona. The body looks good overall, as does the white paint. Spending countless hours on whipping the exterior and undercarriage into shape may not be needed. The interior is pretty much a mess, and the photos show the car with and without the seats in it. Though a well-equipped machine, this Chrysler did not come with factory air conditioning.

The seller has been focused on the mechanical side of this once-noble beast. The core of the engine has been rebuilt and appears to be in the car, with many external parts not yet installed, like the Cross-Ram pieces, which the seller says are all there. The automatic transmission is from 1965 and has been rebuilt with a new converter, as has the rear axle. Some upgrades are in the works, such as disc brakes that came from a later Chrysler Cordoba. So perhaps what’s needed is for someone to finish all the work. The seller would consider selling the engine and Cross-Ram separately, but wouldn’t that significantly diminish the value of the rest of the rare automobile?


  1. Avatar photo Sal Monella

    Wow ! What a wonderful opportunity! You can buy this project for $15K? Spend over $100K to restore it and wind up with a $50K car !!

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    • Avatar photo Fox Owner

      You’re doing something wrong if you’re spending 100 grand to restore this car. The body and chassis are good or at least don’t require immediate attention. The engine can be put together by anyone with the mechanical skills and a well equipped garage. The interior is what needs work. 100k? I don’t think so.

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  2. Avatar photo Terrry

    Wasn’t that intake system actually called the “Sonoramic”?

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    • Avatar photo MoparFan

      Sonoramic was the marketing name used only by Plymouth for some reason.

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      • Avatar photo Ron

        The guy is a moron for taking the cross ram off, but at least he didn’t throw it in the dumpster

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    • Avatar photo frank Orzechowski

      It was called that on the Plymouth.

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  3. Avatar photo Dan

    As intriguing as any Letter Car is, this one might be my least favorite because the styling looks a little ungainly, especially with those contrived little fins. The Cross Ram setup and its rarity are the only things that makes this worth looking into.

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    • Avatar photo frank Orzechowski

      Then you really don’t understand the value of these cars and with that engine.

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  4. Avatar photo John R Anderson Member

    The ‘contrived’ little fins were added in 64 because drivers couldn’t gauge where the rear of the car was when reversing, the slope of the trunk/fenders were out of the line of sight on 63 models. They also helped to give the car a larger visual appearance more befitting a senior model line to offset them more from the Plymouth and Dodge lines, following their disastrous downsizing a couple of years earlier.

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  5. Avatar photo Gary

    I had a 300 K that I bought from Richard Carpenter, also white with black interior. It had the 360 hp engine so it wasn’t all that impressive looking under the hood. But it still brought lots of attention. Enjoyed it for about 10 years.

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    • Avatar photo Terrry

      Did you find any qualudes in the glove box?

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  6. Avatar photo Michael Graef

    I would prefer the 62 with that glorious dome dash.

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  7. Avatar photo Edward Jones

    It is close to the 1964 I am searching to make a daily driver.

    My ideal is the 1964 300 sport convertible 6 passenger

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  8. Avatar photo Frank Chrastina

    Had a black 300K with the cross rams. Sold it and bought a 1970 Barracuda.

    Just can’t get into the exterior styling of the 1963-64 Chryslers myself. To each their own.

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  9. Avatar photo Davey Boy

    Really makes me wish my life situation was better than it is.With the mechanical already rebuilt and ready to be put back together, I would throw some carpti in it and put some seat covers on it for now, Put the mechanicals together and drive and enjoy it while rebuilding the rest of the car. Maybe I’ll have to sell my house. Just kidding (sort of). Probably not worth giving up my home but I sure would like to have it. Something tells me this car would be a blast to drive and would get more attention than you might think. Also would probably be pretty easy to get back on the road.

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  10. Avatar photo Davey Boy

    Sorry.I didn’t proof read before posting. My previous comment was supposed to say “throw some “CARPET” in it.” Still doesn’t change how I feel about this car. Would love to have it!

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    • Avatar photo Terrry

      Don’t feel bad, I used to have a Mercury “Crapi”. And it was crappi!

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      • Avatar photo BA Venuti

        1st car 1974 Mercury Capri with a 2.8 V6 and a 4spd the car was silver gray black interior and really nice too bad it got totaled in a bad collision. I liked that car.

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  11. Avatar photo ClassicP

    Everything is absolutely gorgeous about 64’ letter car except the exterior design. Yuk but to each his own. Just look at the years before and after you’ll see what I mean. Wtf were they thinking about a car that looks like it hauls around Nuns.

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