BF Auction: 1955 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe Nassau

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If you drove past this little barn in San Luis Obispo, California, you’d never expect that it was housing several barn finds, one of which is now up for grabs here as a BF Auction. If you’ve been on the hunt for a barn find that’s right out of storage and is just waiting to be put back on the road, this is the find for you! After over 30 years of being in hiding, the seller has extracted the 1955 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe Nassau and was able to get it running with minimal work. It’s still going to need more work to be a driver again, but you will definitely want to take a look at this find!

Not only was this Mopar stored inside this California barn, but it was also kept under a car cover. That doesn’t mean it didn’t accumulate some dust, but it does mean it was well protected.

And here it is, right after being pulled out of the barn! Between the Virgil Exner styling, Gold Nugget paint and Desert Sand top, it’s quite the striking machine.

The seller has moved the car to their garage, where they cleaned the car and got the engine running. It still needs work to look its best, but the paint and chrome work looks to be in good shape. There’s some rust showing in a few spots, which the seller has provided close-up photos of (can be found below). Fixing the areas properly will take some work, but they could likely be addressed with a few weekends’ worth of work.

The interior is believed to be original and while it needs some work, it could be enjoyed without much work. The seats were covered with vinyl protectors, which was a popular thing to do back in the ’50s. Amazingly, the rubber floor coverings are free of cracks and in good condition. The dash, gauges, and steering wheel are all in nice shape as well. The seller notes that the seat bottom is going to need work and the headliner has a hole in it, the rest of the interior looks like it just needs a good detailing. The seller also provided a photo of the floor underneath the rear seat, which is in the photo gallery, and the floor is rust-free.

Getting the original 301 cui Poly Spitfire V8 running didn’t take much work. The seller checked the fluids, removed the spark plugs and the engine turned over as it should. The starter solenoid was sticking, so a new starter and solenoid were installed, along with a new battery. Once those were installed, some fresh fuel was all that was needed to get it running (the video below shows it running for the first time). They were able to put the car into gear and drive it without issue. The brakes are working, but they note that two of the wheels seem to be dragging, so plan on going through the brakes. Also plan on installing a fresh set of tires, changing all the fluids, and giving the engine a full tune-up. While it wil take a little work, this one could be a driver in time for spring!

Between its styling and overall condition, this Chrysler has a lot going for it. The seller believes the 30k miles currently showing to be accurate, which is possible. With some work, it could be a great classic to cruise in and take to car shows. Just think, you’d likely be the only one at most events in a Nassau Hardtop! So, what do you think? Will you be the one to get this Mopar back on the road where it belongs?

Bid On This Auction

High Bid: $3,000 (Reserve Not Met)
Ended: Mar 4, 2024 10:00am MDT
High Bidder: ART
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    ART bid $3,000.00  2024-02-29 12:09:10
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    bid $2,100.00  2024-02-28 18:15:01
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    GORDON MAHLERT bid $1,500.00  2024-02-26 11:06:06
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    PMD1965 bid $600.00  2024-02-26 09:39:24


  1. Avatar photo Bruce G Hughes

    What a beautiful car! If I had a garage to store it from northeast winters I’d love to buy it. Hope someone snaps it up and restores it. No rat rods or puttin’ a Hemi in it please.

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  2. Avatar photo Chuck Simons

    I was going to bid…but not placing a $500.00 hold on my card.

    Like 4
    • Avatar photo Sal Monella

      If you’re a serious buyer why would you object to a CC hold

      Like 5
  3. Avatar photo Gary

    Imagine a time when carpet was an option on. Chrysler. Also looks like no soundproofing at all. I wish I had the storage space for it. This would get approving looks wherever you go.

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  4. Avatar photo Troy

    Looks like a nice fun car just to take to shows as is except of course new tires

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  5. Avatar photo RICK W

    Always felt that DeSoto was the best of 55 Chrysler Corp line. Cleanest lines. Tri tone Coronado was stunning. But this Windsor does deserve a gold medal 🏅. Few remaining 😉

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  6. Avatar photo Aussie Dave Member

    This car could turn me from a Ford man, to a Mopar fanatic.
    Buy, restore, enjoy, simple plan.

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  7. Avatar photo Heartbreaker AL

    My first car was a 56 Chrysler of this model. Same engine, ran like a top. I bought the car in 69 from my best buds old man for a couple hund. Big heavy rides like a Rolls. Good luck to the seller and new owner.

    Like 7
  8. Avatar photo Ffred

    The gold seats with gray door cards doesn’t look right. It’s obvious the front seat has had work done to it because of different stitching at the very least. Compare it to the back seat. Now I wonder if has the original paint?

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    • Avatar photo Glenn Member

      Original colors and materials. Please check out the styling changes with body size and color combinations starting with the 1949 year by the big four. Styline, Streamline etc. with different colors for dash and upholstery. This is an original car.

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  9. Avatar photo RH FACTOR

    Engine sounds pretty “DRY” to me?!

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    • Avatar photo Glenn Member

      Properly turned over many times without plugs in for top end oiling before first start after over thirty years. Video, as stated, is the first few seconds of running.

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    • Avatar photo St.Michael

      prolly sticky lifter…I’d of drained oil n run diesel thru it IDELING until it hit 180 degrees then drained n put some rotella 15-40 in it

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  10. Avatar photo Dan

    I’ll give the benefit of a doubt and assume the seller is busy, hence the amount of work still needed to get this solid Mopar roadworthy. The Mustard Yellow isn’t my cup of tea but it still looks like a fantastic cruiser…can’t recall the last time I’ve seen one of these in person. Needs maybe $5k of TLC and a set of Coker whitewalls.

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    • Avatar photo Glenn Member

      Not busy but rather an eighty’s owner deciding that it’s time to let go of this classic MOPAR along with others that have been in storage for many years. This car’s exterior color is not close to mustard. The original color is a fine metallic Gold color. Also it is in unbelievable condition after being stored,as stated, and will take very much less than $5k to make a daily driver for Saturday cars and coffee.

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  11. Avatar photo 370zpp Member

    The first car of my father’s that I remember is this one. And yes, that is me sitting on my sister’s lap, looking impatient.

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    • Avatar photo Glenn Member

      This is a great picture and does bring back memories of a much simpler time. I love the bare foot mom enjoying the trip.

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  12. Avatar photo St.Michael

    I’d 383 -440 or GEN III HEMI from a RAM MAGNUM CHARGER OR CHALLENGER…manual trans also …of course

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  13. Avatar photo Barry Rich

    I used to work in a Mopar junk yard and we always used marvelous mystery oil to free up sticky lifters and rings on and in carborators and just about anything that needs freeing up without damaging it works great for just about anything.

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  14. Avatar photo pwtiger

    I’d check the floor panels under those rubber mats, if water gets trapped underneath it will stay wet for a long time.

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  15. Avatar photo David Blossom

    Is it still available 🤷‍♂️

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