BF Auction: 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Cobra Jet

Bid to: $36,000View Result

  • Seller: Jim A bunasrah
  • Location: Memphis, Tennessee
  • Mileage: 79,000 Shown
  • Chassis #: 9F02R165702
  • Title Status: Clean

UPDATE – A video of this Mustang has been added.

In 1969, if you wanted the ultimate Mustang, the 428-equipped Mach 1 was a great option. You got aggressive styling, and the R-Code 428 was a serious powerhouse engine. Given their popularity with the drag racing crowd, Ford even offered a drag-pack option, and many of these cars were driven hard. Today, finding an example that hasn’t been modified and retains its numbers-matching engine is a real challenge. Well, this beautiful example is being offered by its 2nd owner, who purchased it from the original owner’s family after it had been parked for 13+ years. All the work has been done to put it back on the road where it belongs, but it’s time for someone new to enjoy this Mach 1. If that person is you, be sure to bid below!

This Mustang really is a beauty! The seller believes that the car is quite original throughout. It looks like the car may have been treated to some paint touch-ups at some time in the past, but the Royal Maroon paint looks correct, as do the Mach 1 graphics. Ford offered several performance versions of the Mustang in ’69, including the Mach 1, the Shelby GT350 and GT500, and the Boss 302 and 429. These variants all used the Sports Roof body, formally known as the Fastback, but each featured its own unique styling features. With some 72k Mach 1s selling in its first year, it was clearly a popular choice among buyers!

The interior is claimed to be original and looks like it is, with seats that show minimal wear but the kind of discoloration that comes with age. The dash is crack-free and retains its original components. Clearly, the original owner, their family, and the seller have all cared for the car well. The odometer shows 79k miles and is likely accurate based on the car’s overall condition.

After purchasing the car, the seller set about making this Mustang a driver again. They decided to rebuild the numbers matching the engine and the C-6 transmission to ensure the car performed like new. Both were sent to a professional shop that specializes in building high-performance engines. The Cobra Jet 428 was rated at 335 horsepower and 44 ft-lbs of torque. Being an R-code means the car is equipped with the Shaker-Hood, a functional air scoop that sits on top of the engine and may produce more power than Ford stated. The engine bay is a little dusty now but looks well-sorted, and the car is in good running condition.

The seller states that the car is rust-free and solid throughout. The professional photographer took many detailed shots, including ones of the trunk, which look very solid. Be sure to look closely at all the photos in the gallery below, if nothing else, to take in how beautiful this machine is!

Look no further if you’ve been hunting for a 428 Cobra Jet Mach 1! This Mustang presents nicely and is ready for its next owner to enjoy. If you have any questions for the seller, please leave them in the comments section below.

Bid On This Auction

High Bid: $36,000 (Reserve Not Met)
Ended: Apr 25, 2024 10:00am MDT
High Bidder: FastMach1
  • FastMach1 bid $36,000.00  2024-04-25 09:43:37
  • Danny bid $35,500.00  2024-04-23 17:29:51
  • Eclectic Collector
    bid $35,000.00  2024-04-23 15:02:43
  • FastMach1 bid $25,000.00  2024-04-19 19:06:40
  • svduran1 bid $21,000.00  2024-04-19 15:01:56
  • Classicsrus
    bid $20,000.00  2024-04-19 12:56:40
  • Kenny's Kustoms bid $15,000.00  2024-04-19 11:40:11
  • West Mcarthur bid $10,000.00  2024-04-19 09:29:23
  • freeman
    bid $4,000.00  2024-04-19 00:48:17
  • Louis
    Louie bid $3,500.00  2024-04-18 13:29:48
  • allen owens bid $2,000.00  2024-04-18 10:19:49
  • Rex
    bid $1,000.00  2024-04-18 09:12:40

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  1. Corky Corky

    Gorgeous Pony!
    My friend owned a ’69 Mach 1 351 4 speed back in the 70’s. Ahhhh those were the true muscle car days!
    I wish I had the money to buy this beauty.

    Like 11
  2. Will Irby

    This one is a beauty, and should bring nice money if it’s as good as it looks.

    Like 18
  3. Rickirick

    Congrats BF!!! One of the nicest Mustangs we’ve seen of late. Indeed they’re not all Rustangs.

    Like 24
  4. CraigR

    ***Drools*** Be still my beating heart…….

    Like 11
  5. Yblocker

    69, arguably the best looking Mustang ever made. I attended an automotive trade school in 1974, a classmate I got to be friends with, had just bought an immaculate 69 Boss 429, from his hometown dealer used car lot, who thought it was just a Mustang, for $2400. There’s a little example of how things “used to be”. Beautiful Mach I here, can’t imagine where the price will go, any chance I could pick it up for $2400? Lol

    Like 25
    • Mitch F

      In the early to mid ’70’s an uncle of mine got a line on a Boss 429 for $2500 (I think). But he was in the Air Force, and could not get a long enough leave to drive across the country to get the car and then drive back to his base. It would by funny if it was were the same car as your classmate’s!

      My uncle ended up buying a ’69 Mach 1 with the 428CJ in 1980 that was very similar to this one being auctioned. It has been used as the get-away car in a string of convenience store robberies in Arkansas before one of the people was shot and killed, and the other put in jail. When my uncle bought the car there was still tape over the door switches for the interior lights, and there were bullet casings under the seats.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      IMO, the ’70 has the best tailights of all, espec w/honeycomb black center panel.

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  6. 19sixty5Member

    I like it, little warts and all! If I had it the first thing to do would be to replace that fuel line and filter, second, replace the exhaust tips with the correct quad tips, and third, drive the wheels off it!

    Like 6
  7. Mike76

    The ’69 is by far my favorite body style of the old ‘stangs, The royal maroon with the gold side and tail stripes and red upholstery is an aesthetically sharp combo. Looks to be in good enough shape that you’d not be ashamed to show it but not so perfect that you’re afraid to drive it. Perfect driver’s car. This is a one good looking Mustang. GLWTA.

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  8. Kimberlee Lee

    Oh my my. What a beautiful car. I’ve always wanted this 1969 Mach I. Only way this could be better for me is if it was a 4 on the floor. Hee hee.
    Made when they made real car. Obviously, the kind that stood the test of time.
    Instead of the throw away cars they make today.

    Like 29
  9. Jeff White

    I’m new to this whole auction thing. Can someone explain why they don’t tell you the Reserve price?

    Like 4
    • Jesse JesseStaff

      Auctions never reveal the reserve price because sellers may decide to lower the amount near the end to make sure it sells. If we published an asking price, it wouldn’t be an auction.

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  10. Dan

    Not quite my favorite color and it has an automatic, but it IS a numbers-matching R-Code CJ. Not much else to complain about here and the somewhat high mileage means you can enjoy it on weekends without jeopardizing its value. I see the bidding ending at $60k because of the mileage but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s below the reserve.

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  11. Joe

    Before enthusiasts get too ga-ga about this one……note there are many incorrect parts on the car (some will be very expensive to replace) the driver seat looks awful needs new foam & possibly cover replacement….the radio is wrong, dash not too clean at all, the traction bars indicate street or strip competition….some of this may be minor, but when you consider a buyer might bid top dollar, it should be seen & driven in person….I, myself would be leery of this one….just sayin’…….

    Like 6

      I agree that there are quite a few small things that are wrong with this car. In addition to your list add the incorrect wiper blade holders, the incorrect antenna, the missing door bumpers, the missing fender to hood bumpers, the missing cowl to hood seal, the missing seat nut access hole rubber plugs, the missing battery holddown, the glue holding the end of the right side quarter window lower beltline chrome down to the body. I also wonder about the paint. It looks like there is a little overspray on the edges of the door data plate. The latch on the underside of the decklid appears to be painted too. I am not so sure that it should be painted. It is a nice looking car but when I see so many small things that are wrong or have been overlooked I have to question the rest of the work done to the car.

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      • Yblocker

        Since we’re nitpicking, how’s the salt around the rim of your Margareta, is it distributed evenly?

        Like 10
    • Paul Chalifour

      A matching numbers Cobra jet Mach 1 and a bid currently just over 35k with the auction ending soon ?The car should sell for double that easily. I’ve noticed that classic car values have softened the last few years with the economy like it is. Definitely a buyer’s market! I’ve had my 69 Mach 1 for 40 years, it’s being restored with a built 428 and Tremic 6 speed. I’ll be in it over 50K when completed and it’s not a numbers matching car as above. Not a fan of the maroon color or the red interior but I think someone’s going to get a great deal on that car!

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  12. JCH841

    Must be a very large cam to only make 44 ft-lbs. Should be 440. Nicer driver, but like Kimberlee Lee, needs a 4 speed.

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  13. Barry Lorance

    44 ft lbs of torque?

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  14. Nic

    I had exactly such a car about 40 years ago, when I was still young (and stupid, because I sold it again).
    A hell of a machine for the German roads at that time and especially for all the underpowered European cars with 40 to max. 100 hp.
    I enjoyed every minute, even though the thirst for fuel was great and the insurance was utopian.
    I still miss this Mustang….

    Like 11
    • Gar Beard

      I test drove a new dark green 1969 Mustang. I wish had bought it. It drove so well my heart could hardly stand it. I was 20 years old at the time. I wish I had bought it.

      Like 4

    I believe the “R” code had the battery in the RR of the trunk.

    Like 3

      The Boss 429 cars had the battery in the trunk. It was an option to have a trunk mounted battery in a 1969 Cougar so it probably was also an option for a 1969 Mustang. Only a few Cougars received this option.

      Like 4
      • 19sixty5Member

        Not optional, but as you said, a Boss 429 feature. Moving a car battery from forward of the wheels to the trunk effectively has the same effect as a 10 inch engine setback. The only other American cars I can think of at the moment that had a battery relocation was the very early 65 Shelby Mustangs, and the 66-67 Olds 442 W30.

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    • JB

      When I saw the picture of the trunk, right side, my first thought was “battery mounted there.” A bit more rust that elsewhere. I know, mounting area for spare tire.

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  16. Steve Bains

    Beautiful car but I had a 1969 428 scj and the horns were mounted side by side on the passenger side because the engine oil cooler was mounted on the drivers side. I wonder what happened to the oil cooler ?

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    • 19sixty5Member

      From what I remember the SCJ was a different block, heads, etc. This car is not claimed to be a SCJ, but a 428 Cobra Jet and I believe they did not come with an oil cooler unless it was a Drag Pack Car which included an engine oil cooler I’m not a Ford guy, but there were numerous 428 Cobra Jet Mustangs out there, the SCJ’s were pretty rare. I still like this pretty much as is, traction bars and all. Drive it and enjoy it. Not everything has to a a “correct” restoration.

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    • BiigAl

      The SELLER states this is a CJ and not a SCJ.

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  17. AdmiralDiggity

    Is this car available to be seen/test drive in person?

    Like 1

    Beautiful example however it’s a woman’s car with that slushbox. Too bad and BORING. GIMME A TREMEC!!!!

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  19. David Lomax

    Dad had a 69 Torino Cobra 428, mechanic at Lovegreen Ford had a Mach 1 nearly identical to this one. Almost unsafe to drive in the rain, but wow, if the pavement was dry, they would run!

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  20. Darcy

    For the right price $50-$60K??), this would be a great project car. The missing/incorrect bits are available at reasonable prices and don’t differ in appearance from NOS, except for the missing heat riser and EGR (pollution) hardware which are expensive. Because it is a numbers matching car with a documented ownership history (I assume), it has the potential to be a $90K car. More if it were a manual, but then it would be a pain as a daily driver. Only for someone with ambition and time!

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  21. rayburn

    Back in the day when I was about 12 tears old, a friend had a neighbor that bought a new 1970 Boss 302 Mustang, the color was “Gotta Have It Green”. We were young but we knew it was a special Mustang.

    Like 2
    • 19sixty5Member

      Grabber Green, perhaps? I had a 69 in Bright Yellow.

      Like 3
  22. Joshua MortensenStaff

    A walk around video has been added of the car. Unfortunately, the photographer accidently muted their camera, so there wasn’t any sound of that glorious 428.

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  23. McLovin

    And overall very presentable numbers matching Cobra jet Mach 1 with a high bid of just over 35k with the auction ending soon? Not sure what the reserve is but a car like that should go for 70k Plus even though not perfect. I’ve noticed the classic car market has softened the last few years with the economy as it is making it a buyer’s market for sure! I’ve owned a 69 Mach 1 for 40 years, it’s now being restored with a built 428 and 6-speed tremec tranny. When completed, I’ll be in it over 50K and it’s not a numbers matching car as above. Even though I’m not a fan of the maroon paint or red interior, I think someone’s going to get a great deal on this one!

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  24. Robert

    My mom, of all people, test drove a ’71 or ’72 Mach 1, bright yellow/black stripes with a 351 Cleveland, not sure about the tranny,cuz this is one she didn’t let me drive, and unfortunately she didn’t buy it…I was so sad, I only got to drool over it in the driveway for a precious few minutes, but she simply said it was more than she wanted to pay: yall are going to be sick,she could’ve had that car for a mere 3500 bucks!! I sat there and told her it would be worth a lot more down the road, but of course mom just wanted something sporty and neat, and after the fox body GT she let me drive!(in which I showed her how to get one sideways),there was no way in hell she would consider letting me behind the wheel of that beauty…but sadly, she ended up buying a mildly tuned 240sx, and she never really fell in love with it…duh. but it was meant to be that she didn’t buy the mustang, she ended up rear ending someone who bowed up for a red-light in the Nissan, effectively ending the life of the little tuner that could. This car is a real peach, and I know it’s going to go waaay out of my price range, I wonder if he’d barter for body parts…

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  25. RTSMember

    Is this Mistang still available ?

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  26. RTSMember

    Is owner taking offers or ?

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