Ford Barn Finds

The Right Attitude: 1972 Ford Maverick

“For those who wanted a Pinto but lacked the desire to have their bodies be found on the side of the road partially combusted.” So begins the cheekily affectionate ad copy for this Rodney Dangerfield of… more»

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30 Years In A Barn: 1969 Fairlane 500 SportsRoof

I wish there weren’t a sad story to go along with this car, but the truth is that the widow of the gentleman that rescued it from an Alabama barn after thirty years of storage is… more»

Genuine Wood: 1963 Ford Galaxie Country Sedan

Cars with great style and looks are always a joy to check out, but one thing that can really separate a car from many is it’s past. With a colorful history as a dragster hauler, this… more»

Quilted Classic! 1970 Ford Torino GT Cobra 429

Often we feature cars that present an honest, story-telling patina (the most overused automotive word of the past five years?) that some owners choose to preserve as part of the car’s unique history. Whether you appreciate… more»

Just 7,313 Miles? 1971 Mustang Mach 1

When I first saw this Mustang’s $42,610 asking price, I was a rather curious as to why the asking is so high. While this barn find Mach 1 looks to be in nice shape, it doesn’t… more»

427 Powered 1966 Ford Fairlane GT

Ford’s 1966 and 1967 Fairlanes rank high on my list of Cars to Own. Though I normally favor sleepers, this in-your-face ’66 with its pinned 427 hood, mottled primer, and slicks makes me want to click… more»

Sidepipes Not Included: 1976 Ford E150 Shorty

This is one cool van, and a product of the times it came up in! Though it’ll need a little cosmetic work to be totally groovy again, and a sweet mural, this van has serious potential…. more»

Build-Friendly Notchback: 1986 Ford Mustang

Notchback Fox body Mustangs are among the fastest appreciating ‘Stangs on the market today, helped by the fact you don’t see them nearly as often as the hatch-style models. This 1986 example here on craigslist is a… more»

One Owner Woody: 1968 Ford Country Squire

This classic wagon is said to be a true one owner barn find. 1968 was part of the fifth generation of Ford Country Squires and were the last of the “sporty” wagons. The cars of the… more»

Pony Project: 1968 Mustang Fastback

This ’68 Mustang recently popped up in our Classifieds and I couldn’t help but notice it! The redesigned ’67 and ’68 Mustang is one of my all time favorite designs. This particular example has rust issues,… more»

The Original 4WD: 1930 Ford Model A Mail Truck

A few years ago, we featured a Ford Model A that was fashioned into a sort of off-road mail truck back in the 1940s to deliver mail in the rural regions of Montana. The seller of… more»

$3,000 Potential Bargain: 1961 Ford Econoline

We rarely if ever show a listing with just one photo, but this one was too good to pass up. I think I may have shown only one so far other than this pickup. This 1961… more»

Field of Dreams: Barn Finds in Ventura

A listing for what seems like a junkyard cleanout with a claimed 60 vehicles available just popped up on craigslist. Details are hazy but the seller says there’s a treasure trove of cars and trucks, and… more»