Original Five-Window 1965 Ford Econoline Pickup

Looking like a photo out of a 1965 Ford Econoline Pickup brochure, other than a few dings and creases, this original example would be a nice project. Having some rust, which the seller mentions and shows in the photos,… more»

Dealer Edition: 1983 Mustang Dominator GT

We are all familiar with the Mustang GT but did you know that certain dealers created special packages for the Mustang? This example is the Mustang Dominator GT created and sold through Summit Ford in Lee Summit, Missouri. This… more»

Garaged 30 Years! 1965 Ford Mustang

This 1965 Ford Mustang wears an older restoration and a replacement engine with some performance tweaks. Yet it hasn’t been driven in 20 years and stored for another 10 or more on top of that. It looks to be… more»

One Family Owned: 1979 Ford F250 Ranger

Most trucks are used like any other household tool with little thought given to their eventual heirloom qualities. But some owners do treat the heavy-duty hauler like a member of the family, and this single-family owned 1979 Ford F250… more»

7.5L + 5-Speed Combo: 1995 Ford F350 XLT

One of the hottest segments of the modern day collector vehicle hobby are early to mid-90s Ford trucks, ideally equipped with heavy-duty options like diesel engines and dually rear axles. Known for their impressive reliability and low overall cost… more»

Original Steel: 1965 Ford Mustang

Finding a classic car in a shed wrapped in plastic will sometimes cause enthusiasts to twitch. That is an excellent strategy for excluding dust and trapping moisture that can wreak havoc on steel. However, this 1965 Mustang might surprise… more»

Heritage Edition: 1983 Ford Thunderbird

The Ford Thunderbird is an icon in American car enthusiast circles, but the ninth generation model hasn’t caught on as a legitimate collector’s item at the moment. That’s not to say it’s a bad car, but the nameplate suffered… more»

Amazing Aussie Garage Find: 1970 Ford XY Falcon GT

UPDATE 11/28/2023: There are times when I write articles like this, and I quote a potential sale price where I’m wide of the mark. That was conclusively the case with this 1970 Ford Falcon GT because I significantly underestimated… more»

Mustang’s Inspiration: 1965 Ford Falcon Sprint

Many consider the Ford Falcon Sprint to be the forerunner of the highly successful Mustang. It was sporty, came only in coupe and convertible body styles, and could be quite peppy. All of that describes the Mustang, which was… more»

Rolling Droptop Project: 1963 Ford Galaxie 500

Both Chevy and Ford largely carried over their 1962 full-size cars into 1963, but both received styling updates of which (IMO) Ford’s execution may have been a bit more attractive. But that didn’t help Ford in the sales arena… more»

Woodie Wagon: 1969 Ford Torino Squire

Who remembers the “Woodie” wagons of the 1940s and 1950s, when they made station wagon bodies out of real wood? They got too expensive to produce and maintain, so cheaper steel-bodied wagons became the thing. But they kept their… more»

Shed Find: 1926 Ford Model T Coupe

If we were in Hollywood – instead of perusing the pages of Barn Finds – the Model T would be an über-celebrity. It sold more than 15 million copies, it was reliable enough to put everyman on wheels, it… more»

Garage Find: 1987 Ford Mustang GT Convertible

We’ve all been there: a small project spirals into a big one, and suddenly, we’re surrounded by boxes of old and new parts and our car is no where near complete. That appears to be the case with this… more»

Old-School Cool: 1934 Ford 3-Window Coupe

I sometimes wonder whether we ever reach an age where using the word “cool” to describe something is no longer appropriate. I hope not because that word perfectly suits this 1934 Ford 3-Window Coupe. It has been created to… more»

Assembly Required: 1938 Ford 5-Window Coupe

Ford lost the sales game to Chevrolet in 1936, so their automobiles for 1937-38 would be all new. The redesign enabled Ford to reclaim the top spot in ’37, but an economic recession in ’38 would erase all the… more»

Original Driver: 1992 Ford Mustang LX Convertible

No, this pretty blue Mustang wasn’t photographed on a steep incline or upgrade. For some reason, the seller took only portrait mode photos (maybe he/she has a landscape photo mode phobia) and most feature the Mustang at an extreme… more»