German Barn Finds

Cheap Grey Market: 1984 Mercedes 500SEC

Anyone who chases European cars knows that finding one with its higher compression motor, more attractive bumpers and powerful H4 lighting still intact is sometimes an excercise in restraint, as it’s possible to throw rational thought… more»

BOGO: Pair of BMW 635CSI’s

Somebody is going to get a great deal – if the price stays low. While it’s perhaps common knowledge I’m a fan of older BMWs, anyone who is handy with a wrench should keep an eye… more»

Tiny Corvette: 1968 Opel GT V8

Okay so let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute. How many of us have thought about how the Opel GT kind of looks like a tiny Corvette? This Opel is a little closer to that… more»

Runs Great But Rusty: 1967 VW Pickup

I just finished looking over and admiring a co-worker’s VW pickup yesterday at a car show where I work. They really are practical vehicles, and he was telling me that his father had purchased it new…. more»

“Worse Than You See?” 1974 Karmann Ghia

Unusually, the seller of this 1974 Karmann Ghia states that it is “worse than you can see.” It actually looks like a decent project to me, so who knows, perhaps it’s a bargain and we have… more»

Unloved 1966 Porsche 912 Project

For some time I’ve been writing about absurdly priced piles of rust with Porsche nameplates. The Porsche craze has cooled so you are beginning to see cars like this one, listed here on craigslist at a more reasonable (or… more»

Cheap 1967 Porsche 912 Project!

We featured this sad 912 almost a year ago when it was listed with a very optimistic asking price of $6,995. The seller has now stuck it here on eBay with a big price cut. The… more»

Super Clean 1981 Volkswagen Scirocco

This could be one of the nicest Sciroccos still in existence! It is showing 54k miles on the odometer, but the paint, engine, and interior all look like new. The seller has owned the car for… more»

Is It Worth $125k? 1973 Porsche 911S

I know Porsche 911 prices are off the chart these days, but I’m struggling to believe this 911S barn find is really worth $125,000! Price guides are showing top shelf examples fetching $260k or more, so… more»

Warehouse Find: 1973 Maico Enduro

When we think of vintage two-wheelers, it’s easy to focus solely on motorcycles, which can offer an ideal mixture of speed and handling with gorgeous bodywork attached. But there are also vintage dirtbikes worth paying attention to,… more»

Well Optioned: 1973 Porsche 911S

Even though the Porsche craze is getting a bit long in the tooth, there are still some interesting cars popping up that are worth documenting. One way to truly set a vintage 911 apart is whether… more»

Nicest One Out There? 1,453 Mile 1973 Opel GT

The seller starts out by saying this is a museum quality car — I would have a hard time arguing with him as it appears to currently be in a museum — from the pictures, the old… more»

Pucker Up! Ex-Museum 1965 Goggomobil TS250 Coupe

Sorry, but I can’t get the image of the front of this car out of my head–it looks like it’s puckered up for a kiss! We have covered Goggomobil’s before here at Barn Finds, but this… more»

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