Rusty Benz: 1960 Mercedes 190SL

Rusty Mercedes 190SL

I’m not bashful when it comes to my love for oddball cars, but there are a few mainstream cars out there that I lust after just as much as any oddball. The Mercedes 190sl just happens to be one of those cars, so when I came across this one on eBay, it definitely got my blood pumping. That was until I took a closer look at it and discovered just how rough it is. The seller discovered it hiding behind a barn in Massachusetts, which could explain all the rust. Given the desirability of these Mercedes, I have no doubt someone will save it from the crusher, especially since the seller is offering it without a reserve. Take a look at this 1960 Mercedes 190sl and the auction here on eBay or find it in Medford, Massachusetts. Read more »

Supposed ST: 1972 Porsche 911

1972 Porsche 911

Dedicated Porsche 911 fans might already know about the extremely rare high performance precursor to the incredible 911 RS. In 1970 Porsche introduced a rally and race ready version of the 911, but they only built a small handful of these special cars. Given how few were built, information is sparse and hard to come by. The modifications made to them were quite drastic, which helps to distinguish them from a standard 911, but most of the changes can be replicated. The seller of this 1972 Porsche 911 calls it an ST, but they also use the title 911E-ST, which quickly made me skeptical of what this car really is. Be sure to take a look at the seller’s listing here on eBay in Pomfret Center, Connecticut. Read more »

1961 Mercedes… Eh Monster Truck?

1961 Mercedes Monster Truck

For the past few weeks, Jesse has been on the hunt for a more practical and spacious daily driver. He’s been looking for something that can haul tons of stuff and a car seat. He’s talked about Volvo and Mercedes wagons and while both can be great cars, I keep telling him he needs something more unique, but still dependable for the coming winter. Well I think I’ve found him the perfect winter beater for hauling junk, heck it could even be used to pull our own finds out of barns. This 1961 Mercedes was converted into what can best be described as a luxury monster truck. Its chassis was borrowed from a 1978 Chevy Blazer 4×4, so it shouldn’t have any problems getting around this winter! Take a look at this monster Mercedes here on eBay out of Hardy, Arkansas. Read more »

Unusual VW Bus on Craigslist

Unknown Model of VW Bus

Robert J spotted this rather unusual VW Bus while surfing craigslist. At first I thought it was just a run of the mill ’80s Bus, but then I noticed the same thing Robert did. The front end just isn’t like any other VW Bus I had ever seen. Not being the type to leave any rocks unturned, I decided this bus deserved some investigation. Before we dig into it, be sure to have a look at the listing here on craigslist. Thanks for sending this in Robert! Read more »

Bargain or Basketcase? 1988 BMW M3


This 1st generation BMW M3 caught my eye here on eBay. The first of the legendary sedan-based M-cars and looking fairly good in traditional German alpine white paint, this M3 has 45 bids but is still only at about $12K. Is that telling us something about a car that often sells for $40K or more these days? Or could it truly be a diamond in the rough? Read more »

Reader Find: Papa’s Ol’ Ghia

1974 Karminn Ghia

Some of the best finds really aren’t finds at all. They sometimes are cars that have been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember. They might be our first car or one that we grew up going on family vacations in. And whether they are rare or run of the mill family haulers, they hold a special place in our hearts because of the roll they played in our lives. Well Brian C’s recent find has been a part of the family for nearly 40 years and holds a special place for him. To really do this story justice, I will let Brian tell you it in his own words. Read more »

Crusty Cabriolet: 1960 Mercedes-Benz 220 SE


From Avi K – I found this car in my mechanic’s lot in 2007. He was commissioned to restore it for a fellow who bought it from Mercedes in 1961 as a pre-owned vehicle and drove it up until 2007. My mechanic pulled the engine from the car and gave the owner a few options. When I noticed that nothing was happening with the car in 2009 I asked what the plans were. I was told that the owner changed his mind and didn’t want to restore it, so I asked for his number. Read more »

BMW + SAAB = 1977 Wartburg Knight


Update 9/16/14 – Jason has listed this one here on eBay with a BIN of $4,000. The price just keeps dropping!

From 7/11/14 – We love to stumble upon cars that we have never heard of before! Take this 1977 Wartburg 353W that we just found on craigslist for example. When was the last time you saw one of these here in the States? Well, that could be because they were never officially imported to the States from East Germany where they were produced. We don’t know much about them, but this example looks to be in excellent condition. The $5,000 $4,500 asking price doesn’t seem too unrealistic either. Read more »

Roadside Find: 1966 Porsche 911


Craigslist and eBay are great, but sometimes the best deals are found offline! Cars that are parked along the road with a “for sale” sign in the window are more likely to be bargain priced than those listed online. Now, I’m not saying whether this rusty 1966 Porsche 911 is a good buy or not, but Richard W thought we might like it. He spotted it at the Lime Rock Historics on August 30th. The cardboard sign says it is a barn find and since the last 3 digits of the VIN are 007, the seller clever refers to it as a James Bond car. Or is that James Bond-o? Richard was not able to find the owner to get more information, but was generous enough to share it with all of us. So please return the favor and keep those roadside finds coming! Thanks Richard! Read more »