German Barn Finds

Former Show Car: 1973 Super Beetle

Up in my neck of the woods in southern New England, there have always been a few salvage yards on my radar in the Bridgewater, Massachusetts area. For some reason, I have never had any luck… more»

Stalled Transplant: 1957 BMW Isetta

Just a few days ago, I came the closest I’ve ever ventured to owning a micro car. OK, it wasn’t very close – I made a low offer on a Honda N600 that I was intrigued… more»

36,000 Mile Original: 1982 Audi Coupé GT

This all original 1982 Audi Coupé GT is listed here on eBay and is located in Cologne, Minnesota. The current bid price is $4,000 but the reserve isn’t met. There are five days left on the auction;… more»

Cashing In: Mercedes 190SL Collection

Over the last few years, the once disposable Mercedes 190SL roadster has begun to appreciate, likely riding the coat tails of the wildly valuable 300SL Gullwing and roadster cars. While the driving experience isn’t the same,… more»

East German BMW: 1952 EMW 340

Here is a very unusual car, thanks to Dik S. for sending in this tip! This is a 1952 EMW 340 and it’s in Eberswalde, Germany. It’s listed as a classified ad on eBay with a price of €7,500… more»

Barn Finds Race Team Report: We Won!

photos by Huneycutt Photography We came, we got a huge hurdle thrown in front of us, and we cleared it! 20 penalty laps when each lap takes around 2-1/2 minutes is a long, long way to… more»

Overdue Update: Jeff’s Farm Find 320/6

You may recall (and I don’t blame you if you’ve forgotten) that I acquired a 1980 BMW 320/6 earlier this year, hidden on a farm in Connecticut. I bought it from the second owner, who purchased… more»

Better Than It Looks? Porsche 914

OK, it’s just a Porsche 914, which for a lot of people is nothing special. But because 914’s were not given much respect by the Porsche community, they are much less expensive than many of the… more»

Colorado Dry and No Reserve: 1972 914

Sometimes, a new project comes onto your radar unexpectedly and you need to sell off a project to fund its acquisition. That’s been my experience as of late, where I quickly let go of my 1987 5-Series… more»

38 Years Stored: 1967 BMW R50/2

Despite my love of BMW vehicles (vintage ones, that is), I’ve never ridden a classic BMW motorcycle. My uncle in Massachusetts has a sweet K series bike that I’ve been pining after for years, but I’m… more»

On The Bus: 1970 VW Kombi Transporter

We have featured any number of seemingly over-priced and over-rusted old Volkswagen buses over the years. The early ones have seen prices literally go crazy over the past few years. Personally, I don’t get it, and I… more»

Unrestored 1963 Porsche 356 Super 90

The seller of this Porsche 356 claims that it has never been restored. If you have ever tried to restore a car, then you know that is usually a very good thing. Seemingly shiny restored cars… more»

Conversion By Roadrunner: 1967 Volkswagen Camper

People sure love these old VW buses, especially when they are in camper form! Most people think of Westfalia when they think these, but there were actually quite a few companies that performed the conversions. Roadrunner… more»

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