German Barn Finds

For Short Hippies: 1966 Volkswagen Bus

Your eyes are not deceiving you. This VW bus was shortened by two feet before a band of paintbrush-toting hippies descended on it. The seller claims that this bus could have been at Woodstock. That may… more»

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Soft Window, Soft Metal: 1968 Porsche 911 Targa

Although much bally-hooing has occurred over the sudden rise in air-cooled 911 prices, there are a few variants that are either suitably rare or special enough that their high price tag is well-deserved. The “soft-window” 911L… more»

Barn Treasure: 1951 Mercedes 220s

After 40 years tucked away this 1951 Mercedes 220S has been brought back out into the sun light and is looking for a new home. The seller has described this as a “Barn Treasure” and it… more»

Bonanza Bus: 1980 VW Camper

You learn something new every day: this VW Bus, called a “Bonanza” by the seller, sports a Chevrolet power plant and the full camper van treatment, along with an elongated “gallery” window in the sides! It… more»

German Mafia: 1979 Mercedes 280E

Is there such a thing as the German mafia? I don’t know, but if there is, I’ll bet one of their members previously drove this period-modified 1979 Mercedes-Benz 280E. You get so used to seeing W123’s… more»

Porsche 356 Barn Find–Rusty But Mostly Complete

Situation: you’ve always wanted a Porsche 356, but prices have gotten out of reach. You don’t want a fiberglass, Beetle-based replica. What other options are there? Well, after an investment in body shop classes at the… more»

No Reserve Castaways: Cheap Projects on eBay

One of my favorite sellers on eBay tends to get a lot of donated, abandoned and tax write-off vehicles in their yard, and while most of the cars are completely forgettable, there’s always a few that… more»

Rusty Dub: 1969 VW Double Cab Pickup

So, early today we had a look at a Chevelle with some nice patina. Now we are going to have a look at a VW Double Cab with a whole different kind of patina. This Dub… more»

Created for TV: Custom 1970 VW Bus

This unusual VW Bus has been chopped up and extended to create a rig that is only limited by your imagination and budget. It also seems like it’s being used as a casting call for Discovery… more»

$5,900 Tii: 1973 BMW 2002

For those of us following BMW values, it’s become apparent that round taillight 2002s are on the rise. Several recent sales have posted better-than-expected results, particularly for the hotted-up Tii models. So long as the original… more»

Father and Son Pair: Mercedes 300SL Gullwing & Roadster

Talk about a family with good tastes: this pair of Mercedes 300SLs, one a Gullwing coupe and the other a Roadster, have been in the same family ownership for 60 years after originally being purchased by… more»

Original Owner: 1963 VW Kombi

The seller of a tree-trapped 1963 VW Bus is listing it for his father, who seems to live in rural Texas and hasn’t driven this split-windshield Kombi in many years. Though limited on the details and… more»

Beautiful Oval Window: 1956 VW Beetle

There is no way that this VW Beetle hasn’t already been restored. Yes, it supposedly only has 36k miles on it, but it is way too nice to be all original. The seller thinks it may… more»