1973 VW Thing: Over-Enjoyed

Project or parts car?

VW Beetle Collection: What’s Your Flavor?

So which VW would you tow home?

P-Car for $800 in Florida

It’s going to need work, but for $800 how can you go wrong?

German By Way Of Canada: 1964 Ford Taunus

No it’s not a Ford Taurus, it’s a Taunus and is quite rare here in the States!

1968 VW Camper: Overpriced Puzzle?

This VW Camper could be a good project, but not at this price!

1964 VW Beetle With Metal Sunroof!

Could this Beetle be a good project?

1957 BMW Isetta Cabrio: Target Practice

It’s been stripped, shot, and left for dead, but could this Isetta be saved?

Reviving A 1957 VW Beetle Barn Find

Hiding in this barn was one man’s dream find!

1968 Porsche 912: 5 Speed Fun

I don’t usually write up Porsches, but I couldn’t resist this 912.┬áPorsches always go for… more »

1967 VW Beetle: Interesting Stablemate

This Bug is nice, but I’m more interested in what’s parked in front of it!

1959 Porsche 356: Butchered but Cheap

No it’s not a real Speedster, but it could make a sweet 356 Outlaw!

15 Foreign Cars In New Hampshire, No Reserves, More To Come

Wow! Thanks to reader Victor MB, who sent in the gold Fiat above that led… more »

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