To Vee Or Not To Vee: 1972 VW Bug Convertible

A relocation is forcing this VW enthusiast to pass their cabriolet project on to someone else. The car is currently in Roscoe, New York and is for sale here on eBay, where the buy-it-now is $1,000. While that sounds inexpensive for a Beetle convertible, you can see the rust in the picture above. The ad claims that the body is currently off the frame (pan) and that new floors have been welded in. I’m guessing the pictures in the ad are old because the floors certainly aren’t new in the pictures. However, the seller does have the necessary parts to convert the car from the current automatic to a manual, and there are plenty of other parts that have been stripped out from a parts car. I checked on the “Formula Vee” optional package and it appears that this car just has a set of the factory stripes added, based on this detailed article from That’s a real shame because there were a lot of nice features on the full Formula Vee package, including a walnut shift knob, sports steering wheel and attractive Whitney Industries aluminum wheels. Are you willing to take on this unfinished project?

1975 Porsche 911 Targa

1975 Porsche 911: Perfect Paint?

From Alex L. – This 1975 Targa might be more of a garage find than a barn find. I had to chuckle of the mention of the paint being in “perfect condition” with a bike and other items leaning on the car, but under the dust – who knows??? A 911 for $12k is now considered a deal and someone with a few weekends to kill should be able to get this baby back on the road. If my tiny Brooklyn apartment only came with a garage… Find it here on craigslist out of Houston, Texas.


1973 VW Super Beetle: Show-Winning Woody

There are occasions in this hobby when I don’t know whether to be impressed by the work done or wish the seller had invested his time and money elsewhere. This 1973 Volkswagen Super Beetle has been converted to a Woody wagon and is listed here on eBay with the reserve unmet. I do have to give the seller credit: he had a dream, and he worked it to reality with his own bare hands. That’s more than I can say for any of my project cars, which I’ve been fairly conservative with in terms of what I want them to be. This is certainly more creative than the bulk of the Beetle conversions on the road today, but there are some touches that need finessing (such as the bulkhead-mounted air conditioning unit). Overall, I still see potential here and the active bidding seems to reinforce that others do as well. I just hope the reserve is no higher than $5K, as this is clearly a case of finding a very particular buyer for a very peculiar car.


1979 Mercedes 450SEL: One for the Brave

Are you trying to kick a gambling addiction? Do you find yourself spending too much money eating out rather than preparing meals at home? Well, I have the ultimate solution for ensuring you’ll never again have any expendable income to consider wasting foolishly. It’s a 1979 Mercedes-Benz 450SEL with the big 6.9L V8 engine and the auction here on eBay is a no-reserve listing with bidding only at $710. Now, the seller admits the engine overheated and he’s not sure of the level of damage to the internals, but the interior is fairly mint and the chassis has under 100K miles. Amazingly, the air suspension has been fixed and is currently operational, a surprising find in any of these old S-Class Mercedes. The 6.9 engine is a bruiser, and wholly deserves being resuscitated assuming any damage stemming from overheating isn’t too far-reaching. Regardless, once you start funneling money into a worthy project like this, any other drains on your finances will soon disappear!


A Pair Of 6.3s: Mercedes-Benz 300SEL Projects

There are some cars that can always be cheaper. As in, given the amount of work involved in bringing this 1971 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3 here on eBay back to life, the $5,500 asking price still seems a bit high. I love these cars truly and deeply; the 6.3 8-cylinder engine is still a beast of a motor today and turned the sedan landscape on its head when introduced. However, there was nothing cheap about these sleeper sedans. From air suspension to air conditioning, simplicity is not a trait often identified with classic Mercedes. The seller does himself no favors by enlisting the help of a friend with an eBay account (with zero feedback) who claims to know very little about the car, other than the obvious rust holes that pockmark the roof. As you can see in the listing, this example has been cast outside with another 6.3 that is also listed on eBay by the same seller in similarly rough condition. The big-bodied V8 cruiser was once called “The greatest sedan in the world” by Road & Track – hopefully, both of these examples will soon find better homes than a vacant lot.

1982 Mercedes 240D

Life Car Revisited: 1982 Mercedes 240D

Back in April I wrote up a Mercedes and suggested that it could be a life car. Some of you liked the idea and others considered the 240D too slow and stinky for the daily commute. Well, Robert R. just found another of these robust diesels and sent it in figuring I might want it. Well, I do and if it were closer, I’d be tempted. The $5k asking price might seem a little high with so many $2k beaters still around, but this one does look like a keeper. Take a look at the craigslist ad here and let us know what you think. It’s located in Orangevale, California and is claimed to still be wearing its original paint. It has only covered 156k miles (which is considered low for one of these) and just had the vacuum system gone through. It has the prerequisite manual transmission, the air conditioner works, and the interior looks like new. Looks like a lifer to me. Thanks for the tip Robert! Read more »


1975 Porsche 914 Lakester: Single Seater

With the abundance of project-grade 914s on the market at a given time, it can be tempting to hack one up to use for something other than a conventional restoration. While plenty have found their way to the autocross course, this 1975 914 on eBay is the first I’ve seen in a Lakester configuration. On a very broad level, Lakesters refer to racing vehicles with a heavy emphasis on streamlining the body as much as possible to yield excellent aerodynamic qualities. Most of us associate Lakesters with the impressive machines chasing speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats, and this Porsche’s California location may indicate it made the trek to Utah on more than one occasion. Even if it didn’t, a race-prepped 914 could offer some cheap fun on track days depending on the condition and quality of this car’s mechanical and safety systems. What would you do with it – take it to Bonneville or go cone chasing with a local autocross club?

Porsche 356B Coupe

1963 Porsche 356B Coupe Project

It’s absolutely astonishing how many Porsche 356 projects seem to keep surfacing. I get that as values and demand keep increasing, more will come to market, but it is amazing to me that so many 356 owners kept their old rusted car. I doubt they had the foresight to see the current price bubble over 30 or 40 years ago, so why did they save these projects. Did they just love them that much that they couldn’t let go or did they keep them around as parts cars and now that they are so valuable they are selling them as projects? I honestly can’t say which it is, but it really is interesting how many of these cars remain. This one is rusty like most of the 356 projects that have been surfacing lately, but isn’t the worst we’ve seen. It will clearly need a complete restoration, but if you absolutely have to have a 356 Coupe it is worth a look. You can find it here on eBay in Ravena, New York and it would seem this seller has a number of other 356 projects, so if this one just won’t do maybe they have one that will! Thanks goes to Sam M. for the submission.


Eastern Bloc Plastic: 1964 Trabant 601S

Oddball fact of the day: while researching this post, I found out that green Trabants are supposed to be lucky! Unfortunately, this one isn’t green, but it is located in Fort Pierce, Florida and is for sale here on eBay where bidding is $1,025 but the reserve hasn’t been met. I don’t know what it takes to license one of these in the US (or even if it can be) but as you can see in the picture behind this one, the seller is disposing of an estate full of Trabants. This one actually looks newer than 1964 with the rubber bumper components, but I don’t know; any Trabbi experts out there? Regardless, you know the body shell won’t be rusty, because it’s some form of plastic. This one has been in storage since 1997, although the two-cylinder, two-stroke engine does turn over. It’s showing 5,436 miles, but who knows how many are actually on the car. Read more »


1970 Mercedes-Benz 600: Slightly Deflated

There are some cars that, no matter how dusty and dimly-lit their surroundings are, just scream luxury and class from every angle. The Mercedes-Benz 600 series has always had that effect on me, and Barn Finds reader Jonas N spotted this 1970 example here on craigslist, appearing fairly intact despite a drooping air suspension. These cars are not the types of projects you enter into lightly – costs are significant to restore one properly, and like any luxury car, these long-wheel base limousines packed plenty of high-end features and finishes that are frequently costly to repair. The seller does not say much about the car in the listing, but from what I can see, the interior appears intact and no major corrosion is visible, but that can change the deeper you look. These cars, even in project form, rarely sell cheaply, so the lack of a price may indicate a steep ask from the seller. You never know unless you call, at which time you should find out if that air suspension will come back to life with ease.

1977 Porsche 911

1977 Porsche 911: Good Buy Or Not?

One of my earliest and fondest car hunting memories is of making the 30 minute drive to a small neighboring town with Jesse and our father to look at a Porsche 911. Our dad had spotted the car a few weeks earlier in a garage, but it had disappeared before he could go back for a closer look. He just happened to be doing work in that small town earlier that day and spotted it once more, but this time it was at a bank with a for sale sign in the window. They were asking just $5k for what appeared to be a pristine car. I wish we had bought it, but neither of us were old enough to have that kind of money. I regret it even more as I look at this ’77 example that was just pulled from a barn in Nobleboro, Maine and has been listed here on craigslist. It looks solid and original, but needs a good cleaning, polishing, and a complete tune up. The seller is asking $14k for it, which strangely enough seems like a good deal in the current inflated Porsche market. If only we could go back in time to buy that 911! Thanks to Ethan L for this tip!

Tiverton Junkyard

Jeff In The Junkyard: Tiverton Forest

After taking a weekend off to attend a wedding, I thought this week’s edition of Jeff in the Junkyard should feature one of my favorite stops from last year, an active salvage yard in Tiverton, Rhode Island. This business has been around for years and has a small amount of changing inventory, but in the far reaches of the property lie some junkyard veterans who have literally been put out to pasture. As always, there’s a mystery find or two for our eagle-eyed readers at the bottom of the post – share your guesses below! Read more »