1976 Westfalia

1976 Volkswagen Westfalia: California Bargain?

This 1976 Westfalia was in a barn in Nevada for 20 years. It has the usual dings and scrapes, but appears to be rust free. The new owner has done a lot to revive it including a new tent, brakes, all hydraulic and vacuum lines, fuel injectors and more. It still has a few things that need attention, like having the fuel injection set up, but what might make this a real bargain is it is a 1976 and in California it needs to be smogged, but in another state perhaps not? It is listed here on eBay with no reserve and the bidding is at only $2,550 so far. This could be a really nice camper for someone who is looking for a low priced Westfalia. Some would want to redo the cabinet doors and it needs the touch of a VW specialty shop and probably new tires, but it’s almost ready for fun. I guess some would want to make it like new, but it is just a camper. It’s in my area, so if someone out there is really serious about it, I’d be glad to have a look for you! Read more »

Diesel Fintails

Pair of Mercedes 200D’s for $3,750!

For the old-school Mercedes diesel fan, your ship has come in! Here on eBay right now, you can buy a pair of manual transmission-equipped Heckflosse fintails for less than $4,000! One is running and the other is a parts car, but these old girls are fairly stout – and with the purchase price being so low, you’d be forgiven if you tried to get the other one running before pillaging it. Aside from the bargain basement pricing, these cars also appear relatively complete. They don’t look rusty or accident-damaged, the chrome and glass looks decent, and even the interiors are livable. I’m not sure what the catch is, but I’m not seeing it. The cars are located in Atlanta and the official Buy-it-Now is $3,750. Who’s going to grab these beauties?


German Collection: 21 Garage Finds for 5,200 Euro

Wow! Kudos to reader Olaf E. for this very unusual find! Located in Oschersleben, Germany, this huge collection of cars is for sale here on eBay Germany for 5,200 Euro ($5,702) or best offer. Consisting of 11 Trabants (!), 4 Wartburgs and 6 Ladas, the collection is just amazing in it’s depth. Most of the cars look complete or near complete, and the seller will not split the collection. At least one of the Trabants is said to have a restored body and just awaits assembly. The advertisement says the cars have been in this dry “hall” for years. I’m guessing it will take either a dealer or a consortium of German car enthusiasts to purchase all of these; I don’t know where you’d find the room to store that many cars as an individual! Any of our European readers interested? How about a single-marque Trabant race series?


Ex-Air Force: 1968 Mercedes 200D

Shown here rolling out of the barn it’s been kept in for most of the last 40 years, this 1968 Mercedes 200D was once a very loved car. Originally purchased by a decorated USAF Colonel as a reward to himself after returning from the Vietnam war, the car has only been driven 54,000 miles. The colonel has a very interesting history, I’ll leave it to you to google if you are intrigued. The car is located in Xenia, Ohio and is being sold here on eBay to provide funds for the Colonel’s care. The buy-it-now price is $2,500 but offers are being taken below that figure. Said to have no rust apart from the rear bumper and a perfect interior, the engine being out of the car for a rebuild has me wondering about that legendary Mercedes diesel reliability. That being said, it seems like a good platform for a classic tourer. Would it make more sense to rebuild the engine that’s there or find a replacement, perhaps a later one with a little more oomph?

1962 Mercedes Unimog 404

Go Anywhere: 1962 Mercedes Unimog

Among vehicles that I don’t really need but desperately want to own, the Unimog ranks high on the list. This 1962 example is listed here on eBay for $12,000, and the seller sounds like someone who truly gets what it means to own such a beast. As he notes in the listing, “…the ‘Mog will tow/pull/drag pretty much anything this side of an aircraft carrier,” which only makes me want it more. I realize driving around in a military-spec vehicle would grow old very quickly, but it’s hard not to think about the wide-eyed stares you’d get driving this to the local Starbucks to pick up your latte. And no matter where you live, the Unimog will be able to handle the worst Mother Nature can throw at it, making the concept of being “snowbound” a thing of the past. While I doubt it is cheap to run or easy to drive, some experiences are worth the price of admission – a category I firmly believe the Unimog falls into.


Reasonably priced 911?

Here’s a more reasonably priced Porsche 911, well perhaps, although it’s defaced with a 959 kit. Does $10,000 seem like a reasonable price to you, given the mad price increases of late? All the seller has to say is “Barn find. Car needs restored. Engine turns”.  I’m thinking all over the country people are saying things like “Hey Pa, ain’t that old car in the barn/mudhole/chicken coup one of them Porsches? I bet we can get a pile of money for it! ” It’s in Detroit and listed here on craigslist for $10,000. (I carefully counted the zeros, there are four) The title sounds like the posting might be for the body kit only, but the ad clearly indicates it’s for the car. I wonder what the full story on this Porsche is and what condition it is really in.


1982 BMW 320i: 26,328 Miles

Even as a BMW guy, I’m blown away by the bidding action on this 1982 BMW 32oi here on eBay. It’s already up to almost $15K with close to 2 days left on the auction! The reserve is long gone and I’m sure this is one happy seller right now. Granted, this is an unusually clean example with less than 30,000 miles thanks to over 20 years left in warehouse storage, but I’ve seen the more desirable “IS” cars struggle to crack $15K for similarly preserved specimens. At least this seller put some work into it, rebuilding the engine and cleaning out the gas tank among other updates, and the Alpina wheels are a desirable upgrade. This could be the high-water mark for E21s – has their time finally come?


Elegant Survivor: 1968 Mercedes-Benz 250SE Coupe

This Mercedes is the nicest Mercedes survivor from the ’60s I have ever seen. It only has about 89,000 miles on it and it is a rare sunroof car. The woodwork and chrome are in amazing condition and the paint is original. The interior could use some cleaning. It had been covered up and stored in a climate controled warehouse by the second owner for 15 years. The current owners have had it 3 years and have redone everything necessary to get it running well again. They had the fuel injection rebuilt and the brake system redone except for the booster. It is rust free except for a front bumper bracket. Perhaps the battery boiled over when the battery overcharged. Pictures show it to be rust free underneath. What this car needs is a new brake booster, the bumber bracket fixed, the interior cleaned and the paint compounded and polished. That’s a pretty short list. Bidding has just opened here on eBay and is bid up to just over $5k. How much do you think the final bid will be? I’m glad I live so far from Saint Louis where this Mercedes is, or I’d be going to get it! Read more »

Porsche 356 Graveyard

Porsche 356 Graveyard

The photo of this Porsche 356 graveyard has been floating around online for about a year now. I did a little research to see if I could figure out where it was taken and by whom, but wasn’t able to come up with much. With all the interest in old Porches lately, I doubt this yard still exists, but you never know. So, do any of you recognize this place?


1969 Porsche 911: Once Great

I can already imagine the uproar this car is going to cause with our readers. Yet another rusty Porsche 911, and yet another car that will sell for far more than it ought to. Cue the hand wringing! But for a moment, I’d like to think about what this car used to be – before it became a soggy noodle of rust particles here on eBay with bidding already over $5K and the reserve unmet. That faded paint looks like it was once an excellent shade of yellow called Hellgelb, a lighter shade than the more commonly-seen Bahama Yellow. What a combination with those original Fuchs alloy wheels and a black interior. I can’t help but empathize with the passionate bidder who sees what this car once was, even at the risk of clouding their judgement. That aside, I’d hate to think of spending more than the value of those wheels in an auction like this.

1954 Mercedes 300

Warehouse Find: 1954 Mercedes 300

The 1954 Mercedes 300 sedan is a relative of the famous 300 SL Gullwing, with a version of the famous inline 6-cylinder under the hood. This particular car apparently sat in a building next to a car dealership for a long time for an undisclosed reason. I wonder why? The car is currently located in Millbury, Ohio and is available here on eBay where the opening bid is $799 with no reserve! Despite the decrepit condition of the car, that seems like it could be a great buy for someone interested in these cars. The photos are terrible, being pictures of a cell phone showing pictures, but between what we can see and the description it appears someone began a restoration a long time ago and never got around to completing it. The 300, or “Adenauer” models were the top end of the Mercedes line in the ’50s; this would be even more special if it were one of the cabriolets, but even this sedan is pretty unusual. The seller states that the engine is not frozen, and the only part they can find missing is the rear seat. I hope someone finds out the history on this car before restoring it!

Free Gullwing!

Has To Be Fake: Mercedes Gullwing Find

Update – Within moments of publishing, the listing was removed by the author. Either this was legit and someone just got themselves a 300SL or it turned out to be fake. Which do you think it was?

Reader Paul B just sent us an ad that has to be fake. The caption reads “Old Mercedes” and the picture below it is of a dilapidated 300SL Gullwing. If you don’t what a Gullwing is, it is the holy grail of high dollar Mercedes sports cars. The owner’s description says, “Attn scrappers: I have a rusty old mercedes to get rid of. No engine, Has doors that open to the top. Glass is good”. It would appear the owner doesn’t know what they have here and are looking for a scrapper to just come take the car away. If this is the real deal, it would be the find of the century! Given the ad and the value of these cars, I am 99.9 percent certain this is a fake ad, but how can you miss the chance of getting a 300SL project? Find it here on craigslist in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Special thanks to Paul for this incredible find! So do you believe this ad is the real deal or some type of scam?

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