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1962 Porsche 356S Cabriolet

Dan’s 1962 Porsche 356S Cabriolet

From Dan S – Hey there, I thought I’d share my recent find with you… I just purchased this rare 1962 356 S Cabriolet from its long time owner of 40+ years. He knew what he had and I paid a ton of money for it, but when will you find another one?! It is all numbers matching with original engine and tranny, totally complete, and runs and drives beautifully! Read more »

1967 Porsche 912 barn find

1967 Porsche 912: Barn Find, Per Se?

We all whine about the escalating Porsche prices, but honestly who among us wouldn’t love to drag one home? Perhaps you want one to restore and drive? Or maybe just for a quick flip? It seems that most people have been opting for the later though because there sure are a lot of rusty 912s hitting the market. The 912 may have been unloved for a while there, but that appears to all be changing now. People are starting to appreciate it for the balanced sports car it is and this 1967 Porsche 912 should prove that point. Bidding is very healthy here on eBay for a project that most Porchephiles would have turned their nose up at a decade ago. It should be interesting to see what it ultimately sells for. Read more »

1967 Ford Taunus

1967 Ford Taunus: Baby Falcon

A few days back we featured a Saab Sonett with some interesting cars parked in the background. Since I love odd and unusual cars, I was very curious to see what else the seller had in the background. Well PaulG pointed out to me that the seller has another one of their cars listed for sale here on eBay. Being a Ford it is a bit more conventional, but still is a rather unusual find here in the States. This German built Taunus 12M is reminiscent of the Falcon, just smaller. If you love Fords, but want something different this could be the one for you! Read more »

1956 Messerschmitt KR-175

Micro Find: 1956 Messerschmitt KR-175

It’s a car! No, it’s a motorcycle! No, it’s a Messerschmitt! We haven’t featured one of these unique microcars in while so when this project showed up here on eBay, I knew we needed to give it a mention. Messerschmitt was a German manufacturer who was known for their aircraft, but for a while there they tried their hand at automobile manufacturing too. Well, sort of. The KR-175 was a three-wheeler that was powered by an air-cooled engine, so it may have seemed more like a motorcycle than a car. With tandem seating and a top though it offered cheap transportation to those who wanted a little more protection from the elements. This early example is going to need a full restoration, but it does look complete. Thanks goes to Robert R for the tip!

SoCal Collection PreWar

Hoarders Collection To Be Auctioned Off

There is something fascinating and difficult to understand about those individuals that we classify as hoarders. Many of these individuals spend their entire lives amassing a collection of items that they feel some type of connection to. Maybe it is a psychological disorder, perhaps they had something traumatic happen in their lives that triggered an impulsive need to collect, or maybe they simply loved to buy and collect stuff? Who knows? I’ve come to the conclusion that it isn’t our place to judge them, but to appreciate how many cars have been saved from the crusher as a result of their hoarding. Reader Stuart M tipped me off to the story of a hoarder in Southern California that sadly passed away and had no one to manage his estate. With no executor for his estate, the Orange County Public Administrator’s office will be auctioning off all 69 of his cars. Read more »

197 Porsche 911E

Save a Porsche? 1970 911E

Early Porsche 911 prices have hit the stratosphere lately. If you haven’t been able to get into the 911 market before now and really want to, this may be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. Located in Danville, Indiana and offered here on eBay, this 911 could be just right if you really like the early cars. The seller tells a sad tale of trying to purchase the car before it was laid up for long-term barn storage. Now, years later, the car has a locked engine and quite a bit of rust, although it’s certainly restorable and the rust is said to be surface only. The rear of the car shows some damage and apparently someone tried to fit a light panel from a later 911 without success. The interior looks a little rough as well and it’s painfully obvious new tires are in order! Still, given the prices of early 911’s now, this may be the one to snag. I think I’d go for a later SC model, though. But that’s me—what do you think?

1963 Porsche 356

The British Love 356’s, Too!

When I first looked at this picture (thanks to reader Ricky M for the tip!) I actually thought this was a paper mache model of a Porsche 356. The sad story is that the 1963 car was parked in a garage when it was only 10 years old and was only just recently exhumed from its shelter. I’m guessing based on the generally dilapidated condition that the garage wasn’t of the finest construction! Not only is the body almost rusted away, but the engine is seized as well. The car will be offered at the Bonham’s Auction at the Goodwood Members’ Meeting on March 21st. Unbelievably to me, the pre-auction estimate is £10-15,000 ($14.7-$22.1k). I like 356’s, but not that much! Anyone feel differently?


1970 Mercedes 280 SL: Junkyard Find

When I first looked at this 1970 Mercedes 280SL, my eyes naturally went to what was sitting behind it. Notice the rack of gold, er… Porsche 356s sitting back there. Wow! This place obviously isn’t your average junkyard. In fact, I believe we did a feature on the place about two years back. The owners weren’t letting anyone in at that time, but there were rumors that some seriously rare cars were rusting away behind the gates. Well, if this is the same place, it seems that they are slowly letting the inventory trickle to market. They have already sold some 911s, but this Mercedes is the only car that they currently have listed. Find it here on eBay for $14,500 or best offer. So, do you think it’s the same yard?

VW Bundle

Pair of VW’s for One Low Price!

I find myself constantly thinking that VW’s are the bargains of the collector car world. Here are two apparently really nice collectable cars for $10,000 for both! They are located in Cloverdale, California and are offered here on craigslist. Kudos to Robert R for this find and I wish I were in California to go look at them tonight! The 1963 Bug is described as a daily driver, newer 1600 dual port engine, new tires on EMPI or lookalike wheels and looks great in the pictures. The 1972 Ghia is a little rougher on the inside but still has a newish 1600 dual port engine with oil cooler and a new clutch. Parts are available everywhere and who wouldn’t smile when they see either one of these going by on the road. Use the two of them as your daily driver fleet and you’ve licked depreciation and are having economical fun to boot. Interested?

Wrecked 1963 Porsche 356B

1963 Porsche 356: Rusty And Wrecked

You know Porsche 356s have gotten in high demand when a rusty and wrecked one like this is being offered for nearly $20k. That’s right, this damaged 356B is being offered here on craigslist for $19,500 in Sarasota, Florida. Just making this car road worthy is going to cost a small fortune, but of course if you have to have a 356 Coupe with the 1600S motor, this car might just be worth fixing. In the past six months we have seen Porsche values go up significantly and I don’t see them coming down anytime soon. Besides having been in an accident, it is covered in rust, and has a non-original 1600S motor. Even with all these issues, I have no doubt there are more than a few buyers out there who would love to have it! Special thanks goes to Proston for sharing this!