BF Auction: 2005 Porsche Boxster

Asking: $20,500Make Offer

  • Seller: Deborah C order
  • Location: Wanyseboro, VA
  • Mileage: 34822 Shown
  • Chassis #: WPOCQ29835U712906
  • Title Status: Clean

After helping the seller find new homes for the classic cars parked in her barn, Deborah hopes to find a good home for this 2005 Porsche Boxster with a Barn Finds Reader. While it’s newer than we typically list, Boxsters are a blast to drive, and this is a 20-year-old car now! It might feel like the Boxster debuted not that long ago, but the first ones hit the market nearly 30 years ago. By 2005, the car had been refreshed, and many improvements had been made. If you’ve been hunting for a sports car with modern amenities and performance, this sweet Porsche might be the car for you!

The Boxster was offered in two trim levels: base and S. This is a base model with the 2.7-liter Boxer flat-six engine. With 236 horsepower, it’s plenty of power for a drop-top sports car. Upping the fun factor is a 6-speed manual transmission sending power to the rear wheels. Access to the mid-mounted engine is a bit challenging, so the seller wasn’t able to take any photos of it, but it’s said to be in good mechanical condition.

The odometer currently shows 34,836 miles, but the CarFax shows the mileage may be higher. It’s possible that the mileage was entered incorrectly at some point, but the seller isn’t sure why the reported mileage changed. Be sure to take a look at the Carfax here.

The interior looks to be in good condition, with minimal signs of wear. The motorized convertible top functions as it should. The CarFax shows the car has been serviced regularly throughout its life, so clearly it’s been well cared for by the seller and its previous owners.

The Boxster uses a surprising number of 911 parts. While Porsche purists focus on the 911, these cars and their Cayman sibling are great drivers. The mid-engine design offers neutral handling, while the Boxer engine offers brisk acceleration and a unique exhaust note. The 2005 refresh improved the engine’s dependability and the car’s looks.

If you are ready to join the Porsche Club, this Boxster would be a great option that won’t break the bank. It presents nicely and is said to be in good condition throughout. So, are you ready to enjoy the beautiful spring weather in this convertible? If so, cast your high bids below.

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High Bid: $12,000 (Reserve Not Met)
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Ended: May 16, 2024 10:14am MDT
High Bidder: T Small
  • T Small bid $12,000.00  2024-05-16 10:10:42
  • CanuckTRman
    bid $11,750.00  2024-05-16 10:09:32
  • T Small bid $11,500.00  2024-05-16 10:06:07
  • CanuckTRman bid $11,250.00  2024-05-16 10:05:13
  • T Small
    bid $11,000.00  2024-05-16 10:04:00
  • CanuckTRman bid $10,500.00  2024-05-16 10:03:53
  • T Small bid $10,250.00  2024-05-16 10:00:40
  • CanuckTRman
    bid $10,000.00  2024-05-16 09:59:40
  • T Small bid $9,750.00  2024-05-16 09:53:01
  • CanuckTRman bid $9,500.00  2024-05-16 09:47:48
  • T Small
    bid $9,250.00  2024-05-16 09:45:01
  • CanuckTRman bid $9,000.00  2024-05-16 09:18:52
  • T Small bid $8,000.00  2024-05-16 01:46:43
  • Lenny Gray
    bid $7,750.00  2024-05-15 19:51:18
  • DA72 bid $7,500.00  2024-05-15 13:41:24
  • Beaver49 bid $7,000.00  2024-05-15 10:36:51
  • DA72
    bid $6,500.00  2024-05-13 12:39:55
  • marbella car restauration bid $6,250.00  2024-05-13 10:31:13
  • DA72 bid $6,000.00  2024-05-10 13:46:15
  • Beaver49
    bid $5,000.00  2024-05-10 11:30:35
  • macaw bid $2,250.00  2024-05-10 10:39:36
  • JVB bid $2,000.00  2024-05-09 10:03:58

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  1. Marky Mark

    These are cool cars and an affordable way to join the Porsche club. My buddy bought a 2000 brand new and still has it. The downside of anything used and German is that you’re one funny noise away from a big repair bill. I’d probably pass and go for a Miata instead.

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    • jsgkberg

      Driving a Miata over any Porsche is like riding a moped it’s fun until your friends see you.

      Like 22
      • Dawid KedrackiMember

        sometimes i go to barnfinds just to read comments like this 🙂

        Like 12
  2. 4501 Safari

    There is no affordable to own, any, German car once the warranty period is over. We found that out with a 2015 Mini F55 four door where putting air in the tires is a “take it to the dealer” owner manual phrase for pretty much everything, and NO oil dipstick. Need a key fob? Burn $100 dollar bills and we’ll tell you when to stop.

    The Boxster is meant to be kept clean and shiny;, driven in good weather; and maintained by the dealerships, or even equally expensive speciality shops. Don’t play if you can’t pay.

    Like 11
    • DW1955Member

      I couldn’t disagree with you more. 1st, Mini, although being owned by BMW is not a German car, It is designed in Oxford and the main assembly plant is also there. Some are built in Austria, the Netherlands and Germany. Many Porsche’s are daily drivers and anyone who has good mechanical skills can maintain their car, I have owned 3 over the years and do all my own maintenance. The highest expense I’ve had is new tires, but I could buy cheaper. I just won’t. My Boxster has been to the Florida Keys twice and to the Outer Bank numerous times in all weather. They are just as good as any Japanese car, and better than most.

      Like 8
      • douglas hunt

        I agree, my daily driver is a 2005 mk4 GTI, 1.8t 5speed, it is a blast to drive, and with regular maintenance does not cause me any issues.

        Like 2
  3. Big C

    “In the clearing stands a Boxter…”

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  4. alphasudMember

    Contrary to belief the 2005 Porsche Boxster is a pretty reliable vehicle. The internet beats the IMS bearing issue to death but in actuality it only affects a small percentage of cars. At least the 05 is still serviceable and is a good idea to have it done if you are replacing the clutch or have it replaced for the piece of mind. I don’t disagree a Miata is a good sports car but the Boxster is the benchmark mid engined car that manufacturers hope to achieve. Porsche got it right.

    Like 14
    • Dw1955Member

      The IMS issue affected less than 2 percent of all cars. The reason it has been made into such a big deal is that it destroys the engine with very little warning

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  5. Bob

    Seller do you know anything about the mileage concern 35k verse maybe 70k? Has the oil ever been analyze for metal?

    Like 2
    • Terrry

      The IMS bearing could be a concern for these, that’s where any metal would come from.

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  6. MoragaPulsar

    A “Clean Title” includes odometer roll-back? Okay.

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    • Jesse JesseStaff

      Well, that isn’t good but a clean title typically means the car has never been deemed a total loss by an insurance company.

      Like 3
    • Terrry

      Those clusters have to have the mileage programmed into them, so somewhere it’s been at a disreputable shop that has the hardware to do it, because improper mileage programming is illegal.

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  7. Edward

    I’m on my 4th Porsche. Never had a service issue. Only routine maintenance. And, I drive my cars year round, including Chicago winters.

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  8. 914Shifter

    If fear is your main concern/emotion, you probably will avoid a Porsche. If you have a bit of mechanical ability and enjoy sporty cars, you can accept the challenge (as I do) to try to be creative and participate in the management of your sports car… then you get a great sense of satisfaction when you realize that you CAN navigate the complexities of fine German cars and not succumb to fear or dealership domination of your repair needs… Sure, occasionally there can be a surprise in an expensive repair bills…. Tell me you’ve never had a crazy high repair bill on your Toyota or Honda?! I used to drive older BMW’s mostly, and when people would comment on how expensive my car must be, I would always say “Ya, I would rather drive a Honda, but I can’t afford one!!”

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  9. Chuck Foster Chuck Foster

    I can wrench fairly well, and the internet is a great help. I’ve had an 82 911SC sunroof coupe, a 86 944, and a 90 944 S2 Cabriolet, the latter two I’ve wrenched on quite a bit. I even have a project 1985 944 auto sitting in Florida, they are not that hard to work on. I think my next one will be a Boxter, well, a driver for my wife, she deserves some fun. (I still kick myself for selling the 911)

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    • Claudio

      Love your black cab

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  10. Les

    I owed a 2004 boxster. It was a blast to own. I have owned a BMW, Audi and Porsche and hands down nothing handles and drives like Porsche. It was amazing. I had it on the open road driving 125mph and the car never even broke a sweat. You could not even tell you were going that fast. It’s not cheap to maintain or insure. But at least once in your life well worth the ride.

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  11. Beyfon

    More likely Waynesboro…

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  12. Claudio

    Always an american car lover until i drove a bmw , then owned 5 -3 series , had 2-2000-2003 mr2’s and got bored of the lack of power and went for the boxster , owned it for 3 years , a stunning speed yellow 2003 tiptronic , what a great car , maintenance was 2 rear tires , brake service , ignition coils , plugs and oil , all done by me , loved it but couldn’t see the engine so bought a corvette , corvette is going out now , grandkids can’t ride with me so , back to a 4 sester convertible for me …

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  13. RK

    Love my 2001 Boxster S with 96k miles. Top down and so much fun. Drive them regularly and do normal maintenance and you’ll be fine. They need luv and hate being parked.

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  14. Jack Quantrill

    You can’t roll back a digital odometer with a drill hooked up to the cable like you used to! The whole gauge must have been replaced with a lesser miles one. With the right tool the computer could be accessed for verification.

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  15. Wayne

    I’m not sure I’d touch this until the odometer issue is resolved/explained.

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  16. ttrokeMember

    I love my 06 Boxster, had it almost a year. The winter was so mild I never took it off the road. simply stayed in the Garage while the odd snow fall melted. This car has been super reliable. I was getting an odd transmission error on my first drive. I went through two tanks of 93 and the problem was gone. Either old gas or low octane.

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  17. Terrry

    A couple of complaints here. If the mileage is incorrect then someone replaced and/or reprogrammed the cluster with lower miles, also if you can get to the engine to check the fluids you can also take pictures of it. Lazy seller or hiding something. To me, the car is a red flag.

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    • T SmallMember

      Thanks, my friend pretty much told me the same. This would be my first Porsche and getting it for my wife. She’s always wanted a rag top. This car is much more than a rag top. Beautiful car and would love to see my wife’s red hair blowing in the wind.

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  18. Claudio

    A boxster has oil and coolant check ponits in the trunk and the way the negine is set up , a picture is useless

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