MG Barn Finds

Warehouse Cleanout: 25 MGAs!

Many of us who collect a particular type of vehicle end up with more than one of them. My wife claims they actually multiply when no one is looking. Based on my shop contents, she might be… more»

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Buick Powered: 1952 MG TD/C

This little MG looks nice from here, but for any purists or even MG fans, you may want to move on. No, it’s not a kit car but it has been, well, desecrated. In 1968 a 1964 Buick… more»

Wife Says Go, Kitty Says No: 1951 MGTD

OK.  Sit down and take a look at this scary scenario.  A guy buys a classic car without first running it by the significant other, then he gets the cold shoulder for a while.  Usually it… more»

End of the Line: 1980 MGB Limited Edition

After 293,592 MGB roadsters sold in the U.S. since 1962, MG decided to go out with a batch of 500 special, Limited Edition cars for the 1980 model year. Like any good limited edition, however, MG… more»

Possible Bargain: 1969 MGB GT

There are just two pictures and no real information provided on the MGB listed on craigslist here in Sacramento, California. With an asking price of $1500, could this be a bargain? There’s no rust visible and hopefully,… more»

Metal Dash Bargain: 1966 MGB

MGBs can be great summer drivers. They are robust, cheap, and fun to drive! Think vintage Miata. Well, they may not be as reliable as a Miata, but I daily drove one for a while and… more»

1932 MG J2 Discovered By Archaeologists!

We’ve often talked about how discovering a barn find is like uncovering a little bit of history or in some ways it’s like being an automotive archaeologist of sorts. Well, in the case of this 1932… more»

Barn Find Racer: 1930 MG M

Have you been looking for a British car or a car with documented racing history?  If so, this 1930 MG M, for sale here on Hemmings in Hutto, Texas may be the car for you.  With… more»

Peter Egan’s Influence: 1968 MGB

If you are a British car enthusiast, then you know who Peter Egan is.  A long time, but recently semi-retired, writer for Road and Track, Egan has a weakness for British cars, and has restored a… more»

The One That Started It All: 1952 MGTD

Certain cars are considered milestones in automotive history.  Nearly all cars produced are designed solely for transportation from point A to point B.  However, some cars are more than just transportation.  The Milestone Car Society (the… more»

BF AUCTION: 1953 MG TD Project

The MG TD is an icon of British Motoring, seeing use as daily drivers, weekend racers and even as dedicated race cars. The Auto Archeologist discovered the example you see here stashed away in this barn,… more»

Dusty But Solid: 1961 MG MGA 1600 Roadster

For some of us the sight of finding a forgotten and dusty old car is something that our dreams are made of. I can only imagine the excitement felt by the seller upon finding this ’61… more»

Reader Find: 1951 MG TD

One of the things I’m feeling thankful for this Independence Day is you Barn Finds readers that continue to uncover terrific finds and send them our way to show them to all of you. We have… more»