MG Barn Finds

Ripe For The Picking: 1955 MG TF

Often when I run across semi-completed projects during my research for Barn Finds, I find myself wishing for more information. Often, the simple lack of information that could be easily provided by the seller in the… more»

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Walkin’ In Memphis? 8,000 Mile 1979 MGB

If you believe the 8,000 original mile claim of the seller’s on this 1979 MGB, the owner must have been “Walking in Memphis” an awful lot instead of driving (cue the British car reliability jokes…I’ve heard them all). More… more»

Fresh Out Of Storage: 1950 MG TD

  Always wanted to resurrect a barn find MG T-Series? This might just be your car! Featuring what must be at least 20 years of debris from rest (the tires appear to be bias-plies, so it… more»

Judson Power: 1953 MG TD

For the most part, I like my cars in stock configuration. But there is one performance combination I’ve always wanted to experience, the MG T-series with a Judson Supercharger strapped to the engine. I know it’s… more»

Two For One: MGB and MGB GT

Here is a pair of MGBs projects listed on eBay with a BIN of $6,000 in sweet Magnolia, Texas. On the left is a 1973 roadster with about 67,000 miles that will take only a little work… more»

Well Lettered: 1950 MG Riley RMD DHC

Riley introduced the RM series car after the war and built the RMD series from 1949 until 1951. In 1949 production moved to MG, so some might call this car an MG. This rare DHC model is listed on… more»

Alfas, Jags and Mercedes Oh My: Basement Collection

Here are four of the thirteen cars for sale on craigslist in San Francisco. The seller is accepting offers. There’s no information provided on the cars but will need careful inspection in any case. They range… more»

Sporty Patina: 1948 MG TC

This MG was in storage over 40 years. The listing on eBay doesn’t tell us anything about condition but the pictures do tell a story. It appears mostly complete but needs full restoration. Even the TCs exported… more»

Identity Crisis: MGB TD pick up

What a cool looking custom this is! This “truck” is a recently built tribute to an MG TD roadster pick up that was built by Southern California based Moss Motors in 1952. The story of the… more»

Triumph TR6, VW Cabriolet And Seven MGBs

It’s the Christmas season and some will be humming a song about a Partridge in a Pear Tree and Five Golden Rings. What we have are seven MGBs instead of Seven Swans and it looks like they… more»

The Red Car: 1949 MG TC Project

As we have discussed in these pages before, there are a lot of folks who were affected in a positive (some would say positive ground) way from reading Don Stanford’s book The Red Car. I know I… more»

Swap Candidate: 1974 MGB GT

My MGB GT was one of my all time favorite cars. It wasn’t the most comfortable or the most functional daily driver, but it was handsome and always fun to drive. Admittedly, I did wonder what… more»

Success Story: Our MGB Sold Within Days!

This past spring we found this nice MGB in a garage where it had been parked for years. After some sorting we were able to get it running again, but with so many projects vying for… more»


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