Winter’s Coming! 1986 Nissan 720 4X4 King Cab

Winter’s a’comin’, unfortunately, if a person lives in a region that gets cold and snow for 5+ months out of every year and they don’t like it and never have. 1986 was the last year for… more»

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Retired Farm Hand: 1940 Chevrolet Pickup

There is something to be said about a classic pickup that is mostly complete and listed for a reasonable price in this modern day and age. Recently discovered in a barn on blocks, this Chevrolet has… more»

El Caponcho: 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix

This one is a head-scratcher, even more so than some of the others that have popped up lately. Intrepid Barn Finds.. finder.. Pat L, sent in this 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix custom pickup, El Caponcho, or… more»

Mmm Mmm Mikado! 1978 Chevrolet LUV

The first-generation LUV (light utility vehicle) which was made for the 1972-1980 model years. It’s the purest iteration of the model, which ended in 1982 after Chevy came out with the S-10. This 1978 Chevrolet LUV… more»

X’tra Long XL: 1984 Ford F-350 XL

The seller of this 1984 Ford F-350 XL lists it as being 21-feet long. Finally, a vehicle that’s longer than the ’66 Lincoln! I don’t see too many four-door pickups from this era around anymore, and… more»

Long Bed Diesel: 1982 Isuzu P’up DLX

Even though the name of this truck is technically a “Faster”, there really isn’t much that’s fast about it, especially being a diesel. It’s a 1982 Isuzu P’up DLX and it’s desirable for small pickup lovers… more»

Bumpside Beauty? 1967 Ford F100 Short Bed

1967 kicked off the next generation for the Ford F-Series pickups that would last through 1972. In fact, it heavily influenced the full size line through 1979. This truck is a good example of the current… more»

Gut Check: 1969 Checker Limo Pickup

Chhh.. not another 1969 Checker Limo Pickup?! Jeez, these things are everywhere! Wait, what? A Checker Limo Pickup? That’s genius! I wonder if this thing would fit in a 30-foot storage unit.. hmm.. This unique ride… more»

Restored King Cab: 1979 Datsun 620

As they (they = people with a lot of experience buying old vehicles) say, always buy the nicest example that you can find, instead of getting something cheap that needs a ton of work. Let someone… more»

Sundowner: 1982 Mazda B2000

I’ve always liked little pickups but recently I’ve become a huge fan of small trucks. This 1982 Mazda B2000 Sundowner Pickup is on eBay with a current bid price of $1,800 but the reserve isn’t met…. more»

Powerless: 1970 Chevrolet C-10 Stepside

Stepside pickups are the two-doors of the car world, if that makes any sense at all. It seems like everyone wants their cars to have just two doors and they want their pickups to have a… more»

Turbo Diesel Spacecab 4×4: 1986 Isuzu P’up

The checklist on this truck is a mile long: 4×4? Check. Spacecab? Check. Turbo? Check. Diesel? Check. No rust? Check. This 1986 Isuzu Turbo Diesel 4×4 P’up is listed on eBay in Graham, North Carolina with… more»

Conquista Camino: 1987 Chevrolet El Camino

I promise to limit my “time capsule” remarks to a minimum on this one. This really is a mind-blowing car, it’s a 1987 Chevrolet El Camino Conquista Edition and whether you think it’s too new or too… more»