BF Auction: 1971 Ford F-100 Pickup

UPDATE – The reserve has been met! This one is going to a new home. With classic Pickups continuing to enjoy a strong following, finding a candidate for restoration or preservation becomes challenging. Each potential buyer will have a… more»

Exceptionally Solid: 1951 Ford F-1 Pickup

It is common for older Pickups to suffer rust issues, but this is not due to poor design. The type of life they generally lead exposes them to adverse conditions, and rot seems almost inevitable. That is why this… more»

A Patina You Can’t Buy: 1938 Ford Pickup

As time marches on, we see fewer and fewer original prewar vehicles.  Nearly all of the ones in good condition have been restored once or twice by now.   In the infrequent event that a truly original vehicle in presentable… more»

Cool Custom: 1950 Chevrolet 3100 4X4

Up for grabs here is sort of an unusual pairing, but it’s a pretty cool offering and overall the builder seems to have hit the mark.  This is what happens when you combine the chassis from a Chevrolet K15… more»

One-Family Owned 1973 International 1210 Pickup

Adaptability was a key element for the International Light Line D-Series trucks, with a wider choice of wheelbase options available than any of its competitors at the time, plus buyers could even choose a chassis-only and transform it into… more»

Same Family Since New: 1954 Ford F-250 Truck

Two things jumped out pretty quickly that I considered positive about this 1954 Ford F-250 Pickup, one being the fact that it’s been in the same family since the day it was driven home for the first time.  But… more»

One-Family Owned – 1964 Chevrolet Truck

This 1964 Chevrolet LWB pickup is being sold by the grandson of the original owner. It is located in Tacoma, Washington and will need restoration work to get it into safe operating condition. Gunter Kramer sent us the link…. more»

Two Owner Pickup: 1968 GMC 1500 Short Bed Truck

To be past the 50-year-old mark, I’d say this 1968 GMC 1500 truck has beaten the odds as far as the number of people who have called it theirs, as its current caretaker is only owner number two.  There… more»

4X4 Monster Truck! 1976 Ford F-250

I seem to remember Monster Trucks from way back in my youth, and that’s been a long time ago now so they’ve been around for quite some time.  Probably the most well-known example is Bigfoot, a 1974 Ford F-250… more»

Cool Patina and No Reserve: 1969 Ford F100

One thing I’ve noticed repeatedly at my local Cars And Coffee centers around the line of trucks that always seems to congregate near the center of the lot, and that’s how much attention the pickups with a patina like… more»

Barn Find 1933 Ford Model B Pickup

Once in a while, we actually see a genuine barn find on Barn Finds, and here is one example. This rare 1933 Ford Model B pickup is for sale on eBay, bid to $7400 with reserve met. The truck does… more»

Excellent Patina! 1950 Chevrolet 3100 Truck

Upon first seeing this 1950 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup, my first thought was I’m guessing there’s probably going to be some sort of a resto-mod in its future.  But the more I look, there’s just something really inspiring about a… more»

No Reserve: 1951 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup

Finding a classic Pickup that is an ideal candidate for a project build can be challenging, especially one that is affordable. With values climbing, even the roughest examples can often command surprising prices. Occasionally, Pickups like this 1951 Chevrolet… more»

Older Restoration: 1952 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup

The seller refers to this 1952 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup as an older restoration, but I’m inclined to consider that process was more a refurbishment. I draw this conclusion due to the changes it underwent, although reversing them would be… more»

Perfect Project: 1950 Ford F1 Pickup

If you asked ten people, you would undoubtedly receive ten different answers if they were tasked with defining the perfect project. That is because each will view the term “perfect” differently, depending on their tastes and goals with a… more»

Driving Project: 1951 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup

For those considering a first project build, a classic Pickup from the 1950s can be the ideal choice. Locating parts is rarely a problem, while the simple engineering and construction techniques mean that the owner can usually complete many… more»