40 Years Parked: 1960 Mercedes 190B

The allure of a true barn find (or garage… more»

Rusty Coupe: 1926 Ford Model T

I’m not so sure that this Model T Coupe… more»

1967 Porsche 911 S: Soft Window Targa?

Why do current Porsche prices still surprise me? You’d… more»

Rough V12: 1948 Lincoln Continental

Thanks to┬áBarn Finds┬áreader Dave W. for spotting this rough… more»

When You’re In Europe And Want To Explore Barns…

So you want to go around Europe, or at… more»

Dirt Cheap Pickup: 1969 Ford F-250 For $475

Super dirt cheap Ford pickup for $475, is located… more»

Going Commando: 1968 Plymouth GTX

I’ve been watching this Plymouth GTX for the past… more»

Grandfather’s Car: Reliant Scimitar GTE

This listing for a Reliant Scimitar GTE here on… more»

In The Homeland: 1962 MG Midget In The UK

Thanks go to fellow contributor Jeff L. for sending… more»

Covered In Poor Decisions: 1970 Corvette

I have to say, this seller hits the nail… more»

Another T And A Extravaganza!

I’m not really sure what all the fascination with… more»

Wanna Be Like Nicolas Cage?

Gone In 60 Seconds was alright, but why did… more»

Magnum Barn Find: 1973 Dodge Charger 340

The 1971 redesign of the Dodge Charger was the… more»

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