Four Corvair Rampsides in Texas!

We’ve had some Corvair rampsides on Barn Finds before, but never four in one listing! Thanks goes to reader Stillrunners for sending in this great find! They are located in Joshua, Texas, and are advertised here on craigslist for $1,800 each or $6,000 for all four and a bunch of parts. These unusual trucks feature the Corvair flat-six beneath the bed floor, and unlike a typical pickup truck, the bed can be accessed from a ramp door on the passenger side of the bed as well as the rear. Two of the trucks are 1961’s, while the other two are from 1963. The extra parts include carburetors, shocks, and engine parts as well as other minor components. The seller mentions parts for other Corvair models as well. I could see all four becoming a small delivery fleet for a business; very distinctive advertising! Would you pick up all four pickups?

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Cheap Luxury: 1956 Lincoln Premiere

The Lincolns were my favorite luxury cars growing up. I sometimes got to ride in a new yellow and green beauty with power windows and air conditioning! This Premiere listed on craigslist runs and drives and is original and complete, but has the usual rust in the floors and needs lots of interior work. They are asking only $2,000 for it. Could this be worth the work to restore it enough to be a nice driver? And can someone tell me about the carburetor?

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Mopar Collection Grown Out of Control

We’ve all been there: too much stuff, too many cars, too little time. I recently purged our basement of miscellaneous BMW parts that had little value but I was convinced I’d need someday. Into the trash they went, and it felt good to let go. The seller of this Mopar trio found here on craigslist – consisting of a 1969 Plymouth GTX, 1972 Dodge Charger and a 1972 Plymouth roadrunner – says his collection has grown out of control and he now needs the money and space more than a squadron of project cars. While all the cars have some rust and evidence of bondo’d repairs, the seller’s liquidation-style listing seems to encourage making an offer on the whole lot. Located in Ft. Pierce, Florida, it could be worth a phone call to kick some prices around. Thanks goes to Barn Finds reader Scott for the find!

Tiniest 1957 Thunderbird Around!

Yes it is small, this tiny 1957 Thunderbird is listed here on Hemmings in Dallas, Texas for $3,650, which is $242 dollars more than the full-sized real 1957 Thunderbird was brand new! This is a highly detailed model and the white walls are a nice touch. Was this a Shriner’s car, a film prop, or some lucky child’s toy? We just don’t know.

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Any Lives Left: 1968 Mercury Cougar

This Cougar listed on craigslist in Sacramento looks promising. It’s the base model with the 210 horsepower 302 V8 with a three speed manual. If it’s as described, the $6,500 asking price seems reasonable. It’s completely original and looks to be complete. It’s said to run and drive well and has very little rust. The owner received it from a family member and drove it back to Sacramento from Reno with no issues, so it sounds well sorted! There’s no word on how long it was in storage. This Cougar is local, so if you’d like me to take a look, please let me know. So do you see this cat living a better life in the near future or has it already spent all nine lives?

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Ferrari 328GTS: Ultimate Project

We’ve seen posts on these pages that show rack after rack of wrecked Porsche 356s in the background, appearing more like a hoarder-grade auto body shop frozen in time. Now, a new contender for world’s most exotic repair specialist has arrived, this time with racks stacked with Ferrari bodies. The car for sale here on eBay is a late-80s Ferrari 328GTS body, with no chassis, interior or mechanical equipment included. Said to be a great answer for someone who has crashed their 328, I don’t think buying an entire, non-matching body shell is the most logical solution, but I suppose it’s a better answer than just sending it to the crusher. It would also make for some excellent garage wall art, but you’ll need to shell out close to $20,000 for the privilege. What do you think the future holds for this 328GTS body shell?

Yellow Fire Cracker: MG Midget Project

Listed here on eBay in Tucson, Arizona with a BIN of only $3,500. Here you have a rust free 1979 MG Midget with a Nissan SR20DET redtop engine and transmission. The Nissan all aluminum 2 liter turbocharged engine is making 205 horsepower in factory configuration, as compared the 50 BHP that the Midget had leaving the factory. You better hold onto your hat!

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1972 Volvo Wagon P1800ES: Parts or Project?

According to the Volvo records, production of the 1800ES was just 3,069 units in 1972. The combination of durability and rarity has helped the ES sport wagon to become a rather collectible Swede. This one can be had for $1,150 or less. It is listed here on craigslist in St. Louis, Missouri.

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65K Miles? 1965 Mustang Find

This 1965 (yes, I know it has ’66 wheel covers, but the seller says it’s a 1965) Ford Mustang looks like it hasn’t been cherished in a while. The seller says it was their late father’s, and wants it gone because it “haunts” them. From the inner trunk edge we can see, it looks like the car was originally a medium metallic blue, although the black finish on it now isn’t doing it any favors. It does look relatively solid, though, and the seller will send pictures of anything you’d like to see (I’d want a lot more detail before I placed a bid). We have no idea of running condition from the ad, so I’m assuming it doesn’t. The car is for sale in South Gate, California, and is offered here on eBay with a buy-it-now of $4,000 but lower offers are welcome. The V8 is claimed to be a 260 (can anyone tell if that’s true from the picture below?) and if it’s original would be a nice combination with the automatic. I’m wondering about the 65,000 mile claim, though, and can easily see this car having 165k on the odometer. However, with all the parts available for this generation Mustang, it may not matter, especially if the shell is solid. Take a look at the few pictures available and let us know what you think!

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1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan: Weary Barn

The seller of this 1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan listed on craigslist in Western Massachusetts says it likely won’t make it through the winter unscathed, as the barn it’s housed in is on the verge of collapse. With the onslaught of snow almost a certainty at this point, it’d be a shame to see this car ruined by fallen timbers and heavy ice. It looks reasonably complete with good sheetmetal and a decent-but-dusty interior. The car’s location in Hadley, Mass. is one that’s familiar to me, and there is a lot of decent tin stored in barns. My relatives in the area have spotted everything from GTO convertibles to Bugeye Sprites hiding in plain sight, so it’s of little surprise to see this Lincoln tucked away out there. Thanks to reader Paul B. for the find.

1942 American Lafrance Fire Truck Find

This old fire truck is listed on eBay with a BIN of only $2,000. The engine is not stuck and the truck is complete. There is some rust but it seems restorable. It would be a shame for the old truck to be scrapped or parted out and this bit of history lost. Can you imagine how great this little fire truck would look once restored. Perhaps someone will find another use for it? It’s just an hour or so down the road from me, so if someone is really interested I’ll be glad to have a look! Any ideas for what this old fire engine could be used for today?

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1969 Ford Boss 302 Garage Find

Update 10/7/15 – And it surfaces yet again! Here is the most recent listing here on craigslist in St. Louis. The seller is still asking $25,000, but is now hearing offers or possible trades. Special thanks to Robert R for pointing this one out again!

Update 5/4/15 – This Mustang has resurfaced once again, this time it can be found here on craigslist with a $25,000 asking price. This time the seller included photos of it while it was still in the garage, but with even less information than when it was previously offered. Special thanks to Robert R for the update!

From 10/22/12 – With only 1,628 Boss 302 Mustangs built in 1969, these cars are highly collectable and valuable. This one was found in a garage, where it had been stored for the past 32 years. It’s in rough shape, but if you are willing to tackle this project, it can be found here on eBay.

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