$400 for a TD?! Oh, wait…


Since test driving an MG TD a years back, I have considered picking up a T-series project to restore on multiple occasions. They aren’t very fast, but with a slick gearbox and agile handling, they present an affordable opportunity to experience what sports cars used to be. The only problem is that values are not that high and cheap projects are not that common. Well, Pat M. just sent in a link to  one he found here on eBay bidding starts at $400! There are some obvious concerns here though… Take a look and let us know if you would take the risk of bidding on something like this. Thanks for the tip Pat!

Four-Eyed Justice: 1986 Ford Mustang SSP

Mustang SSP

There are cars that I like and there are cars that I believe should be in every enthusiast collection. The Special Service Package Ford Mustangs fall into the latter category, as it rubs me the right way on multiple levels: it’s rare, it’s a four-eye Fox Body notchback (personal preference), and it represents a time when state police departments cruised the highways in some of the most powerful cars America had to offer. It’s almost like a glimpse into a bygone era, when even the bean counters wanted to let their hair down and live a little. That’s why you should check out this 1986 Mustang SSP, formerly of the Nevada Highway Patrol, here on Craigslist, complete with an authentic Jesus fish on the rear end! Read more »

Triple Intercept: Three Jensen Interceptors!

1973 Jensen Interceptor

Being an oddball British car lover, it shouldn’t surprise you that a Jensen Interceptor has long been on my most wanted list. I’ve almost bought one twice, but been scared off both times by rust issues. The big Jensen tends to rust even more than most British iron, and based on the pictures, these three aren’t any exception. That being said, the combination of a big honking Chrysler V-8 combined with a body that I love the looks of, has made them barely resistible. The fact that these three are in my hometown and available for less than $1500 each is not helping my itchy wallet. Find them here on craigslist in Raleigh, NC. Read more »

1952 Jensen Interceptor for $750


Update 11/28/14 – Looks like someone scooped this one up cheap and is attempting to flip it here on eBay for $8,500 obo. Wow!

From 9/2/14 – When most of us hear “Jensen Interceptor” we probably think of the Chrysler powered GTs that were built in the sixties and seventies, but he model designation was actually first used by Jensen in 1950. Only 88 of the first generation cars were ever built though so very few of us have actually ever seen one. This particular car is currently in pieces, but the rarity and uniqueness make it tempting. Oh, and the price doesn’t hurt either. Find it here on craigslist in Albuquerque, New Mexico for $750. Thanks for the tip Mike R! Read more »

The Big Boy: 1937 Terraplane Pickup

1937 Hudson Terraplane Truck

When it comes to elegant styling, few eras have produced more flowing and classy vehicles than the 1930s did. Even work trucks received a healthy dose of Art Deco styling during the ’30s! This 1937 Terraplane Big Boy truck has that great airflow look and makes modern trucks look like big ugly boxes. This one has been in this barn for the past 30 years, so it is going to need a complete restoration. You rarely see these trucks, so hopefully someone will save this one. If you’ve always wanted an airflow style truck, be sure to have a look at this one here on eBay in Banks, Oregon. Read more »

Desert Dry: 1967 Datsun 1600

1967 Datsun 1600

Many years ago, I was a newspaper reporter in Central Massachusetts. I had to cover the grand opening of a local business’ new office, which was located in a mill building alongside a river. As I explored the property before the ribbon cutting, I stumbled across an old Datsun roadster rotting in the woods alongside the river. Moss green in color, much like the undergrowth on the rockers, I quickly forgot about any actual reporting I was there to do. Unlike the one I found that day, this 1967 Datsun 1600 is moss free. It can be found here on eBay or in wonderfully dry Mesa, Arizona, now back to my story!
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Parts Car Included: 1975 Triumph Spitfire

Triumph Spitfire Project

Editor’s Note: We just want to welcome Jeff back onto the BF Staff! He’s a talented writer and we are excited to have him back on the team!

When I was growing up, one of my best friends was part of a father-son duo of British car lovers. Between them they had two Sunbeam Alpines and a gorgeous fire-engine red Triumph Spitfire. The Spit belonged to my buddy’s dad; the better of the pair of Alpines was his summer driver. On the night of the great Northeast blackout, we rode around town in the Alpine through pitch darkness, no traffic lights or train crossings to slow us down. Of course, the car we really wanted to be in was the Spitfire, but his father wisely forbade a couple of teenagers from driving around an unlit town in his pride and joy! This 1975 Triumph Spitfire, which can be found here on eBay, brought back the memories of that night and the car we wished we had been in. Read more »

Pony Bundle: Two 1966 Mustangs

Pony Car Bundle

What’s better than a pony car with tons of extra parts? How about two pony cars with extra parts? Sure I would rather have two complete running and driving Mustangs, but this package deal seems like a great buy for anyone looking for a project. You get two solid 1966 Mustang Coupes with enough extra parts to restore both and if that isn’t enough to get your attention the seller also has two 302 V8s they are including in the deal! Be sure to take a look at this duo here on eBay in Cabot, Arkansas. Thanks goes to Jim S for the tip! Read more »

Rare L89 Corvette Discovered In Australia

1969 L89 Corvette

From this unusually angled photo, this Corvette looks like any other C3 Corvette, but if you give it a closer inspection you’ll discover it is actually something special. The hood scoop gives it away slightly, but the 427 V8 and VIN mean that this is a rare L89 Vettes. If you don’t know your Corvette designations, it means that this is a very special Corvette. Only 390 of these were built in ’69 and it was basically a factory-built race car. There aren’t many of these left and this could very well be the only one in Australia! If you live down under or have been on the hunt for a real L89 take a look at this one here on eBay in Wahroonga, Australia. Thanks goes to Jim S for the tip! Read more »