Spanish Studebaker: 1950 Rapida Microcar

It seems that many tinkerers after the war had their minds set on building their own car. This 1950 Rapida, is likely Spanish designed and built, as it was discovered in Spain. The soccer player hood ornament… more»

Alaska Forest Truck: 1960 Dodge Power Wagon

A little rough around the edges, this Dodge Power Wagon is a civilian model that looks to have spent some time in Alaska! Mostly complete, and fairly solid, there are a few apparent needs for this… more»

1967 Chevrolet Bel Air Wagon For $600!

From Eric D – It looks like it had a fire, but the seller doesn’t say that in their ad. The $600 or best offer asking price is not too bad if it really is only… more»

$11,000 Coyote Nemesis: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner

Thanks to Barn Finds reader, Greg F, for sending in this tip! This is a 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner and it can be found here on craigslist. This straight-looking car is located in Waterville, Minnesota, about 70… more»

Rare Bird: 1966 Triumph TR4a Dové

Here is a fun fact you might not know, the rare TR4 Dové was named for an English car dealer! Each was built to order by Thomas Harrington and Company. There were only about 50 of… more»

Marriage Killing Project: 1973 Triumph GT6

I normally leave the British finds to Jamie, as he is our in-house expert and knows more about these makes and models in his pinky finger than I do in my whole body. However, this 1973… more»

Not Many Left: Dodge Omni O24

Every now and again, a car pops up that I can barely recall even existing, making it a shock that there’s still a driving example on the road. This Dodge Omni 024 is an unusual left-behind… more»

Cheshire Cat: 1964 Jaguar E-Type

Looking at this little old barn, you wouldn’t imagine there’d be much hiding inside. Maybe a Mini or a Sprite, but nothing as grand and impressive as a Jaguar. Yet that’s exactly what was found inside! It… more»

Former Show Car: 1973 Super Beetle

Up in my neck of the woods in southern New England, there have always been a few salvage yards on my radar in the Bridgewater, Massachusetts area. For some reason, I have never had any luck… more»

Ready for Glory: 1958 Buick Super

As some of our readers know, I don’t claim to have a huge collection of American classics in my garage, but there are some that always catch my eye and leave me wondering if I should… more»

Base or Sport Sedan? 1960 Chevy Impala

When I first came across this listing for a barn find Impala in Texas, I got a bit excited seeing the letters “SS” inserted within the title. Although it was a sedan, I knew there was… more»

Sad Cat: 1949 Jaguar Mark V

At first glance, this Jag listed on craigslist looks really nice, or at least hopeful. The $8,000 asking price certainly gets your attention. It runs and drives but things go downhill from there. It’s right hand… more»

$1,500 Barn Find Ford: 1969 Ford Cortina GT MK II

I’m in Huntsville, Alabama right now and I jumped onto Craigslist hoping to find a cool vehicle or two. I ran across this 1969 Ford Cortina MK II that’s down in Cullman, Alabama, halfway between Huntsville… more»

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