Built for Speed: 1979 Correct Craft Ski Nautique

As a boat manufacturer, Correct Craft has one of the more colorful and long-standing histories in the industry. Founded by a New Hampshire family, the company has been located in Central Florida since the 1920s. In… more»

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Japanese Camaro: Rusty 1972 Toyota Celica

This 1972 Toyota Celica is said to be a recent barn find discovery, and an even coating of faded paint and dirt seem to point to many years of inactivity. As an earlier example, this Celica… more»

Free Floater: 1973 Penn Yan Cruiser

Finding a free vehicle can at least take the initial sting out of a big restoration project. This is one of those cases. This 1973 Penn Yan Cruiser is a 26-foot boat of your dreams, if you’ve… more»

500,000+ Miles: 1967 VW Beetle

Most sales of vintage automobiles are now handled by dealers or flippers, so it’s rare to find a car being sold by someone who actually drove it back in the day. This 1967 VW Beetle has… more»

Rare 1972 Buick Skylark GS Convertible Project

While I wouldn’t necessarily call this Skylark GS Convertible an all out muscle car, with its 190 horsepower 350 V8, it’s still a cool machine with plenty of potential. They only built about 600 of these convertibles,… more»

Grand Old Dame: 1931 LaSalle Sedan

The Cadillac division of General Motors added the Lasalle to fill the gap between the Buick and the Cadillac. Harley Earl designed the Lasalle and it is said to be the first time that styling was… more»

Rough Beast: 1970 Corvette 454 LS5

Calling this Corvette a beast seems like a rather accurate description. For one it’s going to be a beast of a project to undertake, but once it’s done it’s going to be one heck of a… more»

Arizona Special Delivery: 1977 Jeep DJ-5F

This isn’t a crazy custom job like the former postal Jeep that we saw back on, oddly enough, April 1st. This 1977 Jeep DJ-5F is a blank slate for the next owner. It’s on Craigslist in Duluth,… more»

Drop-Top Cat: Car Craft Cougar Conversion

The list of vehicles that left Ford and GM factories and went straight to the likes of ASC or Car Craft for conversion is long. But some of these factory-backed roof chops resulted in only small… more»

1 of 1 in North America: Fiat Riviera 750

This restoration-grade Fiat project is said to be the only one of its kind in North America, attributed to its unique styling by Vignale and enlarged engine to 750 cc. These features, in addition to never… more»

California Lancia & Fiat Barn Clearing

So there’s this guy, see, and he’s got a bunch of old eye-talyan cars, see, and he says his eyes are getting too old to work on them. He’s rescued them from barns, see, and now… more»

6,200 Miles From New: 1997 Ford Taurus

Are you looking to get into a comfortable daily driver that has time capsule written all over it? Do you think today’s mainstream sedans have gotten too boring, with their swept-back headlights and gaping bumpers, stuffed with heavy… more»

Ex-Works Roundie: BMW Alpina 2002ti

BMW has done a masterful job of building engaging vehicles for the masses while simultaneously curating an impressive legacy on the track. As with so many highlights in the company’s history, this fairytale story of performance and usability… more»