EXCLUSIVE: 1966 Sunbeam Alpine V6 Swap

Seller Description: Very rust free car, most of the body work is done, new windshield, new convertible top, new seat covers, new wiring plus a hardtop. Registered in Massachusetts. It runs and drives very well. It’s equipped with… more»

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Mini Muscle: 1978 Chevrolet Monza

We’ve shown Chevy Monzas in the past and it usually comes up how much better they would be with a V8, well this 1978 Chevrolet Monza has a factory V8, and a 4-speed manual transmission! It’s… more»

“A Few Have Titles” — Restoration Leftovers

Apparently yet another restoration shop has closed down, this time in New Jersey. The owner is selling off the parts and project cars from behind the shop, with pricing starting at $300. Some have titles, some… more»

425HP V8 + 4 Speed: 1963 Chevy Impala 409

In 1963, you could have ordered what amounted to a drag car for the street if you saddled up to your Chevy dealer and whispered the words, “Z-11.” A few folks were lucky enough to take… more»

Indy 500 Festival Heritage: 1979 Mustang Pace Car

The trouble with pace cars is so many of them have little historical significance beyond being produced in limited numbers at the time of a momentous occasion. There are legions of replicas running around, deflating values… more»

1st Gen Jackpot: Early Acura Integra Collection

Among Japanese cars rapidly approaching extinction, the first-generation Acura Integra is high on the list of endangered species. The Integra was a close sibling to the Hondas of the same era, but all that symbolized was… more»

Field Of Dreams: Massive South Dakota Auction

Barn Finds reader Brian K. spotted a massive auction happening over the next few days in South Dakota, with cars and trucks stretching from the 1920s to the 1990s. It’s hard to tell whether it’s a salvage… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1970 Lotus Europa Project

Seller Description: Needs restored, has been partially prepped for auto crossing. Comes with spare head for the Renualt engine. Has DCOE Weber carb, header & custom exhaust. 8″ wide rims with BFG tires. No engine cover,… more»

Real Barn Find: 1963 Buick Skylark Convertible

No one can argue that this car isn’t a real barn find! This 1963 Buick Skylark convertible has been resting for more than 30 years in a real barn. It’s for sale here on craigslist for an asking… more»

Lumber Number: 1979 Chevrolet Wooden Truck

Maybe the title of this one should be Wooden Wonder. I wonder what makes a person build a custom truck out of wood? This unusual build is a 1979 Chevrolet Wooden Truck where the body is made of… more»

2 Times 6 = A Pair? Two 1976 TR6s For $2,150!

Yes, it’s your resident Triumph lover again, but even if you aren’t familiar with the cars, you’ll have to admit this is a deal for the backyard mechanic. This pair of 1976 TR6s is for sale… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1948 Lincoln Zephyr V12 Sedan

Seller Description: This is a very cool 1948 Lincoln Zephyr with Suicide doors. It boasts a very strong 12 Cylinder engine with 3 speed manual three on the tree transmission. Mileage is original. The entire interior has been… more»

EXCLUSIVE: One Family 1952 Dodge Coronet

Seller Description: This car is a one family car. It was bought brand new by my father for my grandfather. It has always been garaged. It needs a new motor and does not run. Everything is… more»