1977 Corvette

1977 Corvette: Four Speed Fun

I’m not the biggest fan of the color of this Corvette, but with an asking price of $5,495, I think I could live with it! Especially considering it has a 4 speed, which should make it that much more fun. The seller doesn’t provide the exact specs of the V8, but states it’s a performance 350. I’m guessing it’s a base 180 horsepower 350 with a Holley carburetor and headers strapped on, which should bring power up a bit. I would want to inspect it closely to see what all has been done to this Vette. You will also want to check the body for cracks and the chassis for rust. If you can get the seller to come down a bit, this could make for a fun rolling project! You can find it here on craigslist in Chatsworth, California. Thanks go to Robert R for this find! So could you live with this tan colored Corvette?

1966 Pontiac Bonneville

1966 Pontiac Bonneville: Cheap Bonne

If you’ve been looking for an affordable surf wagon, your ship – or land yacht – has come in. This 1966 Pontiac Bonneville wagon here on eBay has a Buy-it-Now of $2,000 and is a running/driving example, despite being cosmetically challenged. The seller, Phil, doesn’t tell us much about the car except that it looks like it’s “all there,” so make of that what you will. There’s a fair amount of rust to contend with (and that’s even with the horrid photos), but the interior is surprisingly clean. I happen to like the original-appearing paint, which should be retained once the necessary respray is performed. However, this Bonneville may be too rusty to rescue, in which case the price should be lowered to reflect its parts car status and the good bits recycled in a more solid project. Do you think it’s past the point of no return?

1962 Impala

1962 Chevrolet Impala: Gator Green

I can’t stop staring at this ’62 Impala on eBay with a Buy-it-Now of only $1,900! I know it’s rusty and the roof looks worrisome, but for the price, this looks like an intriguing project for the ambitious DIYer. The engine was supposedly rebuilt in 2006 and does run, but it will need brakes and numerous leaks fixed, including one from the gas tank (or possibly fuel lines – or both!) Personally, I dig the exterior in its current form with the hubcaps and some decent chrome still attached. Any car lacking a b-pillar always gets a thumb up from me – comfortable, arms-out-the-window cruising! The tail lights on this era of Impalas is unmistakable and the color is perfect for gator-riddled Florida. Does anyone else see a diamond in the rough or is it just…rough?


1951 Packard Patrician 400: Lost Luxury

When many of us think of Packards, it’s easy to quickly venture to images of brass-era luxury, of daunting vehicles that command six-figure prices and the respect of enthusiasts everywhere. Personally, I tend to overlook the fact that the company’s legacy extended beyond those glory years to include forlorn projects like this 1951 Patrician 400 here on eBay with no reserve.  Sadly, this car was parked years ago and hasn’t moved in decades, leaving it vulnerable to rust and overall deterioration. The Patrician 400 was actually considered an upmarket version of the more plebeian 200-series sedans, featuring an upscale interior and more liberal use of chrome trim. Sadly, this example is many years removed from its time as a handsome luxury vehicle – is it worthy of rescuing?

Cadillac Coupe

1962 Cadillac Coupe DeVille: Fins and Patina

Here’s a promising 1962 Cadillac that’s been parked since 1972 and reported to have only 27,000 miles. The asking price of $6500 could be reasonable, although the seller doesn’t provide much information. They do claim to have a lot of extra pieces for it, but again they don’t offer much in the way of details. If it’s a California car, so perhaps there’s not much rust. I suppose someone might revive this old Caddy and flip it to Europe, but wouldn’t this be a grand old driver? You could upgrade the brakes and such, but mostly just do the necessary mechanicals and enjoy it. It’s listed here on craigslist in Inland Empire, California. What’s better than a finned Cadillac with patina?

1964 Pontiac GTO

1964 Pontiac GTO: Crusher Bound

You’ve got to love the idle threats made on eBay: if this damaged ’64 GTO here on eBay doesn’t sell for $13,250, it’s crusher bound! I find that hard to believe considering the local scrap yard will only give you a few hundred bucks and that’s a big spread between a few benjamins and $13K. Of course, in instances like these, if the seller lowered their price to a respectable number for a car needing complete restoration and accident repair, they might make out better than what Pick ‘N Pull will offer them, plus they’ll gain all sorts of new inventory space in that very cool showroom the car is currently stored in. There’s another piece of information in the ad that always makes me chuckle: “Before anyone says anything about the price….” – frankly, that’s just plain silly to include. It’s basically an admission of knowing the asking price is too high. But enough of my nitpicking; does anyone else think this fender-bender victim can be rescued for a fair price?


Picturesque: 1973 Buick Estate Wagon

You’re probably wondering what’s picturesque about this old wagon, apart from the pretty lake behind it. For that, you’d have to visit the eBay auction page, where the opening bid is $400 but there is a reserve. The car itself is a formerly parked find that was brought north from Texas, and the ad explains how the engine has been recently rebuilt and some other work that was done to the car. So what’s “picturesque”? The seller has included 147 pictures in the auction, many of them detailed shots of areas of concern or potential concern. I only wish that this much detail went into eBay listings for far more expensive cars! Kudos to the seller for believing that a picture is worth 1,000 words and explaining completely about their Buick. There’s even an explanation of how to find videos of the car on YouTube. If you’re interested in an inexpensive family hauler project, give this one a look!


Sea Green: 1952 Studebaker Pickup

A flipper might “see green” when they look at this lovely old truck – me, I see the beautiful Sea Green (yes, that’s the original color) lines that are just waiting to be on the road again! This truck is located in Park Rapids, Minnesota and is listed for sale here on eBay, where the opening bid is only $200 but there’s a reserve. The seller has included a lot of pictures but few words, stating that it’s partially restored and that a “box full of stuff” to continue the restoration comes with the truck. Failing health has prompted the sale. The engine is free and is the larger of the two engines offered in 1952, a 245 cubic inch 6-cylinder. The 2R line of trucks more than doubled Studebaker’s share of the domestic truck market, and they are still popular today. If you were to rescue this old truck, how far would you go with it’s refurbishment?


A Pair Of 6.3s: Mercedes-Benz 300SEL Projects

There are some cars that can always be cheaper. As in, given the amount of work involved in bringing this 1971 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3 here on eBay back to life, the $5,500 asking price still seems a bit high. I love these cars truly and deeply; the 6.3 8-cylinder engine is still a beast of a motor today and turned the sedan landscape on its head when introduced. However, there was nothing cheap about these sleeper sedans. From air suspension to air conditioning, simplicity is not a trait often identified with classic Mercedes. The seller does himself no favors by enlisting the help of a friend with an eBay account (with zero feedback) who claims to know very little about the car, other than the obvious rust holes that pockmark the roof. As you can see in the listing, this example has been cast outside with another 6.3 that is also listed on eBay by the same seller in similarly rough condition. The big-bodied V8 cruiser was once called “The greatest sedan in the world” by Road & Track – hopefully, both of these examples will soon find better homes than a vacant lot.

Riviera Super Wildcat

1964 Buick Riviera Super Wildcat: Dual Quads

While we just posted about the stylish Buick Riviera last week, this 1964 example here on eBay deserves a feature of its own. Despite the engine being stuck and needing full restoration, this is the desirable Super Wildcat, which featured an uprated motor pushing out 360 bhp and 465 lb-ft of torque! The Super Wildcat could eclipse 60 m.p.h. in just over 7 seconds and reach a top speed of nearly 130 before running out of steam. With only 2,122 examples built, it’s safe to say this is a classic example of the rare spec of Rivieras. On this particular car, rust repair and a cosmetic restoration appear to both be manageable projects; however, determining the cause of the motor’s questionable condition does leave some guesswork for the next owner. I’ve always loved Rivieras, and with the added horsepower and rarity, this car definitely checks all the right boxes. Would you take a gamble on this in-op Super Wildcat?


Cab-Over: 1965 Econoline Pickup

This cab-over Ford Econoline pickup is an unusual sight, especially in running condition, although there is an issue. Listed here on eBay where the bidding is at $3,500 without a reserve, the truck has spent the last several years in Taylor, Arkansas. Parts availability is good, and the rust along the rockers can be dealt with this patch panel. A little tougher problem is the lack of first gear, although the seller has been driving it around in second and third. While it’s not original by any means, it does look like a pretty solid truck to putter around in. I wonder if the 165-pound weight Ford had to fit over the rear axle to give it traction is still there? Let us know if you have one of these cab-overs!


Truck With Attitude: 1964 International Pickup

What an attitude! This truck just has a “don’t mess with me” look about it, kinda like an angry Marine! Located in Bosque Farms, New Mexico and for sale here on eBay, this International C1200 has four wheel drive, one of the largest front winches I’ve ever seen, and a homemade front grille guard that looks like the truck means business. The opening bid is only $900, and you can buy-it-now for twice that. The truck has a 392 V-8 that hasn’t run for a few years but is said to turn over with good compression. A four-speed manual and air conditioning that looks a lot like the aftermarket unit that came with Jesse & Josh’s Torino complete the specification, but there’s more! There’s a spare bed and many other parts that go with the truck. It seems like a good buy to me, maybe a little better even than the C1200 we recently featured, and also looks like the front hubs have been changed out to allow more common wheels than the odd 6-lugs mentioned in the comments of that other truck! What do you think about this truck with attitude?