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Ready For Restoration: 1973 Dodge Charger SE

The third generation of Dodge’s Charger ran from 1971-74 with the fuselage styling common on that era of Chrysler products. One of the most visible changes going into the ’73 model year was on the SE models, which had… more»

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Parked In ’98: 1986 Yugo GV Barn Find

I would hate to have to calculate just how many words have been written about the Yugo GV over the years. Or how many jokes have been made at this car’s expense. The reality is that it was not… more»

Parked In ’77: 1959 Chrysler New Yorker Wagon

Nothing screams the ’50s like a two-tone, seafoam green and white station wagon. Throw in some vestiges of Exner styling and you are seriously good to go. We do cover a lot of station wagons on Barn Finds but… more»

Free Wheelin’ Package: 1979 Ford Bronco XLT

The buyer of this 1979 Ford Bronco XLT Free Wheeling will be set to join some pretty illustrious company. NASCAR legend Tony Stewart spotted an identical vehicle when he was a lad and has recently had the chance to… more»

37k Mile 1968 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S

  NOTE 9/18/20: Some of our astute readers are telling us this is not a real Formula S, but a 318 with a 340 added later along with the hood markings. The Formula S was a limited production of… more»

Rare Gold Poly 383: 1969 Dodge Coronet 440

Located in Boise, Idaho, this 1969 Dodge Coronet 440 is believed to be 1 of 2,532 produced. The car is now sitting in a driveway waiting to be restored. The car is listed here on eBay with 2 days… more»

Restore or Rod? 1957 Chevrolet 3100

There’s just something about the front end of this 1957 Chevrolet pickup that draws you in. Like me, many enthusiasts will likely get drawn in and immediately begin daydreaming about what this old project could become. Found here on… more»

Nice Patina? 1968 International Scout 800

With only two days remaining, this 1968 International Scout 800 has no bids. It also has no engine! Listed here on eBay, the Scout has a starting bid price of $3,000 but no takers. The Scout is located in… more»

Real Deal? 1979 Dodge Warlock 4×4

The Lil’ Red Express got all the attention in 1978 and 1979 but Dodge truck fans could also order the Warlock edition. Seen here in a dilapidated state is a 1979 Dodge 4WD Warlock. The truck can be found… more»

Grand Performance: 1965 Buick Wildcat 425

Update 9/17/2020 – Error, this Buick Wildcat is not a GS. How cool is “Wildcat” as a name for a car? In a day when cars are named “Telluride” or “Palisade” or an automobile company is called “Sellantis”, which… more»

Mustang Alternative? 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint

Under different circumstances, the Ford Falcon Sprint could have been a sales winner that endured for many decades. Unfortunately for the Sprint, some pest called the Mustang just happened along, and it was this car that spelled the end… more»

Garage Find: 1966 Ford Bronco

We appreciate Ikey Heyman for sending this tip our way. This 1966 Ford Bronco is clearly a project but it looks restorable to me but will need some work. The Bronco is listed here on craigslist for $13,999 in… more»

Running 340: 1972 Dodge Challenger

The ad for this 1972 Dodge Challenger says it’s unmolested and unrestored! No kidding, it’s definitely unrestored, but it might actually be worth saving. Listed here on craigslist, this Challenger is listed for sale for $10,000 in Covina, California…. more»

1962 Mercedes-Benz 220 SE With Two Parts Cars!

There has been a movement for some time that involves photographers taking pictures of completely dilapidated industrial buildings and putting them up for viewership on their own websites or perhaps on an image sharing web app. Some photographers will… more»

Big Block Barn Find: 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396

The official production date for this 1969 Chevelle SS was February 14th. That’s Valentine’s Day. So if you have fallen in love with this classic, then you have probably been shot by Cupid’s arrow. The vehicle will need plenty… more»

Fresh 400: 1972 Chevrolet Camaro Z28/RS

The owner of this 1972 Camaro Z28/RS is a classic car enthusiast, and he has commenced the process of transforming this already potent American classic into something exceptional. However, he has now decided to part with the car. This… more»