Luxurious Survivor: 1969 Oldsmobile Toronado

Some folks may be turned off by a front wheel drive vehicle, but this big block Oldsmobile Toronado certainly grabs our attention. This beautiful low mileage specimen is clean and original, and recently had a great… more»

Is It Worth $125k? 1973 Porsche 911S

I know Porsche 911 prices are off the chart these days, but I’m struggling to believe this 911S barn find is really worth $125,000! Price guides are showing top shelf examples fetching $260k or more, so… more»

Convertible Fuelie: 1963 Corvette

While it isn’t a split window Coupe, this ’63 Corvette convertible is a highly desirable fuel injected 4 speed car! Reader James W found this beautiful survivor in a barn and thought the BF crowd was the… more»

Survivor Workhorse: 1978 Chevy C10 Van

We’ve all seen them: the old plumbers’ vans or contractor trucks. They look decrepit, somehow hanging on for dear life despite rust overtaking the body and evidence of accident damage on every panel. Sometimes they are… more»

Mojave Cloth: 1,879 Mile Oldsmobile Cutlass

Just when you thought being a low-mileage survivor was reason enough to be featured on Barn Finds, this ’79 Oldsmobile Cutlass here on craigslist has to go and up the ante. How, you might ask? By sporting this super… more»

Well Optioned: 1973 Porsche 911S

Even though the Porsche craze is getting a bit long in the tooth, there are still some interesting cars popping up that are worth documenting. One way to truly set a vintage 911 apart is whether… more»

Rare V-Twin: 1913 Harley Davidson

Finding any early Harley Davidsons is quite the special occasion, but finding an early V-twin is absolutely incredible! This bike is an unrestored barn find example and while it has plenty of issues, it’s a very… more»

Virgin Formula: 1989 Pontiac Firebird

Back in high school, there was a girl who was always somewhat quiet and reserved – a nice individual, but when you pictured her in a car, you might think a Corolla or Cavalier would be… more»

Original Olds: 1936 Series F Sedan

The definition of what qualifies an older car to be called “original” is not all that clear, especially to sellers, it seems. It’s fine for an antique car to have had its wear parts replaced, but… more»

Buick Survivor: 1956 Buick Special

Bright and shiny this ’56 Buick looks to be in fantastic original condition. It is a 4 door, so it has plenty of room for the family, the dog, luggage, and even an outdoor picnic lunch…. more»

Strictly Business: 1938 Pontiac Business Coupe

There is something very alluring about a business coupe of any make, but this Pontiac is in original condition and really has a great look. We love the originality of this coupe and it does in… more»

Survivor Ranch Hand: 1971 Ford F100

Noted as being frozen in time, this Ford F100 time capsule is fantastic. We love the color combination, and the original paper starting instructions on the sun visor. This F100 looks to have lived a nice life… more»

Cheap Jeep? 1946 Willys CJ2A

Jeeps are amazing vehicles. They are the only American cars on the road today with direct roots to World War II. Almost all of us know someone who loves jeeps, whether we do ourselves or not.

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