Bumperless Barn Find: 1980 Maserati Quattroporte III

This bumperless barn find 1980 Maserati Quattroporte III is in Stony Brook, New York; who needs bumpers in New York! It’s listed on eBay with a price of $2,000. Only $2,000 for a Maserati? You can… more»

Original Owner: 1971 Bridgestone 100 TMX

The incredibly original bike seen here has had the same owner since 1971 when they bought it brand new! This 1971 Bridgestone 100 TMX is in Waverly, West Virginia and it’s listed on eBay with a… more»

The Other Cadillac: 1957 Cadillac Custom Boat

Are you a Cadillac fan? How about Cadillac boats? This is a 1957 Cadillac Boat and it’s in Burton, Michigan, about 10 minutes east of Flint. It’s found on eBay with a current bid of $790… more»

One Owner Racer: 1966 Shelby GT 350

We all dream of finding something amazing hiding in a barn, whether it’s a rare Italian supercar or a limited production American muscle car. There’s no doubt in my mind that one of the most dreamt… more»

A Sound Czech: 1960 Škoda Felicia Cabriolet

Škoda G here with another unusual vehicle, this one being a 1960 Škoda Felicia Cabriolet that’s found on eBay in Luton, United Kingdom. The seller is asking £6,000 ($8,722). Even though the seller says that it needs… more»

Easy Rider: 1971 Raleigh Chopper Mk 1

Get your playing card and clothes pin out, this is one cool bike! This 1971 Raleigh Chopper is all original and it’s a rare one. It’s on eBay in Crewe, Cheshire, United Kingdom with a current bid price… more»

8,886 Miles: 1983 Ford Mustang GLX

It’s funny how vehicle monikers and model designations travel between the brands. For instance, I had never heard of a Mustang GLX until I saw this low-mileage 1983 model here on eBay, looking spiffy in its white-on-white… more»

Pet Project: 1967 Toyota Corona Deluxe Sedan

The current owner of this car looked and looked and looked and finally found the car that he was looking for; and now it’s for sale! If I had a nickle… This 1967 Toyota Corona RT43… more»

Can You Find A Better: 1972 Mustang Mach 1 CJ

This Mach 1 has a great look to it and is packing a Cobra Jet engine, sadly it isn’t the might 429 CJ, but is instead a 351 CJ. By ’72, compression numbers were on there… more»

Time Capsule: 1965 Chevrolet Bel Air

Thanks to Jim S for the tip on this Chevy listed on eBay. It’s in Clyde, Texas with bidding just over $2,000 with no reserve and a couple of days to go. This Chevy is a V8… more»

Free Room and Board: 1982 Morris Marina SunTor

This unusual 1982 Morris Marina SunTor Camper is in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom and it’s found on eBay with a price of £2,250 ($3,272). I haven’t seen too many of these and I have never seen… more»

The Real McCoy: 1970 Dodge Charger R/T

In the world of muscle cars, it’s rare to find examples that either haven’t been completely bastardized or resto-modded to the point that they look nothing like they did when leaving the factory. This 1970 Dodge… more»

Napco Equipped: 1958 Chevrolet 3600

There is just something incredibly cool about a big old work truck with some patina and a Napco 4×4 system! This ’58 Chevy has all of those features and it is definitely a beast. It has spent… more»

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