Immaculate 1971 Toyota Corona

1971 Toyota Corona Deluxe

I recently received an email from a new member of this fine community. In Ray’s email he presented me with a link to a Toyota Corona Deluxe with the question as to whether I believed it was a barn find and if it was truly a survivor as the seller claimed. As I clicked on the link I was expecting to see a worn out old Toyota, but when I got to the listing I was presented with one of the most immaculate and pristine classic Japanese cars I have ever seen. In all honesty, I was taken aback by how fantastic this little car looks. The seller claims it has just 40k miles on it, but it looks like it just left the showroom. I keep looking for signs that it has been restored, but either it is truly original or has been restored to an extremely high level. Be sure to take a look at it here on eBay or view it in person in Grant, Oregon. Read more »

Four on the Floor: 1966 Corvette 427

1966 Corvette 427

I’ve spent a lot of time on the road lately, with most of that time spent driving a car with a manual transmission, but over the past few days I’ve been stuck in an SUV with a slush box automatic. While automatics are getting somewhat better, they still don’t provide the driver with a truly connected driving experience. Oh sure, paddle shifters are great and I have no doubt there are plenty of automatic fans here, but giving gear selection control to a computer or a system of hydraulics doesn’t exactly conjure the same spirit of driving that slamming the clutch down and rowing to the next gear does. As I was battling the delayed gear changes and random down shifts of the SUV I was in on my recent trip, I started thinking about something I have noticed over the years. It seems to me nearly every Corvette, new and old, has an automatic gearbox. When I first came across this 1966 Corvette 427, I nearly skipped over it, but then I noticed that it came with a 4-speed manual. When I took a closer look I discovered that it is a one owner barn find that is still in great shape! Find it here on eBay in Portland, Oregon. Read more »

8,400 Mile Corvette Stingray


It might not be the best year for the Vette, but the seller’s claim that this 1975 Stingray has only covered 8,400 miles since new makes it very intriguing. Sure, the odometer could have rolled over once, but there are some clues here that make me wonder if it really is legit. I just wish we had more of the story. Find it here on craigslist in Phoenix, Arizona for $7,000. Thanks goes to Paul G for the tip. You are on a roll Paul! Read more »

Black-Plate Bugeye: 1959 Austin-Healey Sprite


Californians love to find cars with black license plates. The rest of us should too because that black plate means that the car has been in the car-friendly climate of California since at least 1969. This particular 1959 AH Sprite is the perfect example of why everyone wants vehicles from the Golden State. It is claimed to be all original except for the tires and battery, but boy, does it look nice in the photos! Supposedly it has even been cared for by the same mechanic for the past 15 years. It is being offered by the original owner here on craigslist in Alameda, California for $6,500. Thanks for the tip Gil P! Read more »

Pre-Wednesday Wagon: 1959 Impala Wagon

1959 Chevy Impala Kingswood

It might not be Wednesday yet, but this 1959 Chevy Impala Kingswood Wagon is running out of time. It has everything we love in a ’50s wagon. It has fins, a V8, massive windows, lots of chrome, and great patina. It was pulled from a barn in Kansas 10 years ago and has been in storage ever since. The current owner has cleaned it up and started prepping it for restoration, but has decided to part ways with it. It will need work, but has been listed here on eBay without a reserve. Read more »

Targa-Vertible: 1986 TVR Tasmin 280i

1986 TVR Tasmin 280i

You may have noticed that we don’t feature many cars built after the 70’s here on BarnFinds. It’s not that we don’t like them, as a matter of fact all of our project cars right now were built after 1970. We guess the reason we don’t see more on these pages has to do with the fact that there aren’t many of these later cars being pulled out of barns. We are sure there are plenty of them out there.¬†They just haven’t aged enough to be worth dragging from the barn yet. As they grow a bit older, we have a feeling more and more will start to surface. At this point it seems only the rare and oddball ones are being pulled out, which we don’t mind one bit. We have always had an appreciation for the odd and uncommon, especially when it comes to our cars. That might be the reason we were attracted to this 1986 TVR Tasmin 28oi that we found here on eBay. The seller claims it was recently pulled from a barn and has seen just 7k miles. It might be reminiscent of another British built sports car of the era, the Triumph TR7, but we think it is a bit more interesting. Read more »

French Garage Find: 1964 Jaguar E-Type

1964 Jaguar E-type in France

BarnFinds has become a truly global community, with readers all over the world. When we started this site, we had no idea we would make friends with people on every continent. We love to hear from all our BFF’s (Barn Finds Friends?) no matter where they are located. The language barrier can be a bit troublesome at times, but so far we have been lucky and been able to piece things together. We recently received a great submission from Thierry D for an amazing Jaguar that is set to go to auction in Fontainebleau, France. This was one of the times that we got lucky, as the listing is both in French and English. Even if you are thousands of miles from this 1964 Jaguar E-Type, it has some very interesting history and is definitely worth a look. Find it listed here on where is will hit the block on June 22. Read more »

Muscle or Super?: 1969 Ford Torino GT R-Code

1969 Ford Torino GT 428 Cobra Jet

As gearheads we sure have a lot of titles and classifications we use to distinguish groups of cars. We have hot rods, rat rods, muscle cars, imports, exotics and supercars. The most incredible part of our labels is how fiercely some will protect their genre of interest. For example, if I were to label this 1969 Ford Torino GT 428 Cobra Jet as a Supercar, I have no doubt there would be those that would call me various names for incorrectly classifying it. If we think about what really makes a supercar so super, it isn’t about origin (although that seems to be a major part of the label today), but about superior performance. Well if you ask me, this Torino performs far better than any standard street cars of the era, so wouldn’t that make it a super car? While looking at the listing¬†here on eBay, I sure felt like I was looking at a supercar. Read more »

American Built Import: 1972 AMC Gremlin

1972 AMC Gremlin Deluxe

The 1970’s were tough for American auto manufacturers. Foreign imports were flooding the market and American drivers just couldn’t get enough of these overseas fuel sippers. In an attempt to compete, American brands rushed their own econo-boxes to market. Some were hits and others were complete misses. AMC wasn’t known for building winners, but every once in a while they built a car that was just right for the times. For the 1970’s their Gremlin turned out to be the right car for the right time, at least for AMC. They went so far as to even call it the first American built import. It might have been a good economy car, but there was a lot more to these little devils. Most of the ones we come across were driven hard and put away wet, but the green 1972 Gremlin above is still running and the seller claims it has just 31k miles. Have a look for yourself here on eBay. Read more »