Foxy Turbo: 1985 Ford Mustang SVO

1985 Mustang SVO

These days, the name of the game in combining efficiency with performance is to introduce turbocharging into every platform possible, from Hyundais to high-performance models like the BMW M3. While better fuel mileage is always welcome, I always feel a bit bummed that turbocharging has gone mainstream. Finding vestiges of the ‘80s like the Mustang SVO, when turbocharging was exotic and exciting is a welcome trip down memory lane. For those of you with an itch for an SVO practically still in the wrapper, this ‘85 with only 10,000 miles is listed here on craigslist with a $5,900 asking price. Read more »

Survivor or Restored: 1967 VW Beetle

1967 VW Beetle

Now that I’ve been here in Boise for a little while, I’ve notice this town has a plethora of classic cars, but one car is more common than any other. Prior to moving here, if you had asked me to guess what the most common classic in the area would be I would have said something like Mustang or Camaro. And I would have been incredibly wrong, as the most common classic we see driving the streets of this town has to be the Volkswagen Beetle. They are literally everywhere and a day doesn’t go by that I don’t see at least 5 of them. I find new ones everyday, some are parked in alleys and in driveways, while others are spotted on the street. While it is great to see so many still on the road, I have yet to see one as clean as the one you see above. The seller claims it is barn find, but if it was it is either the best preserved Beetle I’ve seen in a while or it has already been fully restored. Have a look at it for yourself here on eBay with a BIN of $9,250 in Buena Park, California. Read more »

British Fun in America: 1969 Ford Cortina

1969 Ford Cortina MK2

Looking at this old Ford, it is hard to see much potential. It is a terribly drab color and its styling is rather plan, but don’t let the looks fool you. This Ford has the potential to be a mighty race car with incredibly nimble handling. You see, this Ford is a British built Ford Cortina. Ford has a long history of building fun compact cars for the European market, which they then withhold from American streets. However, a small handful of Cortinas made it our way, but I doubt many of these cars have survived. I’ve seen a few of the remaining Cortinas and most are riddled with rust, but amazingly this one seems solid. It runs and drives as it should and is even still wearing its original blue California plates. The owner has decided it’s time to part ways with it and has listed it here on craigslist for $5,100 or best offer. Special thanks to Joe A for the tip! Read more »

Red 1981 DeLorean DMC12 with Only 981 Miles

Uncovering Red DMC12

Cars always seem more interesting when there are stories that go along with them, and does this car have stories! The seller bought this DeLorean recently from the original owner, a 90-year old friend of his, who bought it in 1982 because his daughter liked the car and the color. That’s right, it’s a painted DeLorean. There’s more to the story, and we’ll get to that, but for now find it here on eBay with bidding almost to $25K with several days to go before the auction ends. And if you’d like to see it in person, it can be found in Morgan Hill, California. Read more »

3,500 Original Miles: 1986 Maserati Biturbo Spyder

Maserati Biturbo Spyder

When I opened a submission from Jim C about a late ’80s Maserati Spyder, I was prepared to see the product of what is in my opinion one of the worst decisions the Italian brand has ever made. I was even prepared to smash the back button if I found the nightmare that is the Maserati branded Chrysler Lebaron. Had Jim not made the promise that I would find something rare and unusual I would have skipped over this one entirely and saved myself from the fear of having to see such an abomination. Thankfully I didn’t skip it and while I had my mouse hovering over the back button I didn’t have to click it, since what I found was this 1986 Maserati Biturbo Spyder. With only about 3k built over a ten year period and just 275 of this specific model, this is a rather uncommon car to find here in the States and this one looks to be in surprisingly nice condition. Have a look at it here on craigslist in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a $2k asking price. Special thanks to Jim C for the tip! Read more »

Bootlegger’s Dream: 1940 Ford Coupe

1940 Ford Coupe

If you were a bootlegger back in the ’40s, this 1940 Ford Standard Coupe would have been the kind of car you dreamed of owning. It had plenty of space for jars and bottles, was stealthy in the dark, but most importantly it had a flathead V8. If you know your bootlegging history, you know these outlaws tried to avoid authorities when possible, but were always prepared to outrun them if necessary. Of course it doesn’t take a criminal mind to appreciate this awesome coupe! Be sure to take a closer look at this survivor here on eBay or find it in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Read more »

Preservation Restoration: 1929 Ford Model AA

1929 Ford Model AA Truck

When I relayed a message from Tom to Dave about a Chrysler Traveler, I had no idea that in the process I would get to see Dave’s amazing Ford Model AA Truck. Rather than ramble on about it, I’ll just let Dave tell you the story in his own words: I found the truck on my way home from bow hunting. I decided to take a different route home and see if I could find some new land to hunt on. I stopped at a classic looking old farm with the long driveway, old barns etc… While talking with the owners about hunting, the subject of old trucks came up because they had a 1949 grain truck parked in the front yard. I mentioned that I liked restoring old stuff and had been keeping my eye out for a truck to restore. The grain truck was one her grandfather had purchased new. It hadn’t been used in years and they said they would consider selling it to me. After looking it over I decided that it probably wasn’t the truck for me. That is when the gent said “Well I have a 1929 AA truck in the barn. Would you be interested in it?” Read more »

Unloved Pony: 1978 Mustang II King Cobra

1978 Mustang II King Cobra

Here at the BF office, we have a rather impressive collection of old car magazines. I’ve found reading all the old articles to be an enjoyable activity and in some ways even more so than reading brand new issues. We have over 50 years of old publications and I’ve managed to read or browse through many of them. I’ve recently been spending more time reading up on the late ’70s domestic cars. While many of these cars haven’t ever been all that inspiring, the fact that they still had some of the flare of the muscle car era and that they can now be bought on the cheap, has been a major draw for me. It seems I’m not the only one, as Chuck F sent in a 1978 Mustang II King Cobra that he spotted here craigslist in Pensacola, Florida for $3,400. After reading some old reviews from when this car was new, I’m starting to wonder if these are really as bad as everyone says. Read more »

Immaculate 1971 Toyota Corona

1971 Toyota Corona Deluxe

I recently received an email from a new member of this fine community. In Ray’s email he presented me with a link to a Toyota Corona Deluxe with the question as to whether I believed it was a barn find and if it was truly a survivor as the seller claimed. As I clicked on the link I was expecting to see a worn out old Toyota, but when I got to the listing I was presented with one of the most immaculate and pristine classic Japanese cars I have ever seen. In all honesty, I was taken aback by how fantastic this little car looks. The seller claims it has just 40k miles on it, but it looks like it just left the showroom. I keep looking for signs that it has been restored, but either it is truly original or has been restored to an extremely high level. Be sure to take a look at it here on eBay or view it in person in Grant, Oregon. Read more »