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1963 Ford Falcon Sprint

1963 Ford Falcon Sprint: Ready To Soar

Before the Mustang came out, the Falcon was the lightweight Ford to have. Initially it was only offered with an inline six, but halfway through 1963 they introduced a new trim level, the Sprint. With the new option came a V8, bucket seats, and all the necessary upgrades to handle the extra power of the V8. Falcon Sprints are quite rare and finding one in nice original condition is unheard of these days. This example is claimed to be entirely original with essentially one owner (what ever that means) and has been gone through to make it roadworthy. It looks to be in great shape, but could use some detailing under the hood and in the interior. If you have always wanted to recreate the thrilling ’63 and ’64 Monte Carlo Rally with your own Falcon Sprint, this one can be found here on eBay in Red Hook, New York

1970 Dodge Dart Swinger

1970 Dodge Dart: Original Swinger

When I see cars like this Dart Swinger, I often wonder how cars like this have survived so well. This car, which Alan F came across here on craigslist, is still like new. It wasn’t a highly desirable car when brand new and I highly doubt anyone thought someday it would be a collectors item. The seller claims the original owner was a schoolteacher and only drove it occasionally. Upon her death about 10 years ago his father bought it from the estate. Based on the condition I would guess she stopped driving it many years ago. While it isn’t a highly sought after car I’m actually glad that less desirable, yet interesting cars like this have survived. This one reminds me a lot of our Duster, but since they are both based on the A-body platform it makes sense that it would! So would you give this Swinger a new home?

1936 Cord 810

Nice Original: 1936 Cord 810

It’s rare that you find a car this old (79 years old this year!) that’s essentially in nice “used car” condition. This example of a truly iconic design can be found in Lake Forest, Illinois and is for sale here on eBay with an opening bid of $35,000 and no reserve. The seller describes it as “the consummate barn find” and its condition is exceptional, but not pristine. Everything works, the paint is presentable although having minor cracking, and less than 44,000 miles have rolled under its wheels. The engine currently will kick over on starting fluid but the fuel tank hasn’t been cleaned yet, so the owner hasn’t run it much. Personally, I’d love to know if it would run off a bottle! What about you? This is a bonafide classic!

1912 Little Roadster

1912 Little Roadster: Antique Speed

I’ll admit it, I’ve fallen in love with our Singer SM roadster. We’ve had faster, more comfortable, and safer cars, but put the windshield down and suddenly 30 mile per hour feels incredibly fast. I think I’ve been bit by the roadster bug and for some reason I want to experience older roadsters to see if they provide that same false sense of speed and the rush that accompanies it. This 1912 Little Roadster is 103 years old, making our Singer seem like a very modern car, which leaves me wondering if it would provide a rush or if it is simply too old to be thrilling. It hasn’t been on the road for many years, so I’m sure it is going to need a lot of work before it will be providing any thrills but is surprisingly solid and complete for its age. Find it here on craigslist in Savannah, Georgia for $9,500. Thanks to Robert R for another great tip!

1971 Hornet SC 360

1971 Hornet SC 360: Angry Insect

Only 784 SC 360 Hornets were made in their only year of production, so this is quite a rare insect! This car is located in Concord, California and is available here on eBay where the auction stands at just over $10,000 with no reserve. With the high (ok, relatively high) performance 360 cubic inch V8, the Go Pak like this one with a functional “ram” air scoop, limited slip differential and a four-barrel carburetor, this lightweight car would go! This particular one has been enthusiast-owned (note the license plate) and even has the optional air conditioning for us warm-state types. While there is some rust (the seller notes it hasn’t always been a California car) it doesn’t look too bad, and the ad notes many new and newer components such as seat upholstery, headliner, and cooling/AC system components. I think this would be a neat car to place amongst the Fords and Chevy’s at your local Cars and Coffee!

1948 Buick Special

1948 Buick Special: 67 Years Of Originality

Finding a 30 year old car that is still original is a challenge, but finding one that is twice as old in original condition is quite rare. This Buick Special two door certainly doesn’t look 67 years old, but it has somehow survived all these years without being restored or hot rodded. The seller claims it has been garaged for the past 30 years, which would help explain of how it has survived so well. Hopefully someone will pick it up soon and take actions to preserve it before rust takes over. With many turned into hot rods and even more left to simply rust away, there can’t be many left in this kind of condition. This one has a few problem, like rust in the quarters, some damaged glass, and a stuck motor, but these things can hopefully be rectified without damaging the car’s originality. Find it here on eBay in Aberdeen, South Dakota with a BIN of $5,500.

1956 Oldsmobile ROCKET 88

Vintage Missile: 1956 Oldsmobile Rocket 88

I’m a fan of car designs that have “hips”. I especially like the two-tone and trim that emphasizes the break in the lines on this design. This barn find 88 is located in Grants Pass, Oregon and is offered here on eBay opening at $5,500 with reserve not met yet. Sporting a transmission that added “Park” for 1956 and a 230 horsepower V-8, both of which were rebuilt in 1988 4,000 miles ago, it isn’t slow either. This one has a few rust locations, but supposedly is still wearing its original paint and has all its stainless steel trim, although some is not installed at the moment. Read more »

1962 Oldsmobile Cutlass

1962 Olds Cutlass: Sword With Surface Rust

Thanks to Offshore64guy for this great find located in Havasu, California and offered here on craigslist for $2,500 or best offer. The Cutlass model line was only one year old in 1962 but was already the top selling Oldsmobile “compact.” With only 98k miles and featuring the aluminum block 215 V8 whose design was later sold to Rover, this could be a real sleeper of a car. This one has a bit too much patina for me, but I know there are folks out there who would spray clear coat over this body and leave it alone. The interior looks pretty good, and despite the seller stating that it needs “a master cylinder, fuel pump and some TLC,” I think this car is promising if you’re willing to put some body work labor in yourself. My grandfather had an Oldsmobile of this vintage, although I can’t remember the model, and he was very pleased with it—Grampa was hard on his cars, so this said a lot to me then. I know he loved the small V8, and I sure like it in its later form as in the TR8 I used to own. Does your scabbard have a place for this Cutlass?

1969 Dodge W100

1969 Dodge W100: Ready For Work

As we were running around getting parts for the Singer yesterday it hit us that with the Volvo 145 going to a new home in a few short days, we will be losing our parts hauler. The MGB GT might have a hatch, but it isn’t large enough to haul all our tools or any larger items. This could be a serious issue given our love for dragging home none running projects. Jesse purposed we get a truck, specifically a modern truck, but I think this vintage PowerWagon would be the perfect parts hauler! It needs exhaust and brake work, but runs and drives as is. It also has 4 wheel drive, so it could be used in the winter and we could even tow some of our finds home with it. Check it out here on eBay in Ashton, Illinois with bidding at $1,275! So do you think this would make the perfect BF parts hauler or would you rather see it parked in your own drive?

1970 Datsun 510 Wagon

1970 Datsun 510 Wagon: California Clean

Beige. Admit it, most of you would equate beige with bland. But if you’ve ever driven a Datsun 510, you know they aren’t bland at all. More like a Japanese BMW 2002! This creampuff wagon is located in Atascadero, California, and was found by prolific finder Robert R here on craigslist for $7,800. This one surprised me by still having the original 510 wheel covers; almost all 510’s you see for sale now have some sort of aftermarket wheels installed. The seller states that the car has been under cover in a garage for many years. I could only find one major deviation from stock; it looks like a downdraft Weber carburetor has been installed. However, the fly in the ointment for me is the automatic transmission, but I know that doesn’t bother everyone. If you owned it, would you swap it to a manual? What else would you do?