1987 Mazda RX7: Gullwinged Rotary

The Mazda RX7 has always caught my eye for being an affordable hobby car with some excellent ’80s qualities, from pop-up headlights to clean, clutter-free Japanese interiors. This generation was really a high watermark for manufacturers like Mazda, Honda and Toyota, in my opinion, with lots of desirable enthusiasts cars within their mainstream ranks. This 1987 Mazda RX7 here on eBay throws some of those mainstream qualities out the windows with its exotic gullwing door conversion and a claimed 256 original miles. I’m not sure what the “Shoemaker” moniker represents, but the seller doesn’t give us many clues as to where this car originated or how it stayed in the wrapper for so long – but the asking price of $50,000 may scare most buyers away, regardless of details. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Jim S. for the find.

Stately Wagon: 1967 Chrysler Town And Country

Jim S found this beauty here on eBay in Ontario, California with a reasonable BIN of $4,999. It’s especially reasonable if you consider the price by the pound! This appears to be a really nice car, completly original, unmolested and possibly low miles. They don’t provide many details, but they do provide lots of pictures, even of the underside. It seems to have only surface rust. This wagon looks ready to be a stately cruiser, hauling and towing whatever you have. There are still questions, though, like was it maintained regularly? How well sorted is it really? What would it take to have it ready to drive across the country? This is one I’d love to deliver for someone.

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Time Warp Truck: 1973 International 1210

There are, at the time of posting, 16,794 original miles on this beauty listed here on craigslist.  If you are looking for a clean ride here you go! There are no images of the underside but I believe that if you ask for some they will be provided.  It’s great to see this example of the 3/4 ton camper special.  It is powered by a 345ci V8, with duel fuel tanks.  The only non-original part on the truck is the radio.  The bumper was removed to put the camper shell on and was lost.

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Reader Find: Low-Mileage Caprice Classic

After seeing the Impala SS survivor that we featured the other day, one of our readers had to send in a few photos of a Bowtie beauty of his own. Keith paid $11k for this puppy and although that may seem like a lot for a 21 year old car, this isn’t your typical Caprice. This very well-optioned 1994 Caprice Classic is in like new condition and is even still wearing its original tires and wire caps. That’s not all though…

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1952 Chevrolet: Reasonably Priced Survivor?

At $1,680 this old Chevy here on craigslist seems reasonable, but who knows what you’d really find upon inspection. As always, it would be nice to have more pictures and especially in this case. It’s claimed to be original, unmolested, and the engine turns. Most Chevys of this vintage were manuals, but this one has a power glide. That’s perhaps rare, but you just might prefer the 3 speed. Rust, as always, is the question. Are there really only a few little holes in the floor? All the spare head bits might indicate it’s had some work done on the top end. There are lots of options, but wouldn’t it be great to keep this old Chevy as near stock as possible?

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Owned Since 1962, In Barn Since 1988

The TR3 is such a fun car to drive. Here’s your chance to own one listed here on craigslist. The owner states that this is a “rust free” example and it appears to be on the top side.  There are no images of the floorboards and/or the frame provided so you may wish to ask for some more photos.

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Pint-Sized “Barn Finds”

Some of us may not have the space for a full sized “Barn Find”. If you fit in that category, or you wish to have one on a shelf in your house or office, we think we can be of help. Many of us were and/or are model makers and some of us also have made dioramas. Today we have some examples that are listed for sale and other artists that can be contacted to produce a masterpiece for you shelf!

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1925 Dodge Screenside: 90 Year Old Survivor

This old truck listed on craigslist is said to be an unrestored survivor with only 37,474 miles. It appears very original, including the original 4cyl. engine. One can only imagine what it was used for with its partly screened in truck bed. Seriously, what do you use a truck like this for? The front and back of the truck are wide open, so you couldn’t haul birds or other small animals back there. The $12,000 asking might seem a bit steep, but perhaps it’s worth for this bit of the past. It’s located near Columbus, Ohio.

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1949 Chevy COE Wrecker: Full Rotation

For a hot minute, this towing rig looked like the perfect choice for an official Barn Finds extraction vehicle! Unfortunately, the asking price of $10,000 is a bit high, so we won’t be bringing it home any time soon. However, this 1949 Chevy COE wrecker here on craigslist in Farmington, New Mexico is still an excellent candidate for restoration or preservation. My favorite feature of the truck is the twin boom that can rotate side-to-side. I had a Corgi die-cast toy with towing arms like that, and it made for some great imagination adventures pulling crashed cars out of a ravine made out of Legos! Whatever happens with this wrecker, the lettering on the doors will hopefully be preserved, along with the orange-and-white paint scheme and that rotating boom. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Bentley Guy for the find.

1968 Buick LeSabre: Repo’d Survivor

Barn Finds reader Alan in Michigan gave me a new distraction this week when he sent in this find: a 1968 Buick LeSabre found on a website called  While not overflowing with vehicles, there’s enough here to compel you to dig deeper and see if there are any hidden gems among the appliances and other junk people have stopped making payments on. This LeSabre could potentially be a super low mileage find – or it could be a case of odometer roll-over. It looks clean enough to at least be a genuine survivor, with original-looking tires still in place (and cracking) and a generally unmarked interior. The body has suffered its share of dings and dents, but that’s to be expected on a land-barge like this, especially if it’s been trapped in the tight confines of a garage. Do you think it’s a sub-3,000 mile find, or just a case of a well-loved specimen?

1988 Pontiac Fiero GT: 1,000 Miles

It takes either a lot of restraint or a very vivid imagination to put a car in mothballs the day you drive it off the lot. I’ve never gotten this approach to auto investing, like this 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT listed on eBay with a tick over 1,000 miles on the clock. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a beautiful specimen – but I’m willing to bet if the seller drove it for 10,000 miles, there wouldn’t be much of a difference made to the final sale price. And even if there was, it’d be a pittance compared to the enjoyment of actually driving what the magazines said was a pretty decent car for the day. As far as using cars as an investment strategy, I can get behind the folks who bought and sat on a rusty 911 5 years ago because they saw the bubble coming, as those cars wouldn’t have been much fun to drive anyway. But this? It just seems like a wasted opportunity to me. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Jim S. for sending this along.

Is It A Classic Yet? 1983 VW Rabbit GTI

First off, it’s NOT a diesel! Early Generation 1 GTI’s, the first ‘”hot hatch,” have been recognized in Europe as classics for a while now, and I’ve started to see some indications that the North American market is starting to think the same thing. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Cam for sending this one in. It’s located in Labelle, Florida and is up for sale here on eBay with heavy bidding so far. It’s very unusual to see one of these so unmolested, with original undamaged upholstery. It does have at least 120k miles, so someone must have really loved this car. I love the upholstery, and considering the minor defects pointed out by the seller, I’m thinking this could be in close to immaculate condition with only a little bit of work. So do you think this is a classic?

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