Dust Included: 1960 Mercedes-Benz 190B

1960 Mercedes 190B

If you’re going to take on a classic car restoration with unknown provenance or history, it’s hard to go wrong with a vintage Mercedes-Benz. They are known for their durability as much as they are celebrated for their style and luxury, and not terribly complicated to keep on the road. However, no matter what marque you invest in for your next project, taking one out of mothballs and feathering away the dust covering its fenders will require an expert amount of due diligence to ensure any refurbishment is done correctly. That’s what is needed on this 1960 Mercedes-Benz 190B, found in dusty isolation in a British basement. If you’re game, submit a bid via the eBay.co.uk listing here. Read more »

Patinaed Pickup: 1955 Studebaker E10

1955 Studebaker E10

Growing up only a few hours from South Dakota and having family in the Black Hills area meant spending many a weekend in South Dakota. I still remember fondly driving around as a family looking at all the old cars parked in fields, alleys, and any open buildings we might come across. No wonder me and Jesse have such a love for barn finds, we’ve been hunting for them since childhood! Going back year after year, I began to notice that each trip there were fewer and fewer old cars parked around the Black Hills. At one time it was a gold mine of unrestored classics, but it has slowly been picked clean. This 1955 Studebaker E10 was at one time in South Dakota, but like many of the cars from the area, it has been relocated. It is currently in the Swan Lake, New York area and still looks to be as discovered. The owner has decided to part ways and has listed it here on eBay. Read more »

5 Mile Truck: 1964 Chevy C-10

Lambrecht Chevy C-10

Looking at this 1964 Chevy C-10 Pickup, you might think it is just another restored truck, but in reality this has only seen 5 miles since brand new. How could that be possible you might ask? You see this truck is one of the low mileage survivors to be pulled out of the Lambrecht Chevrolet dealership that went to auction last year. It was one of the biggest stories of the year, but if you just happened to miss it you can read the original story here. I knew it was only a matter of time before we started to see some of these vehicles hitting the market. The question with this truck is whether the seller will get a return on their investment or if the initial excitement has already worn off and they are going to be take a beating. With less than a day to go, it doesn’t look like the seller is going to get their money back out of it, but perhaps someone is saving their bids for the last minute. You can watch the auction unfold here on eBay with bidding currently just over $10k. Read more »

Just a Name: 1983 Shelby Charger

1983 Dodge Charger Shelby

How many of you have recently purchased a brand-new car for the sole purpose of mothballing it for future sale? None of you? I’m shocked. Perhaps it was a generational thing, as the lackluster performance cars of the ’80s seem to pop up in almost unused condition with greater frequency than any other era of vehicles. With the exception of the Buick Grand National and perhaps a Saleen Mustang, there aren’t a ton of cars from the Malaise era that are worth much more than they were when new. That doesn’t make them any less fun to reminisce over, especially when graced with the signature of someone like Carroll Shelby. Check out this heirloom quality ’83 Dodge Charger Shelby edition here on eBay, with a BIN of almost $20,000! Read more »

Orange Gold:  1978 Mini Midas

1978 Mini Midas

When I was little, my father used to bring me back 1/43 scale die-cast cars from his business travels.  My favorite was a metallic burgundy Mini Marcos. What’s a Mini Marcos, you ask?   First sold in 1965, the Mini Marcos was a British kit car designed to take the mechanical bits from the simple original Mini and put them into a somewhat swoopy…ok…cute, lightweight fiberglass body. Believe it or not, in 1966, a Mini Marcos was the only British car to finish the 24 Hours of LeMans. Over the years, the design and molds were sold several times, but by the mid-1970’s, the design was starting to look dated and it was updated into the Mini Midas. Eagle-eyed reader Jim S found this one here on eBay where you can buy it now for $8,000. Read more »

Yes, You Could Have a V8: 1980 Triumph TR8

1980 Triumph TR8

Ok, I admit it, as a past owner of a TR8 (and hopefully someday a future owner as well), I’m partial to the last Triumph TR.  The Harris Mann-penned design has worn well through the years, and this convertible version found by reader Jim S promises lots of top-down fun in the future.  Check out the eBay ad here for more details and to throw in a bid or two! Special thanks to Jim for this tip! Read more »

Thick Dust: 1965 Lincoln Continental Convertible

1965 Lincoln Continental Convertible

Barn finds are known for their dusty and dirty look, especially when they are first discovered. I’ve seen some seriously dusty cars over the years, but I think this 1965 Lincoln Continental Convertible takes the cake. The thick coating of white dust makes it looks like it was parked in a cement factory. The seller claims that the car is in very solid and complete condition, but that is hard to judge when you can hardly see the car underneath! I guess it will make cleaning it off that much more exciting. Have a look at this massive convertible here on eBay in all of its dust covered glory. Read more »

Foxy Turbo: 1985 Ford Mustang SVO

1985 Mustang SVO

These days, the name of the game in combining efficiency with performance is to introduce turbocharging into every platform possible, from Hyundais to high-performance models like the BMW M3. While better fuel mileage is always welcome, I always feel a bit bummed that turbocharging has gone mainstream. Finding vestiges of the ‘80s like the Mustang SVO, when turbocharging was exotic and exciting is a welcome trip down memory lane. For those of you with an itch for an SVO practically still in the wrapper, this ‘85 with only 10,000 miles is listed here on craigslist with a $5,900 asking price. Read more »

Survivor or Restored: 1967 VW Beetle

1967 VW Beetle

Now that I’ve been here in Boise for a little while, I’ve notice this town has a plethora of classic cars, but one car is more common than any other. Prior to moving here, if you had asked me to guess what the most common classic in the area would be I would have said something like Mustang or Camaro. And I would have been incredibly wrong, as the most common classic we see driving the streets of this town has to be the Volkswagen Beetle. They are literally everywhere and a day doesn’t go by that I don’t see at least 5 of them. I find new ones everyday, some are parked in alleys and in driveways, while others are spotted on the street. While it is great to see so many still on the road, I have yet to see one as clean as the one you see above. The seller claims it is barn find, but if it was it is either the best preserved Beetle I’ve seen in a while or it has already been fully restored. Have a look at it for yourself here on eBay with a BIN of $9,250 in Buena Park, California. Read more »