1970 Dodge W200 Crew Cab Power Wagon 383 V8

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Originally having a flatbed behind that crew cab, or what Dodge called a “chassis-cab unit”, this 1970 Dodge W200 Crew Cab Power Wagon was available with either that or a Utiline (“stepside”) or Sweptline bed. It’s now wearing a Sweptline short bed, probably a very good choice for the seller who has it listed here on eBay in Bountiful, Utah where there are two bids and a current $20,000 bid price.

I love this truck, but as you know, I love pretty much every vehicle ever made, mainly ones that would have been around while I was growing up or starting to drive. It’s hard to argue with a shortbox, or shortbed, pickup these days, they’re all the rage and often bring the most money with collectors. A crew cab with a long bed would almost need to have a red flag on the back because of its length (not really). I’m getting a bit of an early Rambler American rear-wheel vibe, though.

The Styleside bed is more popular between Dodge’s “stepside” (Utiline), and this Styleside. The seller says that this ex-fire-department vehicle had a flatbed and they found a shortbed, media-blasted it, and then primed it so it’s ready for the next owner’s ideas on paint color. Actually, an eight-foot bed length wasn’t available with a W200 (3/4-ton) Crew Cab, the 6.5-foot bed was the only one. Some of the red bits appear to have been quickly painted as often happens with working vehicles in order to keep them looking nice from a short distance.

Here’s the interior and it’s looking pretty nice, truthfully. The W200 Crew Cab has a 146″ wheelbase as compared to 114″ or 128″ on a W100 or W200 standard cab, and 133″ for the W300 one-ton trucks. You can see that it could use a good blasting and painting, hopefully without too much rust repair in between, but I love it. The Crew Cab seating area is a huge extra bonus for both hauling people and car show duty. I know I always mention car shows as if everyone brings their vehicles to car shows constantly, but something like a crew cab would really draw a crowd and show off your restoration work.

The engine looks appropriately used but not abused, it’s Dodge’s 383-cu.in. OHV V8, according to the VIN, and it would have had 258 horsepower. The seller says “motor runs” so that’s a good sign if nothing else. It sends power through a single-lever transfer case to a four-speed manual transmission to all four wheels. I’m both surprised and not surprised (it is 2024, after all) at the high bids so far, as Hagerty lists a #4 fair-condition truck at $17,000 and I don’t if this one is even there yet. A #3 good truck is $28,300. How much would you pay for this truck?

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  1. Rw

    Really cool, but I can’t justify today’s prices.

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  2. Howard A. HoAMember

    Weeeelllll, fictitious bidding aside,( 2 bids, him and pa) it’s an okay find, being somewhat updated with the box, but the next person that offers a plausible bid, should really attempt to drive it first. This is one tired mule, and not used for many a moon, and sat somewhere for quite some time. Make no mistake, great for skidding logs out of the woods, but not much else. The test drive would prove interesting. But, but, my RAM 2500,,,how different could it be?

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  3. Doug Edwards

    Questionable paint job on interior. Overspray on door handles, gas pedal and weatherstrip. Just my thoughts

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  4. sparkster

    Just watched OVERBOARD with Goldie Hawn , paint this truck blue and start a remake of that great movie.

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  5. Frog Man

    I have owned several ex USAF W200 Crew cabs, all 4wd with 225 S6, one i drove out of a junkyard the other was less then $1k both ran well but not worth the new asking prices, course this was in the glorious 80s.

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  6. geomechs geomechsMember

    Another one! And with a 383. Back in the day you were lucky to find a 383 in an Adventurer pickup. Nothing wrong with that. My friend loves Dodge pickups and he always wanted one with a 383. He almost got his wish. Someone had an Adventurer pickup listed in the paper. It said the engine was not complete. My friend went over to look at it and wonder of wonders, all he got was the carb and distributor. But he got the truck anyway and worked on it until he got it completely restored. He had to settle for a 440 engine but I seriously doubt that anyone but a purist would realize that they weren’t looking at a 383.

    This truck looks like a nice project. Probably a lot nicer than the one that showed up here a few weeks ago. Complete the work on the bed then give the whole truck a good driver-quality repaint. It’ll serve its purpose and look good too…

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    • Ritchie

      I have a 383 magnum with a push button automatic attached. Was running when it was removed from a 64 Plymouth Fury. My Dads car. I would like to sell as a unit if possible. Asking 750.00

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  7. Steven Prange

    Too bad, now it’s just another old pickup…

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  8. Scotty GilbertsonAuthor

    Auction update: this one sold for $20,000.

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