BF Auction: 1991 GMC Sierra Z71 4×4 Survivor

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  • Seller: JOEL F INKLE
  • Location: Oak Harbor, Washington
  • Mileage: 115,000 Shown
  • Chassis #: 1GTDK14K1MZ502384
  • Title Status: Clean

For many years, trucks like this 1991 GMC Sierra were viewed as old work trucks. As a result, most of them worked hard and were disposed of when repairing them no longer made sense. Now that it’s hard to find well-cared-for examples, values are increasing, especially for well-optioned examples. This truck is nicely optioned with the SLE trim, Z71 4×4 package, LSD rear diff, and step-side bed. Its second owner is offering it as a Barn Finds Auction!

The seller has provided a photo of the options tag, and decoding the RPO codes reveals that this truck is, in fact, a Z71-equipped 4×4. You can see all the decoded options here. The Z71 package added heavy-duty suspension, skid plates, a heavy-duty air cleaner, and the Z71 decals. It was also optioned with the 3.73 Positrac rear end, a heavy-duty radiator, an engine oil cooler, a heavy-duty transmission cooler, A/C, a tilt steering wheel, and Rally Wheels.

The truck’s original 350 V8, rated at 210 horsepower, provides power. It’s said to start up easily and run nicely. After purchasing the truck from the original owner’s daughter two years ago, the seller had the truck serviced. The engine received a complete tune-up, with new plugs, wires and cap, and a new throttle position sensor. The A/C system, transmission, differentials, transfer case, and brakes were also serviced. The transmission received a filter, and the valve body/linkage was adjusted. The A/C system was treated to a new low-pressure switch, a high-side port adapter, and new refrigerant. Everything is said to be in good working order, and the A/C blows cold.

Inside the truck, we find a clean interior. The seller states that the dash is crack-free, and there aren’t any signs of sun fade on the upholstery or plastic components. It’s said to be original, except for the headliner and sun visors, which were recently redone using factory-correct materials. The original radio and cassette player are present and functional. Included with the truck is a Leer topper painted to match the truck. The seller has provided photos with and without the topper installed.

The seller notes that the body and paint are in good overall condition but admits there is some fading on the hood, the clear coat is cloudy on the roof, and some burn-through where someone attempted to polish the paint. The original owner clearly took good care of this truck, as has the seller. It’s said to have spent much of its life in the Southwest, and the seller believes that’s why the truck is solid throughout. This one appears to be a clean survivor that is ready to go! You don’t find ones that are this clean much anymore, so this could be a great one to have. If you’d love to be its next owner, be sure to bid below. And leave any questions you might have in the comments section.

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Sold for: $11,000
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Ended: May 9, 2024 10:06am MDT
Winner: neffer (Offer Accepted)
  • Steve bid $9,850.00  2024-05-09 10:03:17
  • neffer bid $9,600.00  2024-05-09 10:01:16
  • Steve
    bid $9,500.00  2024-05-09 09:59:38
  • neffer bid $9,400.00  2024-05-09 09:56:33
  • Pikll bid $9,300.00  2024-05-09 09:56:17
  • neffer
    bid $9,200.00  2024-05-09 09:55:20
  • Steve bid $9,100.00  2024-05-09 09:46:55
  • neffer bid $9,000.00  2024-05-09 09:04:34
  • Steve
    bid $8,750.00  2024-05-09 08:45:28
  • Pikll bid $8,500.00  2024-05-09 08:33:45
  • Steve bid $8,250.00  2024-05-09 06:58:26
  • Pikll
    bid $8,000.00  2024-05-09 05:34:35
  • Steve bid $7,500.00  2024-05-08 20:48:50
  • Pikll bid $7,250.00  2024-05-08 10:19:37
  • Steve
    bid $7,000.00  2024-05-07 21:07:18
  • neffer bid $6,750.00  2024-05-07 17:05:31
  • Steve bid $6,250.00  2024-05-06 09:59:07
  • Pikll
    bid $6,000.00  2024-05-06 09:53:21
  • Steve bid $5,250.00  2024-05-03 09:32:09
  • neffer bid $5,000.00  2024-05-02 14:04:29
  • Bigrigger
    bid $2,100.00  2024-05-02 11:59:25
  • neffer bid $1,500.00  2024-05-02 11:15:32

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  1. scrapyard john

    I like this era of GM trucks and have owned several. The 3.73’s work well – better gearing for the truck than 3.42’s. I owed a really rough but good running 94 model similar to this with 3.73’s and I averaged 15 mpg driving 30 miles to work, mostly interstate at 70 mph. Not great, but not terrible compared to modern 4 x 4 trucks considering the purchase price new.

    This one looks like it’s in good condition. I’d rather have a blue or red interior just for the mere fact that you can’t really get that anymore, whereas tan or gray are still common.

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    • Big Red SellerSeller

      I have been impressed by the mileage since I purchased it but mostly driving around town and reds/blues are more attractive, the darker colors seem to fade more. Thanks for the comments!

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    • Al camino

      Blue interior on a red truck come on!

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      • Michael

        You must be color blind as that looks like a camel tan color to me.

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    • Stan

      Great looking rig. Ideally a 5spd stick w the taller hwy gear ⚙️ and posi would be my choice. But the owner chose wisely if going autoloader and 3.73 w the HD cooling pkgs. 😎 Nice GM

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  2. Matt

    I owned several of these when they were new and looking back they were by far my favorite trucks. This one is very oddly optioned with Z71 SLE and yet its got manual windows. I bought way too many of these brand new in the 90s starting w/a 92 Sierra and the SLE decor package always included pwr windows and locks. Perhaps it was the SLE in conjunction w/the 1SC package? Either way i like the manuap windows on a 23 yr opd truck. One less thing to break. These are bringing gd money in this shape. Bet it goes for around $12K

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  3. Big Red SellerSeller

    That’s probably the thing I most enjoy about the truck. It’s super simple with no drive by wire. You can still rev the engine from under the hood! My 7 year old looked at the window cranks when we got the truck and said; “Hey Dad, what are those for?” And when I showed her she said, “that’s so cool!” and cranked them up and down about 5 times. I enjoy the cruise and the A/C but in WA you don’t need it often and I seldom take the truck “off island”! Thanks for the comments.

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    • Mark

      Seller, do you have any receipts for repairs & maintenance done? Take pics of them please? Thanks

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      • Big Red SellerSeller

        I have service records since I purchased and copies can go to the winning bidder, however as they contain personal information and will need to be redacted prior to and so I do not have/cannot provide any pics. The listing details some of the more notable updates/corrections. As the truck had well looked after it did not require much!

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  4. Driveinstile DriveinstileMember

    I always liked this generation of Chevys and GMCs. I remember when these came out I was a senior in high school and it was a big deal. They drove nice and the interiors were nice too. This truck is in remarkable condition too. I like the period correct cap for the step side. You just dont see many of these any more, and in such nice condition too. Hope it goes to a good home. Liked the story of the window cranks, so funny, things we took for granted are now a novelty.

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    • Big Red SellerSeller

      The topper goes with but is currently not on the pickup. I just Put it on in fall/winder for the drive-in theater. It looks better in the pics than in RL and could stand a repaint! I just prefer the look w/o it! Dating myself here but was tempted to do a chrome roll bar/KC lights/and a tonneau ala “Rocky” from the Rockford Files!

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      • Dan

        I’m impressed. Normally I’m not a fan of the stepside version of these trucks because it looked a little awkward compared to the fleetside, but this one is exceptional. Too bad I’m down in AR, otherwise I would be tempted to put in a bid.

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  5. Nelson C

    Good looking and stylish truck, and a step side to boot. Has the right drivetrain and 15 mpg was about a 20-25% improvement over the carbureted predicessors. There were teething problems in the beginning but this looks to have been well cared for. I can’t see how you couldn’t enjoy this truck.

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  6. Big Red SellerSeller

    Although the listing covers some of the maintenance/updates completed during my ownership I thought I would provide the following, more detailed maintenance chronology. As I stated to one of the commenters herein, I do have service records of work completed during my ownership to pass along to the winner of this auction! Big Red has been maintained with an open checkbook and mechanically speaking, I’m not aware of anything the truck needs!

    Here’s the rundown;
    3/22 Purchase general inspection and Service to exchange fluids in transfer case and both differentials.(Engine oil was no yet due for service)
    4/22 Inspect and recharge a/c system to restore operation and replace throttle position sensor and wipers
    4/22 replace fuel cap
    5/22 Replace a/c low pressure switch and high side port adapter and recharge system
    6/22 A/c manifold replaced and recharged system
    8/22 oil/filter change
    10/22 headliner and visors retrimmed in OEM fabric/color
    11/22 new tires purchased/installed
    11/8 Tune up including plugs/wires/cap/rotor and also turned front brakes
    10/23 Ignition replaced
    11/23 transmission service including drop pan/replace/clean filter, valve body/linkage adjusted install new fluid and additives and transfer case serviced also.
    12/23 steering column tilt bolts tightened and secured with Loctite.

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  7. OlderGMs4me

    This is a damn good price on this truck. I do suspect last minute bidders will raise the price. I’d bid, but I’m currently restoring my 89 single cab step side. GLWA.

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    • Big Red SellerSeller

      It’s a damn good price that’s never gonna happen! You’re not going to buy a truck this nice waaayyy down there and y’all know it! Ya need to get your thinking up!

      Similar trucks $20K +or- on “Drag a Flatbed”! Super easy to do a search of similar “sold” trucks. No offense but if I’m gonna give it away it’s gonna be to a family member! Less than 24hrs to go! I’m prepared to reduce/drop the reserve if we’re in the ballpark but we’re not even in the same zip code!

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      • SteveMember

        Big Red Seller, if that’s the case I do think we are distant cousins… LOL

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  8. Kangas Norman

    Would you deliver to Phx? Beautiful truck…I’d love it. I have a 2019 Nissan frontier sl 4×4 I’d be interested in selling or trading. Thanks.

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