1974 TVR 2500M Driveway Find

In case you don’t remember, Barn Finds has a good relationship with white TVR’s with black stripes! While this earlier 2500M is a little rounder, it still has the same spirit of British sports car that… more»

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2,400 Miles & A V8! 1965 Griffith 400

Largely original, this Griffith (think small, fiberglass-bodied TVR with Ford 289 V8 added) was used for drag racing from new according to the seller, and now only has 2,475 miles (although the majority may have been… more»

Alfa Powered 1972 TVR Vixen 2500

Well now this is an interesting find, special thanks to Peter R for the tip! The TVR Vixen is a wonderful but rare sports car. That being said, they had one major issue, the Triumph inline… more»

This Vixen Needs Fixen: 1969 TVR Vixen S3

This Vixen, that’s listed on eBay in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, looks pretty good from this angle, but that’s about the only good view. Bidding is just over $5,000 with 5 days left. It’s been sitting for 30 years and… more»

It’s Shiny: 1969 TVR Vixen S2

Vixens were hand built cars with fiberglass body panels over a tubular frame. The frames tend to rust and leave the owner with a nice looking car but a rusty frame. The frame can be repaired or replaced… more»

Rare British Project: 1969 TVR Vixen

After reviving our TVR, I’ve had plenty of dreams about finding another one of these awesome Brits. Sadly, they just aren’t all that common. Our Tasmin was powered by a wonderful Ford V6, but every time… more»

Make Your Choice, Please: $4k 1974 TVR Or TR6?

As it turns out, both of these British sports cars are within one state of me, both are priced at $4,000, both are model year 1974, and they even have the same type of engine and transmission!… more»

Parts or Project? 1970 TVR Vixen

One memory of childhood I have managed to retain after many years is an old, green TVR parked near an ancient garage on my elementary school bus route. It was the highlight of my day, and… more»

Grand Grantura: 1963 TVR Grantura Series III

This isn’t the Barn Finds TVR, this one is a couple of decades older; but it’s cool, none the less. The 1963 TVR Grantura Series III shown here is on eBay in Connecticut. The bids around $7,000… more»

BF Exclusive: Our 1983 TVR Tasmin!

You’ve watched us find, fix, and drive our TVR, but now it is time to let someone else have a turn. This car had been parked for many years as the result of a failed fuel… more»

Project TVR: Finishing Touches

Well guys, this past week has been a crazy one! After getting the TVR up and running, we decided we just needed to hit it hard and get this Wedge finished up. We’ve had some incredibly… more»

Last To Chance To Get Your “Wild4Wedges” T-Shirt!

Surprisingly, we’ve had sold quite a few t-shirts since we started offering a new design each week. Guess there aren’t a lot of people who are actually wild for wedges though because this one has been… more»

Project TVR: First Start Attempt!

We have been very busy here at Barn Finds HQ lately. That’s how it goes when you  drag home not one but two barn finds in a 24 hour time span! It’s been fun, but a… more»