German Import Edition: 1985 TVR 280i

When I spied the listing for this 1985 TVR 280i, also known as the TVR Tasmin, I had forgotten that they still exist as a going concern, but according to their website, they’re still TVRing along. And even though… more»

Tube-Frame Sports Coupe! 1972 TVR Vixen 2500

Surprisingly not named after one of Santa’s reindeer, the 1968-72 TVR Vixen mated a series of readily available powerplants with TVR’s custom-designed tube chassis and fiberglass body. This 1972 TVR Vixen 2500 in York, Pennsylvania came near the end… more»

Rare Hardtop: 1984 TVR 280i

TVR remains one of the more intriguing options out there for an enthusiast car that offers tons of exclusivity for very reasonable money. In general, you don’t see them at your local car shows and even some of the… more»

Came with the House: 1969 TVR Vixen S2

As of this writing, I’ve found cars in some pretty interesting places. The classic barn find; a few in junkyards; and most recently, one on an island. But I’ve never had the thrill of buying a house and finding… more»

TVR 2500M: Rare Fiberglass Coupe

TVRs have a tendency to be overlooked when one searches for a lightweight, good-handling British classic coupe. I’m not sure whether it’s the somewhat pedestrian Triumph mechanicals, the quirky (but pretty) styling, or simply that Lotus got all the… more»

Forgotten Sports Car: 1974 TVR 2500M

As we all know by now, I will roll the dice willingly on very risky projects, often with limited time spent looking over the car in question. What can I say – we all have to live dangerously somehow,… more»

30K Original Miles: 1983 TVR Tasmin

TVRs still intrigue me to a significant degree, owing to their humble workshop origins to the extensive use of the lovely Ford Cologne V6 engine. The wedge-shaped styling is hard to resist, too, but that’s a subjective choice. The… more»

One of 862! 1985 TVR 280i

While the name Trevor Wilkinson may not roll off the lips of every automotive fan, the name of the auto company that he founded,  TVR, is bound to stir some recall. A British manufacturer of performance-oriented sports cars, TVR… more»

Some Assembly Required: 1974 TVR 2500M

The “M” was a line of sports cars built in the 1970s by British luxury automaker TVR. The 2500M was the first in the series and were hand-built cars with glass-reinforced plastic bodies, so fewer than 1,000 were produced… more»

Rare Wedge: 1986 TVR 280i

The TVR 280i is a relatively attainable exotic that won’t break most project car budgets, and event decent drivers remain relatively attainable. This 1986 280i presents well with just 35,000 miles from new. These cars are all seemingly fairly… more»

Barn Find Wedge: 1983 TVR Tasmin

Lurking under that tarp is an example of perhaps the “wedgiest” production car in history! When the TVR Tasmin was introduced in 1980, its Oliver Winterbottom-drawn lines left no doubt as to the designer’s intent. This one has been… more»

Red Barn Find: 1985 TVR 280i

TVR: Terribly light, Very quick, and Raucous. Located in Warwick, Rhode Island, this 1985 280i is listed for auction here on eBay. Five days remain at the time of writing, and though the bid has cleared $3,000, the reserve… more»

Unfinished Project: 1974 TVR 2500M

Unfinished projects can be a bit of a mixed bag. You can either get a deal on a car that’s had a good part of the work already completed, or you can wind up with a vehicle that’s been… more»

Long-Stored Sports Car: 1974 TVR 2500M

TVR remains one the most wonderfully nutty vintage cars you can buy, the sort of thing I’m sure someone will figure out a way to ban within the next decade. This 2500M has recently been revived after what sounds… more»

Low-Mileage Wedge: 1985 TVR 280i

This 1985 TVR 280i is a surprisingly nice driver-grade example of a model that typically appears as a total trainwreck of a project. Yes, there are exceptions, but as someone who has wanted to own one of these for… more»

Brute Force Brit: 1994 TVR Chimaera

This 1994 TVR Chimaera is a rare bird in the U.S., a right-hand drive performance car that will still raise the hair on the back of your neck with its light-weight construction and powerful Rover V8 under the hood…. more»

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