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1969 Ford Boss 302 Garage Find

With only 1,628 Boss 302 Mustangs built in 1969, these cars are highly collectable and valuable. This one was found in a garage, where it had been stored for the past 32 years. It’s in rough shape, but if you are willing to tackle this project, it can be found here on eBay.

The Boss Mustang came about in an attempt to give the Camaro a challenger for the Trans Am Championship. To make the Boss a true competitor in Trans Am, Ford took their 302 cui Windsor V8 and strapped Cleveland heads to it. Ford rated the combination at 290 hp, but realistic output was closer to 400 hp. Ford also upgraded the suspension and made some cosmetic changes to help improve performance.

Like the rest of the car, the interior needs attention. It appears all the original pieces are there, but have seen better days. Thankfully, the Boss came with the standard Mustang interior, so finding replacement parts shouldn’t be difficult. Looking at the body, we would guess that the floors are going to need replacing. Not only does it need lots of body work, but it also needs a correct engine and transmission.

As you can see this Boss is going to be a massive project, but if the Vin is correct it would be worth it. Missing the original engine could have a huge impact on the value. What do you think? Will the engine have a huge impact on the value or do you think the rust will have a bigger impact?


  1. Skip Middleton

    A non matching numbers but period correct Boss certainly falls short of the value of one with the original engine and transmission. I’m not sure how much it would come in ahead of an out and out replica…

  2. john

    What a rust bucket! To make anything out of it you would have to find another body and transfer the vin plates and numbers! If it was garaged for 32 years, it must have been where MiDOT keeps the salt for the roads! It does have a good many trim parts still in good shape!

  3. Firebird 1LE

    Pass. $7,600 (high bid at this time) for a VIN tag and 3,000 pounds of crumbling iron oxides is ridiculous. Unless you’re a pro metal man with your own shop (or well-equipped garage) just resurrecting that rusted up shell is going to cost at least $30,000.

  4. Steve

    An automatic? This doesn’t smell right…

  5. Harrell Caines Jr

    exactly Steve. I don’t ever recall any BOSS with and automatic. and I see no evidence of ever having the rear spoiler.

  6. Dolphin Dolphin

    This car sure shows the effects of Ohio winters, and I think we can believe that it has travelled a lot of miles, probably all in Ohio. Too bad, because a real ’69 Boss 302 in near-perfect condition can be worth from $40K to $65K, but this one will probably never get there since it needs just about every piece of sheet metal on it replaced or seriously fixed. Lots of fine print in the listing, and lots of stories too—almost always a bad sign—but unfortunately a tad short on the photos and none showing the underside. The only clear shot of a bottom panel shows a big hole in the trunk next to the gas tank, so you can assume that the floors and the frame, spring hangers and other suspension pickup points will need lots and lots of work.

    I’d bet that most people would give up in despair before they got half way thru, which is one reason why so many cars get parked in garages or barns and then get ‘found’ years later.


    I disagree. How many fake Boss Mustangs do you see? Having the real thing is important to me at least over a fake. There has to be double/triple the amount resto clones rolling around. There are several posted on ebay right now. Despite the condition it is still a real Boss. Steve and Harrel, The guy says the automatic was installed. It comes with a Marti report (worth it’s weight in gold) Everything has a story Dolphin right? Sounds cool to me. A real Detriot car. Also w/ the fine print maybe the seller is getting tired of tire kickers and deadbeats or that elusive wife the descision maker who didn’t bid. Great idea of no nonsense. On the car. Locating a period correct motor should be easy as I believe a Windsor block w/Cleveland heads. In 69 Ford did little to make serial specific.I would say most original Boss Mustangs do not have the born with engines and this is no different. I ran into several Boss Mustangs 30 years ago w/a 289 and 351. Ummm…..they were a cheap disposable performance car of little value then. A close ratio trans again would be easy. The hardest piece of the puzzle to locate would be a real G code body with the specific trimmings and it is right here and the car looks to come w/all the tags and body id. I say great find here and a super alternative to a $80,000 car. Paying $15K for the car and a good shop w/inhouse labor (NOT RETAIL LABOR) would have $10 to 12K in rebuild costs.It is not TV here. There are still great shops that work on the cheap that produce fantastic resaults. Still way under the money here. Although imagine getting the car running and structural repaired if needed and driving as is. How much fun that would be. You would be chased all over w/people wanting to look at it! Wanting to buy it restore it etc.Much more attention (good or bad) compaired to a nut and bolt restoration. Good luck to the seller.

  8. chris h.

    10-12k in rebuild costs? Maybe 25 years ago, bur certainly not now. As far as the engine, I would slap a Coyote 5.0 in there. Its nit original anymore anyway, so…

  9. paul

    Tough one, 5500 miles of a complete, but a rust bucket, all original, missing the engine,& correct gear box, anything can be saved, but at what cost, this car would have to be stripped of everything & then dipped in acid, then begin the task of replacing any & all parts that are rotted.& when your done it’s still none matching #.

  10. Jeff

    If I lived a block away from this and was offered it for $2000, I would walk ;) just sayin…..

  11. Larry

    Sorry AMCFAN, but no matter how you look at it, it will never be a #’s matching car, and worth the money of a matching car. Marti report or not. You will have more in it then it will be worth.
    It’s so sad to see these cars in this shape.

  12. Rancho Bella

    This is a retirement savings buster. The ’69 is harder to come by but the ’70 is a better car. People can dream all they want about these………but, it’s just a Mustang.
    Oddly the harder you push these into a corner the better they handle.

    And yes, they never came with an automatic. So, one needs to find a B2 motor, trans and new found wealth.

  13. twwokc

    Looks way too far gone to me, regardless if its a real one or not.
    Best of luck to the person that takes this one on.

  14. Chris

    I can’t speak to Mustang shells built after 1966, but the early ones were on a modified Falcon platform and were delivered lacking any rustproofing. One Rochester NY winter and the salt damage was severe. This one shows the usual rust through spots but you can’t see all the hidden ones. Strip this one and acid dip, you’d be looking at 3D swiss cheese. At best this is a parts car. I really wonder if the shell could be made safe enough, or straight enough as a framework to hang new doors, fenders and other sheet metal. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this bought for the Boss 302 tag to hang on an identical color and trim clone.

  15. Dolphin Dolphin

    Anytime I see so much upbeat talk by a seller in a sales listing for a car that literally needs everything I begin to have lots of doubts about a project, and unfortunately that’s what I get with this listing. For me, it sounds like hard sell.

    But you might be right: If you know of a shop that will fix this body properly for only $10 – 12K then you have a chance of bringing it back as a good Boss 302 and not be underwater, but I really doubt that you can get that much skilled metal and paint work done for that much money. At least I don’t know anyone who has recently. If you know of a good shop with skilled people that will do this car properly for that money then please tell us. That would be a great resource for everyone to know about.

  16. Lurkertom

    Restoring this BOSS would have to be a labor of love…as an investment it would be like trying to make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. Too much work to even make it into a driver. Rust never sleeps.

  17. Chris H.

    The shop I used to work for resurrected a 1-of-1 69 Hemi Charger that was missing its original drivetrain and had more rust than sheetmetal. Even then, it was a unique car for that model year, and still likely to retain some value due to that fact. Unfortunately, what you have here is a low-volume performance car with little upside from the restorer’s standpoint. If you can get it on the cheap, do it, then keep the rust at bay for the next 25 years until the value of the car far outweighs restoration costs. Case in point: just about any Porsche 356 is bringing crazy money these days, and that’s not likely to subside much as time marches on.

  18. Gnrdude

    Ok 2 things if it Doesn’t have a G in the Vin Or it wasn’t originally a Stick It’s not a BOSS. BOSS mustangs only Came in 4 speed. So this is a Rusty Dilapidated Phony most Likely.

  19. AMCFAN

    Gnrdude, How would it be a fake when the guy says he has a Marti Report? He says right in the ad it is a G code and the motor and trans are not original. It is a long ad but it seems like you read a few lines….fell asleep… then woke up again while looking at the bottom page. Besides how could someone fake rusty patina with those boss stripes. DID you see the quarters do not have quarter vents? That is a boss only giveaway as they didn’t have vents. If they were covered over in bondo you would see tell tale signs by now as the plastic would shrink and the paint would be discolored and cracked. That sure looks like original paint. I still like it.

  20. AMCFAN

    Say…I think I read somewhere that they are making and selling Mustang bodies. I believe 67/68 for sure. Anyone know if they make them for a 69? That would be an option. As far as labor goes. The times we are living in are rough for many. Many good people out of work. I know you get what you pay for but there are alot of guys working out of their garage…or would work in yours. I have a friend who found someone on his block a year ago. A welder by trade who turns out one h_ll of a metal fab guy this guy is something else. Sad to say he is working for $8 bucks an hour and happy. Very sad but true. Hurry up Nov.4

  21. 1750GTV

    “It was stored in a garage with a concrete floor.”

    Ah, yes, but did it have a roof?

    • paul

      so what year is your Alfa?

      • paul


  22. Rancho Bella


    It is true that new Mustang bodies are available for $16K. But………you would be required to remove the Vin tag from the old car and install it on the new one…….which is…..not legal. So, if done, make sure you are the only one in the garage that night.

    You guys need to read the sellers ad. G code, automatic installed, not original engine.
    By the way, a correct B2 engine and top loader will run about $15K +/-.
    A decent rust free B2 can be had for $45 to $50 K…..maybe less.

  23. Dolphin Dolphin

    Rancho Bella beat me to it…….What this interesting discussion has shown is that what you are buying here is basically a VIN number, plus maybe a rear end and suspension if they are OK (but all seals, rubber and probably suspension pivot joints will be shot and need replacing). The interior is also shot but you might be able to save some bits and maybe the seat frames. The original engine and std. transmission are gone, so you will need those too.

    Then you have to get a car to put the VIN on, maybe by buying a brand new new car body, as has been suggested. But as Rancho said, that raises potentially serious legal questions when you want to register and insure it, or sell it. More stories added to the stories this rusty Boss 302 already has. I’m guessing it would be a difficult car to sell unless you concealed some of the facts.

    My approach would be very different. Like Rancho, I would pony up for the best decent Boss 302 I could find and afford. I would search continent-wide and be prepared to travel to get the right car. I’ve done this and I know it works for getting a decent deal by going to the car, with cash, and maybe also a pickup and trailer because some of the best deals are in out-of-the-way places. I have bought two great vintage sportscars this way in the last couple of weeks for a total of less than the current bid on this Boss 302—three if you count my wife’s new-used Volvo XC.

    I think getting a decent rust free Boss 302 for $45 to $50K or less is possible, like Rancho says, and you will spend less than you would trying to make something out of the rusty, incomplete Ohio car. Plus you would be driving a legal car, and you would be doing it a lot sooner.

  24. Phil Curran

    itlooks more like a 70 with 69 front grill. I always thought 69″s had the vents in the upper rear quater panels…had a 70 mach 1 when i was 17. bought it for $700 sold it wish i still had it LOL

  25. AMCFAN

    Dolphin, If I had $50K I wouldn’t spend it on a Boss even if I could afford it. (OK maybe an SS/AMX) I would rather take advantage of the bottomed out real estate market. Seriously. The car is rough and rusty for sure point made by everyone but it is an option for someone who didn’t have a ton of money for the initial investment. I have to dissagree with you Dolphin (you seem very smart by your word speak, no disrespect) but I think there is more then tags here. More or less you have a whole car to work with. If it were anything else it would have been scrapped 40 years ago. Almost all the Boss Mustangs were found were preserved 30 years ago. Some are on their second/third time being restored. The prices today makes them untouchable to almost anyone. To me and I guess I am the only one but It is cool to find one that fell through the cracks. Other then the motor and trans the car looks pretty much unmolested. It is interesting that under the deck is painted black from the factory. You can see the tags so you have some elements of a bench mark. Everything under the sun to repair the car can be bought out of a catalog. You do not have to buy new. Hit some Ford meets. There is always lots rust free body parts available. Who needs to buy a whole body unless one is gifted to you. So that being said, If you were savvy and took your time you could network and find the right parts. I would do the work myself and not pay a shop.I would have one for $20-25K . I wouldn’t finance my house then pay back $80K. Thats $50K plus interest. I still think this is a deal. Great info on a repro body Rancho I had no idea on legal issues At the Barrett auctions you sometimes see vehicles rebodied for what ever reason on the block. I wonder if certain states allow that and others do not? Wonder if you would recieve a Salvage Rebult title? Great conversation!

  26. Dolphin Dolphin


    Yes, I agree its great fun talking about what we would do with (relatively) unlimited funds.

    So you are really a SS/AMX fan! Well I think I might have guessed that from your handle.

    We can agree that, if we had the ready cash, neither of us would spend it on a Boss, as desirable as those are. I would prefer a ’65 or ’66 Fastback to a Boss, at less money. A ’66 GT-350 Hertz (a clone—to keep it sane) has always seemed especially desirable because of the great look and stance. I came close to pulling the trigger for an affordable one a few months ago and still regret that I didn’t buy it.

    I believe the rebody question probably gets different answers in different jurisdictions. A place like Montana (I think that’s the state..if not, a close-by state) will register and plate anyone’s car even if they don’t live there. I’m sure that other jurisdictions are a lot more restrictive. With 50 states and 10 Canadian provinces there are probably real differences between all of these places.

  27. mark

    Automatic? I thought they all came with 4 speeds!

  28. Gregory

    I for one am just amazed at reading the comments how little people read and comprehend anymore, and how our society has just accepted stupidity and is A OK with it. How about the two basic words of “sell” and “sale” someone used incorrectly and everyone follows . I’ve never been a grammer natzi ever I’m not a perfect speller every time but just reading the auto classifieds and articles like many of us do for enjoyment its not enjoyable seeing how Americans have become followers and dumbed down not leaders like our fore fathers….!!!!

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