7 Litre Four Speed! 1966 Galaxie 500 Convertible

In dashing red and black, this fine-looking Ford has much to offer including the popular stacked headlight grille, 7-Liter (428 cid) V8, and (non-original) four-speed manual gearbox. Located in Media, Pennsylvania, it seeks a new owner here on eBay… more»

EXCLUSIVE: Pair Of 1963 Ford Galaxie Country Squire XLs

Reader Michael B has not one, but two Ford Galaxie Country Squire XL wagons that need to go! It will likely take both cars to build one nice one, but with so few of these having been built hopefully,… more»

Easy Restoration: 1955 Ford Thunderbird

The owner of this 1955 Ford Thunderbird says that it could be restored with very little investment. That could potentially be quite good news, because values have been flat for the ’55 model for quite some time, and have… more»

One Family Owned: 1966 Ford Mustang

This 1966 black plate Mustang Coupe has spent its entire life residing in the very pleasant Californian climate, and its overall condition is a perfect example of just how beneficial this can be. It has belonged to the same… more»

No Reserve: 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra

It seems to get harder to find desirable cars put up for sale in no reserve auctions. To me, putting a clean Fox Body Cobra into a no reserve listing means you know bidders will be hungry for a… more»

Little Old Lady’s Grabber: 1970 Ford Maverick

The seller mistakenly has labeled this Maverick a Mustang, but perhaps the Grabber package has him thinking there’s a little bit of ‘Stang juice in this modest econobox. Despite the racy effect the Grabber package may have on you,… more»

READER AD: 1979 Ford Bronco Ranger XLT

What Makes It Special? I bought this Bronco from the original owner last November. It had been in an open-sided barn behind his house for the past 18 years after he bought a new Ford truck in 2001. It… more»

Olive Needs A Home: $2,500 1976 Ford Pinto Wagon

Olive needs a new home, according to the seller of this 1974 Ford Pinto wagon. Olive is looking pretty good to me and she can be found here on craigslist in Perry, Georgia. The seller is asking $2,500 or… more»

Needs Finishing: 1966 Ford Mustang 289

This 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe is a project car, but the owner has decided to part with the car just when the finish line is in sight. Still, their loss could be your gain, because while there haven’t been… more»

1 of 65 Made! 1974 Ford F-250 Survivor

You’ve probably heard the phrase about a vehicle being “a fifty footer.” Well, this truck fits into that category. From a distance, it looks like a super-clean and nice old truck. Up close, you can see some dents, dings,… more»

Stored 45 Years: 1959 Thunderbird

Back in 1958, the Ford Motor Company disappointed a few folks by introducing a four-seat Thunderbird, replacing the 1955-57 two-seat version. For the 1959 model year, production increased some 78 percent, to 67,456 units, far exceeding any ’55-’57 levels… more»

Original Condition? 1924 Ford Model T Runabout

According to Wikipedia, the number of Model Ts produced in 1924 was a staggering 1,922,048 cars.  That figure is second to 1923 when Ford rolled more than two million Model Ts off its assembly lines!  To put things in… more»

Golden Era Hot Rod: 1934 Ford

What could be cooler than finding a period built hot rod that hasn’t been touched since the 1950’s? Well I am sure there are some things that come to mind, but this 1934 Ford Pickup is a very cool… more»

Home Workshop Project: 1941 Ford DeLuxe Business Coupe

The law of averages says that at some point in the future, the supply of potentially solid older project cars such as this 1941 Ford DeLuxe Business Coupe is probably going to begin to dry up. It follows from… more»

428 Genuine Miles? 1965 Ford Mustang

This 1965 Mustang has led a sheltered existence, having been in storage since the early 1970s. That’s not the most extraordinary part of this story, because the owner claims that the car has only traveled a genuine 428 miles… more»

Free Wheeling! 1977 Ford F-100 XLT

I’m a big fan of vehicles with graphics packages and this rust-free, original 1977 Ford F-100 Free Wheeling pickup brings me right back to the ’70s. This rare truck is listed here on eBay in Lewiston, New York. The… more»