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Up On Blocks: 1972 Buick Skylark

The Skylark, named after a species of bird, was one of the most enduring nameplates within Buick. It stuck around for 46 years through six production runs. The best-selling renditions may have been the 1968-72 mid-size models which were… more»

Used Car Lot Packardbaker: 1958 Packard Wagon

Sometimes the end of life is beautiful.  Other times, fate deals a rather grim hand.  For the once stately Packard marque, the end was ugly and totally lacking in the dignity that the brand deserved.  Now, one of the… more»

Leatherback Vicky: 1931 Ford Model A Victoria

Sometimes I am convinced there’s a secret competition for “most cursory car advertisement”, even on craigslist, where, gee, it’s free to be wordy. It’s helpful to read history or condition details about very early cars since more than likely… more»

Stunning Drop-Top: 1959 Ford Fairlane 500 Galaxie Skyliner

Winter may be on our doorstep, but that doesn’t mean enthusiasts should ignore drop-top classics when choosing something to park in their garage. They may not gain immediate motoring enjoyment, but squirreling one away until the sun shows its… more»

21k Original Mile Survivor: 1966 Chevrolet Nova

It is fair to say that we have seen our share of Chevrolet Novas over more than a decade at Barn Finds. Most have been SS versions with a V8 under the hood, but this 1966 model blows in… more»

Only Two Owners: 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 350

The Chevelle Super Sport was one of the many hot cars of the 1960s. And – like the others – they lost some of their steam in the 1970s. First, the insurance industry figured out the risk of insuring… more»

Rare Classic: 1962 Ford Thunderbird Sports Roadster

Ford introduced the Third Generation Thunderbird in 1961 and immediately found itself with a styling winner. The car looked lower and more elegant than its predecessors, and sales were all that Ford could have hoped. The company released a… more»

Award Winner: 1935 Cadillac Town Cabriolet V-12

This is about as far away from a bread-and-butter classic Cadillac offering as it’s possible to get. Located here on eBay, near Portland, Oregon, it’s a senior trophy winner, a 1935 370-D Cadillac V-12 seven-passenger leather-back town cabriolet by… more»

Parked 40 Years! 1949 Willys-Overland Jeepster

While today’s Jeeps dial up styling as far away from “car” as possible, the 1948 to 1950 Willys-Overland Jeepster targeted buyers interested in the rugged reputation of the war-proven Jeep blended with more car-like comfort and convertible flair. This… more»

One-Family-Owned: 1978 Dodge Xplorer 212

Looking appropriately sunburned and faded for the desert southwest, this one-family-owned 1978 Dodge B200 Xplorer 212 camping van would be a fun winter project. I used to dream about traveling around the country in a vehicle like this. The… more»

Retractable Top! 1959 Ford Skyliner

Earlier in the week, we covered this 1961 Ford Sunliner and I made mention of the ’57-’59 retractable top Skyliner. Well, today, looking very fiftyish in its salmon and white two-tone finish is just such an example, a final… more»

Locked 15 Years: 1965 Lincoln Continental

In the luxury automobile segment in the 1960s, it was almost always Cadillac – Lincoln – and Imperial, in that order, when it came to sales. But Lincoln would continue to do things to set itself apart and sell… more»

No Time to Restore: 1978 Jeep Cherokee Chief

It’s a story as old as the car hobby itself: you buy a project with every intention of restoring it, and then life gets in the way to such a degree that it’s not possible to even get started…. more»

4-Speed Project: 1979 AMC Spirit AMX

The AMC Spirit AMX remains one of the brawniest cars ever made; despite this, it also remains fairly cheap to buy in project car form. There’s always somewhat of a price penalty when the brand in question is no… more»

427 FE 8V V8/4-Speed! 1964 Ford Galaxie 500

A trip to your local Ford dealer back in ’64 saw the buyer finding a more sculpted-type look on the Galaxie 500 than in the previous year’s offering, a design that was actually intended to make the car more… more»

20-Year Barn Find Roller: 1970 Plymouth Satellite

In the 1960s, everyone was capitalizing on the Space Race by naming cars that fit the times. For example, Ford had the Galaxie, Chevy had the Nova, and Plymouth had the Satellite, which was an upper-level, mid-size Belvedere. This 1970… more»