Rare Species: 1963 Ford Falcon Sprint V8

Rare birds can come in a few different forms, but this Falcon Sprint survivor is a real automotive treat. The “Sprint” Falcons are very rare as it is thought that only a little over 10,000 of… more»

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1975 Dodge Vista Cruiser Van!

Some odd things often get submitted to the staff here at Barn Finds, and this 1975 Dodge van is one of those oddballs. Customized with an Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser roof, this Dodge has a rather unique… more»

Hardtop Canary: 1955 Buick Super Riviera

Mid 1950’s Buick’s are a dream when configured as a two door hardtop like this example, and the vibrant color scheme on this car is a pleasant surprise. Discovered in Tennessee as a “true barn find”… more»

Box 6 Camper: 1963 Chevrolet Corvair Motorhome

Are you a die-hard classic camper fan that thinks the Volkswagen camper hung the moon? Do you crave a little more power, but aren’t ready to give up the rear engine air cooled configuration just yet?… more»

Long Forgotten: 1951 Chevrolet Deluxe Coupe

Run into the ground, and clearly forgotten and neglected for some time, this ’51 Chevy Coupe has certainly seen better days. With no information provided other than a copy and paste excerpt from Wikipedia, this heavily… more»

Two Door Toaster: 1951 Nash Station Wagon

Although these Nash’s are known for their bare bones simplicity, their styling is magnificent and extremely eye catching. Considered a true “Barn Find” by the seller, this toaster like wagon is a fairly solid survivor that… more»

Free Big Block Mopar Winnebago

Free is a strange word, as it would insinuate getting something for nothing, but that is rarely the situation. Offered for free with a clear title, keys, and a big block Mopar engine, this camper is… more»

Wood Panel Delight: 1968 Mercury Colony Park Wagon

What can be said about applique wood paneling other than it either makes you sick, or in some strange way you actually find it to be really cool. I am one of the latter, and absolutely… more»

Cheap Survivor: 1970 Olds F85 Cutlass

It is amazing to me that cars of this caliber are offered for such a reasonable price, and yet they get little attention. By no means perfect, but beautiful, and in original condition, this Oldsmobile was… more»

Affordable Fins: 1961 Chrysler Newport

Early 1960’s styling on Mopars can be described in many ways, but no matter your opinion, their styling was interesting none the less. Featuring cool styling, two doors, two big fins, and a V8, this classic… more»

Solid Woody Project: 1949 Ford Woody Wagon

Highly coveted and well loved, ’49 fords are great cars with a grand following. Coupes, sedans, and convertibles can often been seen at car events, but how often do you see the not so common Woody… more»

Tri Power 4-Speed Drop Top: 1965 GTO Convertible

Tri power 4-speed convertible rolls off of the tongue so nicely, and is a fantastic selection of options for any classic car. GTO’s are well known and admired for their styling and power, so naturally a… more»

The Cars from Hershey AACA Fall Swap Meet 2017

In the first installment of the AACA Fall Swap Meet, I covered some of my favorite items from the “flea market.” As Hershey winds down, more cars seem to trickle in, and on my last day… more»