Solid Floors: 1967 Pontiac GTO Convertible

Currently in a project state, this ’67 Pontiac GTO Convertible is quite a promising project. With a solid body and stellar floors, this muscle car looks as if it would need little in the body/paintwork department. The car does run but is not currently a driver. This GTO can be yours for $22,500. Check it out here on craigslist out of Wylie, Texas.

According to the seller, the engine “will run” so I assume that to mean that this GTO has been sitting a while. Also, the seller doesn’t appear terribly confident in the engine’s displacement, saying “I believe it’s a 326”, but he did explain that the engine is not original. The engine compartment is relatively clean at a quick glance, but the paintwork is not great. There no evidence of rust, rot, or even heavy dirt in the engine compartment. I would guess this was a project that was stopped mid-stream, as there are a few things disconnected and missing. The underbody and chassis look very clean, and a fresh gas tank has been installed. I am curious how far off this GTO is from being a driver.

Put simply as “interior kit needed” the remaining elements of the interior are not terrible. The seats are certainly useful, and the dash while having a couple of cracks, does not appear horribly sun-bleached. I would guess that there are no door panels, carpeting, insulation, or trim pieces to make the interior complete. Also, the seller clearly states that the “his/her’s” shifter console is missing. Last but not least, I am sure a convertible top is needed as well.

Overall the body of this GTO looks very promising. There is no evidence of rust, but the dark-colored paint with the poor lighting isn’t exactly revealing either. The photos of the underbody are surprising, as I was expecting to see a little, if not a lot of, rust. The trunk floor is equally as nice, and the paint appears glossy, and at the least, excellent in the photos. None of the trim is currently installed, and it appears that the grills have been set into place for the photos. The rear bumper has a ding in it, but the rest of the rear end looks quite nice. The taillights and their trim appear flawless, although I think the trunk lock is not installed either. Halfway between restoration and driver project, this GTO has its sheet metal in the right place. Would you jump at the opportunity to finish up this droptop GTO?

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  1. Jeff

    All the floors in that car have already been replaced with new repro metal. You can see unproperly finished seams in the trunk and along the top of the driveshaft tunnel. You can also see where they left remnants of the old floor pans on top f the floor braces before laying the new pans on top. Crappy work. Run away!

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  2. EPO3

    Loos like the fire wall shot at by a shot gun

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    • TR JONES

      First thing I thought too!

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  3. EPO3

    Looks like the fire wall was shot at by a shot gun

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  4. Butch

    1967 GTO came with a 389 ci motor

    • Goatsnvairs

      Nope, ’66 was last year for 389 and tri power. ’67’s came with 400 ci engine.

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    • Terry Oshaughnessy

      Not correct. 66 was the last year for 389. 67 came with the 400

  5. Sean Daw

    seems like a high price for a not very original or desirable… mess

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  6. Goatsnvairs

    Odd, under the hood looks like an a/c car, but the dash does not have a/c vents…..
    Rebodied car?

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    Yes, I had a ’67. Where’s the data plate?


    Yes, I noticed that also.

  9. Goatsnvairs

    Mine’s better…..

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  10. Timothy Youngberg

    326 would make it a tempest

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    • Gaptsnvairs

      Yep, or Lemans.

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  11. Martin Colbert

    Way too many questions for this to be a good project car. The work that has been done is shoddy. Plus who advertises a GTO with a 326 ci motor?? Run from this one.

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  12. martin a elking

    My 67 Goat was Silver gray with red interior, headers, hush thrush mufflers, high jacker air shocks, Mickey Thomson mags. I kept it showroom new and I sold it in 1972 for mere $1.500 dollars. And bought a 69 Dodge Charger.

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  13. TR JONES

    Did you buy it new?

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