Ready to Drive: 1952 Chevrolet Suburban

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In running and driving condition, this 1952 Chevrolet Suburban looks like a sweet find. The Suburban is a sweet looking family vehicle that shares similar looks to the Chevrolet trucks of the era. Although this Suburban has been repainted, it still offers great looks and style, and hopefully little in the rust department.  With time winding down on this auction, the current bid price is $9,300. Check it out here on eBay out of Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

Powered by a nearly bulletproof 216/235 inline straight 6 this Suburban should have a lot of life left in it, according to rumors. The inline 6 is a simple and forgiving engine that is not difficult to keep running. Under the hood, there are some various colors, and a bit of green overspray in a few small areas.

The interior looks to have aged really well from the photos. The steering wheel looks awesome with no signs of chipping, fading, or cracking. There is brown upholstery from front to rear, and the seat frames are brown as well. I am assuming the black rubber liner is original as well. From the limited photos, the interior looks like a small gem in the world of classic Suburbans.

Although far from perfect, there is not a whole lot to complain about on this Suburban. Obviously, there is a green coat of repaint on this suburban, along with a few minor dents here and there. Surface rust is evident on the back doors and along the rear apron, just above the rear bumper. The only real downer about this suburban is a large rust bubble along the driver side rockers before the rear fender. This area is not beautiful, but it seems kind of minor in comparison to the rest of this truck. I would be curious to know what the underside looks like, along with the rockers and door jambs. As a driver, I could see this undergoing small steps to be an even better truck, all while trying to leave it as drivable as possible. Are you a fan of this Chevrolet Suburban?

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  1. geomechs geomechsMember

    Very nice and it would look even better at my place. But I have to differ with someone here. What I see is a GMC, and what I see under the hood is a GMC 228 engine. Yes, the Advance Design trucks were very similar and shared a lot of sheetmetal but some were still GMC while the others were Chevy. In 1952 the Chevy (and the Canadian GMC) would’ve had the 216 babbitt-pounder which we’ve been debating on this site for some time now. I wouldn’t turn either a Chevy or a GMC down, I might add. The 216 is a little easier to find parts for but the 228 does offer full-pressure lubrication. Not much difference in power output. Just bring me one of each…

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  2. bobhess bobhessMember

    Don’t see these too often. This looks like it could be fun, especially if there is limited rust to deal with. Check the mechanicals and put another coat of green paint on it and hit the road.

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  3. JohnfromSC

    This is one of the rare times when I say ” Get a dent removal specialist, and preserve the exterior”. I’d totally restore the interior and make it comfortable, but something about the exterior hits a chord with me. I am however, a bit taken back by how high it has already been bid.

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  4. benjy58

    Nice ride I’d keep it just like it is. I would pound out a few dents and do some touch up.

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  5. Pete Wolf

    Has the shape and look of a Chevy HHR. Which is for Hamilton High Rise …..

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    • geomechs geomechsMember

      I believe the HHR design was based on that…

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  6. Ken Carney

    Just pound out the dents, stabilize the rust, then drive and enjoy. Restos are nice, but beaters are neater!

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  7. K.B.Roadsend

    Well Im glad to see that I really can read ….others have also noticed that is says GMC bigger than Dallas right there on the hood
    If you have ever worked on any of the advance design /new design machines you know there is plenty of difference
    Kinda makes a feller wonder what the title might say …..for sure as it carrying 51 doors …The wing glass came out in 51 and 52 had push button door handles …unless my memory has started acting up as well as my eyes
    Ive got to say that price leads me to great temptation ..We have a long and short 53 carry all panels at that kinda money I could be tempted to break up the set
    May just be me and my prejudice ,but I sorta have my doubts of anyone when they call these rigs a suburban …When you said suburban in the 50s chances are what would come to mind would be a Plymouth I just dont have much memory of that name being used on GM until 72 when they had a badge on the side that said carry all/suburban …But who knows perhaps I am daft and just a nitpicker But is for sure a solid looking rig

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  8. K.B.Roadsend

    My goodness that sucker is up to 10 grand now !!!!
    I cant tell much to view those sideways photos of the interior but it looks original ,for some odd reason the carry alls had a different color interior
    We have a state school hereby for what they used to call mentally retarded (that is what they say on the door) I have bought a slew of autos there back to the story I tend to wander They had bunches of these with hardly any miles that were usually selling at auction for around $25 but I just couldnt figure what to do with them you couldnt hardly give em away as you couldnt haul as much as you could with a pick up
    Here is a neat little article I ran onto about a man and the love of his life

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  9. Chris in Pineville

    A lot better buy than the ’36 Woody…..
    Chevrolet? this comes from the same brain that took all the portrait-format cell phone pics not realizing they will display sideways in the listing.
    remember, half the people out there are below average intelligence :-)

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  10. Joe Haska

    I have to agree with Howard on this one, it is a GMC and K B also knows his door handels and windows. I have seen a couple of these restored to the nth degree and they are beautiful when done.

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  11. lbpa18

    PLEASE do not hotrod this. Fix her and drive her.

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  12. TimM

    For the money it seems so much better to buy a truck like this than a modern minivan!! We all know how dependable the motors in these are after all we see on each or two a week that are still under the hood after fifty or so years!! The only downfall of owning something like this and using it daily would be the area where you live and what the elements or de-icing material would do to it!!

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  13. Ken

    Just because the numbskull listed this on eBay as a Chevrolet doesn’t mean the author of this posting shouldn’t correct it. After all, it has a “GMC” badge above the grille so large it can be seen from half a mile away.

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    • K.B.Roadsend

      Kinda wondered about that myself …Why the article didnt make a correction .
      Might be “fake” news some places out there on the internet ha ha
      But shouldnt be on Barn Finds
      Dont tell me Im looking at a Chevy when Im seeing Jimmy all over it .
      Even if it dosent have any badges a feller would know the difference if he knew didly .
      Not being mean ……….Just the facts maam We gotta draw a line somewheres If it is pre 73 there is plenty of difference .
      Ebay on the other hand is a different story You can see any sort of untruth there Might find some kids vacation bible school craft project being passed off as a Picasso .
      The time has come someone in this country stand up for truth justice and the automotive way .
      We in the automobile enthusiast community need to stand up for truth and knowledge ………
      Whew standing up on my soap box left me tired and dizzy ,I need to have a nap now .
      But that is for sure a good looking original rig but 10 grand kinda takes ones breath away …But I am often told I dont know what things are worth Ive had people say “You are so cheap you will never get anything bought” all I have to do is point out to about as far as the eye can see and say …Ya think so ?
      P/S None of my comment was meant to be profane,political or personal I just get a little wound up when it comes to the love of my life ….Advance design GMs

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      • geomechs geomechsMember

        Don’t worry about a thing there, KB. I think we’ve all got a soapbox we have to stand on from time to time, and I think we’ve all pushed that envelope…

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      • Mountainwoodie

        Pass the popcorn.this is gonna take a while.

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  14. BR

    No real author/writer here, just a copy ‘n paste guy that takes a little literary license. That said, the person that sold the truck is about as ignorant as you can get, or is he as dumb as a fox? I guess it didn’t matter to the buyer that plunked down eleven large. It’s his now and he can call it whatever he wants.

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  15. K.B.Roadsend

    Golllllllllly bum !!!!!!!!!
    I might better be putting a GMC front end on one of my Chevys

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  16. chrlsful

    “…fan of this Chevrolet Suburban?…”
    Yes it seems smaller, so I like. As above poster names:
    even smaller so LIKE even more…
    AH, heck, any ‘wagon’ -type thing I like (my ’66 bronk?, yes it IS called the “wagon model”)…

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