Nicely Kept! 1977 Oldsmobile Pace Car Replica

Doesn’t look like 108,000 miles, does it? I’m thankful that the seller isn’t trying to present this car as an 8,000 mile creampuff! Oldsmobile was chosen to pace the 1977 Indy 500, and produced two actual pace cars (which had a really cool looking targa top arrangement) and 2,401 Delta 88 Royale Coupe replicas for sale to the general public, of which this is one. It can be found in Melbourne, Florida and is being auctioned off here on eBay. Bidding is just over $2,000 at the moment and the reserve is not met, although there’s the back side of a for sale sign visible here in the auction listing where the car was priced locally at $9,500.

The seller states that the horizontal surfaces of the hood, top and trunk were repainted in an amateur fashion, and that has turned the car into a “15 footer” and recommend repainting those areas. They also state that while the front bumper is in excellent condition, the rear is starting to show surface rust. There’s some documentation along with the car, and the current seller purchased it from the original owner’s daughter.

As you can see, there’s some nice clean lines on this car, although a story here states that the cars were a hard sell at the time due to the bold paint scheme. I find that interesting, especially since the actual pace car graphics were optional. By the way, the car in that link sold for $17,600 in 2013 but it only had 534 documented miles. In case you’re wondering about a price range, here’s another one that is in not as nice shape that sold a little while back for $3,800.

The seller describes the interior as “excellent”, and it does look very nice in the pictures. Before you get thrown off by the floor mats, there’s an original set of GM red mats in the trunk. The air conditioning works (!) and is said to blow ice-cold (!!) and has even had the compressor and drier just replaced (!!!). The cruise control doesn’t, however, and you’re going to have to fix the antenna to get the aftermarket radio working.

This is the original 403 cubic inch V8, which is said to run well with no smoke or unusual noises. The seller has just had a new exhaust system installed and has also replaced the tires with replicas of the original ones. If you like the large coupes from the late 1970’s, this seems like a pretty decent deal to me. What do you think?

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  1. DrinkinGasoline

    The 403 faired much better with an aftermarket ignition such as Accel or Mallory and a B&M transmission valve body shift kit which would be the first two upgrades on my list if i owned it.

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  2. Joe M

    I always liked the color schemes of these cars and the Buick Regal. Some of the large 2 door cruisers from the 70’s has some nice paint schemes, however I used to have a special edition regal that was tan and royal blue that had the sides and the hood and roof different colors with matching interior. However the royal blue did not hold up well as the paint shrunk and cracks developed in it. I’m not sure of this but, I am wondering if GM just painted the special edition two tone paint over the base color instead of primer?

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    • ACZ

      1980 Somerset Regal? Did it have a matching umbrella in a seat back pocket?

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      • Utes

        Indeed yes!

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  3. Derek F

    Pace brick, how ironic.

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  4. edh

    Come back in another 40 years, I am still not feeling anything for these boats.

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  5. nessy

    Did anyone else notice when you click on the ebay auction and look close at the photo of the front of the car, mainly the front nose between the grills, it looks like someone painted that part of the car with a spray can.. I still dig it, after all, it’s an Oldsmobile. I know the decals were optional, however, If you were going to have a Pace Car, why order it and leave the stickers off?

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    • Poppy

      At least put the winged wheel on the massive c-pillars to add some visual interest.

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  6. Rustytech

    I had a 77 Delta 88 Royal with the same spec’s. It was my first new car, so I was able to spec it the way I wanted it. That was the time when GM was putting the Chevy small block in everything and calling it a “Corporate” engine. I told the salesman if I wanted a Chevy engine, I’d buy a Caprice, they were $300 cheaper. That was a great car, and we enjoyed it until it got hit by a drunk driver while parked in front of my house one night. Replaced it with a Buick Electra of the same year which also had the 403. It was a great engine.

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  7. Tom Driscoll

    Nice car, I wish they went a little further with buckets and a console like Buick and Pontiac offered. That 403 can be made to scream…a guy used to run a 403 Delta on woodward back in the day, it would smoke the tires, and left lots of people in the dust.

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    • Ralph

      These would have been cool with the console, but that didn’t appear until 1978 on the Delta 88 Holiday coupe and I think 1979 for the Buick and Pontiac full size cars.

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      • ACZ

        Buick “B” car only came with buckets and console in 80 and 81 as a LeSabre T-type.
        There was a comment above about this Olds pace car and a Regal. There were a number of Regals, over the years, that were chosen as pace cars but one thing to keep in mind: The Olds 88 and the LeSabres were built on the same platform. The Regal was the same platform as the Olds Cutlass. There seemed to be a little confusion about that above.
        Also, FYI, I share the liking for the 403. I still have a 1978 Electra with one. This biggest small block “Olds” was only built in 1977, 78 and 79.

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      • Ralph

        The LeSabre had buckets available in 1979. I’ve seen 2 in person, here is a link to the brochure page showing the bucket seats in 1979.

        There was no such thing as “T-type” in 1980-1981, since the T-type was introduced for 1983 in all Buicks EXCEPT the LeSabre and Electra, which didn’t get a T-type model in their line up until 1987 and 1985 respectively.

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    • Utes

      Oldsmobile DID do that in ’79-’81, called the Delta 88 Holiday.

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  8. ACZ

    One thing I forgot to say. GM pace car replicas came with the decals in the trunk. Most dealers put them on a floor model but that decision was left to the buyer for most in-stock units.

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  9. Ralph H.

    I almost purchased one of these from a used car lot in the 80’s…$2995 with the decals in the trunk…I still want one to this day…love it….

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  10. RJ

    The want is strong!

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  11. joeinthousandoaks

    I was the high bidder today. We’ll see how I did when it arrives on the transport. I am exited to have the big V8. I owned a ’78 Corvette Pace car and would love to own more. I spoke to the seller tonight to arrange payment. We had a nice conversation and I believe he presented the car quite honestly. He said he just bought the bias ply tires at $300 each. I may take them for my ’72 Corvette and put some nice radials on this for better driving. Hopefully I can improve the horizontal painted surfaces by performing some color sand and buff. Wish me luck.

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    • Jamie Jamie Staff

      Awesome news! Please continue to share info with us!

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    • Jerry Cronin

      Congrats… I watched this auction closely. Hope it works out for you. So many of these are to far gone to restore. Good luck.

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  12. Tom Driscoll

    Congratulations! I’m sure you’ll love it. Put those radials on right away…that’s what it the suspension was designed for 🙂

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