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I've been a car nut ever since I can remember, loving all cars but having a special affinity for eclectic British ones, starting with an Austin-Healey Sprite when I was 12. I've been lucky enough to collect some and drive the heck out of them, including autocrossing and racing them. There's nothing more fun than poking around an old car that hasn't been disturbed in years and getting it to run and drive again!

Possibly Cheap Project: 1967 MGB-GT

While the MGB convertible is almost ubiquitous in British car circles, the arguably prettier MGB-GT is much rarer. If you want to get in on the ground floor, there’s a project 1967 MGB-GT being sold here on eBay. The opening… more»

The One I Should Have Bought: 1990 Jaguar XJS

This is the car I should have purchased.  Yup, I can say that as last year I bought a Jaguar XJS from this very site. Don’t get me wrong, I love my car and I don’t regret buying it,… more»

A Mash Of Nashes: Four Metropolitans!

Thanks to frequent finder Ikey H. we have this mash of Nash Metropolitans to look over! These four are listed for sale for $5,500 here on craigslist in Wichita, Kansas — along with what the seller says are a… more»

40 Years Stored And No Reserve! 1958 MGA

Those folks that often complain about the prices of project cars need to check out this 1958 MGA for sale here on eBay. Bidding right now is all the way up to a massive $1,136! Plan on making your trip to Chicago… more»

Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em! 1955 Chevrolet

I was more than a little surprised to find the first picture in the ad for this 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air to be one of it lighting up its tires! The seller doesn’t really offer any explanation for the… more»

Heavy Cruiser? 1959 GMC Suburban

Here at Barn Finds, we see a lot of vehicles with tons of patina. Most of them are cars and pickups, but occasionally we get something a little different, like this cool-looking 1959 GMC Suburban. It’s listed for sale… more»

Purists Stay Home! 1970 Porsche 914-6

After driving a friend’s nice original Porsche 914-4 and several modified ones, I can tell you that they offer a spectacular driving experience as long as you aren’t interested in going terribly quickly in a straight line. The rare… more»

Driven ‘Round The Block: 1972 Triumph TR6

We’re told that the last owner of this 1972 Triumph TR6 drove it around the block once in a while for the last 17 years (it only covered 1,765 miles during that period)! It’s listed for sale here on… more»

Mystery Project Car: What Is It?

Barn Finds reader James C. submitted this find wondering if we could identify it — it turns out we can, as we have featured two of them in the past. This one is for sale here on craigslist in… more»

Real Barn Find! 1948 Chevrolet

Now this is a real barn find! In 1948, Chevrolet continued its post-war 1946 & 1947 Fleetmaster lineup that were really warmed-over pre-war designs. Thankfully for Chevrolet, the car-hungry American public was still willing to purchase 248,748 1948 Fleetmasters! This… more»

Affordable & Rust Free: 1969 Jaguar E-Type Garage Find

It’s always suspenseful to me when a classic car listing begins with the car in situ, where you can see how the car was stored! This 1969 Jaguar E-Type 2+2 has been sitting for 19 years and with the… more»

Great Pictures: 1956 Continental Mark II

If you are thinking about selling a collector car any time soon, do yourself a favor and look over the listing for this great 1956 Continental Mark II. The ad can be found here on eBay as a great… more»

Should I Take A Look? 1960 Triumph TR3

It doesn’t look like Barn Finds readers were terribly enthusiastic about the 1958 Triumph TR3 posted recently — perhaps the $2,000 asking price threw you off? This car while being further disassembled is much less expensive, with the seller… more»

Starter Kit: 1958 Triumph TR3

Back in the early 1950’s, many British car companies had an “export or die” philosophy. Once returning US servicemen brought back some MGs and folks fell in love with them the race was on to produce sports cars for… more»

The Sale Must Go Through! 1980 Pinto Pony Express

The Pony Express’s motto was “The mail must go through.” It’s apparent that this 1980 Ford Pinto Pony’s owner has the idea that “the sale must go through” as the price for this find is pretty low! Check out… more»

Triumph’s Enigma: 1968 GT6+ Garage Find

Let me start by thanking Barn Finds reader George G. for this fantastic find! Why is it fantastic? Because although the Triumph GT6 was an enigma when it was introduced and remains one today for most enthusiasts, for those… more»