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I've been a car nut ever since I can remember, loving all cars but having a special affinity for eclectic British ones, starting with an Austin-Healey Sprite when I was 12. I've been lucky enough to collect some and drive the heck out of them, including autocrossing and racing them. There's nothing more fun than poking around an old car that hasn't been disturbed in years and getting it to run and drive again!

One Fast Pony! 1971 Ford Pinto Pro Street

You can tell right away that this high-powered pony means business–just look at that pro-stock style hood scoop! Unusually for a car this aggressive, the seller claims that this is a turn-key bracket or street car that needs nothing,… more»

3D Puzzle: 1973 DeTomaso Pantera

A certain segment of our readers will have wanted a DeTomaso Pantera for a long, long time since seeing their first one in the 1970s. Considering that Panteras combine beautiful Italian design with an American V-8 (a formula that… more»

Barn Finds Group Buy? 12-Car British Barn Find!

Many years ago, I purchased a wonderful Standard Vanguard Sportsman from Albuquerque, New Mexico. You can see me autocrossing it here (!). The thing I noticed the most about Arizona classic cars while I was there was how rust-free… more»

Incredible Performance! 1964 Cheetah

I wasn’t expecting to find this absolutely gorgeous and rare performance car when I started writing my first Barn Finds post in a long time (missed y’all)! The original constructor is still the owner of this Cheetah, which is… more»

Ever Seen One? 1980 Citroen Dyane

Frequent finder Russell G. sent us this unusual (ok, at least in the US) 1980 Citroen Dyane that is for sale in Havertown, PA. It will cost a new owner $13,500 (or best offer) and is listed for sale… more»

Famous Designer Buggy: Mantaray II Kyote

I’m sure some of you recognize the name Dean Jeffries as a famous automobile customizer of the 1960s through the 2000s. In addition to producing one-offs, such as the Mantaray, the Monkeemobile, and the Green Hornet, Jeffries also designed… more»

22,683 Miles, Original Owner! 1980 Triumph TR7

After only putting on 22,683 miles in 43 years, the original owner of this 1980 Triumph TR7 convertible is putting it up for sale. The car is said to have been cosmetically restored both inside and out, and although… more»

Rare J-Code: 1968 Mustang Coupe

As soon as I saw this find, I knew I wanted to write it up! My mother drove a 1967 Mustang coupe in the same Wimbledon White color scheme for many years, and I wish I had it now… more»

Original Paint! 1964 Corvette

I’m not sure if this 1964 Corvette is a survivor or not; although the ad here on eBay states that the seller believes the car is still showing its original paint, we’re not told much else. I can tell that… more»

Incredible! Tactical Assault Concept Vehicle

We see a lot of different vehicles as Barn Finds writers, and to be honest, it’s rare that one leaves me completely speechless. This “Tactical Assault Concept Vehicle” (hereafter T.A.C.V.), however, did! It’s listed for sale here on eBay… more»

Mrs. Peel, We’re Needed! 1966 Lotus Elan S3

As a child of the early 1960s, I remember The Avengers well. The gorgeous (yes, my first crush) redhead Emma Peel, played so well by future Dame Diana Rigg, drove two Lotus Elans during her run on the series,… more»

1 Of 1,290! 1976 Buick Century Pace Car

While this 1976 Buick Century Indy Pace Car replica looks plenty tired, the original graphics are still visible and some of the distinct features of the 1,290 replicas produced are still present. The car is listed for sale here… more»

For Sale Again: 1957 Lancia Appia Series 2

Our own Michelle wrote a tremendous post about this same Appia being for sale back in November of 2022; as it is now listed for sale for $250 less ($14,500) here on craigslist with the same pictures, my assumption… more»

Kinda Drives! 1956 Ford Country Sedan Wagon

I love the seller’s description that this 1956 Ford station wagon “kinda drives”! I’m guessing that’s referring to the current fuel tank (otherwise known as a gas can) under the hood, the lack of a battery, and who knows… more»

Modified To Mako! 1965 Chevrolet Corvette

Back in 1962, the new-for-1963 “C2” Corvette design had been finalized. Bill Mitchell in GM Styling wanted a special car to tour the show circuit and had Larry Shinoda work on the project, later known as the XP-755 Mako… more»

Backyard Find: 1960 Triumph TR3A

True project cars, those ones that have been off the road for many years and may or may not be complete, should only be taken on by dedicated individuals. Some would probably say foolhardy individuals! However, it helps to… more»

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