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I've been a car nut ever since I can remember, loving all cars but having a special affinity for eclectic British ones, starting with an Austin-Healey Sprite when I was 12. I've been lucky enough to collect some and drive the heck out of them, including autocrossing and racing them. There's nothing more fun than poking around an old car that hasn't been disturbed in years and getting it to run and drive again!

Classic Motoring: 1927 Alvis 12/50 SD Beetleback

UPDATE – We just heard from Mark Dixon of Octane Magazine that he knows this collection and has some concerns about the eBay listing. He is going to contact the Managing Director of Bicester Heritage, which is where the… more»

1975 AMC Pacer: 39K Miles But Rust!

Thanks to the poor quality of these pictures, this 1975 AMC Pacer actually looks better than it might be — but with only 39,000 miles showing is it worth a look anyway? It’s for sale here on eBay and is… more»

Well-Optioned Plum! 19k Mile 1973 AMC Ambassador

UPDATE – We featured this one almost exactly one year ago, but it has popped up again here on eBay. The new seller is asking quite a bit more, but the fact that it’s fitted with a 360 V8,… more»

Honest Pickup! 1971 International 1110 4X4

I used to regularly write posts on “honest trucks” for Barn Finds but those have been hard to come by recently. Thankfully the trend has been reversed with this 1971 International Harvester “step side” truck that has been listed for… more»

16,214 Miles! 1966 Jeep Wagoneer Survivor

Jeeps like these were a fixture at many ranches and farms from the 1960s through the 1990s. Jeep obliged by hardly changing the basic vehicle structure throughout its entire run (1962-1991). This survivor wearing its original paint is said… more»

Wooden Cage? 1947 Citroen U23 Truck

I’m not sure what this 1947 (it says both 46 and 47 in the ad) Citroen AX wood-bodied truck was originally designed to carry, but I do know it was carried from France to Canada at some point and is… more»

Beautiful Project: 1967 Jaguar E-Type

Ah, the E-Type Jaguar. Without a doubt, the original E-Type was one of the most beautiful automotive shapes ever. Most folks feel that it got compromised as time went on — this 1967 2+2 version illustrates some of that… more»

Hangar Find? The Plane Car!

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when the conversation that resulted in this hybrid airplane-truck was occurring! Or perhaps the bartender — it might have come after a rather large tab! The PlaneCar… more»

No Reserve: 1989 Jaguar XJS Convertible

As most of you know, I’m a Jaguar XJS fan. However, after previously resurrecting one from the dead (don’t buy one that’s been sitting in a forest for 15 years) I’ve decided I have better things to do with… more»

Cattle Ranch Find: 1964 Land Rover Series IIA

While this 1964 Land Rover Series IIA has the look of a survivor, it’s actually been mechanically refurbished after being found on a Nevada cattle ranch some time ago. Thankfully for the patina lovers out there, it hasn’t been… more»

One Of A Kind! 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass

Our submitter for this find may have characterized it best when he titled the submission “someone must have hated this car”! Thanks, Ian C. for expressing what you might be thinking right now! This custom 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass is… more»

Exclusive: 1964 Triumph TR4 Survivor

Bryan is currently overseas but really needs to get this TR4 moved along. If you’d love to have a beautiful survivor to enjoy the nice weather in, has is asking price to $24,900 or best offer! He’s ready for… more»

Faded Glory: 1974 Chevrolet Corvette

Sitting next to another “Vette” in storage, this 1974 Chevrolet Corvette seems to just need a good clean and some touch up paint to try to rekindle some of its 70s & 80s glory (check out that rear spoiler!)… more»

Outside The Barn Find: 1964 Nova Wagon

This one is for the fellow long-roof lovers out there like me! This 1964 Chevrolet Nova wagon that runs when you spray starting fluid down its carburetor has been listed for sale here on eBay. The seller calls it… more»

Gold Nugget: 1978 TVR Taimar

UPDATE – This one sold for $6k back in June and made its way from Texas to New York. The new owner went through the fuel system and the V6 started up. They also went through the brakes so… more»

Former Street Freak: 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu

The seller describes this plain, original (that’s the original paint in between the surface rust patches) Chevelle as a blank canvas despite being largely untouched. Unfortunately, I wish there had been a little more touching in the way of… more»