Rusty Wreck: 1957 Porsche Speedster


The Porsche 356 Speedster is an icon in the sports car world and as such deserves to be respected, if not for what it is, then for the impact it has had. This Speedster was wrecked and then left to the elements to decay and rot away. We doubt the previous owner knew the future value of the car when they left it outside, but thankfully someone has realized the value in it and has pulled it from its resting place. Let’s just hope that someone with the means to restore it can see the value in it as well and will give it a chance to be respected and lusted after once again. If that someone is you or you just want to take a closer look, it can be found here on eBay. Special thanks to Steve R. for tipping us off to this one! Read more »

A Gullwing for Big Dog Garage

Leno's Gullwing

This week’s In the Barn story is about how one of the world’s most famous collectors found a Mercedes Gullwing of his own. It comes from The Corvette in the Barn and you can pickup your own copy of the book from Motorbooks or Amazon. Be sure to send in your own find stories because one is going to get printed in Tom Cotter’s upcoming book. Now, enjoy the story! Read more »

Another Herbie Uncovered


The Love Bug movie cars just keep coming. First we had the Thorndyke special, then one of the Herbies, and now one of the stunt cars! This wasn’t just any old stunt car though, this one was actually rigged up to driven by remote control. They didn’t use things like GPS or Google maps back then though, so excursions were always exciting. The owner, Albert H. has been kind enough to share some of these stories with us and it turns out that his car was once a barn find too. Thanks for sharing Albert! Read more »

The Love Bug Reunion


After our feature of the Apollo GT, we received an email from Tory A. about a VW Beetle he recently bought out of an old warehouse in Pennsylvania. As it turns out, Tory’s car is the very one that starred in The Love Bug. In this scene both cars can be seen with the Thorndyke Special towing Herbie off a cliff. Ironically, both of these famous movie cars were once forgotten, but have since been saved. Continue reading to learn more about this Love Bug’s long journey from the big screen into disrepair, and now back to the road again.
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Abandoned VW Dealership


The guys over at Hooniverse recently posted a video depicting a Brazilian VW dealer that shut down in 2001. Even though the doors are closed, the owner still goes in everyday to clean and watch after a few of his favorite cars. One of the Beetles supposedly has never been driven and the other cars inside look pristine as well. This one might not qualify as a barn find just yet, but we predict that the contents of this old building will go up to auction sometime soon. Watch the video and let us know if you think the story is legit: Read more »

GTI Project Update: On the Road Again


It has been almost a month since the last update on our 1984 Volkswagen GTI project, so we thought we had better bring everyone up to speed. We have been very busy cleaning, polishing, and wrenching on our little Rabbit and we are glad to say that it is now safe to take around the block. Well, at least we feel a little safer than we did on that first voyage. Here is a list of summary of the areas we have addressed so far… Read more »

Double Stars: Mercedes 190SL Projects


UPDATE: The seller took down the original auction and has relisted it.

After our Gullwing sighting the other day, we had a hankering for something with a three-pointed star on the grill. Well, Jim S. delivered when he sent in a link to this eBay auction for a pair of 190SLs. They both need lots of work, but the ’58 looks promising with a rebuilt engine. We would rather have its big brother, but with 300SL prices in the stratosphere, this project pair looks like a bargain at $59k. Thanks for the tip Jim! Read more »

Who Gives A Messerschmitt?


This 1955 Messerschmitt KR200 was supposedly parked about 40 years ago. It is claimed to have been running then, but is obviously going to need a full restoration now. These may be odd looking little cars, but they actually have quite a unique history. They were designed by an aircraft engineer and built in an aircraft factory. If you look closely, we bet you can find some of the aviation influences. You will not be taking flight anytime soon though because 56 mph was the top speed for the KR200. Still we wouldn’t mind having one for buzzing around the hangar. This one is optimistically priced here on eBay, but microcar values have been on the rise. Read more »

Pre A: 1953 Porsche 356


At first glance it may be difficult to understand why the seller of this Porsche 356 would believe that it’s even worth saving, but being a pre-A 356 means that this is one rare Porsche. There were less than 8k built between 1948 to 1955 and values for these early cars have skyrocketed in the past few months, with nice examples touching $200k. If you are willing and able to tackle this rusty project, it can be found here on eBay. Read more »