Project GTI Arrives in Florida


You may have noticed that I have been MIA for a while now. The task of moving is very much like that of a restoration. It always takes longer and costs more than you originally anticipated. There is light at the end of the tunnel though, so I wanted to get everyone caught up on some important news. If you have been following the site then you know that we sold our GTI project back in February. It went to one of our readers in Florida. His name is Doug M and he was kind enough to send a photo from when it arrived a few weeks ago. He was happy with the car and is going to keep us updated on his progress. We are all excited to see what becomes of the little lil’ black beast! Thanks Doug!

The Manliest Micro: 1958 Lloyd LP 600

1958 Lloyd LP 600

Any car that has had sayings made up about it or in reference to it is in our opinion a car worth learning about. Not many cars can say they received a manlier or more terrifying saying than the Lloyd micro car did. The old German verse went something like, “He who is not afraid of death, drives a Lloyd”. That was a real German saying in reference to the Lloyd brand and anyone who drove one. The German post war economy wasn’t the best, so cheap and efficient transportation became a necessity, but we’ll delve into that bit of history after the break. First have a look at this 1958 Lloyd LP 600 here on Craigslist for $2,500. Don’t worry by the time this one was built they weren’t the death traps they had once been. Special thanks to Steven S for this tip! Read more »

Our Project GTI Has Gotta Go!

GTI Project

Update 2/4/14 – Our project GTI has less than 24 hours to go and it looks like it is set to sell. We finished putting a few interior pieces back in, fixed some squeaks and took it out for what might be our last drive. We also added some photos of the underside to the gallery, so be sure to check those out!

After hours of hard work, lots of buffing, and considerable tinkering, our project 1984 VW Rabbit GTI has got to go. It still needs a lot of work, but considering what it was like when we found it, we are proud of how far along it’s come along. It had been left for dead in a field after a catastrophic CV joint failure, but as of today it not only runs and drives but even cruises nicely on the highway. We have achieved our goal getting it back on the road, so the time has come to let another enthusiast take over. Find it here on eBay with bidding starting at $200! Read more »

1960 Porsche 356 Super 90 Roadster

Porsche 356 Super 90

In its day, the Porsche 356 was one of the best sports cars on the road. It wasn’t the most powerful or the fastest, but it handled like a dream and when it was first introduced it could get through a turn faster than just about any car on the street. Even with phenomenal handling, what driver doesn’t want more power? After the success of the Speedster, Porsche learned to listen to its customers, so when owners asked for more power they introduced several higher output options. Any 356 with one of these optional motors is desirable. So when you add in the convertible top, this 1960 Porsche 356 Super 90┬áRoadster has a lot going for it. Take a closer look at it here on eBay. Read more »

Robert J’s Mercedes Van Project

Robert J's Hanomag Before

For a while now, we have been tossing around the idea of featuring some of your projects as they progress from the barn back to the road. We figure that by following some of our more ambitious readers, we might all get that extra motivation we need to get out in that garage. Robert J had the same idea, so he sent us some before and after photos of his barn find, a 1971 Hanomag-Mercedes L306D project. After two years of work, he has it back in service and it looks like a lot of fun. Keep reading for some history behind his unique van and a photo of what this one looks like today! Read more »

Storage Container Gullwing


A while back we featured a 1955 Mercedes 300SL that Jay Leno found. It was a good story, but the photos were lacking. Well, in November we received an email from a reader and all it said was, “I have pictures of the car while it was in the storage container… long before “Jay” found it…” We followed up asking for more details about these two small photos, but never heard back. So, we have decided to go ahead and publish them. Hopefully the photographer will see the post and be able to fill us in more on the past of Leno’s beater Gullwing!

356 Out in the Rain


One day a while back Dave and his wife came across this Porsche purely by chance. Here is Dave’s story in his own words. Read more »

GTI Project Update: Smooth Criminal


Now that our Rabbit can move under its own power, it’s time to address some of the finer details. As we have mentioned, the shift pattern was so vague that you couldn’t tell which gear you were in most of the time. The twenty year old tires were also making us a little nervous and the noise caused by the three inch hole in the muffler was grating. Hopefully with a a few days of work we can turn this GTI into one smooth sounding and shifting criminal. Read more »

Rusty Wreck: 1957 Porsche Speedster


The Porsche 356 Speedster is an icon in the sports car world and as such deserves to be respected, if not for what it is, then for the impact it has had. This Speedster was wrecked and then left to the elements to decay and rot away. We doubt the previous owner knew the future value of the car when they left it outside, but thankfully someone has realized the value in it and has pulled it from its resting place. Let’s just hope that someone with the means to restore it can see the value in it as well and will give it a chance to be respected and lusted after once again. If that someone is you or you just want to take a closer look, it can be found here on eBay. Special thanks to Steve R. for tipping us off to this one! Read more »