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Collector Quality Coupe: 2014 Mini Cooper S

Given how often many of us have looked wistfully at a car or truck we could have bought for peanuts just a few years prior – only to see it sell for many multiples over that original selling price – it’s tempting to attempt to predict what model is next poised for a jump. The rebirth of  the Mini Cooper brand in the U.S. was one of the more memorable re-introductions of a brand in recent memory, and while the current lineup leaves a lot to be desired, the early years of Mini yielded some very cool models, like this limited-production Mini Cooper S coupe listed here on eBay with bids to $5,250 and the reserve unmet.

When Mini dropped the supercharged “S” model, it was a revelation. The handling was twitch-sensitive and the little rollerskate made a beeline for narrow gaps in traffic, all the while emitting that familiar supercharger whine. The supercharger was retired in favor of turbocharging, one of the bigger “misses” in the car’s lifetime, in my opinion. Regardless, as its popularity increased, Mini began churning out new models on an increasingly frequent basis, including limited-production offers like Coupe and the Roadster. Both models were made for a short time between 2012 and 2015.

The Cooper Coupe was a true two-seater, which is near impossible to find in any segment outside of high-end exotics. To get a car with no actual backseat that wasn’t a Miata or a Murcielago was rare indeed, and the coupe transformation was more than just a matter of a seat delete. The Cooper also received a steeply raked windshield along with a lower roof line. The end result was a car that looked like it was moving fast standing still, thanks to that brushed back appearance. As a result of the short production span, these Coupes show up for sale somewhat infrequently, and this example checks all the right boxes thanks to its manual transmission and turbocharged powerplant.

This Cooper Coupe comes from the final year of production, and is equipped with a few other desirable packages like the John Cooper Works trimline, xenon headlights, navigation system, and a factory aero kit. The paint code is also pretty desirable, a memorable shade called “Kite Blue Pearl Metallic,” and the black interior pairs nicely with the Smurf blue exterior. With under 40,000 original miles, this Cooper S Coupe is still fairly new in the wrapper, and while values at the moment aren’t particularly high, I have a feeling this will be a model that will see a rise in value over the coming years.


  1. Avatar photo bobhess Member

    This looks like a nice car. Don’t know what it’s worth but I wouldn’t put too much money out on it based on the 2011 we now own. No problem with the turbocharger but the electric pump that cools it has been replaced 4 times. Now we have a valve train problem that probably isn’t going to be cheap to fix. Great car for what we use it for but I sure wouldn’t buy another turbo version.

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  2. Avatar photo Jim

    I love these Minis. That said, what is a 2014 car doing on Barn Finds? You can easily find these on Cars.com’s used car listings.

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  3. Avatar photo Eric Haulenbeek

    Pfft… ‘collector quality’? It’s a freaking 10-year-old BMW, not a real Mini! Barn Finds has really lowered its standards!

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  4. Avatar photo Troy

    Personally I think it just looks weird with that top on it , I would prefer the top like Bobhess posted.

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  5. Avatar photo Martin Horrocks

    You are correct Bob. In 10 years time we will be pretending we were unlucky not to buy one of these. I have a 2006 Cooper S. It is a brilliant 2 seater sports car. As anything else which requires minimum space efficirncy, it fails. Our Fiat Pandas are massively better, cheaper to buy amd run, as a runaround.

    Much better to have this weird but unique
    coupe which only cashes the cheques it can be good for than a stock Mini.

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    • Avatar photo bobhess Member

      Martin… We had a 2003 standard engine car. Primary use was groceries and taking it to race tracks for me to use while instructing students on track. At 64K miles no engine or drive train problems, the headliner fell out, AC compressor died, the left side front and rear hub bearings came apart and the electric window mechanisms fell apart. Easy to get parts, and if you have your own shop not that much of a deal, but no one should have that much failure on any car. Lost it in hurricane Irma in 2017. They don’t float.

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  6. Avatar photo Mister Green

    If you look at ‘cars not to buy’ lists, this make is in the top three. Just terrible cars.

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    • Avatar photo TheGasHole

      As much as i loved the design of my 2012 S Clubman….it was the biggest POS i ever had and I’ve had over 50 cars. It’s also the car i owned for the shortest amount of time…6 months. Each month I had it, it was in the shop. And that’s with 40k one owner miles on it. Got lucky to unload it for just a bit less than i paid for it. Never again

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  7. Avatar photo Elbert Hubbard

    New Beetles + New Minis = big problems + big money to keep them running.

    I owned both and regret spending the money to purchase them . . . instead of Barn Finds how about Bring A Trailer.

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    • Avatar photo TheGasHole

      Or “Bring A Tow Truck”

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  8. Avatar photo Moit

    Hardly a barnfind

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  9. Avatar photo stillrunners Member

    Same guy selling the Yamaha GT80……???

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  10. Avatar photo ramblergarage

    My Fiat 500c is a much better car than these things.

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  11. Avatar photo Phil Warner

    I have a 04 Cooper S JCW hatch back that is a gas to drive. I’ve never had anyone in the back seat, although it appears to be possible with the passenger seat moved forward, and I appreciate the cargo space under the hatch, but I do like the look of this coupe’s roof line. It’s not the traditional mini look, but kind of cool nonetheless. Sorry for those who had problems with their minis. I too have experienced a belt or tensioner failure (don’t know which went first as the belt was a bird’s nest afterward) and a coolant T failure that puked out the coolant, but it is still a gas to drive and gets a lot of thumbs ups for its bright “liquid yellow” appearance, mostly seen in the rear view mirror.

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  12. Avatar photo Pat P.

    Had a 2010S. Not to pile on but HIGH maintenance for few miles. Fun car, sharp interior, great seats. Nice place to visit but you wouldn’t want to live there.

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  13. Avatar photo angliagt Member

    What all those people bought to replace their
    Azteks & Jukes with.
    Does it come with a Brown paper bag to wear over
    your head while driving it?

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