History Included: 1942 Cadillac Series 61 Fastback

We often wish we knew the history of old cars like this Cadillac listed for sale on eBay. Well, it seems Clinton Filson started a business in 1891 in Seattle selling supplies to miners headed up to the… more»

Funky Fuel Fiat Farmin’: 1972 Oliver 1365

If you were “born in a barn”, as your mom used to say when you left the door open, or if you just grew up on a farm, you know Oliver tractors. This 1972 Oliver 1365… more»

Nun Better: 1989 Buick LaSabre

Like many of you, I remember when 1989 Buicks were new cars, and like so many others, were boring examples of General Motors Malaise era design. Appliance cars for sure – though they do have their… more»

One of 579: 1992 Camaro Highway Patrol

Although the era in which police departments across the USA chose to invest in specialized, high-performance machines was far too short, it is possible to find the occassional Fox Body Mustang cop car up for grabs…. more»

Honest Autobox: 1973 BMW 3.0CS

When visiting the team at Oxford Motorcars this week, I noticed a gorgeous BMW 3.0CS on the lift, much like this one that Barn Finds reader Dennis C sent in. The reason it was in the shop? A… more»

Free Horse with House: 1987 Wheel Horse 252-H

Keep an open mind with this one! This 1987 Wheel Horse 252-H is now 30-years old and it was found in a barn, or a shed, actually, under a cover. Plus, this tip was sent in… more»

Missing Stripes? 1977 Pontiac LeMans Can Am

My eyes may be deceiving me, but I do not see the iconic stripes gracing the hood and doors of this Pontiac LeMans that’s said to be an original “Can Am” package car. Spotted by Barn Finds reader… more»

Incredible Survivor: 1939 Ford V8 Deluxe Fordor Sedan

Look what Jamie found! This Ford is truly an amazing survivor, whether it’s a survivor since new or from restoration over 50 years ago. Thanks Jamie! This car really is like it just drove out of… more»

Clean Cali Pickup: 1971 Chevy El Camino

What is it about El Caminos? I feel like 9 times out of 10, they are used up and tired, often not worth restoring despite oozing with the cool factor. Maybe it’s because they doubled as… more»

No Charge For Duct Tape! 1990 Yugo Cabrio

Here’s a garage find, an unused 1990 Yugo Cabrio, a rare version of this line of cars. This car is posted on Craigslist with an asking price of $1,150, that’s about 10% of what a similar… more»

The Leisure Suit of Cars: 1977 Ford Mustang II

This “piece of automotive history” is a 1977 Ford Mustang II Ghia and it’s rust-free, according to the seller. This yellow pony is on Craigslist with an asking price of $4,300 and there are “NO joy… more»

Impressive Survivor: 1977 BMW 320i

Obviously, I’m a bit partial towards E21-series BMWs, but this one just blew me away. Said to be a low-mileage survivor locked away in a suburban garage until just recently, it sports a one-year only color… more»

$2,450: 1971 Plymouth Fury Custom Suburban

Unique bumper lovers, here’s a 1971 Plymouth Fury Custom Suburban with the classic and unique wraparound front bumper. This Custom Suburban wagon is on Craigslist with an asking price of $2,450 and it looks like a nice project…. more»


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