No Reserve Euro Model: 1985 Mercedes 500SL

In the gray market surge of the 1980s, Mercedes’ R107 convertible was one of the most popular cars to be whisked through various ports of call with its pretty Euro bits still attached. One of the… more»

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Not Many Left: 1986 Isuzu P’up Turbodiesel

An Isuzu P’up is nearly impossible to find these days, but add features like the turbo diesel powerplant and a long bed and you have a recipe for unobtanium. This 1986 model shows incredibly well, with… more»

Finest on the Road: 1982 Chrysler LeBaron

The seller has some high praise for this 1982 Chrysler LeBaron wagon, which does appear quite nice with incredibly low mileage of just 20,500. The asking price of $7K seems fair for a survivor wagon like… more»

Euro Delivery Survivor: 1980 BMW 320i

As many of you know, I own a Euro-market 1980 BMW 320 that is part of the E21 chassis family. This clean 1980 320i is an American-market model, complete with a fuel-injected four-cylinder and huge U.S.-mandated… more»

Indy Pace Car Edition: 1992 Cadillac Allante

The ongoing dialog about Pace Cars hasn’t changed: most cars are simply dealer dress-ups that barely resemble the car that actually paced the field, and have no real connection to the vehicles that ran on the… more»

39K Miles From New: 1987 Honda CRX

First-generation CRXs aren’t necessarily as loved as the CRX that followed in the late 80s, but finding an unmodified survivor is often just as difficult. This 1987 CRX isn’t the hot-hatch Si; it doesn’t even have… more»

Diff Shields Included: 1991 Chevy S10 Baja

Today, you can walk into a Chevrolet dealer and order up a new Colorado pickup with the ZR2 package, which adds some serious offroad hardware. You could make a similar move in 1991, by checking the… more»

RHD and 4WD: 1988 Toyota Corolla Wagon

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting one of more established importers of Japanese-market vehicles to the U.S. He specialized in Mitsubishi-branded military Jeeps, but also had an eye for other unusual JDM… more»

Never Painted: 1976 Jeep CJ5

Jeep CJs are among some of the more pleasing 4x4s you can buy, with simple mechanicals and ¬†cheerful dispositions that belie their respectable chops off-road. This example is said to wear original paint and a number… more»

13,800 Miles: 1991 Mercedes 560 SEL

Long considered to be the most durable of Mercedes’ U.S. lineup, the W126 chassis cars are incredibly useful even today: handsome, stately and fantastic highway cruisers, finding one that’s simply been maintained is normally the only… more»

Never This Nice: 1989 Toyota VanWagon

These spaceship-like Toyota Vans (also known as the “VanWagon” or the “LiteAce” overseas) will never cease to intrigue, what with their flat noses and glassy four-eyed stare. More uncommon is to see one that has been… more»

Captain’s Chairs: Clean 1989 GMC Vandura

All too often, Chevy’s classic G20 van is a fairly tired specimen by now. Used by plumbers, contractors and anyone else with a wrench, they are rarely set aside as weekend tourers. Well, it appears this… more»

Grandpa Owned: 38K Mile 1993 Toyota Tacoma SR5

If you’ve ever shopped used Toyota Tacomas, you clearly know by now their pricing knows no rational boundaries. Used examples with six digits on the odometer still routinely clear $10K, which is why you see clean,… more»