Survivor Cars

Not all barn finds are rusty! Here are the very best unrestored classics:

4,500 Original Miles!? 1984 Chevrolet Camaro

This 1984 Chevrolet Camaro is said to have 4,500 original miles! We’ve all heard the stories about an ultra low mileage vehicle found after years of storage…. more»

Grandma’s Survivor: 1987 Buick Century Estate Wagon

This clean 1987 Buick Century Estate Wagon brings back some fond memories for me, as my grandmother owned the Chevy-badged twin for many years before converting to… more»

Bandit Wanna-Be: 1978 Pontiac Grand Am

You’ve got to give Pontiac credit, they liked to take chances. In 1973 they brought out a new car called the Grand Am. It wasn’t the performance… more»

Only 56K Miles: 1976 Continental Mark IV Cartier Edition

The Continental Mark IV was one of those cars I think many of us were surprised it sold as well as it did. Sharing a body with… more»

27,340 Miles! 1982 Chrysler Cordoba

This second-generation 1982 Chrysler Cordoba almost looks like a vintage ad for the series. The photos are great and plentiful, maybe things will end on a high… more»

41k Genuine Miles: 1966 Saab 96

If you go searching around the internet, you will find a substantial amount of recent footage from various Scandinavian rally championships. What is astonishing in this footage… more»

Stored for 25 Years: 1966 Pontiac Star Chief Executive

At the end of 1966, Pontiac chose to retire the Star Chief name. This marked the end of the line for a badge that had been a… more»

Possible Survivor: 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1

Have you ever had to sell something for someone? That is the situation for this 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 that has a buy it now price… more»

Bargain Buy: 1957 Ford Thunderbird

The seller of this 1957 Ford Thunderbird purchased the car from the estate of the original owner. It has undergone a partial restoration in the past, and… more»

Freewheelin’ Package: 1979 Ford Bronco

The seller says he isn’t afraid to drive this 1979 Ford Bronco Freewheelin’ package survivor anywhere given how smooth it runs. With the original graphics fading nicely… more»

Fantastic Condition: 1983 Buick Riviera Convertible

Before 1982, Buick had never produced a Riviera convertible, instead having full size and intermediate convertibles before they were discontinued. When convertibles came back on the scene… more»

Only 18K Miles: 1992 Buick Roadmaster Limited

In the summer of 1992, my wife and I had two young sons and were looking for a “slightly used” car. We did not want a station… more»

Only 19K Miles: 1979 Ford Fairmont Futura

Ford came out with the Fairmont on a new Fox platform for 1978 to replace the aging Maverick. Two and four-door sedans, as well as station wagons,… more»

Solid Wagon Survivor: 1961 Rambler Cross Country

Stylish, unique, and just plain uncommon to see, this ’61 Rambler Cross Country station wagon is a sweet find! Very complete and with no apparent rot, this… more»

No Rust All Original! 1955 Dodge Custom Royal

This 1955 Dodge Custom Royal is one amazing car. Not only was it the top of the line for Dodge, but it also has a Hemi V8, everything… more»

Fairlady Survivor: 1974 Datsun 260Z

The seller of this 1974 Datsun 260Z acquired it from a friend and longtime owner of the car. With the second owner since 1981, it sat parked… more»

All Original: 1963 Plymouth Valiant V100

The 1963 Valiant was redesigned, much to the delight of hoards of Plymouth fans. The previous look was a little “different” for a lot of people but the… more»

Original Paint: 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

While some cars are exceptionally average, there’s nothing wrong with piloting a survivor-grade example of an 80s legend like this 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. Barn Finds reader… more»

54k Original Miles: 1979 Volvo 242DL

While for many years Volvo was known as the producer of staid and conservative cars that were mainly famous for their design safety, this is probably under-selling… more»

Unrestored Original: 1965 Ford Mustang K-Code Convertible

This 1965 Mustang Convertible is said to be an unrestored, numbers-matching, original car. It has been kept in a garage for the last 45 years by the… more»

$4,500 or Offer: 1961 Rambler Classic Custom

This 1961 Rambler Classic Custom was already a half-dozen years old in its design but Rambler gave it a new grille and this looks like a nice… more»

51k Original Miles: 1975 Toyota Celica GT

This Celica GT is a survivor car that has spent its life in New Mexico. It still wears its original paint and is ready for the new… more»

Gasser or Original Spec? 1951 Henry J Deluxe

We have seen a few independent and/or orphan cars here recently with a few Frazers, and this 1951 Henry J Deluxe is also a Kaiser-Frazer offering. This… more»

Acapulco Edition: 1974 VW Thing

Given the 1:18 scale model of a rare 1974 VW Thing “Acapulco” edition is selling for $100 on eBay, it should be of little surprise this is… more»