Survivor Cars

Not all barn finds are rusty! Here are the very best unrestored classics:

Time Capsule Coupe: 1974 Audi Fox

The owner of this 1974 Audi 80 has done an admirable job of preserving what is a highly obscure model seen in very limited numbers today. With… more»

Plaid Seats: 1980 Porsche 911 SC

When it comes to Porsches, it seems the options list bears less and less meaning as it relates to the final price. If it’s an air-cooled 911,… more»

17K Mile Barn Find Survivor! 1979 Ford F150

This forty-year-old truck is the definition of a survivor. Said to have been found in storage with just over 17K original miles on the odometer, this 1979… more»

Blue Plate Special: 1984 Alfa Romeo Spider

While 80s German cars continue to accelerate in price, Alfa Romeos of the same vintage seem like a relative bargain. I’ve been checking out the Milano sedan… more»

Twin Turbo Sleeper: 1990 Toyota Cresta 2.5 GT

It’s difficult today to find reasons to get enthused about the vehicles Toyota chooses to sell in the U.S. Looking back at their lineup in 1988 shows… more»

Rare Breezeway: 1964 Mercury Monterey

With summer and even fall coming to an end here in the upper-Midwest, we always miss being able to comfortably have a window or two open in… more»

32k Original Miles: 1984 VW GTI

If you’re a European car enthusiast, it’s hard to ignore the attraction to the first-generation VW GTI. This car checks a lot of boxes: it was iconic;… more»

4WD Super Mini: 1989 Subaru Justy RS

Our own Matt Hurst recently showed us a newer and nicer Justy and I’m surprised to see another one in almost the same configuration for sale. This is… more»

31k Mile Future Collectible: 1975 Buick Skyhawk

Driving a vehicle 727 miles a year isn’t a heck of a lot unless a person lives in a big city and doesn’t own a car, or… more»

Marilyn Monroe’s 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Seville

While some automotive finds offer an interesting history, this ’59 Eldorado Seville offers an incredible history tied to Marilyn Monroe, Joe Dimaggio, and even George Barris! Joe… more»

15K Original Miles: 1993 Mazda Miata

Low-mileage Miatas are not unheard of, but given how many were made, it’s surprising not to see more time-capsules like this 15,000-mile example. This beautiful car is… more»

1 Of 1,500: 1971 International Scout Comanche

International-Harvester wasn’t immune to the trend of special edition models, most of them being nothing more than graphics and decals. This 1971 International Scout Comanche is one… more»

Fourth-Gen Gem: 1975 International Travelall

The end was very near when this 1975 International Harvester Travelall came out, it would be the last model year that they would be in production. I… more»

Immaculate Award Winner: 1987 Buick Regal Turbo T

The 1987 Buick Turbo T offered a number of upgrades over the standard Grand National, and the inclusion of a number of aluminum components also helped to… more»

Brush Truck Survivor: 1974 Chevrolet C/K Pickup

While some of the retired fire and brush trucks we feature can sometimes become old hats, this 1974 Chevy C/K pickup is not one of them. This… more»

Seller’s First Car: 1979 Pontiac Grand Am

Currently, I’m struggling with the decision to sell my highly-original 1987 BMW 325is, a car that began as a project 10 years ago and has emerged largely… more»

14,800 Miles: 1983 Pontiac Firebird

This 1983 Pontiac Firebird is shown with just under 15,000 original miles, featuring original paint and body decals. While not exactly a desirable spec in terms of… more»

Immaculate: 1986 Chrysler Laser Turbo

The life-span of the Chrysler Laser was extraordinarily brief. Launched in 1984, by the end of 1986 it was nothing but a memory. After sales in excess… more»

Just Add Water: 1971 Plymouth Satellite

According to the seller of this 1971 Plymouth Satellite, “If the car is totally washed it will shine like new”. We’d all like to find cars that… more»

Preserved Diesel: 1981 VW Rabbit

The MK1 VW Rabbit is perhaps one of the few economy cars of the 80s that has survived better than its low-cost construction would otherwise have you… more»

350 V8 4-Speed: 1976 Chevrolet Nova SS

As a fourth-generation car, and most people would say the last real generation of Nova, this car looks great to me. And, it’s orange! And, it’s an… more»

$2,871 OBO: 1982 Datsun-Nissan Sentra Wagon

This rare little white wagon is a 1982 Datsun-Nissan Sentra wagon. This would have been the first year, or half-year, of Nissan offering the Sentra in the US and it’s… more»

Tragedy Unfolded: 1939 Ford Convertible Sedan

Sometimes it is hard to do this job.  We see so many cars that have been abused and neglected that we kind of become numb to the… more»

Ready to Drive: 1974 Chevrolet Malibu Classic

For 1974, the Malibu Classic became the range-topping vehicle in the Chevelle range. This particular Classic is a nice looking car that you will find listed for… more»