Road Ready: 1957 Chevrolet Corvette Fuelie Gasser

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Hiding in this garage is a 1957 Chevrolet Corvette Fuelie Gasser. It had occupied the same spot since its racing days ended in 1985. However, the seller recently revived it, returning the car to a roadworthy state while preserving most of its racing heritage. It needs nothing but a new home, with the seller listing the ‘Vette here on eBay in Manchester, Maryland. Intense bidding has pushed the price beyond the reserve to $85,000.

Locating a classic like this Corvette often poses a dilemma for the owner. This car was a prime candidate for a faithful restoration to its factory state, although preserving as much of its history as possible via a sympathetic revival is often irresistible. The seller chose the second path, with the car retaining the stunning Green and Gold metal-flake paint from its racing days. It isn’t perfect because a close inspection reveals defects in the paint and fiberglass. However, since matching the aging paint would be almost impossible, the seller chose to leave well enough alone. That doesn’t mean they took shortcuts because they stripped the car to the last nut and bolt before restoring everything under the skin. The powdercoated frame is spotless, with the Crvette’s underside in as-new condition. There is no evidence of rust or other problems. The panels and paint are untouched, and the same is true of the original chrome and glass. The exterior is rounded out by new vintage-style Cragar wheels that reflect the car’s racing history.

The previous owner selected a Fuelie Corvette for their racing exploits, and this classic retains a fuel-injected V8 under the hood. However, it is a 350ci powerplant with Bill Thomas fuel injection tuned by Larry Webb. The engine features a range of internal upgrades, with the spent gases exiting via Jet Hot coated vintage Headman headers and a dual exhaust with electric cut-outs. We can speculate on the small-block’s power output, but it should be comfortably north of 300hp. The power feeds to a 1957 Oldsmobile 4.10 Posi rear end via a four-speed Borg Warner “test” T-10 bolted to an Ansen “NHRA Approved” bellhousing. The work didn’t stop there, with the seller replacing the brakes and rebuilding the suspension with an Eelco front lift kit. This Corvette may have spent years tearing up the tarmac at the local strips, but the changes have transformed it into a potent and fully roadworthy classic that will happily prowl the streets.

Racing machinery typically features “bare-bones” interiors, although the previous owner continued the metalflake on this car’s painted interior surfaces. The seller’s goal of returning the Corvette to a roadworthy state included a complete retrim. They added Al Knoch seats, new carpet, and a headliner and rebuilt the original gauges. A rather cool touch is the rare AC tachometer. There are no creature comforts like a radio, but who needs one when you can listen to the tune sung by the small-block under the hood?

This 1957 Corvette Fuelie Gasser has attracted twenty-two bids, and it is easy to see why. It is a stunning classic that reflects the country’s racing history, and returning it to a roadworthy state so that it can be enjoyed for longer than the time it takes to blast down the ¼-mile increases its appeal. Many classics are described by their owners as unique, although that isn’t always true. However, that is undoubtedly the case with this beauty. I believe the bid total will climb significantly before the hammer falls, but are you tempted to join that party?

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  1. DRV

    I don’t see 85k here! What am I missing? I get gasser, originality for the day (except engine?) , and being restored mechanically, but is it worth as much as a factory one in the same condition?

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    • J

      Yeah, me neither. After the winning bidder gets bored they’ll put it back on the market, at a higher price to recoup their money and the next nut will buy it, and then so on…

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    • Jerry Bramlett

      This auction has had 21 bids as of 9:25 pm on 5/6/24. One bid (for $4,900,001.00) had been placed and then retracted by someone with a feedback rating of 7.

      The trunk lid damage is significant because that paint will be impossible to match. The 350 engine with a ’61 FI unit won’t thrill many potential buyers. The missing body chrome, FI (only) accelerator linkage, parking brake cables, radio, windshield wiper set-up, and bad hard top Plexiglass won’t help the sale either. I’m guessing the jacking tools and spare tire are also missing.

      In my opinion, it’s not close to being an $85,000 car.

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    • Gerald Marques

      I have been into Corvettes for over 35 years, and I agree this 57 is not worth the reserve price. Good luck on selling it, you know there’s one born every minute.

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNWMember

      Yeah, no where in the Bid History on this one does it show an 85K bid, let alone a 4.9 mil bid that Jerry mentioned seeing, that was removed or retracted. So, not sure what type of shenanigans are going on here.

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      • Jerry Bramlett

        The initial auction ended on 5/8/24 at 6.09 AM. The high bid of $41,157 did not meet his $85,000 reserve. The seller has now relisted the car for $79,995 or best offer.

        When I go to the initial auction page and click on “21 bids”, I can still see the retracted $4.9 million bid near the bottom of the bid history page.

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  2. Big C

    Is his best friend the high bidder?

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  3. gbvette62

    I don’t think this was ever a real gasser, there’s not much about it that looks gasser except for maybe the ancient scatter shield. Instead I think it was an ISCA custom show car from the 70’s. I’m pretty sure I saw it at an Autorama or similar custom car show during that 70’s.

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    • ACZ

      Same question…..”gasser”? It looks like it would be running a stock class.

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    • Steve R

      I think GB is right, show car or street machine, I’d bet mid to late-60’s, maybe early-70’s.

      The seller is making the same mistake that guys building fake gassers do. He’s using too many newer parts, a car like this deserves period specific performance parts.

      Regardless of the price, I’d leave the current paint. Cars like this represent a period in time and do it well. After a while restored cars blend in to one another, this car will stand out even though it’s rough around the edges.

      Steve R

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  4. Al camino

    The eBay ad says 41k!

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    • glen fangboner

      The reserve is $85,000

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  5. dogwater

    O G well what about this and what about that you guys sound like a bunch of little girls fighting over a old doll its a classic restoration it will be nice ride for someone

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    • Michael

      Agree, it’s still ‘57 Vette. No way it’s going to sell at reserve but $40-$50k sounds right. It has history and having all the mechanicals done helps. A definite Saturday night or Cars n Coffee cruiser.

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