Arizona Special Delivery: 1977 Jeep DJ-5F

This isn’t a crazy custom job like the former postal Jeep that we saw back on, oddly enough, April 1st. This 1977 Jeep DJ-5F is a blank slate for the next owner. It’s on Craigslist in Duluth,… more»

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Perfect Pickup: 1980 Dodge D-50 Sport

Here’s a captive-import, this one is another rebadged Mitsubishi for the Dodge boys: a 1980 Dodge D-50 Sport. It looks like it’s in really decent condition with great graphics and even a topper for semi-secure hauling…. more»

Honest Truck Find: 1965 Ford F250

A while back on Barn Finds, we did a series of posts on “Honest Trucks.” You probably can guess what I’m talking about, an old truck with nothing hidden by body filler, a reasonable price and probably… more»

Thumbs Up Wherever It Goes: 1970 Ford F250 Ranger XLT

Sometimes an old truck cleans up nicely, doesn’t it? Presumably it was the seller (and possibly only owner) that cleaned it up so nicely, but whoever it was did a great job. The truck is for… more»

Chains Not Included: 1949 Dodge Power Wagon

This petite, posh, cushioned commuter is a 1949 Dodge Power Wagon. Actually, this one is anything but petite, posh, or cushioned; this is one heavy-haulin’ tough truck. It’s listed on eBay, and you had better take a… more»

Chain Smoker: 1923 International Dump Truck

This old truck probably doesn’t run, but if it did it would likely smoke. Rather than provide any details in his craigslist posting, the seller chose to instead, well, rattle on about how much money one… more»

Estate Auction: Model T, Ford F5 And 1952 Federal

This estate auction listed on craigslist includes a little something for most folks, including this 1927 Model T pickup, a Cushman Trackster, a restored 1951 Ford F5 Stakebed and even a choice of trailers, open or enclosed, to… more»

The Long Way Home: 1947 Chevy Truck

“So you think you’re a Romeo…playing a part in a picture show…” goes the lyrics of the old Supertramp song circa 1979, “Take the long way home…”  That would be easy to do with a truck… more»

Tough Mudder: 1965 Ford Pickup

If lovin’ you is wronnng, I don’t want to be right… Here’s one that could drive over your barn! This 1965 Ford Pickup has been turned into a monster mudder and it’s located in Russellville, Alabama…. more»

Barn Fresh! 1946 Ford Pickup

This is most definitely a barn find, as you can see. This pickup was parked in this barn in 1973 and had been there until recently, with the keys still in the ignition. It’s a 1946… more»

Buy Or Else: American LaFrance Firetruck

Fire trucks don’t normally ring my bells but I hate to see a good rig put out to pasture before it’s ready. The seller of this American LaFrance says he needs it gone by the 22nd… more»

Lambo Beater: Tired 1991 GMC Syclone

Ah, how the mighty have fallen. The GMC Syclone and its partner-in-crime, the Typhoon, are typically purchased as collector cars, albeit ones that you can drive without too much concern about adding a few miles every… more»

Don’t Paint It! 1955 Ford F350

What a fantastic old truck! If you buy this one, please don’t paint it! Not only does it look great, but it’s a bargain listed here on eBay for a buy it now of only $3,500! Although… more»