EXCLUSIVE: 1965 Jeep Gladiator For $1,500

With a name like Gladiator, you know this Jeep was built to battle all kinds of terrain. Alright, maybe they aren’t the ultimate off roader, but they are still quite capable of going off the beaten path… more»

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345 + A/C: 1979 International Scout

Finding a vintage car hidden away in the California desert sounds like a dream vacation to some of us. Being able to get that vehicle to fire up for the first time in years and drive… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 31K Mile 1968 Ford F-350

We’ve said it before, classic trucks are on the rise! Given how many were worked to death and left to rust away, it only makes sense that nice survivors are the ones to buy. And boy… more»

Salvagabili-T? 1947 Diamond T

When I saw this very rough looking but still beautiful Diamond T for sale on craigslist in Casa Grande, Arizona, I immediately thought of Howard, and wondered what he would have to say about this somewhat… more»

Mother Daughter Workhorse: Rusty 1973 Jeep CJ5

When first glancing at this awesome 1973 Jeep CJ5 project, it’s easy to look past any glaring flaws straight to that vintage business decor still proudly displaying this truck’s working history. However, that same lineage as… more»

4×4 Ragtop: 1989 Dodge Dakota Convertible

It’s top-down weather here in the Midwest, oddly enough, since it’s still February. This may be one of the most eye-catching convertibles that a person could own, or at least one of the most unusual. This… more»

Two-Fer Sale: 1977 Volkswagen Iltis

Who doesn’t love a two-fer sale?! If you happen to have $16,000 lying around, and really who doesn’t.. (cough).. you could buy both of these unusual 1977 Volkswagen Iltis tough utility vehicles (TUVs?). Or, if you… more»

$2,500 CJ: 1951 Willys CJ-3A

Here’s a 1951 Willys CJ-3A and it’s on Craigslist with an asking price of $2,500. That seems like a good deal, doesn’t it? This would be a fun vehicle to bop around the neighborhood with, there’s… more»

Short Thing: 1974 Volkswagen Thing Shorty

If you have time for just one short thing, check out this 1974 Volkswagen Thing Shorty! This strangely appealing custom-chop looks like it was done well and just needs some finishing up, paint-wise and a few… more»

Pure Opulence: 1970 Camelot Cruiser R/V

Have you ever considered  buying a vintage R/V, but decided not to after seeing the insides? You know, years of poor upkeep and bad choices that lead to the interior accommodations feeling slightly third-world-ish in quality?… more»

Copart Crush: 1970 Chevrolet El Camino

That will buff out–not! It’s pretty obvious what happened to this 1970 El Camino (is it really an SS–apparently you cannot tell from the 1970 VIN?) and the tree won! However, I’ve seen worse–the question is… more»

Clamshell Tailgate: 1970 GMC Suburban

Original paint can be a blessing and a curse. In some cases, it’s simply too rough to ever look good, no matter how much buffing you do. Other times, it’s weathered just to the point of… more»

Sign Written: 1948 Dodge Panel Truck

I’m not always in favor of leaving a vehicle cosmetically “as-is”, especially if it’s really dilapidated. But it will really be a crime if someone covers up the original sign writing on this 1948 Dodge panel… more»


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