Future Collectible? 2024 Tesla Cybertruck

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There are at least two reasons why the 2024 Tesla Cybertruck shouldn’t be here on Barn Finds. The first is that it’s an electric vehicle, which goes counter to so many of the gas guzzlers we run across and write about. The second is that it’s a brand-new vehicle, and most of our finds are 40-50-60 years old. The question has been raised by one of our readers if the Tesla Cybertruck will ever be considered a collectible, especially this one which is offered here on eBay for $151,500. To be delivered in Beverly Hills, California, this truck may not have even been built yet. Would you buy one of these to stash away for the next several decades?

Once (or if) you get past the strange looks of this truck, you have to start to consider its functionality. This isn’t your brother-in-law’s 2002 Chevy Silverado half-ton pickup. It looks like nothing else on the market, much less a truck. It has a stainless-steel body (like the 1982 DeLorean) which is supposed to be super solid. For now, only 4WD configurations are offered, but 2WD will be coming soon. The basic electric Dual Motor is said to produce 600 horses and you can upgrade to more than 800. Can you get that much power out of your gas-powered pickup?

Tesla claims you can squeeze up to 340 miles on a charge, not that far off what a fossil fuel truck will deliver. And if you spring for a Tesla Supercharger, 15 minutes of charging can get you more than 125 miles of trips to Home Depot. Starting prices are supposed to be under $82,000 and the “Beast” edition will set you back at least $102,000. So, where the seller comes up with the price of this Cybertruck, which is only presented in stock photos, isn’t obvious. But whatever you pay for one of these things, you ought to be able to do zero to 60 mph in under four seconds at 110+ mph. Dang.

We’re told you may have to wait until June to pick up this pickup which is said to be the “limited edition Foundation Series” model. It will have full self-driving capabilities, including being able to park itself. At the price quoted, the buyer will get a Powershare Home backup charger and you can supposedly power your home during a storm (up to three days) if needed. Does all of this sound like a future collectible? For now, I’ll stick with a gas-powered car/truck but will seriously consider a hybrid for my next non-classic purchase. I’ll meet them halfway.

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  1. RKS

    Wow it must be a slow day at barnfinds lol.

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  2. mike

    This thing gives UGLY a bad name.

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    • Jimbo Jones

      I’ve seen a few truckloads of these going up I5 north to Seattle the last few weeks….gotta pull over & barf!

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    • Herbert

      Only the warped mind of Musk would approve of something like this. Want to make money and get admiration rich nepto baby? Here is an idea. Make a useful truck with a useable bed at an affordable price.Give it an eight foot bed and a 25K price tag and you will become a legend, not just a comic book villian.

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  3. Mike

    For the money, I would go with a Rivian, or the F150 Lightening. There’s just not enough words to describe how ugly this thing looks to me.

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    • $ where mouth is

      Its literally what a computer generated dimentional rough draft would look like.

      Tesla is gonna loose money on this, what a waste.

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  4. Howie

    That is a Big Fat No!!

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  5. Another Mike

    Once all the influencers and trend followers get tired of this, the price will drop.

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    • Nevada1/2rack Nevada1/2rackMember

      Especially in light that EVERY ONE was recently recalled due to sloppy workmanship (engineering?) as the acceleration pedal cover slips off and gets wedged in the carpet..
      Saw one of these on a deserted desert frontage road with the left rear tire sitting flat on the ground-the tires the driver said were not supposed to be able to go flat! Apparently it came up short in that area.

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  6. I_cant_drive_65

    No thank you.

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  7. Mitchell G.Member

    Hard no. These trucks are uglier than sin, just got recalled for stuck accelerators, and are already having problems with the stainless steel rusting on unpainted ones

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    • $ where mouth is

      rusting stainless ??

      Elon is clearly inspired by John Delorian

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  8. Roland

    I have to wonder how well any of these highly electrified vehicles (ICE or EV) will fare when stored for decades. The electronics are typically rated for twenty years. Availability of parts and long term support for on board software leaves me concerned that one might end up with a vehicle that is bricked, particularly if the model is not popular when it is on the market.

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  9. HoA HoAMember

    The author clearly out on thin ice with this one, however, I will treat it with respect. Of course it goes agin everything most hold dear, but if you live long enough, THIS is the future of travel. All those sci-fi movies depicting modern travel, will come true. This is the tip of the iceberg, and while revolting to most, Tesla going out on a limb, and our auto history was based on that. I put VERY little credibility in the hp claim, doesn’t mean squat if there’s no juice. I suppose you could carry a gas generator, and I can’t begin to tell the irony there. Yep, some think I’m nuts, and that’s partially true, but I scoff at all the classics that need repair, will fall to the wayside in favor of these ,if they haven’t already. Our folks didn’t understand the glitz of a GTO either, time marches on,,,,

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    • xrotaryguy

      As long as I can still burn poisonous chemicals Saturday morning, I’m fine with this future! ♥️

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  10. alphasudMember

    Maybe in 20 years they will start doing LS swaps and scrapping the electric drivetrain? I saw my first one in the wild a couple days ago in po dunk North Idaho. It looks small when approaching in the oncoming lane. I’m not in the electric car camp so this will never be on my want list.

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    • Andy G

      I also saw my first one in the wild recently, my sighting was in Portland, ME stopped at a rr crossing. I agree it looked small

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  11. John S.

    I was a teenage driver in the mid-late 80s when visionary buyers tucked away spanking-new Buick Regal Grand Nationals, Pontiac Firebird GTAs, and Ford Taurus SHOs – I spite of how drivable and fun they were. They were also non-exotic domestic makes. I might have said they were nuts back in 1987. I had no desire for a Regal in those days, but I sure wish I had two Grand Nationals now – one to drive, and one with ten miles on the odo to sell for triple digits. HoA is right – as usual. We can’t see the future, but we can bet on it. The Cyber Truck is a cultural moment expressed in stainless and electrons – it may become notorious like an Edsel, or revered like a split-window Corvette, or somewhere in between. Time will tell. But paying over sticker is dumb.

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    • Steve RM

      I worked at Coulter Cadillac when the 76 Eldo convertible came out and was supposed to be the last convertible ever made in America. A lot, maybe most, were put away as investments. That didn’t work out too well. Especially when you consider insurance, climate controlled storage, inflation, etc. I remember somebody actually sued GM over this when convertibles started being made again. I don’t know what happened with the law suit. I assume it was tossed out for being stupid.

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  12. Racer-X

    If BF is doing Tesla promotions, I hope they are getting paid like every other social influencer sell out.

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    • Jesse JesseStaff

      I wish!

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  13. JustPassinThru

    To determine what I’d pay for such a truck, I’d need to know whether stainless steel has recycling value, and what it is.

    Because that’s all it’s good for.

    I’m sorry. Never mind that it’s brand new, it misses the mark on SO MANY levels. It’s done for style, with little thought as to function.

    Trucks are for carrying loads. If you’re gonna have an ELECTRIC truck – one that doesn’t need a long forward nose for the engine, or a raised cab for a cabover – without those needs, move the driver’s seat forward. Like a kei truck.

    The rear seat (which I find a travesty for most uses, anyway; you need a car, buy a car) could go behind it; and then, still, on a reasonable wheelbase, you have room for a 6- or 8-foot bed.

    A locked compartment, which is what designers made in front, is frankly unnecessary with a second seat behind the driver. Put a seatback hinge and release on the seat. Put a cover screen just below the beltline.

    Impractical design, inexcusable weight because of stainless-steel construction, and the limitations on battery design, all work against this.

    I think it was, blogger Eric Peters who summed it up. You want to go electric, buy the adapted golf carts that are being sold now. They can travel city street speeds, easily. They’re light, they’re able to go nearly as far, and charge faster. They work well in resort communities; change laws to allow them in urban areas.

    And they’re just as practical on a road trip as a car that travels a hundred miles and then needs an hour-plus charge time.

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  14. Steveo

    Seems to me that once there are enough of these in the wild, the all those folks who bought one to impress folks they don’t like decide that they are not worth having, the collector value will never materialize. Oh, 20 years from now someone will pull one out of a garage or barn or basement with 420 miles, but the battery will be long dead, a replacement unobtainable and/or Tesla will have bricked the car…probably by having gone out of business because folks decided nitrogen powered cars make more sense.

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    • Gerard Planche c/o Fred PopkeMember

      Hydrogen, indeed…

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  15. Yblocker

    Well, I’m not pushing the panic button just yet, even these energizer rabbits need petroleum for production. Gasoline isn’t going away anytime soon, at least not in the remaining lifetime of us old car guys. But if it does, I still remember how to ride a horse

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  16. Derek

    The electric -vs- petrol argument doesn’t stand up with regard to “future classic” stuff; do you remember the truck that was on here some years ago? Fully electric and over 100 years old; had belonged to a printing firm, I think, and all it did was shift paper from the railway to the print works. Fine machine.

    Regarding Teslas; I don’t want to have to interact with a computer in order to drive a car. And it’s too big and it’s ugly.

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    • Scotty GilbertsonStaff

      Derek, here are three: well, two, one was posted twice but it was at least twice as cool as a Cybertruck so I can see why.


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      • Derek

        Aye, it was the twice-posted one. Cheers!

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    • luckless pedestrian

      “I don’t want to have to interact with a computer in order to drive a car.”
      Well, I hate to break it to you, but if you’re driving anything that is less than 10 or 12 years old, you already are…

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  17. James A McMullan

    it looks like a stink bug with its legs pulled off

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  18. TommyT-Tops

    There will be no such thing as an EV collectible. The timer on that battery starts the minute it is assembled. It doesn’t matter if it’s sitting in storage or actively being used, it is degrading every minute. I would think in 20 years it won’t even be able to take a charge and so now you are faced with the prospect of spending 5 figures to replace the battery on your “investment” (if you can even find a replacement and someone willing to risk their life installing it). Listen, EV’s are a scam perpetrated by the government to make their donors even more rich and to limit our ability to travel freely. They do absolutely everything worse then an ICE car including they are worse for the environment. Don’t drink the cool aid folks

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    • djjerme

      This is what everyone is completely missing with the EV’s – you can’t just sock them away for two decades. The battery is the largest component and will be long dead by that time. Talk about anti-green – EV’s are a disposable vehicle.

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    • Eric B

      I’m not disagreeing with most of what you wrote, but has there ever been any big oil donors to the government?

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  19. BA

    And then came the hydrogen truck & this became obsolete over night!

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    • Gary Gary

      Interesting thought BA, as there is currently a concept coming to market to replace the diesel engine, and it’s by two of the biggest automobile manufacturers today. I will NEVER EVER consider any electric vehicle for anything other than a political hijacking of common sense. Air conditioning my house is detrimental to the climate while an EV is not? Anyway, see what’s on the horizon that might actually have something worthwhile to offer. https://www.motortrend.com/news/honda-general-motors-hydrogen-fuel-cell-production-start/

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  20. Jay E.Member

    It should have been named the Stupidtruck. I’m not even sure the message that this “truck” is projecting other than “Stupid is as Stupid does”.
    Collectable? Never.

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  21. Joe

    My comment was deleted or a power failure at barn finds, so, makin it short as I have way more important things to do, this thingy is never on the collector’s list.
    Send it to the non recycling land and bury it.

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  22. Henry Armfield


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  23. John b

    ….id like to see the barn it was found in

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  24. Upchucked

    Seller has added $50-$60,000 to the actual price tag. Want one?, Sign up at Tesla.com.

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    • hemistroker

      yeah good luck on that, I put a deposit on a dual motor when they announced reservations, advertised at projected $49,000, it was the middle grade in terms of distance per charge (320) if i recall. waited for over 2 years, then I find out the model I have a deposit on will now be $79,000 ( price with deposit) and looking at my reservation number and where they started and estimated production of 250,000/ year starting in 2025 my truck would have been built in about 8 years, probably the next gen version and well over $100K. I got my deposit back and bought another Ram.

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    • Karl

      I collect both US and German military trucks and it seems I am always hauling towing a large trailer and everything is loaded to capacity and many times running to the east or west coast loaded I get about 12 mpg with my Duramax at 65 mph and I need to keep moving. I drive 14 hours or more stop sleep and up early for another day. That’s the life of my pickup. This in no way fits!

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  25. Dal

    First of all that will probably now take the title of the ugliest vehicle ever built. That thing has got to be the ugliest piece of junk I’ve ever seen. Also on another note this along with all other EVs it seems that the only thing they ever brag about is how fast they are from zero to sixty like that’s a big deal. Like I’ve told my friends I dont care if they have 5000 hp and can go 0 to 60 in one tenth of a second it makes me no difference because I’m wasting my money on any stinking EV!

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  26. Troy

    Anything is collectable to the right person its up to the individual the problem with electric cars and trucks like this giant cell phone is if you let it sit to long without using it your batteries go dead so now you have a brick as a garage queen. Possibly in time the battery replacement cost will go down but like most classic cars condition and lower mileage keeps the value higher. So to answer your question future collectable, mabye long after I have been cremated.

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  27. Bill Bell

    I always thought that BARN FINDS was for barn finds…!! Please don’t sell out or buy into this EV crap. My only hope here is that someone buys this and uses it on a daily basis,so I can use their ‘share’ of fossil fuel. This is a B-F FAIL..!!!

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  28. Rick

    A big fat NO for me, I have better things to spend $151,500 on.

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    • Rick

      This Rick agrees 100%.

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  29. ET

    Most likely I would turn this thing down even if it were given to me free,

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  30. AzzuraMember

    Well, time does march on. Too bad the boomers on here don’t want to realize that. You are not the target market for these. Young people with an eye on the future are. So, step out of the way boomers, the future is here.

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    • Mike F.

      You do what you want Gen z boy, but the future is what each individual makes it for him/herself. We aren’t all sheep. My future includes gas engines exclusively.

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    • Dal

      It don’t matter if your a boomer or some kind of space alien if you like this ugly thing your goofy 🤪.

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    • Eric B

      I’m not a “boomer”, or even close, but I wish I was. Because it would mean that I got to experience better, simpler times with nicer, more considerate and loving people. Most people are selfish, nihilistic, depressed, inconsiderate, vapid and taste less today.

      Tell me, how many young people can afford one of these?

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      • Yblocker


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      • Mike's57

        Eric B- Best comment on this ridiculous thread! I am a “Boomer” (I laugh every time I hear that stupid saying…), and guess what, I got to drive some of the best cars ever made, and still own a few.

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    • luckless pedestrian

      @ Azzura… Boomer here… I have nothing against EVs. They don’t rub my politics the wrong way… I know people that have them and they seem to fit into their lifestyle just fine. However, the Cybertruck is just not appealing visually. It was obviously styled to make some kind of point… a vulgar one… a “here, look at me!” statement. It’s a boutique car, with boutique appeal and at a boutique price. Will it be “collectable” at some point in the future?… Probably, but not because it was a great or significant vehicle. As I’ve written on the pages before, it will have an Edsel, Aztek, DeLorean type of appeal… a humorous, what-were-they-thinking, curiosity.

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    • panther1000


      Okay Doomer. 😆

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    • JDC

      People with no taste in design are the market for these things. I could make a better looking vehicle with some sheet metal and some tin snips. The only person glad to see this thing is the guy who designed the Pontiac Aztec, as it is no longer the ugliest vehicle ever.

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  31. C Force

    All of these just came up for a factory recall…faulty accelerator pedal.Have a model 3 for sale on the lot.wouldn’t own or drive a Tesla,couldn’t give me one for free…would just sell it to buy a gas guzzling musclecar…

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  32. Michael TischlerMember

    I recently read were a guy took is Cyber truck through a car wash and forgot to put in ” car wash ” mode and it wouldn’t start afterward. It had to be rebooted.
    I did see 2 at a car show recently and didn’t realize how big they were.

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  33. Will Irby

    Hmm, “you ought to be able to do zero to 60 mph in under four seconds at 110+ mph.” That’s some interesting math.

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  34. bobk

    The newest version of the Edsel.

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    • Yblocker

      Nothing wrong with an Edsel, try Aztec

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      • Bo

        Nothing wrong with the Aztec!
        Haha. But that is a good comparison.

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  35. Pyro Pete


    An acquaintance of mine who used to be a pretty good guy bought one of these piles and it seems like it changed his personality. He now looks down on people who don’t drive electrics. Of course there are many good reasons for not driving electrics.

    But he is impossible to be around anymore.

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    • Bob

      Like most SUV buyers, the buyers of this truck are not buying for it’s utility but for the status symbol it is. “Hey world, look at me!”….. As your friend demonstrated.

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    • Joe

      That is a defense mode your former friend is experiencing now.
      These buyers also tell you to clean up the environment and that you should buy into the electricution thingy.
      Way to many traveling issues. Power grid supply, with diesel, coal.
      Solar n wind are seasonable and not dependable.
      Wife bought me a newer garmin and this one is a good example of todays, non distance drivers.
      After two hours it gives me samples of coffee shops, motels, and asks if I am sleepy.
      That is todays world. Sad.

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  36. CCFisher

    I doubt any of these will last long enough to be collectible. The batteries degrade over time whether the truck is used or not. The degradation is slower for a truck in storage, but each and every one of these trucks will eventually reach a point where it needs a new battery pack. Odds are that by then, most owners will choose to junk the truck rather than absorb the 5-figure cost of a new battery pack.

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    • luckless pedestrian

      So, I’m neutral about the whole EV thing… If they work for the buyer, great, good for them. (but I do think this Cybertruck is really ugly)… However, there is often the criticism on the replacement cost of the batteries which is predicted to happen at 100k+ miles. So the question I have is do people realize the cost of keeping a modern ICE vehicle on the road after 100k+ miles… with their modern engine designs and embedded technology? (not talking about your father’s Buick here, think thoroughly modern) I’ll use a contemporary Audi as an example (simply because I”m familiar with them). Their 2.0T direct injected engines are known to be ticking time bombs once they hit 80K to 90K miles. It takes thousands in preventative maintenance to keep them reliable (go price a timing system refresh on a Q5), and if one pushes it and the engine fails they’d be looking at 5 figures for an engine rebuild/replacement (current dealer estimates $13K to $17K+ for a 2.0T). So what is the real cost difference in keeping an EV or ICE on the road for the long haul?… Not looking to be argumentative, it’s just a question.

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      • Eric B

        You chose one of the poorest examples of an ICE vehicle, so in that specific comparison it might be an interesting question.

        But, the answer is neither. Drive a Toyota or Honda, preferably one built before 2010 or so.

        Did you ever hear about the German engineers that were trapped down a deep well? Rescuers were able to slide a ladder down, which the engineers proceeded to dismantle, fashion into a shovel and started to dig their way out.

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      • Big C

        An Audi? Please. My old Pinto’s were more reliable.

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      • CCFisher

        @Luckless – You sort of cherry-picked that example to fit your argument. The majority of cars made today will pass 200,000 miles with only basic maintenance. When they finally need new engines, owners have a choice. They can choose to pay dealer prices, which are probably 5 figures for most cars these days, or they can use an independent mechanic and a remanufactured engine and save thousands. This option is generally not available to someone replacing a battery pack, which can cost $30,000 or more. Fear of that battery pack replacement is the primary reason EV resale value is so low.

        As for total cost of ownership, what an EV saves in terms of maintenance and energy cost, it gives back in other ways. Tires, for example. Many EV owners are discovering that their 6000 lb, 0-60 in 3 seconds EVs can’t make it to 10,000 miles on a set of tires.

        All of this is based on today’s information. It would be interesting to revisit this comment in ten years and see how much things have changed.

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      • luckless pedestrian

        @CC… Cherry picked?… I’m not so sure. The msrp of the current available Cybertruck is $82k to $102K… That puts it into some pretty lofty territory. And I think many vehicles currently available in that price range are going to be pricey to keep on the road after 100k mi… as most now have engines with complicate valve timing gear, low tension piston rings, direct injection and other modern complications that have given significant hits to longevity… not to mention all the imbedded technology in all vehicles today that have short half lives and huge repair costs.
        Of course, all of this is mute to most of the initial owners who will sell off their vehicle after 50K to 70K miles (or less) to move on to the next trendy thing… They’ll never see any of the costs.
        But as you said, it will be interesting to revisit this in a decade or so…

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  37. Greg Sullivan

    What a ugly POS!!!

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  38. Eric B

    I’d like to see the front end crash results of one of these, even a minor one at relatively low speed. There’s mere inches in front of the wheels so the suspension will be totaled along with the entire front structure, the gigantic windshield will crack and then there’s the sensors and other electronics. All of this will deem it to be a total loss and it’s off to the scrap yard.

    As others have said, there is no longevity here as it is. There won’t be many 50 year old electric vehicles around in the future and people won’t be able to or want to restore them.Therefore, they’re basically disposable appliances. And how green is that? I’m not sure what the solution is, but a BASIC, simplistic electric vehicle and hybrids would be nice.

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    • Derek

      “…a BASIC, simplistic electric vehicle…”

      Are we back to golf carts and milk floats, then?

      I tried to buy a milk float when the local dairy were closing their depot; they weren’t up for it.

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  39. luckless pedestrian

    Here we go again…

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    • Andy G

      yeah, lol. Emotions run strong on EV’s. I’m sure some people buy EV’s not for environmental or political reasons but simply buy them because that’s what works for them. Not to mention I’m sure a lot of EV owners have a larger than average carbon footprint in other ways. As for myself I don’t feel threatened by them. More choices is good I say. Where were my power choices when the petroleum industry had all the say

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  40. Eric B

    Also, no one with a cybertruck will be using it for trips to Home Depot. Except MAYBE to order patio furniture. Which they’ll have delivered to their house.

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  41. Steve

    Reason #3: It’s ugly.

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  42. Greg

    I guess up here in the north we will use our gas powered snowmobile in the winter since batteries don’t like cold. Just another thing the idiots didn’t think of

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  43. Kenneth Carney

    If I gotta go electric someday, I’d rather have a Henney Kilowatt. My
    Stepdad oversaw the engineering of
    the electric motors that went into them when Eureka built them in 1960.
    I could point with pride and tell my friends that my stepdad was involved
    with the Kilowatt project and there would be proof sitting in my driveway.
    This thing, it’s absolutely hideous!!
    Sis and I saw one today while door
    dashing and folks, lemme tell ya’ it
    gets uglier every time I see one. Almost made me lose my appetite.
    There’s a lot to be said for the old
    fashioned way.

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  44. Elbert Hubbard

    Elon Musk (the visionary) and his team have reinvented the electric golf cart – it is called the Cybertruck – this is not Blade Runner stuff Elon, this is boring. Besides who cares if the stainless steel can stop a 9mm bullet or the glass can withstand a hardball at 70 mph.

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  45. MarkO

    It looks like the design was heavily influenced by someone that really liked the look paper airplanes.
    Then, he must have given the drawing to a classmate in his HS shop class that had access to a sheet metal brake .
    FUGLY !
    Absoposolutely FUGLY!
    Imagine if this look becomes an automotive styling trend in the near future?
    One Giant Leap (backwards) for mankind!

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    • Big C

      When Toyota came out with the first gen Prius, they made it uglier than anything else on the road. And it immediately appealed to the women that liked to dye their hair green and blue, and slight, wiry guys that plastered those “Co-Exist” bumper stickers all over the painted surfaces. There’s a market for idiocy out there.

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      • Eric B

        That’s interesting; I didn’t know people with specific physical appearances were the exclusive demographic of a specific vehicle. That’d be like saying every F150 driver is a minimum 50 lbs overweight, eats a steady diet of McDonald’s, wears a Carhartt and has a huge, unkempt beard.

        I’m a slight, wiry guy with two Mustangs, a Cherokee XJ and in the market for a Prius V (short lived station wagon) that I won’t put stickers on, because certain immature, naive people may not like them. Great mpg and they’ve been used as taxi’s, known to hit half a million miles.

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      • Big C

        Have you actually looked at the folks driving a Prius? You excluded, of course.

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      • Eric B

        Have I looked at folks driving a Prius? They’ve been around for how long now; 20 years or more? They blend into the scenery of the rest of the car world now, so at this point I don’t notice Prius’ specifically, let alone who is driving it. They also have several models and generations at this point. If I do happen to notice, it’s typically a middle aged woman by herself or an Arabic family.

        I do happen to notice who is driving F150’s and other full size new trucks, because they don’t blend in. It’s either what I described (I forgot to mention their overly sized head) or corporate type guys who want to cosplay as a “real man”, and never get a speck of dirt on it, let alone haul anything. The former is typically obsessed with the Prius in particular, for some odd reason, looking to roll coal at them and who knows what else.

        I would imagine that you might live in a small town if seeing a Prius and who is driving them is still something that is noticeable and a novelty at this point.

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  46. Rick

    This “truck” makes the AMC Pacer and the bathtub Nash look all the more adorable.

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  47. JWK

    Please do not post anymore junk like this here on Barn Finds. This hideous turd will never be collectible like the rest of this battery powered crap. I am here to read about cool old classics not modern garbage.

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    • AzzuraMember

      Feel free to skip over the articles you don’t want to read. I for one enjoy all points of view, especially when it comes to vehicles. Lighten up.

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      • JWK

        If you “enjoy all points of view” then why tell me to lighten up? You actually like points of view that align with yours, apparently. As far as I am concerned everyone has a right to my opinion. Including you, slick.

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      • luckless pedestrian

        @JWK… What’s with the attitude?… Are the kids not staying off your lawn?… We’re just here to poke fun at a few cars…

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      • 370zpp 370zppMember

        JWK; JustWithoutKindness…

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      • $ where mouth is

        B A R N F I N D S

        not all points of view finds ;)

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  48. Hollywood Collier

    I read today where they are recalling every one of these things that have been delivered. The gas(electric) pedal is too slippery and your foot slips and makes it go wide open somehow. The high tech remedy is to drill the pedal and pop rivet a rubber pad on it. Not impressed. Just my opinion but i think Musk is one of the biggest con men living. Got millions of people to put $100 deposit to get on a list for when they start making them. My doctor did it. When i go to office visit i ask if it came in yet?? LoL. Oh yeh, his rockets blow up too.

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  49. xrotaryguy

    It’s nice to see something other than a Corvair catching so much distain for a change haha!

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  50. JTMember

    And people think my Gremlin is ugly!!!! Wow.

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  51. Demonsteve

    I wouldn’t be caught dead in that thing. That’s beyond fugly.

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  52. robbert

    This makes everything else on the road look like last century!

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  53. Joe

    Did this electricution thingy attract more comments than anything on BF?
    Actually, I don’t want to waste pixels, erasable, on this sooo dang fugly wanna be, truck?
    Any welded on trailer hitches yet?
    Any crewcab duallies yet?
    I need to go find a barn I found with nothing in it. That is a barn find, not this, whatever it is?

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  54. Joe Machado

    Any found with patina yet?

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    • Gregg

      Actually… Yes! I hear that they are rusting at an alarming rate! If that aint patina, I don’t know what else it could be!

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      • Gary Gary

        Battery Corrosion

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  55. ACZ

    Russ, did you post this just to stir the pot?

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    • Will Irby

      I assumed he posted it because it looks like a barn.

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  56. Paul Clandorf

    This has got to be the ugliest creation of a so called vehicle ever.

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  57. Just say No!Member

    Uh, No.
    A Hard NO!
    I’ll keep my F150 King Ranch, thank you!

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  58. Rodney - GSM

    I believe this is a one stall rest stop on the way to Hydrogenville.

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