Winter Mail Carrier: 1931 Ford Model A Cabriolet


After waking up to some newly fallen snow this morning, we had a hankering to drive this beast to work. We know it has already been featured elsewhere, but this 1931 Model A Cabriolet deserves a mention here too. It was modified back in 1941 for winter mail delivery duty. A truck differential, custom fenders, and 24″ tractor tires were added to traverse the deep snow drifts of Montana. We love the look, but the $58k asking price is enough to chill you to the bone. Take a look at the photos below or on Desert Classics.




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  1. nik

    what — they just throw darts at number to price this? no way.

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    • geomechs

      I used to work for a dealership. I think that the parent company came up with flat rate times by throwing darts.

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  2. geomechs

    I’ve seen this one before. I would think that someone’s got one too many zeros in the asking price. To me it’s got appeal being restored back to a ’31 Model A Cabriolet and that’s going to take a lot of work. To someone else it’s nostalgic, a piece of Montana history. To the latter I don’t share the enthusiasm. It was built for a purpose, now is the time to rebuild it for its original purpose.

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  3. Dave

    It is unique, but I think they might be taking some booger sugar on price.

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  4. paul

    Cool one off story. 58,000 not so much.

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  5. scot

    ~ i wanta live where my US mail is delivered in one of these. well, for a week or two.

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  6. Horse Radish

    At this asking price you are guaranteed to keep this out there for a loooong, long time

    … a year or two.

    The kind of clientele that is attracted to this kind of vehicle just doesn’t have that kind of money, that simple.

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  7. jhowell

    Original pimp wheels.

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  8. Trickie Dickie

    Here in Fresno California all USPS parcel post was delivered for years via 1931 Ford Model A panel delivery trucks until WWII was over. They were always kept in absolute pristine condition by their drivers. The town loved them and made a big fuss when they were replaced in the late 1940’s. I sure wish I had a picture of just one! I don’t know what happened to them when they were retired.

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  9. Webby

    Power steering by Armstrong. Would that be a beatch to park or what?

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  10. ConnecticutClassix

    This car has a great look , but I have my doubts about the mail car claim.
    Why would you pick a two door convertible to deliver mail in deep snow? I suspect the farmer did it to get to town, or chase his cattle. I’m going to search the early episodes of Monster Garage !

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  11. Chris in WNC

    Trickie Dickie- the postal service sold their old Model A and AA trucks at auction in the early 50s. in north Florida, most of them were bought by farmers, many of whom chopped the tops off the trucks (sigh).
    back to the Montana mail carrier Cabby, we saw this beastie at the 2008 national Model A meet in Dallas. a sight to behold. we strongly disagree with the posting above regarding restoring it back to stock. keep this beastie as is, please. otherwise it’s just another Model A.
    $58,000? someone’s smoking too much crack……..

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    • Tricky Dickey

      Chris in WNC………thanks so much for the info on the Model A trucks. Sending that off to our local newspapers historical library as they had no idea what became of those trucks!

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  12. Bobinott

    Hey, I think we finally found Bigfoot’s long-lost Grampa! I wonder if there are any sepia-toned photos of this thing jumping over a line of Model Ts?

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  13. twwok

    Have to wonder how they came up with that $58,000 price.

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  14. BradL

    It just seems fishy to me. Why would someone choose a cabrio for mail delivery? Why not a sedan with more interior room? Then there are the welds for the rear fender brackets. The rust from the burned off paint doesn’t look 71 years old – especially for having been snow driven. I just don’t buy it.

    Now, the world’s first donk – that makes sense!

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    • paul

      BradL, too funny, so what we talking here 55’s?

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  15. braktrcr

    I agree with Chris in WNC leave it alone, there are plenty of stock Model A’s around. I see it as a tribute to WWII era Yankee ingenuity. It sure looks like it would be a blast to drive.

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  16. jim w.


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  17. Chris in WNC

    $5,800 maybe. only if it runs & stops well…….

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  18. Roger

    I just found dead this thing. Don’t laugh, but I LOVE IT!!!!! The price not so much. Honestly, I’d give $15k for it right this second but not a penny more!

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