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Hunting for unique cars is a thrill for me! It's part of what made me passionate about starting this blog Barn Finds!

Growing up, combing the local classifieds looking for old cars, was one of my favorite things to do! Unique cars interested me and I'd dream of buying them and fixing them up. My Dad and brother shared this same excitement of driving around the back streets of our little Wyoming town in search of BARN FINDS!
While we never found any Bugatti's stashed away, it was always a thrill to go look. When we'd catch glimpses of muscle cars or some other classic it never got old.

1970 Plymouth Superbird Barn Find!

UPDATE 11/25/2019 – This Superbird dropped off the radar back in 2016, but it has surfaced again. It appears to be offered by the same seller, this time they are offering it as a no reserve auction with a… more»

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Amazing 45 Mile 1975 Olds Delta 88 Convertible!

SOLD! Yes, you read that right. This Olds 88 has only covered 45 miles! It hit the Oldsmobile dealer showroom floor 44 years ago and never left. Well, that is until recently when the dealership sold off some of… more»

Nightstand Find: Tropical Rolex Submariner

We normally stick to things with wheels around here, but car guys and gals have always been known to enjoy a good mechanical watch. So take a look at this Rolex Submariner we found here on eBay and let… more»

BF Auctions Are Back – List Your Car Today!

We are excited to announce that BF Auctions are back and we’re kicking things off with a bang by auctioning off multiple large collections. First, we had the seven-car Indiana barn liquidation and then there was the triple Challenger… more»

Huge Trans Am/Firebird Stash Discovered!

If you follow the site then you may have noticed that we’ve been featuring a lot of Firebirds lately. Most of them are part of a nine-car collection that was recently discovered in a Minnesota warehouse and the guys… more»

BF AUCTION: 1975 Pontiac Trans Am Project

This Trans Am was in the middle of a restoration when the current owner acquired it. There’s still a lot of work left to do, but the 400 V8 and 4-speed transmission should make it all worthwhile! This is… more»

BF AUCTION: 1974 Pontiac Firebird 350 4-Speed

SOLD! Here’s another Firebird! This one may not seem as special as some of the others we currently have at auction, but it originally came from Texas so it has less corrosion and that’s always a good thing. It’s… more»

BF AUCTION: 1972 Pontiac LeMans

SOLD! Beyond the bright yellow paint, this LeMans may not seem that exciting. It’s fitted with Pontiac’s 350 V8 and is a no-frills two-door post coupe. That also means it’s lightweight and with the few upgrades that have been,… more»

BF AUCTION: 1974 Pontiac Formula 400

If the Super Duties that we currently have at auction are too expensive for ya, may we suggest this ratty Formula 400? It’s not as rare or valuable, but it has potential and will go for a lot less… more»

BF AUCTION: Jim Wangers’ 1974 Pontiac Trans Am Drag Car

Here’s a Pontiac with some history! This Trans Am started life as Jim Wangers’ daily driver. If you don’t know who Jim Wangers is, you’d better study. He was Pontiac’s ad man during the sixties and was influential in… more»

BF AUCTION: Clean 1974 Pontiac Trans Am SD-455

SOLD! If the Trans Am that we just listed is a little too rusty for you, may we recommend this one instead? It’s almost exactly the same but appears to have less corrosion and a nicer paint job. It… more»

BF AUCTION: Original Paint 1974 Pontiac Trans Am SD-455

SOLD! The Firebird auctions continue! We’ve already seen two super rare Formula Super Duties, but if those are out of your budget, may I suggest this sweet Trans Am SD-455. It has the same engine but is the relatively… more»

BF AUCTION: 1974 Pontiac Formula SD-455 4-Speed

If you liked the Firebird we just featured, but would prefer a 4-speed, here it is! This is also a rare and powerful 455 Super Duty, but it is equipped with a manual transmission and is painted Pinecrest Green…. more»

BF AUCTION: 35k Mile 1974 Pontiac Formula SD-455

This is the first of nine Pontiacs we will be to be auctioning off this week! These cars came out of a warehouse in Minnesota and there are multiple 455 Super Duties in the group. This particular one is… more»

Awesome Triple Challenger Barn Find!

Yesterday we launched auctions for three Dodge Challengers that were just pulled out of a barn in Texas. They were found by the guys over at Restore A Muscle Car and Gas Monkey Garage. After dragging them back to… more»

Spooky Sighting: Halloween Hearse

Halloween is almost here! Kids are getting their costumes ready and adults are out buying candy. It’s a fun time of year for many reasons, but for car guys and gals, it’s a time to openly checkout funeral cars…. more»