About Jesse Mortensen

Hunting for unique cars is a thrill for me! It's part of what made me passionate about starting this blog Barn Finds!

Growing up, combing the local classifieds looking for old cars, was one of my favorite things to do! Unique cars interested me and I'd dream of buying them and fixing them up. My Dad and brother shared this same excitement of driving around the back streets of our little Wyoming town in search of BARN FINDS!
While we never found any Bugatti's stashed away, it was always a thrill to go look. When we'd catch glimpses of muscle cars or some other classic it never got old.

ENDING SOON! No Reserve 1973 Porsche 914

The Porsche 914 is a great option if you want to experience an air-cooled sports car but aren’t ready to step up to a 911. You sit low to the ground and the engine is right behind your back… more»

WANT ADS: Our Readers Are Hunting For…

We have readers looking for the vehicles listed below. Please contact them if you have one or know of any for sale. Click here to get your own want ad listed! Submit Your Want Ad!  

Two-Stroke Racer: 1957 Berkeley SE328

If you recognize this little car, it’s probably because we featured it when it was listed for sale and then again when we bought it! We quickly went through the brakes and got it running again. It’s great fun… more»

SR5 Survivor: 1994 Toyota V6 4×4 Pickup

Many pickups are worn out when they hit 100,000 miles but this little Toyota is just getting broken in with only 129k on the clock! It’s actually hard to find these with lower mileage. Most of these have double… more»

HELP WANTED: Write For Barn Finds!

Have you always dreamed of becoming an automotive journalist? Well, here’s your chance!¬†We are looking for a few people to add to our team of talented writers. All you do need to have is an obsession with cars and… more»

1969 International Scout 800A Barn Find!

We’ve been accused of featuring vehicles that aren’t “real” barn finds. The phrase is subjective, but I don’t think anyone will argue that this 1969 Scout is the real deal. Or will they? It’s dirty and is sitting in… more»

Olds Rocket Powered: 1939 Ford Tudor Deluxe

This dusty ’39 Ford has been in storage for 60 years! Heck, it hasn’t even been cleaned for 60 years. That might not be a good thing but this one is interesting because there’s a nice surprise under the… more»

Original Tires: 1971 Honda ATC90 3-Wheeler

When looking at this Honda 3-wheeler, the first thing that caught my attention was those huge tires! My first thought was that they must be an addition made by a creative owner but it turns out that they are… more»

Estate Sale Find: 1965 Shelby GT350 Paxton Prototype?

The other day, my buddy Sid called me up to tell me about a 1965 Shelby GT350R that was being sold off by a local auction company. We both had our doubts but after closer inspection, I’m starting to… more»

Flathead V8 Powered: 1932 Austin Bantam Hot Rod

Someone stuffed a flathead V8 in this little Bantam! They even managed to cram the Ford transmission and rear-end under there. It’s not currently running and the work looks like it was done long ago, but I bet this… more»

Amazing Condition: 1989 Chrysler Conquest TSi

This Chrysler Conquest is my personal car and I know I’m going to regret letting it go! I’m always on the hunt though and another car caught my attention. This Conquest has to be one of the nicest examples… more»

Rare Sport Package: 1980 BMW 320is

This stunning 1980 BMW 320is is actually my personal car and it’s being sold to make room for another purchase. This BMW came from the factory with the rare and desirable “S” package. This car has been well cared… more»

1930 Willys-Knight 66B Roadster Barn Find!

This Willys-Knight was discovered in a barn where it has sat parked for over 60 years! It is claimed to be one of just 13 known to still exist and restored examples can go for six figures! This is… more»

Parked In ’84: 1969 Pontiac GTO

Here’s a huge project for a huge Pontiac fan! This GTO has been off the road since 1984 and has supposedly covered just 68k miles. Not that it really matters now since this car needs a full restore. It’s… more»

One Family Owned: 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302

This Mustang has supposedly been owned by the same family since new. The odometer shows 64k miles and the condition looks exceptional. The seller doesn’t mention if it has been restored or not but either way this looks like… more»

Amazing Alfa Romeo Barn Find Uncovered!

Our friends over at LBI Limited let us know about a barn find they just unearthed. There were five Alfa Romeos in this collection and two of the cars had been parked for 40 years! Be sure to check… more»