428 CJ/4-speed: 1970 Mustang Mach 1


If you’ve been looking for a muscle car to restore, may I suggest this Mustang? It may not look like much now, but this Mach 1 left the factory in a very cool Lime Metallic color.  The best part though is that under the shaker hood there used to be a 428 Cobra Jet V8. A healthy 325 horses was fed through a 4-speed manual to the rear wheels. Sounds like fun to me! Unfortunately, the engine is gone and the rest of the car needs lots of work before anyone will be doing any burnouts. This project pony is located in Loveland, Ohio and is listed here on eBay where the auction ends tomorrow. Does it look like a worthwhile endeavour to you?

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  1. Joey

    I would bet the reserve in very near 25K


    It is a nice car though.

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  2. Jim

    No one gets a deal from these guys at Benza, all their stuff is overpriced. Besides, Lime Green or “slime green” is not a rare color, it’s one of the least desirable next to sunlit gold. The only plus besides it being an R code 428CJ is that it’s virtually rust free which is getting harder to find but they made a ton of these and if I were spending the money to restore one, I’d hold out for a better color combo.

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  3. JMC

    Jesus-I lost sight on the values of those cars.A former co-worker’s wife just inherited one of these in very nice shape,judging by this one,it must be worth at least $50.K.

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  4. piper62j

    Jim.. You’re right about Benza.. He shoots for the high dollar.. There was a time I followed this guys’ listings and got bored with what he charges for rusted out hulks.. Personally, I’d avoid any thing he sells like the plague. By the way, where’s the engine & tranny for this car and why are there no pictures of them??

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  5. chris lawrence

    Over 10k and reserve not met? Not worth more than 9k without original motor. Never will sell for more than 50k even when completely restored for 75k.

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  6. John H. in CT

    There has been a non documented 428CJ in what appears to be excellent condition on Hemmings for months, and at last check, still not sold. Located in N J and under $50K. So,likely a $45K car or so. If this one is $20K or more, I don’t see how it is worth to source the CJ and do everything else that will need to done relative to that price gap. Maybe at $10K.

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    • DrinkinGasoline

      Agreed, but it just goes to prove that it is increasingly more difficult to access original drive-trains from as recent as the late 60’s for the
      Big 3. There will come a time within the near future when it will be darn near impossible unless one has a deep wallet and the desire. There will be a time when un-documented/registered engines will become accepted as suitable transplants in order to restore automotive heritage. Time marches on.

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  7. James

    Well this is good news for me, because I just bought a similar 428cj car but a little rougher for $3k. 🙂

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  8. Old geezer

    Many people selling overpriced projects are really just selling the illusion of a finished car to those who do not know the financial cost of restoration. Sweat, labor and time is not to be given away to these sellers by overpaying on these projects.

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    • DrinkinGasoline

      Truer words were never spoken ! Amen !

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  9. DrinkinGasoline

    Fortunately…I keep a spare set of feathers for just such an occasion.

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  10. stillrunners

    well I do have a set of those wheels in stock……hinthint

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  11. Mike Young

    Jeez, could they jack it up any higher? ( Oh, maybe it’s 4wd )

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  12. Brian R

    That is not a Shaker hood, it’s a CJ hood scoop. With the engine gone, a shaker hood would just have a hole in it.
    Car looks solid and a good vehicle to start with.

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  13. rich voss

    Auction ended without being sold @ 14.5. If you scrolled down the Benza listing all the way to the bottom, you’d see that THEIR selling price is $25,600. Obviously those of you familiar with their pricing are correct. I was a Mustang guy and the dealer begged me to take one of these off their hands as the guy that had it built backed out when he learned his monthly insurance payments were more than the car note. AND the ’71s were already rolling in. That car was, what I call, “pumpkin orange” and had all the “extras” in matte black. Front and rear spoilers, back window slats, stripes, hood & shaker. Ticked the boxes and had a metallic light silver w/black ’71 Boss 351 built instead. No regrets.

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